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Summary: What would happen if Himura Kenshin raises Naruto from the age of seven after saving him from an angry mob. Kenshin then teaches Naruto in the way of the sword. Say hello to Konoha's new Battousai. Naruto X Haku later on.

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Chapter 1: Meetings

A lone rurouni (a wandering samurai) exits a weapon store after getting his sword sharpened. The man ad long red hair pulled back in a ponytail. He wore a basic hakama, a violet-red top and white pants, and had a cross-shaped on is left cheek. He carried a katana on his belt. As he walked down the main road he sighed and started thinking of what he was going to do next.

Meanwhile just up the road a good size mob was gathered by Tollin's Jewelry, just off the main road. They were yelling loudly. "Kill the demon!" As the rurouni walked past the mob heard a child cream in pain as some of the people in the mob laughed. The rurouni stopped and turned to the mob as he heard a women's voice. "Time for you to be judged for your crimes, die!"

As some of the people raised their weapons to kill their target the rurouni noticed a small blond haired boy laying face down in the ground. The boy was covered from head to toe in cuts and bruises. "Stop right there!" Yelled the rurouni. The crowd turned to see the rurouni walking towards them calmly. "Step away from the boy this instant." Demanded the rurouni, his eyes flashed dangerously. "If you wish to arm this boy any farther you will have to kill me, that you will." With that the rurouni slowly drew his sword from its sheath.

XxXxXx Hokage's Tower XxXxXx

Sarutobi leaned back in his chair looking at all the paper work he still had left on his desk. "Damn it! I knew I should have pushed you out of the way and let me become the offering." Thought Sarutobi thinking back to the night that the fourth Hokage sacrificed his life to protect Konoha from the Kyuubi no Yoko. Sarutobi, the third Hokage, was later reinstated back into the office.

Without any an Anbu-nin appeared in the room in a puff of smoke. "Hokage-sama! The villagers are at it again with Naruto." Reported the anbu quickly.

This shocked the old Hokage. "What? Where?" Yelled Sarutobi his eyes filled with both anger and worry.

"By Tollin's Jewelry sir." Replied the anbu. With that the elder Hokage raced towards the place Naruto was attacked followed by three anbu-nins.

XxXxXx Back with Naruto XxXxXx

Naruto slowly raised his head to see most of the people who were attacking him were on the ground after getting beaten. He wondered why this one person would help him while everyone else hated him.

"Who are you?" Asked on of the remaining people from the mob.

The rurouni twirled his sword till it was setting the blade on his forearm. "Himura Kenshin is my name that it is."

After that the Hokage and some anbu landed on the opposite side of the street. "Cat take Naruto straight to the hospital and don't leave his side. Weasel, Bear round up everyone and take them to Ibiki. Tell him to have fun." Said the Hokage firmly. The anbu nodded before going to work.

Kenshin seeing this sheathed his sword and turned to the Hokage. "Are you the leader of this village?"

"Yes and I thank you for helping Naruto out. What is your name if I may ask?" Replied Sarutobi.

"Himura Kenshin. Please tell me why the people here would do something like this?" Asked Kenshin. Sarutobi sighed and went to his office before telling him about Naruto's condition and how this is somewhat normal to his dismay. "Hokage-sama I would like to train him at the dojo I live at. I will personally train him so that he can protect himself."

"Sarutobi was taken back by this offer. "Lets see what Naruto has to say about it before we decide what to do." Kenshin nodded before he followed him to the hospital. A few hours later Naruto woke up and found himself laying on a hospital bed. "Ah, you are finally awake I see. How do you feel Naruto?"

"Hey old man." Said Naruto giving a weak smile. "I thought I was really going to die this time."

"I am so sorry Naruto I got there as soon as I found out. But I do have some good news for you. This man here is the one that saved you and he has agreed to take you as his apprentice. He is a brilliant and strong swordsman. Well what do you say Naruto?" Asked Sarutobi.

Naurto looked shocked at this question. He was being asked to become an apprentice of this man. "Why would you want me to become your apprentice?"

Kenshin looked at him and smiled. "You remind me of myself from when I was your age. I want to help you prove to all that you are strong and not to be looked down upon. And that you are not a demon like they say but Uzumaki Naruto."

Naruto smiled and tears started to form in is eyes ad said. "Thank you."

"We will leave right after you released from the hospital. Don't worry Hokage-sama I will have him back in seven years for your exams." Sarutobi nodded then him and Kenshin left the hospital.