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Chapter 6: Revelations and Flashbacks

Kushina was stunned at what this young girl, Haku, had just told her. Her little boy was raised by the legendary Battousai. Even shinobis knew the legends surrounding the famous Rurouni. Now here she is seeing Naruto killing several bandits in a single swing of his blade before disappearing in pure speed and killing more.

Kushina turned to Haku who was grinning. "Is he normally like this?"

Haku just giggled before shaking her head. "No normally he is laid back and a lot of fun. But this is nothing compared to what I have heard he can do." Zabuza who had walked over not wanting to get in Naruto's way just nodded in agreement with Haku.

Several grueling minutes later Naruto walked over to them his clothes had no blood stain on them. Mitsu had never seen anyone die or anyone kill any other person. She hid behind Kushina not wanting to be near Naruto at the moment. The look in Naruto's eyes was still cold and dark.

Haku sighed before walking over and smacking Naruto's head snapping him out of his funk. "What was that for Haku-chan?" Mitsu blinked and looked back into Naruto's eyes to see that they had changed back to a kind peaceful look.

Haku frowned and placed her hands on her hips. "Well for one you were scaring poor Mitsu-chan."

Naruto sighed before kneeling down in front of Mitsu. "I am sorry imouto (little sister) that you had to see that. I have not had a good history with bandits so when I see one I kind of lose it I am afraid. I promise I am not going to hurt you or our mom."

Mitsu looked at Naruto from behind Kushina's legs. "You promise?" Naruto smiled and nodded in response. "Are you really my onii-san (big brother)?" Naruto smiled and nodded. Mitsu slowly walked out from behind Kushina's legs. Mitsu gave an innocent smile that was too much for Haku. Next thing Mitsu knew she was being hugged by Haku. Kushina couldn't help but look at her daughter's surprised face.

"Why don't we go inside and we can cacth up." With that they all walked into the living room. "So tell me Naruto-kun how was your life in Konoha?" She had been thinking that her best friend Tsume Inuzuka or Akio Yamanaka (Ino's mother) had taken him in but then there was that extra part of his surname Himura.

Naruto sighed before running a hand through his hair. "The first six years of my life where literally hell on earth. I was kicked out of the orphanage at the age of four and the Hokage give me my first apartment at the age of five. I was always beaten by both shinobi and civilians alike. I have lost track on how many times I ended up in the hospital. My adopted father had stopped at Konoha to have his blade checked when he found me being beaten. After saving me he adopted me and took me around the Elemental Countries training me in both his and his wife's sword styles. We then left the Elemental Countries and went to a place called Tokyo in Japan. I stayed there till two years ago when Kenshin-tou-san (father) was killed by bandits protecting me and two young girls."


"Hey tou-san didn't Toshimichi-san say that Yamata-dono's two daughters were being held by a man named Kawamatsu and his bandit group right." Asked a twelve year old Naruto walking behind a thirty-eight year old Himura Kenshin.

Kenshin looked down at his son and smiled. "That is right according to Misao-chan they are based in the town up ahead." Kenshin then turned serious. "Naruto listen to me I will deal with the main force while you get the girls and protect them with your life. I will be fine just promise me that you will stay with the girls and get them out of there. You understand me?" Naruto could only nod his head in agreement which brought another smile to Kenshin's face.

Flashback end

Naruto got up and walked to the kitchen window to hide a few tears that were rolling down his cheeks. He missed his adopted father that raised him like he was actually his flesh and blood. After Kenshin's death he had made a silent vow of his grave that he would protect his family with everything he had even if it cost him his life.

Kushina waited a few minutes before walking up to Naruto and laid a hand on his shoulder. "It is ok sochi (son) you don't have to continue if you don't want to."

Naruto smiled before turning around. "No I am okay this is something I need to say."

Flashback begin

Upon reaching the village the two rurounis noticed that the buildings were all worn down. (AN: think of what Wave looked like only a little bit worse) All of the citizens were no where in sight which caused red flags to be raised in both swordsmen's head.

"Be on guard sochi I have a feeling we are going to meet Kawamatsu here soon."

Sure enough several dozen bandits appeared from the buildings around them their weapons ready. I large burly man dressed in a weathered down pieces of samurai armor and an over sized sword resting on his shoulder. It was Kawamatsu; he looked like he was in his late thirties to middle to low forties. He had long black hair and steel grey eyes and looked like he was expecting a bloody battle.

"Well look what we have here boys Kenshin Himura and a pint size brat. So this is what Toshimichi sends to "deal" with us. The boys here are eager to cut something especially since I won't let them have the girls just yet. The older girl is quite the looker maybe after this I should give her a test run." This had him and the other bandit laughing.

Naruto let out a low growl so was Kasai, the Kyubi no kitsune. The two had met shortly after Kenshin had adopted him and had become good friends. Naruto slowly dropped into his Battoujutsu stance. Kenshin hadn't moved at all he just gave is patented smile.

"Now now let's not fight. Kawamatsu-san, Toshimichi-san has given us the go ahead to let you off the hook if you hand over the girls unharmed." Kenshin took a step forward basically placing himself in between Naruto and Kawamatsu.

Kawamatsu arched an eyebrow at Kenshin's comment before smirking. "Oh Toshimichi said that didn't he? Well boys what you say?" Looking at the bandits that were also smirking Kawamatsu turned back to Kenshin and continued. "Now why should we do that? We have you outnumber 5 to one and we have the home ground advantage. Plus those girls are already promised to someone else and he is paying us a good amount of money for them. Boys dispose of these two."

Kenshin's face went from his normal playful demeanor to that of a harden veteran in an instant. Naruto's hand was now firmly grasped around the hilt of his katana. Like his father they were waiting for them to make the first move. Which the bandits did in the manner of them raising their weapons and charging. In a blur of speed both Naruto and Kenshin disappeared for a few seconds before reappearing back in the same spot only with their blades unsheathed. Every one of the bandits fell down dead as blood sprayed out of their bodies at an alarming rate. Kawamatsu looked out at his fallen associates with a look that said he was not surprised by this predicament. He snapped his fingers and soon even more bandits arrived as he prepared to get into the battle.

"Naruto you already know your part in this mission so get going. Oh and don't be afraid to use those techniques if you have to." Kenshin said not taking his eyes off Kawamatsu. Naruto didn't like the idea of leaving his dad here to fight by himself but the girls came first. After Naruto disappeared in a blur of movement Kenshin sighed before sheathing his sword and dropping into a stance. "Now that he is gone lets do this already."

Kawamatsu smirked before heaving his large blade and said. "Yeah lets do this."

XxXx with Naruto XxXx

Naruto ran at a steady pace trying to find the girls. He decided to head to the governor's house. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on who you asked a large pillar of water slammed down in front of him with such force it tore up everything in its path. Naruto stood there scanning the area for this new attacker and it wasn't long till they showed themselves.

An unknown man stood on the roof of the governor's house. He looked in his late twenties and had on a black leather shirt, black pants, and brown combat boots, and he also was wearing a blue trench coat. He had silvery white spiked back hair and stormy gray eyes. He was Vergil Kiri's Mizu no enma (Water devil) the strongest swordsmen of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist and a master O-katana wielder. Vergil looked down at Naruto and sighed. "What are you doing here young one?"

Naruto looked up at this new person with a neutral look. "I am here for the girls but I guess you are also here for them right?"

Vergil raised an eyebrow before jumping down to the street. "That is correct I was hired to bring them to my employer. I don't like it but I need the job. Now are you going to let me go or do I have to add another mark in my kill book?"

"Sorry but I have my orders as do you so I guess we will find out which style is better the Dark Slayer style versus the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu style? Don't you agree Mizu no enma?" Naruto answered dropping into his battoujutsu stance.

Vergil raised his eyebrow again then smirked. "Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu huh? So the rumors are true and the Battousai has a son. What is your name kid?"

Naruto's face hardens at this. "Naruto Uzumaki-Himura."

The two swordsmen just stared at each other before they both disappeared in a blur a speed. There were the sound of swords clashing together. Now Naruto my have focused mostly on his sword skills like his father but he had also mastered all of the scrolls that the Hokage had given him when Kenshin adopted him all those years ago. He had even created several jutsus that complemented his sword style. But Vergil was a master of Suiton (water style) jutsus and an expert veteran swordsman. It was rumored that he had been only beaten once and that was the Sanbi the Three-Tail Turtle.

After exchanging several blows they reappeared back where they had originally started at. Naruto had several cuts on his sleeves and back but nothing bad enough to draw blood. Vergil had fewer cuts but the one that was across his chest that had a thin red mark in it.

Vergil looked down at his chest 'injury' and smirked up at Naruto. "Well it has been a long time since I have been injured. Oh well time to die. Suiton: Tenma nami no ken! (Water style: Demon wave blade)" Vergil drew a large amount of water around his blade and with a mighty swing unleashed his jutsu. The water fired out from the blade at break neck speed and it curved like a wave streaking towards Naruto. (It was like Ohmu's sword attack in One Piece) Naruto's eyes widen at the jutsu heading towards him. Naruto blurred to his left barely dodging the attack. Looking back he watched the jutsu tearing through several large buildings before slowing down. "Himura-san please do retreat I would hate to kill such a skilled young swordsman like yourself."

Naruto wasn't looking at Vergil while he was saying that he was looking at damage Vergil's attack. Inside his head he was calculating his chance and part of him wanted to run. Well that was until Kasai starting berating him for those thoughts. She reminded him that those girls needed him to save them from being sold into slavery and that he still had those.

Naruto realized that she was right like every time before this. Turning back towards Vergil Naruto's eyes was brimming with determination and smirked. "Sorry to disappoint you Vergil-san but like you I have a few techniques up my sleeve. You see Kenshin Himura is not my biological dad. My real dad was a great shinobi and left everything to me. I haven't been able to use this to its full potential because bandits are very good opponents as you know." Vergil couldn't help but snort in the reality of Naruto's statement. "But I hope you it has been an honor fighting you win or lose."

Vergil smiled before readying his blade. "That it has Naruto Uzumaki-Himura that is."

Naruto sheathed his blade and spread his arms out to his side parallel to the ground. At first nothing happed then chakra seam to form a thin layer over his whole body. But instead of being the normal blue color that chakra normally takes his was crimson red in color. The crimson chakra was like lightning in the fact it was arching off his body. Vergil looked on in approval of this technique the control and power that this boy was radiating was unreal. "This is my first original jutsu. Shunkō Benifenikkusu (Crimson Phoenix Flash Cry)!" (AN: yes I am borrowing this part of this jutsu from Bleach cause it is one of my favorite techniques.) A large crimson phoenix appeared above Naruto spreading its wings before it receded back into his body and blurred away in burst of pure speed.

This time it was Vergil's eyes that widen in shock as he was barely able to bring up his sword to block Naruto's strike. Naruto just smirked and vanished again. Vergil smiled before expanding his senses to try and find Naruto. "A worthy challenger indeed maybe you will push me to use that technique?"

The two swordsmen shared blow after blow for several minutes that felt like hours to them. Then they split apart and stood facing each other panting slightly both of them covered in cuts. Vergil was smiling at the young swordsman in front of him.

"Himura-san I hope you appreciate this. I have only shown this form to two other opponents." Naruto could feel the power coming off of Vergil's body that was rivaling two tails worth of Kasai's power. You could actually see his chakra wrap around his body. The chakra seemed to take on malicious aura to it as it gathered around Vergil's body. When the chakra aura finally dissipated Vergil had undergone a drastic change. He had seemed to have taken on the form of a man size blue reptilian with a silver demonic head. In a raspy demonic voice Vergil said. "This is part of my Enma bloodline. Only two other people have seen me in this form and neither has survived the encounter. It truly has been an honor to fight you."

'Damn I am going to have to use that jutsu. I am sorry dad but I have to use it again.' Naruto thought to himself stealing his resolve. "I agree but it looks like I have to up the ante. You see this is the first form of this technique. Shinsei bijū fenikkusu shunkō: Ni teiru!(Sacred tailed beast phoenix flash cry: two tails.)" The phoenix that appeared earlier had reappeared only this time it seemed to merge with Naruto as his hair turned crimson red and grew longer and seemed to take on the form of two phoenix tail feathers. The chakra aura around Naruto's body seemed too intensified and gains a comforting feel to it. "So what you say Vergil one last attack winner takes all?"

Vergil didn't show it but he was internally smiling at this new development. This young man will go far he could tell if he survived this battle. "Agreed come Naruto Himura lets see what that jutsu can really do except look all flashy."

The two power houses stood there for a minute or two because charging at full speed at each other. To the two of them they were moving in slow motion but to everyone else they had disappeared kicking up dust and debris. Right as the two swordsmen came within range of each other they both struck causing a flash of energy and a large shockwave rattled the area.

They stood there not moving before Naruto fell to his knees as a large amount of blood sprayed from a cut across his chest. Vergil had changed back to his human form as Naruto's aura also dissipated as he stood there and smiled. He looked down at his chest to see a large diagonal slash mark that was also caved in. He heard Naruto whisper the name of his attack before turning around. 'Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu Ouki Ama Kakeru Ryu No Hirameki(Heaven's Soaring Dragon Flash).' Vergil knew that he would never survive this injury so with a resigned smile said. "Not bad at all kid you won this battle. I have a favor to ask take my blade and keep it safe and use it well." Right after he said that Vergil fell over dead.

Naruto didn't move right away his body was protesting every movement he tried to do. 'Damn that move does more bad than good. So how bad is the damage Kasai-chan?'

He could hear Kasai sigh in his head. 'Not so good Naru-chan your body still hasn't adapted to using two of my tails worth of power without repercussions. Give it a minute or two and the pain should be gone. It is a pity that Vergil died he would have made a good sparring partner. The honorable and young die too soon now a day. That and he didn't tell us who was paying him to get the girls.'

Naruto nodded in agreement before he sheathed his sword made making his way over to Vergil's dead body and collecting both his sword and his head and sealed both away in a storage scroll he always carried with him. Naruto destroyed the rest of Vergil's body before hobbling over to the governor's building hoping the girls were inside. Thankfully both of the girls were in fact there tied to some chairs. He quickly explained who he was and who he was with as he untied them. They quickly made their way out of town towards the spot that Kenshin had told him about before they had entered the town.

They waited another thirty minutes before Kenshin limped into the clearing. His movements were slow and his he looked like he had taken on a large army and barely made it through. This worried Naruto seeing his dad like this. "Tou-san what happened?"

Kenshin couldn't help but give a weak chuckle. "My age is catching up to me plus all those years of fighting has done a lot of stress on my body. I knew this would be my last battle. I see you were able to find the girls any problems?"

Naruto sighed before leaning back against a tree. "Yeah I had a little bit of trouble. The person that had tried to buy the girls into slavery had sent Vergil the Mizu no Enma to say it was an intense would be an understatement. In the end I was force to kill him I wish he could have lived he would have made a great sparring partner in the future."

Kenshin nodded in silence as the four of them made their way back towards Tokyo. They had traveled about a day when Kenshin sensed something behind them and moved only to have five arrows embedded in his back. The girls screamed in fear as Kenshin fell forward into Naruto's arms. Looking behind his father were twenty mercenaries glaring daggers at the group. Naruto recognized them as part of Kawamatsu's bandit group. Naruto gently laid Kenshin on the ground before racing towards the mercenaries tears streaming down. After cutting down the last mercenary Naruto raced back to his fallen father and quickly yanked out the arrows and placed Kenshin's head on his lap.

Flashback end

Naruto sat there tears streaming down his cheeks as he ended his story. Haku had come up behind him and wrapped her arms around his chest. Even if Kenshin had died over two years ago he had still adopted him and raised him like his own flesh and blood. He still remembered Kenshin telling him about his medical problems. The Hiten Mitsurugi style was the ultimate sword style but nothing comes without a cost. Moving at that speed put a huge strain on the body and after years of using it his body was giving out. He knew it would be his last time wielding his sword. Right before he died Kenshin gave his prized blade to Naruto and asked him to protect Kaoru-oka-san. Naruto and the two girls returned to Tokyo with Kenshin's body which was later buried along side his first wife, Tomoe. Naruto had then for the next year like his father as a rurouni and traveled all over the country helping and training.

After a while of silence Kushina poured some more tea to help everyone out before saying. "I guess it is my turn to explain my situation I guess. Your biological father Minato tried for several days to find a way to stop the Kyubi but nothing he tried would work. The only thing left was sealing the beast. After looking up the finer details of the sealing ritual he found only a recently born infant could handle the pure raw chakra. But unfortunately because of all the stress I went into labor early and was the only infant born during the time frame we needed so your father made a very tough decision and chose you for the sealing. After giving birth to you I was so weak I almost died and slipped unconscious. When I woke up I slowly made my way to the door only for the Hokage, the elders, and the head doctor to appear and inform me that both your father and you had died during the sealing before they could help them.

"I snapped everything that I had vanished in an hour and there was nothing that could change that fact. Knowing that there was nothing in Konoha for me I left because of the pain. I cam e here and started over helping out in the village clinic and for a time my life seemed to calm down and slipped into a rhythm. That was until one night I was attacked and raped. Mitsu was the result of that attack thankfully she took after me and not that bastard. After the attack I shrunk back into a shell only truly caring for Mitsu and her only. That was until you came along."

Naruto sat there trying to process everything his mother had just told him. "What I don't understand is that according to the Hokage he was with Jiraiya double checking the seal making sure it was working correctly. Jiraiya even verified that claim. So either he is lying or some one has framed him and forced you away for a reason."

Kushina thought for a moment before nodding. "That is a good thought but it doesn't matter too much anymore. I know you are alive and here and that is what truly matters."

Naruto couldn't help but smiled at her comment. "So Kaa-san do you want to return to Konoha with us. We live at the clan compound with Kaoru-oka-san and one or two other people depending on the situation."

Kushina smiled and walked over to Naruto and kissed him on the forehead before answering. "Give me and Mitsu some time to pack and yes we can go home." With that she motioned Mitsu to her room to start packing.

When the two remaining Uzumakis left the room Zabuza turned to Naruto. "So is it true you fought and killed Vergil?" Naruto nodded. "Damn kid, remind me not to piss you off to the point you go all phoenix on me ok?" This caused both Naruto and Haku to laugh. Naruto was happy he finally found peace with his growing family and what a family it was.

Chapter End

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