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"The Greek god of love and of beauty … Aphrodite…" a melancholy teenager said.

"Yes, Zaen that is correct." The teacher smiled, returning to the board…

Zaen sat in front of the entire class. The teenager's dark eyes held sadness. His dexterous

fingers were locked in front of him inches away from his face. His uniform fit loosely in his medium

build of a body. Not too muscular not to skinny… His cornrows looked painfully accurate and fixed. The one thing that

kept moving was his right foot, which tapped the ground in a set rhythm.

"The answer to the next question on the test is Athena. Following that is…"

"Hey, teachers pet!" one of the other boy retorted. "Keep it up and we'll have more crap to do…"

The teacher, Ms. Amaya turned around and frowned. She was wearing a yellow floral dress that turned with her

when she heard what was said. Her normally slim, gentle face and blue eyes fixated on the unruly student.

"Sai! Settle down or you'll have detention!"

"Man" the red-headed teenager moaned…

"Very good Zaen. I appreciate your participation , but please let someone else answer this one, okay?" She asked tenderly.

"Yes ma'am…" Zaen responded almost mechanically.

"Now then… Apollo being the god of music, poetry, and archery…"

Riku had grown since the contract with Kogenta was terminated. He was taller and had more confidence in his violet eyes.

He noticed how day after day Zaen would endure the snipes and remarks from the other students.

He really disliked the fact that there was little he could do. He looked at Zaen who still looked forward,

focusing on the review of their Greek mythology test. He felt something welling up within Zaen and then he felt it ebb…

'That's…' Riku thought. While moving his hand right, up, left, and down.

"Does anyone other than Zaen know the answer?" said the teacher with a sigh. Riku raised his hand.

"Ah, yes Riku!"

"Artemis is the brother of Apollo." Riku answered.

"Yes. That's correct!"

Riku smiled and studied his review sheet.

A bell rang. All of the students, save for Zaen and Riku, rushed out of the classroom.

"Study this over the weekend!" the teacher called out. She directed her attention to Riku who

was still putting away his books… then to Zaen, who was just about to exit the classroom…

"Umm.. Riku? Could I see you for a moment?"

"Oh… um yes?" Riku responded.

"I'm a little worried about the new student… Could you possibly try to help him?

He's had a hard time adjusting. But if you don't want to…"

"No… it's fine! I don't mind."

"Thanks Riku."

He smiled and waved goodbye as he ran to catch up to Zaen.

Zaen walked down the stairs and out of the building. He took a deep breath and turned towards his house…

"H-hey, Zaen!"

"Hmm…? Oh… hello, Riku… " Zaen turned around to face him. "Did you need something?"

"Actually, uh… I was wondering if you would like to… um… hang out sometime this week? I mean… if your not busy or anything…"

Zaen blinked. He thought highly of Riku. He never imagined that he would ever approach him.

"Okay. Thanks." Zaen gave a slight smile, but his eyes still seemed sad.

"I'm not really doing anything today… where do you want to go?"

"Well, how about you come over for dinner?"


Riku smiled and nodded.

"O-okay. Thank you…"

Zaen was unsure about what to say to him… The fortress that he built around his heart blocked out most emotions… even the emotions that made him feel warmth.

"Should I come to see you in an hour?" Zaen asked.

"That's fine! I'll be waiting. Just go down this road until you see a house with a small monument and a shrine in the backyard. You can't miss it!"

"Heh. Alright then. Thanks. I'll see you later then."

"Right!" Riku beamed. "See you soon!"

Riku ran off in the opposite direction.

Zaen stood there for a moment and took a deep breath…

"… Riku."

He turned around and proceeded down the road to a rather large house.

Everyone he passed stared at him… They always did that… Zaen always felt like the very

essence of bad luck… Eventually he reached his house.


Zaix kicked off his shoes and entered the house. He looked around in slight disdain…

He knew no one was here. He walked over to a table and placed his black bag

upon it's surface. He then walked into the kitchen and sat down in a wooden chair

and stared straight ahead. He always did this when something heavy was on his mind.

He let out a breath and closed his eyes.

"Hmm… I should change…"

Zaen stood up and walked down a hallway that led to his room. Within the room was a

large bed, a dresser, and a shelf with several strange items. One of the items was a

white and red circular device with a rectangular screen. Zaen eyed the item for a second… Ever since he found it,

he felt strange. He felt that he shouldn't show it to anyone before he figured it out…

Zaen quickly changed into … another uniform… the shirt was white with golden trim.

The pants and dress shoes were also white.

He searched his drawer until he found a necklace. It was a cross made if silver trimmed with gold…

the only momento from his great grandmother he had… He put it around his neck and tucked it into his shirt.

"You don't want me to grieve... I'll try to open up...."

Riku paused at the small monument. and gave his respects. He took off his shoes and entered his house.

He quickly ran into his room and put down his school bag.

He paused…

-a bell rings…-

"Huh? I thought I heard…" Riku changed out of his uniform and into some more comfortable clothing.

-a bell rings impatiently- Riku felt something flow within him…

"Could that be..?" Riku said almost tripping over his jeans. He quickly put on a red shirt and ran to the door to jump into his brown shoes.

Riku ran out of the house and towards the shrine, Drive in hand.

He saw a ghost like figure hovering over the shrine.

"Took ya long enough, idiot!!" The ghost said smiling.

Suddenly the device on the shelf glowed and shook violently…


Zaen walked over to the device and it fell dormant. He picked it up feeling that strange feeling build up within him…

His right hand that held the object moved right… then up… then…


Zaen broke out of his trance. He could've sworn that he heard a voice say 'Go…To… Him…'

Zaen took a deep breath…

"What IS this…"

Zaen shook himself and proceeded to the front of his house. … He decided to make his way to Riku's house… He held the device firmly in his right hand…

"Shikigami! God Descend!!!!" Riku shouted while holding the drive.

Several shoji doors appeared around Riku A shadow of an anthropomorphic tiger appeared behind one of the doors.

It ran at a blazing speed down a hallway of several shoji doors. The shadow then came across several shoji doors that began to open rapidly.

The tiger shadow sped though the new path encased in a golden orb, It's eyes glowing an ominous crimson.

Riku slashed his drive right, and a tiger claw broke through the orb. He slashed upwards and another claw emerged.

He then slashed left and two clawed feet broke through. Finally Riku slashed downward and the tiger broke free of it's golden prison.

It smirked devilishly and leaped into the air tumbling backwards several times and landing on his sandaled feet.

He struck a charismatic pose, thrusting his right claw forward.

"Byakko no Kogenta…. Has descended!"

Riku stared at his ruby eyes… He was just as he remembered. His white fur was striped with blue. His hair was spiked backwards and his ears were pointed.

He wore a loose pair of red pants kept secured by a rope, a gray shirt with a red jewel on his neck, and shoulder pads.

On his hands were brown knuckle gloves that showed his long claws, and on his feet were brown sandals. His long tail had a single brass bell tied to it.


"How many times do I have to tell you?! " Kogenta started jokingly. "Stop calling me out when there's nobody to beat up!"

Riku ran towards the white tiger and embraced him almost knocking him over. Tears from his violet eyes ran down his face .

"Kogenta! You're back!"

Kogenta held him close and gently pet Riku. He was smiling.

"You can't get rid of me THAT easily, moron." the tiger said holding him tighter.

"Heh! I guess… I'm still no good at letting go." Riku admitted…

"Yeah… I shouldn't have let you terminate our contract." Kogenta said smiling sheepishly. "But… Somehow… I was able to stay here… I didn't want to leave ya."

Riku put his hands on Kogenta's shoulders and smiled. He couldn't help forgetting he was forgetting something.

Suddenly Riku remembered, Zaen would be here soon… He scratched the back of his head.

"Oh, Kogenta?"


"Umm… well I'm kind of making dinner for a guest that will be here soon… "

"And?" Kogenta said flicking his tail impatiently jingling his bell.

"Well… I… uh… need you to return to your drive soon…"

Kogenta bristled.

"WHAT?! Oh come on! I haven't talked to you in years! Can't you just… tell 'em to get lost or something." Kogenta frowned and crossed his arms.

"It's only for a little while! Besides you can still be in ghost form. He really needs a friend. I want you to see how much

I've grown on my own for the past four years!. I promise I'll never send you away again. "

"You won't? "

"I still need you, Kogenta. You're very special to me. I want you to always be by my side."

"Alright…. I guess this guy really needs ya… so fine." Kogenta grumbled kicking at the ground.

"Thank you, Kogenta!" Riku laughed, hugging him.

"You'd better be glad I'm in a good mood!"

They laughed.

Zaen saw the house in question within sight he caught a glimpse of Riku entering the house… with something hovering behinds him…

He rubbed his eyes and looked again… and failed to see the apparition.

"Stay calm, Zaen… There is no such thing as ghosts… I should know…"

Zaen marched towards the house.

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