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"Come on, come on, come on, come on, COME ON!"

Kogenta was in his spiritual form yelling in the ear of Riku who was getting dressed. It was well past 9:00 and Kogenta was furious.

"HOW could you NOT hear me?! You've gotten really lazy, Riku!" Kogenta crossed his arms and shook his head.

"I'm sorry! I had a dream that I couldn't wake up from!" Riku said putting on a red t-shirt. From there he
hurried to one of his dressers and put on his socks nearly tripping on his blue jeans. Kogenta anger veined
and clenched his clawed fists.

"Baka…" he muttered. "That guy is probably gone by now…."

"Zaen? Do you think they will be here?" Ruelo said. He was laying down on the bed pawing at his tail crystal with his feet.
Zaen was sitting next to him and was fully dressed. He was wearing his black jeans and black and white shoes. He was wearing
a black jean jacket with a white t-shirt underneath. His cross necklace was inside of his shirt.

"I'm sure they will, Rue. " Zaen said smiling at him. "I'll make some breakfast just in case they are hungry when they get here… Actually…"

Zaen got up and stretched. He went to the shelf in his room and picked up his book. He flipped to a held fold and walked towards the exit of his room.

"Maybe I should get started. You hungry?"

"Heh, a little." Rue said shyly.

"Okay. I'll make enough for everyone!" Zaen said smiling. "Now… I wonder if they like omelets … "

Riku was running down the road towards Zaen's house with Kogenta who was still steamed.
They were about three minutes away. Riku seemed to have something on his mind.

"Please be there, please be there…" Riku said hopefully.

"Check and check…. Hmmm…. I hope they will be here soon…" Zaen walked over to Rue, who was again playing
with his tail this time at the table. He was excited about today and couldn't help wondering what kind of IN he
would learn. He imagined himself performing Crescent Moon Dancing Fists and smiled.

'He's really strong…'

"Rue? You alright?" Zaen said placing several forks and spoons on the wooden table.

"Oh, yeah! I'm just anxious."

"Yeah… me too."

Zaen returned to the kitchen and began to take out plates.

Rue's blue eyes suddenly came across the book that Zaen had placed on his side of the table. He looked at
Zaen who was still milling about the kitchen. Rue slowly moved towards the book and placed his right hand on it. He felt a
faint warmth and quickly drew it back. His tail crystal gave a slight hum an then died down.

"Um… Zaen? Can I ask you something?" the tiger said looking at his right paw hand. "The book… what is it."

"Oh… well my dad used to study it all the time. He said that it was given to him by a dear friend who was
… gifted. I'm guessing that he was a toujinshi… Anyway…" Zaen brought over four plates and went over to Rue.
"… the book seems to describe certain fighting techniques that a toujinshi can use to defend themselves. Yet, here… "

Zaen flipped open the book. "… there is a strange marking that looks just like an IN technique…"

Zaen found the page and showed Ruelo. His eyes narrowed.

"There… it starts there…. And ends there." Ruelo pointed out.

"So it is … Da-Ri-Shin-Kan? Hmm… I hope so..."

-knock- -knock- -knock -

Zaen placed the book on the table and stood up. Ruelo bounded up and followed Zaen to the door.

"That must be them." Zaen said opening the door. He saw Riku doubled over and panting.

"Heh.. Sorry I'm late!" He said smiling sheepishly.

"Aww… You didn't have to run here, Riku!" Zaen said laughing.

Riku and Kogenta were now sitting across from Ruelo. Riku insisted that he didn't want to trouble
Zaen with the burden of feeding him but Zaen smiled and explained that he had already cooked enough food for everyone.

"Okay! So… I have made omelets with cheese and bacon, fried apples and fried rice. There is also orange and apple juice."

Riku and Kogenta looked at each other and then at Zaen.

"Oh… sorry… I know I sound like I should work in a restaurant right?" Zaen chuckled.
He went into the kitchen and returned with a pitcher of orange juice and one pitcher of apple juice.

"Heh. No, you're fine!" Riku said. He pondered for a moment trying to figure out what he wanted while
Zaen went to go get the cups. His stomach growled impatiently and he blushed. He looked up guiltily at
Zaen upon his return. Kogenta sweat dropped.

"Wow… I'll get you set up now then! Hah!" Zaen said as he picked up his plate. He went into the
kitchen and loaded the plate with two small omelets, fried apples and rice. When he returned he placed
the plate in front of Riku and smiled. Riku's eyes widened.

"Th-Thank you!" Riku said bowing slightly.

"Sure!" Zaen said walking over to Kogenta. " Alright then. Kogenta, what would you like?"

The tiger eyed Riku's plate.

"Well… give me what Riku has." said Kogenta with a confused look on his face. The food
looked unfamiliar to him put he didn't want to offend Zaen or Ruelo for that matter.

"Gotcha!" Zaen did the same for Kogenta who thanked him.

Zaen walked over to Ruelo and picked up his plate and asked what he wanted.

"May I have one omelet, a little bit of rice, apple juice, and a lot of fried apples?" Ruelo asked.

"Nope." Zaen said jokingly.

"Huh?" Ruelo said tilting his head to one side.

Zaen went into the kitchen with his plate. When he returned everyone laughed.
It was exactly what he asked for. Ruelo smirked at Zaen and shook his head.

"Sorry, were fresh out." Zaen said tickling Ruelo behind the ear. Ruelo shied away from him and laughed.

Zaen went into the kitchen and came back with a plate that had two omelets and fried apples.
Everyone was waiting for him patiently, even Kogenta.

Zaen bowed his head for a moment and everyone else did the same.

He lifted his face and beamed.

"Alright! Eat up!"

Riku cut a piece of his omelet and ate it. He smiled and continued eating.

Kogenta did the same and quickly found that the more he ate, the more he wanted to eat.

"This is really good!" Riku said taking another bite of his omelet.

"Heh! I'm glad you like it! Thank you!" Zaen replied.

"Zaen is really good at cooking breakfast food." Ruelo said. "He actually makes things like this at night sometimes."

"Can we come here for dinner then?" Kogenta said chewing a mouthful of rice.

"Oh, s-sure!" Zaen chuckled.

After they all ate Zaen cleared the table. Riku helped him carry all of the dishes into the kitchen and also
helped to wash them. Ruelo and Kogenta spent that time looking in the book with confused expressions.

After the dishes were done and the remaining food and drink was stored, they joined the tigers in the living room.

"Hmmm… this makes no sense!" Kogenta groaned. "There are no words in this book… just pictures…"

"Ah yes." Zaen began "It took me off guard when I saw this… but it helps me to understand how
I should defend myself. But here…" Zaen flipped to the page with the strange black lines. It formed a square.

"Da-Ri-Shin-Kan" Riku whispered. "Hmmm…"

"So this is what you were talkin' about." Kogenta said smirking. "What does it do?"

"That's the only problem…" Zaen said frowning. "It doesn't say…"

"Well then let's go test it out then!" Kogenta exclaimed. "It's not going to show us if we just sit here reading all day!
C'mon!" Kogenta grabbed Ruelo by the arm and started dragging him towards the door.

"H-hey we can't go out into the open like that!" Ruelo stammered.

Kogenta sweat dropped and released his grip.

"I-I knew that!" Kogenta said defiantly crossing his arms.

"Oh yeah… where should we go?" Zaen frowned.
"Erre' might find us again if we go to the forest clearing… Is there anywhere else we could go?"

Kogenta looked over at Riku and smiled. Riku nodded and returned the gesture.

"There is one place…" Riku said as he walked over to Kogenta.

"I'll show you."

They all got off of the train they took to reach Ooiwasai and walked through the forest path
until they reached a dirt road. Zaen saw a boulder but then saw two paths. He looked back at the boulder.

"Wow… " Zaen beamed. "So this is the Karadani boulder. This place is perfect!"

"Yeah…" Ruelo said looking around in his spiritual form. Riku looked intently at the tree and then
at Kogenta. Kogenta smiled at him and thought back to the day when Riku first sliced the in to fight the
Kanro shikigami. Riku moved his hand right down and then right again.

"Baka…" Kogenta chuckled.

They soon came across a small Dousoujin statue.

"Hmmm… It's pointing to this path Zaen observed. Well I guess we should… huh?!"
Zaen's drive started to glow but then died down.

"Whoa…" Kogenta said. "Ruelo? You alright?"

"Yeah. I'm fine. But there is something nearby… I can feel it." Ruelo came out of his
drive and pointed to another Dousoujin monument. Zaen frowned and started towards it. Riku and Kogenta followed.

At length they reached the Dousoujin monument and again had to chose between the paths.

"There sure are a lot of them…" Zaen noted. "We are going the right way, right Riku?"

"You're doing fine, Zaen. Just trust your instincts."

Zaen nodded and began going down the path indicated by the monument. Suddenly Zaen's
and Riku's drive glowed, and a new path showed with a green glow. It trailed all the way down
to the ground level where the Karadani boulder resided. Zaen noticed the small tree on the boulder
as he walked on this new path. Zaen was obviously impressed. Riku smiled at Zaen's excitement.

At length they reached the end of the path. Zaen looked at his drive and then back the way
they had traveled, but was shocked to see that the path had disappeared. Zaen blinked in confusion and looked a Riku.

"Was it supposed to do that?" Zaen asked sheepishly.

"Yeah. That happened to us too." Riku answered nodding.

"Found some, Erre'!" A very laid back man's voice said. Suddenly several toujinfu cards rained down
around the entire area forming a dome. Then another card fell to the ground right in front of Zaen. Zaen
quickly jumped back as the card burst into ice shards before him. Riku ran towards Zaen and shielded him by standing in front of him.

"Very well… I leave you to test him, Tenra. My summon will keep the other busy." Erre's voice beckoned.

"Heheh! Awesome! This'll be fun!"

Suddenly, a slightly tanned man dressed in blue jeans and a blue shirt covered with a gray jacket
stepped from behind the tree. A blue and green drive was fixed in his right hand. He wore a blue cap
that forced his spiky hair to either side of his head. He looked at Zaen with lazy blue eyes and smiled.

"Hey there, pal! I hope you've been doing a good job practicing!" He yawned and hopped down from the
boulder. As he stood up he smiled brightly and waved.

"Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Tenra, and I'm here to test you're growth. Nothing personal! I hope this will be a good match!"

"Wait! Were is Erre'? " Zaen said backing away from him slightly and looking around. Riku grabbed his drive from it's holder.

"Oh yeah, he won't be here for this fight I'm afraid. But don't worry. I'll be more than enough to entertain you! Shikigami!"

Tenra raised his drive into the sky and then slashed downward.

"God Descend!"

Several shoji doors appear and open to reveal a white wolf shikigami.

It had green eyes and silver armor across his chest. He wore silver loose pants that were tied
around his waist by a black belt. He wore black sandals and black gloves. Two swords were sheathed on his back.

"Iniu no Yuki, has descended!"

"Heh! This is perfect!" Kogenta sneered. "Riku!"

"Right! Shikigami! God Descend!"

Kogenta appeared in front of him, striking his pose.

"Kogenta of the Byakko, has descended!"


"Okay… now is the time. Shikigami! God Descend!"

Ruelo took his fighting stance in front of Zaen.

"Ruelo of the Byakko, has descended!"

"Well now… so you really do have a Byakko! Good. I'm expecting a good fight!"

Suddenly the ice crystal shattered revealing a large two headed dog. It's skin was a very dark purple
and around each of their necks was a collar of dark ice. It's eyes glowed an ominous red and it's muzzles
were full of razor sharp fangs. It growled and looked at Ruelo..

"Heh! Over here mutt!" Kogenta taunted as he directed it's attention away from Ruelo.

The beast snarled and began chasing him.

"Wow… that's kind of funny dogs and cats fighting! Priceless."

Tenra held his drive up and smiled. "Get ready Inui!"


"Overkill!" the wolf barked. He drew his blades and began running at Ruelo. "Wolf Rave Whirlwind!"

The wolf jumped into the air and began spinning vertically towards Rue.

"Rue! Dodge it!"

Rue dodged to the right of the attack and looked at Zaen.


Rue jumped towards Inui and tried to palm strike him in the chest but he missed. The wolf sliced
at the tiger several times but Ruelo dodged every attack gracefully. The wolf raised his blades above
him to strike from above but Ruelo caught the wolf's wrists. The wolf smiled and rolled back wards planting
it's claw feet on Ruelo's chest. He kicked him into the air and stood up.

"Ruelo!" Zaen shouted.

Ruelo somehow managed to roll in the air and land on his feet.


Ruelo directed another strike towards the wolf's right knee, but Inui dodged and stomped on Ruelo's back grounding him.

"Ruelo! Are you okay?" Zaen yelled.

"Don't worry! Keep fighting!"

"Right! Shin-Kan-Da-Ri!"

Ruelo tripped the wolf by kicking his legs and pinned him. They wrestled around trying to gain the upper hand.

Meanwhile, the demonic dog's heads were launching blasts of dark ice at Kogenta who dodged them easily.

"Man… this guy is pathetic!" Kogenta groaned. "Riku!"

"Right! Shin-Kan-Da-Ri!"

"Overkill! Crescent Moon Dancing Fists!!!! "

Kogenta transformed into the crescent blades sped towards the demon, but the beast raised
it's paw and slammed it on the ground before him. Suddenly, a wall of dark purple ice appeared
deflecting Kogenta's attack. He jumped back and snarled.

"Darn… not strong enough! Riku! The sword!"


A several shoji doors appeared and flew by. One of them stops and opens slowly. A beautiful sword begins to exit the
shoji. The hilt had a design of a roaring tiger. The blade had red lines branching from the middle
line of the blade and ended in a yellow shining tip.

"Here it comes, Here it comes, Here it comes, Here it COMES!!!"

Kogenta grabs the blade and swings it in front of him.

"Saikaidō Kotetsu is here!"

The wolf's heads roared and charged towards the tiger. Kogenta leaped into the air dodging the
dog's rush and brought the blade crashing down upon the heads of the demon. A blue aura surrounded
the demon and it was eradicated by the light.

"Heh! Easy!" Kogenta smirked.
Riku and Kogenta looked over at Zaen battle.

Ruelo was panting and was roughly bruised. Inui had suffered damage as well, but not as much.

"Ruelo…" Zaen whispered.

"Hey man… you know that if you lose this battle… you'll lose your memories of being a toujinshi, right?
And you can't regain that shikigami."

Riku and Kogenta looked at each other in wonder. They must not have truly terminated their contract…

"Wha-" Zaen gasped.

"Yeah… I know." Tenra said scratching the back of his head. "I really don't want to lose Inui… but…
I can't say that I want you to lose either. So make sure you fight with everything you have!"

"Lose… Ruelo? Forever?" Zaen said fearfully. He couldn't move he stared at Ruelo unable to even speak.

"Zaen!" Riku called out. "The path!"

Zaen snapped out of his trance and noticed that the path had reappeared.

"I'm sorry but… It's time to end this!" Tenra held his drive in front of him.


"Overkill!!!" Inui barked. He ran at Ruelo with his blades crossed in front of him. "Fenrir Rending Cross Blades!!!"

"Zaen. I know you can do this… I trust you." Ruelo said bracing himself. "I'm ready!"

Zaen looked at the road…

'right down right? That's it"

"Now!" Ruelo yelled.


Inui closed in and was about to slice, but was interrupted by a brutal slap that sent him spiraling away and crashing on the ground.

"Ugh.. Ow. What was that?" Inui said groggily.


"Zaen the new IN!"

"Right! Da-Ri-Shin-Kan!!!!"

Ruelo's eyes flickered blue for a moment. He started to levitate and the sky began to split apart a shoji door appeared high above Ruelo and slowly opens.

"It has arrived…"

A white light shot down towards Ruelo. He raised his right claw hand and the power flowed through him.
When the light died down, an immaculate crystal hovered in his hand. He snapped his fingers and the crystal
changed into a beautiful crystal sword. He grabbed the sword's clear hilt and swung it in front of him.

"It has arrived, Kesshou Ittou, Amatsu Namida! The Crystal Sword, Heaven's Tear!"

"What?!" Tenra gasped.

"Forgive me, Tenra, but I cannot lode yet! Ruelo!"


Ruelo sliced the blade releasing a light slash that struck Inui dead on.

He disappeared with light that enveloped him.

"Heh… g-good job… unh… You deserve this victory, Za- uhn…."

Tenra collapsed on the ground dropping his drive. Zaen looked sorrowfully at his defeated opponent.

"Wow, Zaen! You learned two IN in one battle! Heh at this rate you might be able to face me someday!"
Kogenta fang smiled but quickly noticed that Zaen was gravely sad.

"He… he won't see his partner anymore…" Zaen whispered. "What have I done…?"

"You kicked his butt!" Kogenta yelled. "You can't help what he got himself into. The Byakko are no pushovers! Heh!"
Kogenta walked over to Zaen and playfully punched his arm. "Don't worry about it."

"Zaen, you did what you had to do to protect your friend… I too… dislike fighting other toujinshi as well…
but sometimes it just can't be helped…" Riku placed a hand on Zaen's shoulder. Zaen looked up at Riku and smiled lightly.

"Riku… Kogenta… and Ruelo… thank you. "

Ruelo walked up to Zaen and grabbed his hand.

"You have a good heart Zaen. I'm glad that you are my toujinshi."

"Thank you, Rue. I'm glad you got your sword back!"

"Huh?" Rue looked down at his right hand to see his sword and frowned. It then disappeared in a flash of light.
"No amount of IN can ever compare to the strength you gave me today, Zaen. My real power, is having you as a touji- no…
as a friend." Ruelo smiled and placed his paws on his shoulders.

"Ruelo…" Zaen said smiling.

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