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This was what happiness felt like.

Derek breathed deeply as he looked at the woman sitting in front of him, the woman he was about to promise the rest of his life to, or at least officially promise it and he couldn't help but smile. She looked entirely beautiful and magical today. He looked down, taking her in as she sat Indian style on the ground on their land, clad in blue jeans and her college shirt, her golden hair in the messy waves he loved so much, the ones that always made it look like they had just had a good tumble.

Of course usually they had just had a good tumble in bed, but today that clearly wasn't the point.

Today was the day that everything was going to change.

He certainly hadn't expected today to be like this. When they had first gotten back together, when everything had suddenly clicked after that night at her place, he had known they were headed towards promising forever but if he had been asked, he wouldn't have predicted it would go like this.

They had entertained the idea of doing this the traditional way; they had even gone as far as starting to make some tentative plans. But no matter how simple they made it, no matter what they changed or tried to make sound like them, nothing at all had fit. It hadn't felt right. From the second he had slipped his mother's ring on her finger, all that had mattered was actually being married, not any big ceremony to make it official, just the actual idea of being promised forever after too long of time. He had done the big planning before, Meredith had never wanted it and with Mark and Lexie's own big ceremony coming up, it just had seemed so much more sane to do it this way, their way.

And now as Derek looked at her carefully, he was damn certain they had made the right decision.

He loved bringing her here, especially at this time of day. Something about the lighting and the trees made everything glow and made her eyes look greener, her entire being look softer. He watched the shadows of the trees cross over her face, as she stared at him, her bright eyes watching him just as carefully and he couldn't help but feel his breath catch in his throat. Today was the perfect day to put the promise down on paper and make it something a little more real.

"So how do we do this?" her quiet voice interrupted this thoughts.

"Well..."he sighed, placing the notebook he was holding in between them, twirling the pen in his fingers. "We know this is forever but I think...we should probably get more specific than that."

"We can't write down forever and call it our vows?" she giggled.

"Not exactly romantic."

"And getting married on a construction site is?" she smiled, her eyes sparkling as she gestured toward the half built walls behind them that were currently inactive as he had given the crew the day off.

"It's not a construction site, it's our future home," he laughed. "On our land. That's very romantic."

"Oh of course."

"So..." he breathed, reaching to push a strand of hair behind her ear. "What do you want to promise each other?"

"I..." she murmured, looking at him carefully, her eyes searching his, before she smiled slightly. "To love me, even when you hate me."

"Love each other even when we hate each other," he nodded, smiling himself as he scribbled it onto the notebook page, because if they had learned anything since getting back together a year ago, it was that they tended to find a way to hate each other more often than not. "No running. No matter how much we yell, no matter what, no running."

"No running," she agreed, giggling slightly. Because even though maturity may have brought the screaming down a bit, the passion they had for each other usually left them having explosions.

"What else?"

"We...put each other first," Meredith breathed. "We always come first in each others lives. No matter...we come first."

"Hmmm..." he nodded, writing it down, even though that problem they had faced years before had never come back.

"We're married, we come first."

"And...no jealousy," he whispered. "At least not real jealous. No matter what's going on in our lives, this...us...we're all that matters at the end of it all so there's nothing to be jealous of."

"You're the one that gets jealous," Meredith giggled.

"We both get jealous," he rolled his eyes, writing it down on the paper. "We never go to bed angry."

"That one is cheesy."

"But true," he shrugged.

"And we take care of each other...even when we're old, stinky and senile," she giggled.

"Take care of each other when we're old, stinky and senile," he repeated, writing it down.

"And if I get Alzheimer's..."

"I will remind you every day who I am."

"Okay," she breathed.

"This is forever," he nodded, writing it at the bottom of the page, before looking up and smiling at her.

"So...we're married?"

"You have to sign," he nodded, signing his own name quickly underneath the vows before handing the notebook to her.

"Now what?" she breathed, after signing quickly.

"Now I kiss the bride," he breathed, leaning forward over their crossed legs to press his lips against hers, kissing her softly but deeply, letting his hand move to cup her cheek. His heart thudded in his chest, which had nothing to do with the way he was kissing his wife and actually just the simple face that she was his wife.


"Married," she giggled as she pulled back slightly.


A year ago he had been frighteningly close to marrying the wrong woman, but now he was sitting on his land, looking over the mountains, surrounded by trees and married to the only woman he had ever loved, at least loved in the way you were supposed to. They had clearly taken some wrong turns and it had taken a good decade longer than it should have but now he was married. He laughed and threw his head back, watching the leaves of his favourite trees over head.

This was definitely what happiness felt like.

And I never knew I could feel that much

And that's the way I loved you

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