This takes place in season one of NCIS just after The Curse. This is a rewrite of the episode Skin from Supernatural with the NCIS team. This won't be too long, I guess. This is set before McGee comes on but I kind of wanted to sync up the episodes so no McGee.

Don't own anything.

"What's that?" Tony paused the video, staring at the screen. Kate rolled her eyes.

"It's nothing." She started over to her desk.

"I'd say it's pretty open and shut." She said but Tony wasn't listening. He stepped closer to the screen, staring at their suspect. He backed it up and watched once again as his eyes flashed yellow.

"What's the matter with you?" Tony shook his head and started away.

"I'll be right back."

Sam stared up at the ceiling, not even trying to go to sleep. Actually, Dean had stayed up longer than Sam thought he would, finally falling asleep sitting up with the TV still on.

Dean hadn't bugged him about the secret he was keeping again but Sam knew that he was worried. He knew he'd have to tell Dean sometime but he couldn't at the moment. He knew Dean wouldn't think it was his fault, what happened to Jess but he also knew that it would freak his brother out. He didn't think he could deal with that right now.

He sat up when Dean's phone rang and Dean reached up out of the covers that Sam had put over him earlier. Sam frowned over at his brother.

"Yeah?" Dean answered after a second, not totally awake. After a pause, he sat up abruptly in bed, suddenly looking very alert. "Tony?"

Dean had stayed up later than usual after a hunt. He was worried. Sam was keeping secrets about what had happened to Jessica and that couldn't be good. Then again, it wasn't like Sam knew everything about him...

He was sure he hadn't been asleep long when his phone woke him up. Groaning a little, he reached to the side and opened it.


"Hey, Dean. I think I might need your help." The voice didn't register at first. It took him a second for the surprise to hit and then he was sitting up in bed, suddenly not tired anymore.

"Tony?" His heart sped up a little.

"Uh, yeah. Look, I know we haven't actually talked in a while..."

"Yeah." Dean stood up. He hadn't heard from Tony in a few months. He paced for a moment, both of them silent before the words that Tony had used registered. The last time Tony had called him, he'd been high on pain killers after getting shot. Dean had driven for hours to get there, ended up staying for several days.

"What's wrong? Something happen?"

"I didn't get myself shot again if that's what you're asking." Dean let out a breath at that.

"Okay. Then what's up?"

"Actually, it's a case." Dean let out a laugh at that.

"You're kidding. You actually got my kind of case? Again?"

"Yeah, well, I'm just lucky, I guess." Dean nodded and ran a hand through his hair.

"So, what is it?"

"Woman murdered at her home. We've got the fiancé. Got security footage proving he was at the scene when the murder took place and enough evidence that it should be an open and shut case."

"So, what's the problem?"

"Well, the guy's sister claims that he was at her house that night, that he couldn't have been there." Dean frowned.

"So? She is his sister, she could have been lying. What makes this my kind of case?"

"That is the problem. I don't think she is lying and neither does Gibbs. By the way, it's driving him crazy. He's even grouchier than usual."

"Is that even possible?" Dean asked with a slight smile, remembering the very few times he'd come face to face with Tony's boss and everything that Tony had told him about the man.

"You have no idea."

"So, the case?"

"Right. So, the guy won't budge either. Claims that he spent a few hours at his sisters house, found his fiancé tied to a chair and beat up and called 911. Which he did. Police arrested him at the scene, called us in when they found out that the woman was in the Navy. So, I checked the security footage and found something weird. For a second, you can see his eyes change or flash. Kate thinks it's just a camera flare but I don't...also, the sister claims that someone stole his clothes before the murder."

"So, you've got someone who was in two places at once." Dean paced for a moment, frowning again. "If you're right and this is my sort of case it could be several different things."

"You got anything I can run with? Something that might help? If I don't figure this out, I could be sending an innocent man to prison." Dean only had to think about it for a moment. The thought of Tony facing off against whatever this thing was made his decision for him.

"I'm on my way there." He said, turning and grabbing a pair of pants. "Just...don't go looking for this thing until I do get there. And watch your back."

"Always." Dean hung up and started to pull on his pants. He looked up when Sam cleared throat. Right, he'd been so focused on what Tony was saying he'd almost forgot Sam was listening in.

"You going to tell me where we're going?"

Tony hung up the phone and leaned against the wall, looking around once more just to make sure that he was alone. Maybe he was being paranoid but Gibbs did have a habit of sneaking up on people.

He wasn't a hundred percent sure about this but it couldn't hurt if Dean did check it out. But Dean had said we and not I. Someone else was with him and Tony really hoped it wasn't John. He'd only met the man once and doubted that if he found out where Tony worked he'd trust him. Although it might have been slightly amusing to see John Winchester and Gibbs face off.

Still, Tony couldn't help the small smile at the thought of seeing Dean. He hadn't seen or talked to Dean in months. Gibbs, Abby and Ducky all knew about Dean, knew that Tony was close to him, they just didn't know what Dean's real occupation was.

Hopefully, he wouldn't have to explain that one to Gibbs.

"So?" Sam held out until they were on the road. Dean sighed and glanced over at his brother.

"Tony DiNozzo. He's a friend I met a few years ago. Said he's got a case that might be one of ours." Sam huffed.

"I got that from your end of the conversation. I also got something else from it that I thought would never happen."

"What?" He glanced over in time to see Sam roll his eyes.

"The way you were talking. Dean, is this guy a cop?" Dean smiled a little.

"Nope." Sam glared at him, knew that he wasn't telling the truth, and his grin widened. "Actually, he's a federal agent." Sam's jaw actually dropped open in surprise.

"You're friends with a federal agent?" Dean laughed at the look on his face.

"He works for NCIS. Has for two years." Sam put a hand to his head.

"You're kidding." Dean shook his head. "How did you become friends with a NCIS agent?" Dean simply shrugged.

"I was working a job in Baltimore around three years ago. He was a homicide detective then and he was investigating the same murder. A spirit that was attaching itself to certain men. It went after Tony." Sam shook his head.

"Wait, Dad was cool with you hanging out with a cop?"

"Dad wasn't there. I couldn't let the thing kill Tony and he believed me after he saw it. We kept in contact." Sam frowned.

"Dad left you alone on the hunt?" Dean could see Sam doing the math in his head. He had only been twenty three when he met Tony in Baltimore.

"What, you think the gig I got before coming to get you was my first alone?" Sam's eyes narrowed and Dean saw the anger flash in them. He sighed again. This was going to turn into a fight if they ever found their dad.

He didn't say what his real relationship with Tony was. He simply turned his head back to the road and let his mind drift back to the last time he'd seen Tony.

"Dean!" Tony yelled as soon as he walked into his room. Dean smiled a little and walked over, sitting on the bed. Tony leaned forward and put his good arm, the one that wasn't in a cast and strapped to his chest, around Dean's neck and pulled him closer.

"You came all the way here?" Dean raised an eyebrow.

"You called me and told me you were heading into surgery. And then hung up." Actually, there had been a little more but it wasn't really coherent. It had certainly scared the hell out of him.

"And you came." Tony leaned closer until their faces were almost touching. "Can you get me outta here? Gibbs won't."

"No way, dude. I am not breaking you out of here so your boss can kill both of us." Tony pouted at him.

"But I feel fine." Dean grinned.

"That's probably because the pain killers haven't worn off yet."

"Fine." Tony's eyes brightened after a moment, though, and he leaned in further to kiss Dean. Dean pulled back when someone cleared their throat and he turned to find Tony's boss standing in the doorway.

"Winchester." Gibbs walked into the room.

"Hey, boss." Tony said with a grin, settling his head on Dean's shoulder. He didn't seem to mind but Dean could see the look in Gibbs eyes. He simply nodded at the man. He understood why Gibbs didn't like him but he didn't want to leave yet. Tony really had terrified him with that call.

"I've got your discharge papers, DiNozzo." He said, his eyes trained on his agent. Tony's smile widened.

"Great!" He turned to Dean. "Are you staying?"

"For a little while." He didn't miss the glare that Gibbs sent him.

Dean stopped in front of Tony's apartment building. He had told Sam about the case but still hadn't mentioned his real relationship with Tony. He sat there for a moment, staring up at the building.

He wondered how Gibbs would react to him showing back up again. Maybe the man really would kill him this time. He understood that Gibbs was just a little bit protective of Tony and Dean was rarely around and when he was he never got to stay long.

Then there were the other two people who worked with Tony. Abby, who liked him even less for the same reason. He'd met her a few times. She was almost as protective of Tony as Gibbs was. He'd only met the medical examiner once but figured from the reaction he gotten from him that Gibbs or more likely Abby had told the man about him.

He knew it was stupid, that he should just stay away since he couldn't stay with Tony but he couldn't help it. He'd never felt anything like this for anyone else and every time Tony called, he always came. Every time he got hurt or something happened on a hunt he had the urge to call Tony. In fact, he was pretty sure that Tony was the only thing that had kept him sane the years that Sam had been in college.

He wondered idly how long it would take the newest member of Tony's team, Kate he'd said her name was, to hate him too.