This is my last chapter of this one. I plan to write more with this pairing though.

"Uh, so…this is all explainable," Tony said with a little bit of nervousness. Gibbs and Kate stood on the other side of the room. Tony kind of wished Abby and Ducky were there too because he didn't know what Gibbs would want to do after this and he would really rather not have to explain all this twice.

They were standing in Gibbs living room, at Gibbs insistence, and in the two years that Tony had known the man, he was pretty sure he'd never seen him so pissed. He looked calm enough but Tony knew Gibbs.

"We're waiting, DiNozzo." Gibbs voice was controlled. It kind of scared Tony a little bit. Dean and Sam were standing to the side and Dean was eyeing Kate and Gibbs warily. Tony couldn't blame him. Gibbs, Ducky, and Abby had never made it a secret that they'd never liked Dean and while Tony was gratified, a little at least, that they cared about him like that he still wished they'd trust his judgment a little more. Dean's job, the way he was passionate about it, was one of the reasons that Tony had fallen for the guy. Dean risked his life everyday to save peoples lives. Tony could understand that. He could understand why Dean could never give it up.

"DiNozzo." Gibbs voice brought him out of his thoughts and Gibbs looked impatient as well as pissed now.

"Right," Tony nodded. "So…I mean. I kind of lied before…I mean about Dean. The thing back there…" Tony shook his head. Wondered how he could explain this and get Gibbs and Kate to believe him. Abby would believe it.

"Shapeshifter," Dean interjected after a moment. He was staring straight at Gibbs, his gaze unflinching. "They shed their skin, can look like anyone. Sam and I think this thing was tryin' to get to us for some reason and knew about my connection to Tony."

"A shapeshifter," Gibbs repeated. His eyes narrowed and he was studying Dean and Sam.

"That's crazy," Kate said. Gibbs shot her a look and she closed her mouth. He turned back to Dean and crossed his arms, waiting.

"What my family does," Dean said after a moment. "Met Tony when a spirit went after him in Baltimore."

"That stuff isn't real," Kate said, unable to stay silent. "He has to be lying," she directed this to Gibbs and Tony. "There's no way-"

"Sam's the only brother I got, lady," Dean interrupted. "You got tests for this sort of thing, right? And I'm sure you got my information. I don't have a psychotic twin."

"Maybe you're the psychotic one." Dean smiled.

"Still doesn't explain the dead guy in Tony's apartment."

"Yeah, well, I'm not going to believe the real explanation involves shapeshifters and spirits."

Tony was watching Gibbs through this. Gibbs was studying Sam and Dean, more specifically Dean while he was talking. Tony was pretty confident in Gibbs ability to tell when someone was lying but he knew all this was pretty outrageous. Still, Tony could have sworn that Gibbs didn't look quite as angry as he had when they had first gotten to his house.

"You know Kate, I'm hurt. Really," Tony said finally. "You really think I'd date a serial killer for over two years without knowing it."

"Date…?" If the situation wasn't so tense, Tony might have laughed at the look on her face. She looked more surprised than when she'd busted down Tony's door to find two Dean Winchesters.

"You believe us," Sam spoke up for the first time that night. He was staring at Gibbs as well, ignoring Kate and Tony. Gibbs eyed them for a moment more.

"Kate, go help Abby process the evidence from Tony's apartment."

"But-" Gibbs glare cut her off.

"Fine," she growled and stalked out of the room, keeping her distance from Sam and Dean. Tony was pretty sure that she would be waiting outside Gibbs house until she was sure Gibbs was safe.

"DiNozzo," Gibbs voice lowered and he walked out of the room. Tony followed a little nervously. Gibbs was still pissed.

"This is crazy!" Sam said as soon as Tony and Gibbs left the room. "What the hell are we doing, Dean? Telling these people everything?"

"What were we supposed to do? You really think they would have let us go if we didn't tell them something?"

"And telling them everything is the solution? Are you crazy?"

"Wanted for murder remember Sam?! What were we supposed to do? I seriously doubt we could bullshit our way outta this one. Not when they already know who I am."

"We could have gotten out of here. We could have…" Sam trailed off, stared at his brother. "Holy shit. You're doing this because you wouldn't ever be able to come back here if we had just left. You really do love this guy, don't you?"

"Sam." There was warning in Dean's voice but Sam ignored it. He almost smiled. He'd known the moment he figured out that Dean and Tony were more than just friends and that Dean had kept in touch with the guy for over two years that it was a little more than casual.

His anger faded in the face of this. Sam would give up almost anything to have Jess back, to have her somewhere out there waiting for him to come get her. He understood this. Dean loved Tony. If anything was worth the risk of telling the truth about their jobs…

"Stop lookin' at me like that, dude," Dean said, bringing Sam out of his thoughts and making him smile.

"Alright, you think Tony's boss believed us?" Dean shrugged but did look a little relieved at the subject change.

"Don't know. Maybe he's seen it before."

"Look, I know its crazy and I know that I lied for a long time but I didn't figure anyone would believe me. I mean, who would believe me, right? He's not a bad guy. I mean, he's probably saved more lives doing what he does than any cop. And now he's going to be wanted for murder-"

"DiNozzo," Gibbs interrupted sharply. "You need to get your friends out of town for a little while." Tony could feel his jaw drop.

"You believe it," he said incredulously. Gibbs actually rolled his eyes at this.

"Your buddy out there isn't going to be wanted for murder if he's dead but I doubt we can make the story stick if he gets picked up before he leaves the city."

"You do believe it!" Tony repeated.

"DiNozzo, focus!"

"Right." Tony paused, still a little bit shocked. "What about Kate?"

"I'll talk to Kate." Tony nodded. He was never more grateful towards Gibbs than he was in that moment. Grateful that the man believed him.

"Thanks, Boss. Why do you believe me anyways? You seen this kind of thing before?"

"Get a move on, DiNozzo," Gibbs said, ignoring the question. Tony saw the smirk on his face as he exited the kitchen. "And don't thank me yet. You've still got to explain all this to Abby."

Tony groaned and followed him out. Damn but Abby was going to be pissed at him for lying.

"So, Kate doesn't think I've gone crazy anymore. That's a plus. Although, I'd really like to know what Gibbs said to convince her. He's got to have seen something before since he believed it so quickly." Tony was leaning on the Impala next to Dean. Sam had given them a few minutes. They were leaving the city and Tony wasn't really happy about that. He'd barely gotten to spend any time with Dean and he hadn't talked to Sam at all. Sam seemed a hell of a lot more approachable than John.

"You never told me why Sam's with you," Tony pointed out. Dean glanced over at him and there was something dark in his eyes.

"Wasn't his choice," he said after a moment. "Demon went after his girlfriend."

"Is she…?" Dean simply nodded.

"So, you guys are going after it?"

"Been goin' after it since we were kids." He hesitated a moment. "Dad's missin'. We're going after him."

"Your dad's missing?" Tony repeated and he felt his stomach clench at that. He knew how much John meant to Dean. If…

"He's not dead," Dean said fiercely, cutting off the thought like he could hear it. He probably could. "We'll find him and then we'll find this demon." Tony nodded but there was fear gripping his heart.

He knew how dangerous Dean's job was. His own job wasn't exactly safe most of the time but it didn't come close to Dean's. He'd heard about this demon, too. He knew which one Dean was talking about.

A few months after he and Dean had hooked up, they'd gotten a little drunk and Tony had asked him why he did what he did. Dean had spilled how his mother had died. Tony had always been worried about Dean when he was just going after spirits and things like that but for some reason, this was different.

He'd known that they had always been looking for the thing that had killed Dean's mom but hearing all this made this thing seem a lot closer. Dean's dad was missing and this thing had killed Sam's girlfriend.

"I'll be fine, dude," Dean said. Tony frowned at him and wondered if Dean had gained the ability to read his thoughts. Dean grinned. "I can't read minds. You were just looking kind of brooding there."

"I don't brood." Tony pouted in an exaggerated way. Dean's grin widened and he stepped into Tony's personal space and kissed the pout away. Tony tugged Dean closer and grinned into the kiss.

"Too bad you're not staying longer," Tony commented lightly, pressing himself against Dean. Dean chuckled and kissed him again. Tony got caught up in it, deepening it, forgetting for a moment that Dean was leaving again, that he was going after a demon that was probably more dangerous than anything he'd ever went up against.

They didn't break apart until Sam made his presence known by clearing his throat. Tony would have blushed, if he was the type. Sam looked entirely too amused by the display.

"You ready?" He asked Dean.

"Yeah." Dean smirked at Tony, gave him one more quick kiss and then started around to the driver's side.

"It was nice meeting you," Sam said with a grin and a shake of his head in his brother's direction before he got into the car too.

Tony stood on the sidewalk until he couldn't see the Impala anymore.

Gibbs walked towards Abby's lab, intending to get away from the bullpen. Kate was still in shock and Tony was acting overly enthusiastic and annoying which probably meant that he was moping but didn't want anyone to know it so he was overcompensating.

Gibbs stopped short just outside the lab when he heard the voices inside. Gibbs smiled a little bit. Looked like Tony was making good on his promise. Gibbs still had to explain this all to Ducky but he somehow doubted that even this would surprise him.

"I swear, Abby," he heard Tony say. "I didn't want to lie but I figured no one would believe me. Besides, I couldn't go around telling everyone. But I swear it's true. It's all true. This stuff is real."

Gibbs turned around. He'd give them some time to talk. He wasn't bailing Tony out of this one. Gibbs smiled when he heard Abby's yell just before getting into the elevator.

"I knew it!"