It was cold, colder than it had rights to be at this time of year.I knew that even as I lay in my bed with my warm covers, and I knew that the second after throwing them off of my body, I would feel it. I look at my alarm clock and groan. Time to get up and go to work ... again.

Funny how we all get up, follow a daily routine, travel to work and do exactly the same as we did the day before. We are seldom happy about it , rarely feel that euphoric buzz associated with a full and happy life , and yet...

We never change our lives ,never change our routines or our careers.I was like that. Stuck in a life that was mediocre and less that fulfilling. Until something happened that forced me to change my way of life......

"You know if Blaine wants me to close on his account it will take me longer than just a week. He needs to give me at least a month. His account has been with us for over ten years , I cannot get a file that large ready in such a short time. "

My boss, who was on speaker , sighed heavily, "Just do what you can, I know you will , that is why I assigned this to you , Buffy. I will smooth things with Blaine, don't worry. Have a good weekend. "

"You too , " I answered and smiled as I heard him grumble something and then hang up. I shuffled the Blaine account files , straightening them before pushing them into my already full briefcase. It locked , but only just and I slipped it from my desk , feeling its weight pull on my arm.I reached across my desk and turned off my lamp and then left my office.

I hate driving . My car is an old Saab, no matter how I drive it, no matter how abused it gets , it keeps on except the heat controls. So I sit in the traffic going nowhere fast , with my car blowing cold air at my face, making me a little chilled. The radio in the next car was playing music, if you could call it that , loudly . My cellphone rang.

"Hello? "

"What on earth is that noise? " I rolled my eyes.

"Its coming from the car next to me, now what do you want Angel? " I slumped into the leather seat and rubbed my temple with my free hand , glancing into the rear view to check my reflection.

" I thought that we should get together . It's been awhile . " His voice was expectant and utterly annoying.

"I don't think so. "

"Why not? " He asked , like he didn't understand.

I shook my head and rolled my eyes at his denial. "Because, we're over , we are done, Angel. I can't do it again, I won't."

" We were good together .. Had some good times , baby. "

"No! You had the good times while I worked my ass off and paid for it all! "

He was silent except for his sigh .I hoped it was a sigh of defeat and that he would finally get the message and leave me alone. I was not that lucky.

"Fine, you know what Buff .... " , he spoke with an anger I was used to , "I'll leave it for now, but I know you will be back. You could never be angry or resist me for long. "

Fucking arrogant egotist! " You amaze me .. you arrogant bastard. I will never .. ever be with you again in any capacity ! "

I hung up and turned my phone off, throwing into the rear of the car. I was hot with anger and was now grateful for the cool air blowing from the front vents. A car horn bought me back from the irate haze that his call had caused and when I looked up ,I noticed that the cars had started to move again. I put the car in gear and drove off at speed.

Still seething from Angel's call , my driving reflected my mood. My attention was drawn to my rear view, flashing lights and then the short burst of siren, the police were pulling me over. Just what I needed now! I glanced once more into the mirror , hoping against hope that maybe they just wanted to overtake and rush to an emergency and not pull me for speeding. Again my luck was not on my side. I indicated and slowed to a stop before letting myself sink into the seat and close my eyes. I sighed and almost jumped when the officer tapped on the drivers side window. I rolled it down and fumbled for my purse.

"License and registration please " , he smiled and leaned against the car.

It was getting dark now and it was hard to see through the amount of crap I held in my purse. I could tell from the officers stance that he was getting impatient .

" Excuse me? " I timidly asked him, " I can't see properly and the internal light in my car is temperamental, I .. um .. need to open the door to trigger it. Could you just .... ? "

"Sure.... " He moved and I opened the door, the light came on and I again hunted my bag. Still no license . It must have been in my briefcase. I stepped out and pointed at the rear of the officer raised a brow and watched me as I leaned across the back seat to retrieve my briefcase. In the window of the opposite car door, I saw him tilt his head and check out my ass. Typical.

"Miss, could you hurry this up or I will have to take you in . "

I pushed myself out of the cars rear door again and handed him the license and paperwork while pushing my hair from my face. I leaned against the car door while he walked back to his car and got in.

Now that it was night fall it was getting colder. I folded my arms across my chest to fend off the cold wind that blew around me and I wished that I had bought my coat with me. I looked back at the officer and saw him talking in to his radio .He leaned across and I assumed he was replacing the radio to its cradle and then he exited , and walked towards me again.

"Well, everything seems in order Miss .... " I smiled at him as he handed me back my papers , " I'll have to write you a ticket though, for the ah , speeding. What had you diving like a maniac in that old rust bucket ? " He pointed at the Saab.

"Boyfriend , well ex really. The idiot doesn't know the meaning of over and won't leave me alone . "

"Sorry to hear that. Just do me a favor ? " At my look he continued , "Don't take it out on the motor.... or break the law next time . " He smiled and handed me the ticket .

"I will ... won't officer ..." I looked down at the ticket , "... Taylor "

"Take care and drive carefully" he said as he opened his car door .

It was then that I noticed the number on the ticket and the small note he had written on it. I looked up as he drove passed me, he smiled and then drove off faster. ' 555-67923' . I shuddered as the wind blew hard , making my skin erupt in goose bumps.I got back in to my car and started her back up. I threw the ticket into the glove compartment and made my way home again.

I finally walked in through my front door and threw the keys down on the hall table.I went straight into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. I snapped the cap off the beer and swigged from the bottle as I walked into the lounge. I sat down and pulled my feet up .As I placed the beer on the coffee table, the phone rang.

"Hello? "

"Hey ! What are you doing tonight? And don't say nothing! We are going out girl, and I won't take any excuses. It's Friday night and it's the start of the weekend. "

"Hi Faith , and I am staying home... I have work "... She cut me off ,"What did I just say? No excuses ! "

Arguing would do no good, she was relentless and I could do with unwinding if I was honest with myself. "Okay! What have you planned for us then? Persuade me to come out .. I've had a really shitty day"

" Roosters , then I heard that Cordy is holding a private party"

"Cordy ..? Please, I seriously doubt we'll get in . " Cordy was our spoilt rich girl acquaintance that we could stomach on rare occasions, her parties being one of those times.

"Just so happens a friend of a friend managed to get on her list and kindly gave me the tickets. "

I smiled , "Count me in then, will you pick me up? "

"Be ready at eight . " She hung up and I looked down at my watch, I had enough time to grab a quick shower and get ready.

As arranged, Faith met me outside my apartment block and threw open the car door. I half ran to the curb , the night being colder than it had been earlier and what with me wearing a barely there dress, I was in a hurry to get into her warm car.I slammed the door and we kissed cheeks in greeting .

"So little sister, are you ready for tonight? " Faith smiled and looked in her mirrors before signaling and pulling into the early evening traffic.

"I guess, just don't go trying to fix me up with anyone tonight , please? " I watched as a pedestrian dashed across the road in front of us , causing Faith to brake and curse at him. She wound down her window and yelled at him before pulling away again at speed.

"You mean you haven't got the itch back yet? " She laughed , "Gee... it'll heal up and I'll just say I told you so ! "

"It hasn't been that long! "

"Please! " she whined , "six months.... I'm telling you , a good ride on a stallion is what you need to get you back in the saddle"

"I'm an accountant not a cowboy" I said as I shook my head . My eyes stayed on the road as I reflected on what Faith had said. Was she was right? I did have that 'itch' as she called it .But getting into something now, when my life was busy with work and I had a crazy ex- boyfriend causing me all sorts of problems, really wasn't an option.

"I know what you're thinking , and don't. I'm not talking an arranged marriage for Christ sake, just a one nighter. Have you ever had one?" Faith rolled her eyes and took a left turn, once she was on the next street she asked me , "Have you ever watched Sex and the City? "

"What has that got to do with my problem? "

"Look ,us women , we're liberated now , sexually. Its the norm for women to have a one night stand and still have her reputation in tact . "

"You are such a Samantha! " I half laughed ,she smiled and replied " , and you my friend , are a Charlotte . "

"I'm not ! " I feigned shock ,"You take that back this instant ! "

"Actually no ... more of a Miranda, with a side of Charlotte. "

"Can we stop with the Sex and the City analogies now ? "

I pouted as Faith laughed, "All I am saying is , live a little, try and at least let go of your inhibitions and who knows . "

She pulled up in front of 'Roosters' and grabbed her purse from the back seat ,"I don't buy the first car I see ... I test drive it then go on to the next forecourt... and so on .... "

"Okay .. I just want to have a good time tonight, we'll see what happens from there. "

Content that maybe she had got through and encouraged me to let go a little, she stepped out of the car and I did the same. The crowds had already gathered outside the club. Faith whispered in the bouncers ear and he let us in first. Sometimes having her as a best friend had its upside. At the bar , I looked around while the bartender mixed our drinks. There were the usual crowd already dancing to the slow heavy beat , a few couples that made out in the darkened corners .... and .... my eyes stray over .. His back is to me so I can't see who he is and this just makes me want to find out. My attention is pulled from him ,albeit reluctantly.

"Here we go. Get that down you quick, we have to dance to this . " Faith thrust a cocktail into my hand and downed hers in one, smiling as I downed mine.I look back to where mystery man was standing and he's gone. I scan the crowd and I can't see him, strange that after a brief glimpse I should feel disappointment.

"Are you even listening to me? "

"Sorry ,I was.... " Faith interrupts to finish my sentence , " Just browsing the goods? Yeah I saw. So much for you not being interested, so who was the lucky man that drew your attention away from me? "

"It was no-one ,well okay maybe it was but he's gone so "....

"Dancing! " Faith says as she pulls me toward the dance floor.I roll my eyes as the slow bass filled song comes on. It happens to be one of my favorites, as Crush starts I feel my body start to move. Faith raises her brow and we start to sway together, putting on a show for those that watch us. Okay I admit that I can dance and when Faith and I start , we end up really getting into it.

I close my eyes , shutting out the voyeurs and concentrate on the as hands slide down my sides to my hips I remain under the songs spell.I don't know who this is but I know it isn't Faith, especially when my ass grinds against him and I feel his firm thighs , his hot breath on my neck and can smell the woody musk he is wearing.I lean back against his chest and tilt my head slightly as my hand wraps around his neck, he rests his head against my cheek and then I feel his tongue lap a bead of perspiration that trickled its way across my pulse point. The hands that were on my hips grip me harder and pull me in as he moves with me. His thumbs move in slow circles along my hip bones, moving down onto my thighs, raising my skirt a little. I couldn't stop the moan that escapes my lips as he keeps one hand in place while the other moves up my body to cup my left breast.

Between his actions and the music ,I'm hypnotized , my head feels light and my breathing becomes mere pants.I have never felt more turned on . I want so much to know who my seducer is and yet ... I fear that turning around would ruin this ... Would break this spell. I feel his lips brush against the sensitive spot just below my ear and he whispers to me as the song starts to fade. " Another time" . I turn my head and catch a glimpse of the man from earlier as he walks away and becomes engulfed by the crowd. Faith leaned into me as I left the dance floor and headed to the bar.

"That was like watching ... porno .... it was him , wasn't it ? The guy that caught your eye ? "

I smile widely and unconsciously grip my thighs together, "It really was. "

"So why are you still here? " She asked with a look of disbelief on her face, "Go ... go .... find him and ... well you know"

"He left ... I'm not going to hunt him down and make myself look desperate. If he is still here , he'll know where to find me. "

"You're hopeless you know that? Now he could be snapped up by some other woman and you would have missed out on 'Mr looks like he could go all night' . "

I shook my head and laughed. Typical Faith!.

As the night went on I danced , a few approached me but they were like breezes on cold days... not what you want and then leave you chilled to the I gave up and sat at the bar, drink in hand thinking back to the dance. Why did his voice sound so familiar ? I shook of the reverie and drank my drink down, relishing the burn as it slid down my throat. The bartender stopped in front of me , silently asking if I wanted a refill.I nodded and handed him the empty glass. By now the alcohol was making me feel so incredibly turned on , if my mystery man was to show up now then I had no doubt in my mind that I would allow him to do just about anything to me. The bartender returned and put the glass down in front of me.I held out a twenty for him to take ,but found him refusing my money and pointing down the bar.I glanced that way and .

I frowned and looked around for Faith.I spotted her up against a wall ,a man holding her there ,her leg was raised to his hip. Obviously I would be going home alone tonight. It also meant my defense against Angel was gone too. Shit. He was making his way over to me. No escape and no heroes.

"Thought I would find you here, babe"

"I didn't know we were playing hide and go seek? "

"Found you " , he slurred, so what's my prize? "

"Going home with your balls still intact? "

He laughed and sat on the stool next to me, placing a foot either side of my legs, effectively trapping me.I looked back to see if Jules had seen him and would be coming to my rescue.I sighed as it looked as though she was going home with her Romeo. My face swung to meet Angel's when I felt his hands on my thighs and he pulled me towards him. My face was now only inches from his. The overwhelming smell of alcohol made me gag.

"You look sooo ... edible tonight baby. I'll be taking my time with you , " his eyes wandered my body lazily before coming back to meet mine. He looked like a starved hyena eyeing up its next meal.

"You're not getting near me tonight! " I stuttered.

"Come on .. you know how good we are , no-one could make you scream the way I could, you said so yourself. "

"It might have been true once, but not repulse me. " I knew it was stupid and impulsive to say that to him, his temper being what it was, but he had left me no choice. I blinked and missed the strike that he made, only registering it once his fist was in my hair and winding it tightly within his grasp.

"Ow! Let go of me , " I gritted out between clenched teeth. My hand automatically gripped his wrist to prevent him pulling bar tender noticed and was on his way back to stop Angel , he stopped when a hand covered mine .I looked up and saw the bluest eyes look down at me.

"The lady said let go! " His voice was deep , menacing but low. Angel smirked , stood up and then let me go. Casting me aside harshly and making me almost fall off the stool.

Angel leaned towards me, his eyes on mystery man and chuckled ,"So this the reason you are being difficult , hmm? The guy rubbed against your ass for a song and you decide that I'm not good enough? "

"I decided that a long time ago.I don't need him to make that choice"

Mystery man, for that was all I could call him for now, stood beside me and wrapped an arm firmly around my felt comforting. Angel watched as his hand settled on my hip and he snorted. " Move your hand off my woman! "

"Clearly you are not understanding the concept of ' closure' , because I'm sure that Buffy said your relationship was over. "

How did he know my name? While I stood stunned by what was happening, Angel had decided to back down and had taken a step back .Mystery guy squeezed my arm gently to draw my attention back to him and asked if I had my car with me.

"No.. I came with my friend ,I don't know where she is though. The last time I saw her she was with a guy"

"Don't fret, I bought my car , I'll take you home. We'll look for your friend as we walk out and let her know. "

I nodded and briefly looked at Angel .He had sat back down on the stool, no doubt too drunk to stand unaided . I pitied him at that moment , though I don't know why. In the three years we were together he had never shown this amount of loyalty or want for me . Maybe if he had ,we might have stood a chance. I felt a coat drape over my shoulders and looked to see mystery man smile at me and jerk his head towards the door.I smiled sadly back and left Angel still sat at the bar.

We didn't see Faith on our way out. I remembered the party and knew then that was were she had probably taken her man for the night. It wasn't worth trying to get in if that was the case, as she would of used my ticket to get her new 'friend' in.