Chapter 11 .

The shower had managed to ease some of the tension set in my shoulders. A light knock at my bedroom door had me wrapping my robe around me tight before letting them enter. It was Spike. I sat on the end of the bed.

"We have arranged for an undercover boat to cruise the shore line along the beach, just in case. "

I knew it. "Right, thanks. " I sighed. " Don't you think it's getting a little crazy now? I don't need all this... this protection! I don't need swat teams or undercover anything's.... It's just Angel... " I had stood and had paced the room as I ranted but now had stopped in front of the window, looking out towards the beach.

Spike narrowed his eyes as I continued to release my anger. When I finally stopped he took a step towards me and answered, " You have no idea just who Angel is, do you? "

"I lived with the man, loved him once even, I think I have a good idea of who he was! "

Spike shook his head. " You better sit down, love. "

"What? No! I don't want to sit down, just tell me Spike! "

He huffed and stroked his hand over his smoothed back hair before he sat. " Angel isn't who you think he is, his family.... You ever meet them? "

I shook my head, " No, not all of them, just his brother, Caleb. Why? " I was curious now.

" There's something you should know, pet. Angels family... " he stood , then sat back down on the bed, unsure of how to tell me , " Angels family are dangerous Buffy. They're involved in all sorts, money laundering, drugs, you name it... "

"Oh god.. How did I not know? "

"Angel's not too heavily involved. His mum wanted him to have a normal life apparently.. "

"But now this has all happened, his family might get involved? "

Spike nodded. "Great! Just great! Now I might have a Mafia type family after me to avenge their youngest son! "

Suddenly, two men and Spike didn't seem enough protection. I panicked, I started to hyperventilate and went dizzy. Spikes strong arms drew me to his hard body and cradled me on his lap. My sight grew hazy and my hearing narrowed, making sounds seem like echoes.

"Nice, slow, deep breaths through you're nose... " I did as he suggested, " That's it , better? "

"Better? How can I feel better, Spike? Tell me? "

His face softened as he tucked a loose strand of hair behind my ear and gave me a placating smile. I hate those. "I don't have the answers, love. All I can do is my best to keep you safe. Me and the gits downstairs'll work our asses off to make sure of it. We'll have back up, though. The boss is sending more blokes here as we speak. They'll be from my team as we don't know how trustworthy the Miami lot are. Some might be bent and working for Angels family. "

"Let me guess, low profile, no going out, no shopping or doing the tourist thing while we're here? "

"Knew you were a smart one, " he tried to lighten the mood, but it didn't work. I doubted anything would work right now. "

It had been an hour since Spike had gone back downstairs to talk to the men while I stayed in my room. I had laid on the bed feeling suddenly emotionally drained. I had drifted into an uneasy sleep, waking at the slightest loud noise in a panic. I gave up on sleep and instead, sat on the window seat and watched as boats of all kinds drifted lazily across the horizon, wishing that I was on one. The sun was low in the sky and I watched as it turned the sky every colour imaginable. It was beautiful.

I was calm when I rose from my spot at the window, it had given me time to think and reflect. Angel was a problem, sure, but we would deal. I had a group of people to watch out for me, to protect me from him and at the head of that group, was Spike. I knew that he wouldn't let anything happen to me, I trust him implicitly.

I could smell something amazing and it made my mouth water and my stomach gurgle with hunger. I entered the kitchen to find three men huddled around the stove, all adding herbs and spices to a large pot. They were all arguing and knocking each others hands away.

"An' I'm bloody telling you my mum always added oregano. "

"You're English, what the hell do you know about Chilli, man? "

"You added ketchup, now that was weird! "

"He's English, what'd you expect.... "

"Shut it! You wait til you try it! You won't be mocking my skills then! "

I sniggered and entered the kitchen, sitting up on a stool the other side of the counter from them and watched as they continued to cook the 'chilli. '

"Smells great guys, " I said, trying to keep the amusement from my voice. Spike looked at Nathan and Ian smugly. "What's in it? "

Nathan looked at Spike, "Why don't you tell her, I have to go check on the cam-feeds before we eat. " He made a hasty retreat towards the surveillance room.

Ian just shrugged at swept his hand across the herbs and bottles of stuff that littered the counter. "A little of all this, plus some ground beef, bacon and veggies, I think? "

Spike looked at Ian and then at me. He picked up a clean bowl from the side and put a ladle full of the chilli into it, before handing it to me. I looked warily at the two men as they watched me intently. Ian handed me a spoon. The looks they gave me as I poked at the russet coloured stew had me feeling like a lab rat that they were testing their latest experiment on. Slowly, I took a mouthful and chewed. It was good, real good.

"It's nice, " I said as I swallowed, on seeing Spikes unamused face, I corrected, " It's delicious! No more giving him a hard time! " I aimed at Ian.

He laughed and walked out to find Nathan and shouted back, " Maybe we'll just call you Delia Smith, eh Spike, that's the English cook, right? "

Ian ducked as a dishcloth flew at him, laughing as he left.

After dinner, which we all enjoyed, Nathan relaxed on a chair in the lounge, his hand rested on his gun that lay in his lap, Ian was sat up, his arm draped over the back of his chair, while Spike and I cuddled up on the long couch. We were all watching a rerun of the eighties show, Knight Rider. The house was quiet apart from the TV, not even the sounds of waves crashing against the shore could be heard and I could feel myself falling into that dreamy state between sleep and being awake. I felt warm and comfy, safe with the three men around me. Despite the situation, I felt more relaxed and less tense than I had in a while. Spike kissed the top of my head before slipping his hands under me and lifted me up into his arms as he stood.

"Gonna get the lady up to bed, you two had better crash in the house now, be on hand if anything happens. The others will arrive in the morning so we'll put them in the guest house. " Both Ian and Nathan nodded and then turned their attention back to the television.

Once he had me in my room, Spike dropped me to my feet and went to the bed to pull the covers back. He then sat on the end of the bed and pulled me into the space between his legs. His arms snaked around me and he rested his head on my stomach. I laid my hands on his shoulders and enjoyed the peace. His lips felt good as they mapped a trail across the skin of my abdomen , his hands pushing at my top to reveal more flesh. His hands stroked over my hips and drew me in closer to him as he nibbled his way lower.

"Spike, " I said huskily, "Stop, honey. "

His lust filled eyes met mine, a frown between them furrowed his brow. I tried to smooth it with a finger.

"What's up pet? "

"I can't. Not with Ian and Nathan in the house. "

Spike smoothed down my top and rubbed circles on my ass with his palms before he gave each cheek a squeeze. "They won't hear anything. They're probably watching the monitors or patrolling. "

He smiled, curled his tongue over teeth, a mischievous glint in his eyes. I back away and held up a hand. As if that would stop him? He laced his fingers through the hand I held up and pulled me into his arms, holding me to his body tightly. He leaned towards me as if to kiss me and smirked as he pressed his cheek to mine, whispering, "Lets see if you can be quiet, shall we? "

My breath caught in my throat and my heart raced in my chest. One of his hands fisted in my hair and tilted me into his kiss, so urgent. I moaned into his mouth and broke from his lips, panting heavily.

"Need you sweetheart, " he said as he spun us so my knees were pressed against the bed, his body hard against mine.

"Want you so much... "

I pulled at his top and lifted it over his head, recapturing his lips once he was free of it. His arms pulled me into him again, cupping my ass and giving a none too gentle squeeze. I gasped and Spike chuckled.

"Like that? Hmm.. " His hand slid round and slid under the waist band of my pants. "So wet , always so wet for me, aren't you baby? Wanna taste you, want to make you loose control. "

He knelt before me, drawing my pyjama bottoms down as he did. He breathed deeply and sighed before tracing my outer folds with the tip of his tongue. "Fucking delicious! " A finger replaced his tongue. "Lay back on the bed at the edge and part those pretty thighs. "

The more he spoke the wetter I got. The pulse in my core thumped harder and my clitoris ached with need. As I sat down on the bed I drew my top off , cupping my breasts in an effort to get some satisfaction, yet knowing that I wouldn't be happy until he was inside me. With ghostly fingertips, Spike stroked down my thighs until he reached my apex. I shuddered and was now breathing hard, yet shallow. I felt as if I would hyperventilate if he didn't touch me more intimately soon. I rotated my hips, loving the feelings it evoked, my hands glided across my chest and lower. He watched mesmerized.

"Touch yourself. "

"Need you to touch me, need to... " I bit my lower lip to stifle the moan that wanted out.

"Like this? " Spike asked as he leaned forward and lapped at my swollen folds.

"Yes! " I hissed. "More. "

His eyes, hooded and darkened with lust, fixed on mine as he began to feast on me like a man starved. His tongue danced over my pussy, found my clit and teased her, entered me and made my hips rise from the bed as I begged for more. His strong hands gripped my hips and spread me open for him to devour. I could feel the tension building inside me, waiting for him to push me over into the abyss. His eyes fluttered shut, his lips closed around my clit and he sucked, using his tongue to tease her. I cried out, my hips rose from the bed, and still he worked his magic on me until I collapsed back, my body pliant and willing for whatever he wanted. I laid there breathing rapidly until he moved over me, positioning himself at my entrance.

I felt him enter me and opened my eyes. He kissed me tenderly and moved over me slowly. He held me captive with his gaze and that was how we stayed until his own body began its own climb.

"I want to feel you come with me, love. Want to feel you squeeze me, " he whispered.

I stroked his cheek and nodded, "Come, baby... I'm so close. "

His thrusts hit deeper yet he was still gentle. I felt him swell and harden further, filling me completely. I ached as I contracted around his girth and I could feel him pulse as he started to come. Spike let out an inhuman growl, pistoning his hips as he began to spill inside of me. I held him, crying out as he took me over with him. Spent, he fell over me and panted out the exertion, his cock still throbbing inside of me, his hips still involuntarily thrusting.

"You're fucking amazing. " he said as he peppered my neck and cheek with kisses. "Bloody addictive. "

"You're not so bad yourself. "

He chuckled and gave me a kiss before he withdrew and rolled over, his cock still thick and throbbing. He looked utterly sinful. We lay there a while, letting the calming euphoria take us into slumber.

Waking next to Spike the following morning gave me a sense of peace. His legs were twisted around mine, his arms held me to his chest and his face was buried in my neck. I was content for the first time in a long while. I smiled broadly and let out a sigh of contentment. His arms tightened around me and his moist lips kissed a trail across my shoulders. I looked over my shoulder and caught his lips.

"Morning, baby, " he whispered before capturing my lips again. His hips moved against my ass, brushing his manhood against me. It was all I needed and I arched back into him, guiding him to where I needed him. With one gentle thrust, he was inside me. We made love slowly, taking our time, not wanting to rush it. When he finally came, he took me over with him. It was so powerful that we both lay panting, my mind was hazy and my whole body was throbbing.

"Mmm, morning. I so do not want to get up yet! "

"Then don't, " he said as he sat up and scooted to the edge of the bed. "You stay there and I'll go get us some coffee. I'll check in with Nath and Ian while I do. You want anything for breakfast? "

I shook my head, no. I was still coming down from the orgasmic high he had caused in me. "Just coffee's fine. " With that Spike left the bedroom, dressed in some boxers. I growled as he stretched one arm over his shoulder, would there be a point where I wouldn't want him like this? I seriously hope not!

Spike walked into the kitchen and turned on the radio. A song was fading out as the DJ announced that the news would be up next. He filled the coffee maker and wandered through the house, looking for Nathan and Ian. He found them in the surveillance room.

"Just put some coffee on, do either of you want anything while I'm here? "

Nathan held his mug up, too engrossed in the monitors to speak, Ian accepted Spikes offer.

"Back in a bit then. " He said as he left them to it.

" and next, gang related crime. We talk to families that have been devastated by it . "

Spike entered the kitchen and pulled out the mugs for the coffee and froze....

"My daughter was just eighteen when she first got involved with drugs. She was always such a sweet child, until he introduced her to his way of life. " The father sobbed and sniffed, trying to calm himself so he could continue. " He got her into drugs, we hardly saw her then. Last thing we heard was that he had gotten her into prostitution. I'm not sure if she even alive now. " The father started crying. Through his tears and sobs he went on. " The O'Connor's and the gangs like them have to be stopped! " The commercials started, snapping Spike out of his daze.

At that point Spike vowed to do exactly that. The O'Connor's would be stopped. He needed to talk to Buffy and then he would have to set a plan in motion. He only hoped he could do it. For Buffy and for the father he had just heard.