Sometimes love is a sin

Rain was heavily falling from above. Lightning splitting the sky as thunder roared through the night.

'Just like with them...'

The thought numbly flashed through the man's mind as his piece of chalk was tapping on the floor drawing lines and creating symbols as around him scrap papers with calculations were spread.

'I wonder...'

A hand combed through the wet raven black hair as the man looked at the marking, symbols and lines that create a circle on the ground.

People cannot gain anything without sacrificing something.

It wasn't that he cared if he lost his leg or arm. His entire body would be more problematic of course but the thought of it still didn't scare him enough to change his mind. He was prepared to bring huge sacrifices to attain this goal. More than any other ever before. To surpass the immense sorrow he felt inside.

Nothing could calm the storm inside him anymore.

Everything was gone now anyway. He couldn't lose anything anymore.

He lightly smiled bitterly as that statement passed through his head.

How many times hadn't he mocked the little Fullmetal for being so foolish. Only to now commit the same mistake.
It was all his fault. How could he just have left him, both of them.

Both of them had left, disappeared. Not even giving him a chance to say goodbye. But not dead. He refused to believe it, to accept it.

He grabbed one of the papers on the ground and looked through it one last time repeating everything in his mind over and over again. The ingredients, the calculations, the pattern, everything had to be perfect.

The theories of the Elric were perfect. He hadn't been able to find a single mistake in the flawless calculations. He had pondered hours and hours over it but never finding a single mistake.

He had only changed the circle here and there.
He had thought of everything.

'In darkness of the nigh the figure of a man was kneeled before a gravestone.
Tears rolled down his eyes as he was soaked with rain as he bowed his head before the gravestone, where some fresh earth was spread over the grass showing that the grave had been violated. The man sat on his knees whispering over and over again as his tears mingled with the rain that fell on the grave.
'Please forgive me' '

The man swallowed as he felt a knot growing in his throat.
This would be the first time he'd use it since that day.

You must present something of equivalent value to gain something.

The man kneeled in front of the circle taking two objects out of his pocket as his wet hair and cloths still dripped on the floor.

He careful let a few black hairs fall between the other ingredients.

Next he looked at the picture he had taken out of his pocket.
Two black haired men, dirty, scarred but smiling as the two friends grinned at the camera. had been so long ago since he had truly smiled for the last time.

That is the principle of equivalent trade in alchemy.

He gently put the picture on top of the rest before he put his both bare hands on the circle.

"Please forgive me."

"I can't be strong enough to resist this. We alchemist are weak. Even knowing that we can't we cannot resist trying to use the power given to us. I can't be strong alone. I can't get there alone. I don't only need someone to watch my back I also need you to push me forwards." The man whispered his hollow eyes still looking at the picture.

"I guess that love can be a sin sometimes." The man said bitterly amused as the circle started gloving filling the entire room with the bright alchemy light.

I haven't believed that truth of the world anymore since I was young.

Screams were unheard through of the raging thunder.

But for some goals you'll start believing again. If only just for one more smile, one last goodbye...

'Please forgive me....'


Authors note:
First of all: I do not own Full Metal Alchemist (if I did Hughes wouldn't have died T-T).
Okay so this is the first chapter. Bit vague I know but I had this idea inside my head for ages.
I got it when Roy said at Maes grave that he had been going through the human transmutation theories when he found out about Hughes dead.
Just to be clear this is NOT yoai RoyxMaes ^^' (Not that I have anything against that and you can of course still consider it like that if you'd prefer). When saying love here I just mean real close friendship and brother like love not other kinds of love. I'm just a big fan of deep love between friends without needing to always turn out in sexual love (don't get me wrong I like the other as well but some change is in need once in a while).
This story is happening between the end of the anime and the movie. Right after Edward disappeared, Al got back his body and after the fight with Pride when Roy's recovering.
Either way I hope you all like this a bit, more chapters will be coming in the future (Riza, Ed, Al, Maes).
Please R&R, this is my first FMA story I publish so be kind.

I dedicate this story to my grandfather who recently passes away and for who, if I could, I would do the same.