Anything For You

Chapter 1: Sorrow and found Love

By William Whisk

Disclaimer: I don't own Total Drama Island

His breath stank of alcohol. The man came home late in the night to see that his little girl doodling on a white piece of paper. He gave a soft hello to his daughter who turned her head and smiled at her father.

"Daddy," she squealed and ran up to him. He clumsily picked her up and smiled at his precious child.

"How are you pumpkin," he asked and she frowned when she smelt his breath. It held a foul warm air that sickened her.

"I'm fine daddy." She plugged her nose with two fingers as she spoke to him. The man frowned at her and understood what her action meant as he set her back down.

"Daddy's tired honey. Now let daddy go sit on his favorite chair," he told his daughter who hugged his leg and went back to her drawing.

The man smiled while watching her. He went to his favorite old chair that was placed near the edge of the small square table where his daughter was drawing.

For him, smiles had become rare since he had lost his job and that he would have to move his family to a smaller home…maybe even a single room apartment. He could no longer afford the bills and now thinking about it made his smile disappear. He sighed as he watched his daughter. She is one of the three people that made him happy.

He had been looking for new employment but things were becoming hard and he knew he couldn't afford to go back to school to learn a new trade skill. Places wanted college degrees with experience and if you didn't have that, then you would have to be damn good on a computer. He only had one of those two things. He had never finished college because his wife had gotten pregnant with their daughter.

His wife now entered the room from the kitchen with a cup of tea in each hand.

"I thought it was you," She smiled at her husband. She was beautiful even after she had given birth to their new child. It was a boy. He had always wanted a boy but not under the financial condition that his family was in now. His wife handed him the cup of tea. He reached for it with clumsy hands and when his fingers looped into the handle he gave a weak grip. The alcohol was affecting him and his wife noticed and frowned.

She watched the cup wobble as her husband brought the cup closer to his mouth. He blew away the steam and took a slight sip.

"I'm sorry…," He began talking to his wife. She walked to him and sat on his lap. The man put his left arm gently around her and she nuzzled her head into his shoulder.

"It's ok. We just have to keep trying…maybe if we can find something…just to hold us… Then maybe I can go and try real-estate." The man looked into his wife's eyes and she could see the tears that he had.

"I don't know if we can afford it…either I'm over qualified or not qualified enough for these jobs…I don't know what to do anymore," he sobbed and now his daughter dropped her crayons and went up to her daddy.

She had heard her fathers sob and now felt worried about him.

It had been a long time since her father had lost his job. She remembered the day he came home. It was the first time that the she had smelt that awful stink in her daddy's breath. It was fowl odor to her and she hated it because of the sad look in her father's eyes that came with it. She hated it and through out the days he would come home with the smell even worse and sometimes mixed with cigarette smoke.

It did not take long though for the man to become completely depressed, almost anything he said came out negatively or neutral. He lacked a positive personality and confidence which he had lacked even before his current situation. Things had become worse since now he virtually had no confidence at all.

"Daddy, things will be alright, don't cry," she told her father. She hated seeing him sad. She wanted to always see him smiling like he did every time he would see her when he got home.

"Sorry, angle, daddy has had a rough day," he told his daughter. The little girl went up to her mother and father. Her mother picked her up and the little girl hugged her parents as soon as she was placed on her mother's lap.

"Daddy, I love you," she told him and her father cried as he began to play with her brown hair.

"I love you too," he said as he let the tears flow from his eyes. He soon began to relax with his wife and daughter in his arm. He wished he could have had his son there with them but the baby was sleeping in his crib.

They relaxed in each others embrace for only a few minuets and then the man noticed the mail.

"Angle, I think it's time for bed now. Let mommy go tuck you in." His wife now picked up their little girl and moved away from her husband's lap.

"Good night daddy," the girl told him and her mother smiled while taking the little girl away.

The man now carefully looked at the envelopes of mail and walked towards it as he tried not to stumble too much. He set his tea cup on the table and picked up some of the envelopes. There was some junk mail, bills, and then he dropped all but one envelope. He fell on his knees as he feared what the envelope contained. He opened it and began to take out the papers that were in its pouch. Tears flowed down his face as he read about the foreclosure on his home.

"No…" There was just not enough time for him to start packing up and move his family some where else. He needed more time but he didn't know what he could do. He started thinking about his daughter, his wife, and his newly born son. There was no way he could have them live in a shelter or what ever there was for people in his situation.

He began to cry and he dropped the papers. His head fell down in shame as he thought about how he had failed his family. He wondered what else he could do to buy him more time but nothing came into his mind. Then another envelope caught his eye, it was about his life insurance. It was the last thing he had in case something was to happen to him. This would let his family could continue on with out him.

He looked at his surroundings to make sure his wife had not come back yet from tucking in his daughter. He quickly opened the envelope and began to read every detail. The life insurance was going to be cancelled with in the end of the month unless he could pay the next bill. That was a couple weeks from now.

"Honey," his wife called and he dropped the papers. He then walked to his wife with a smile on his face. He hugged and kissed her and put his hands on her waist.

"I love you," he told his wife and she smiled back at him. Her chest filled with warmth which she had not felt for the longest time. Her husband kissed her lips and then swept her off her feet.

"What happened," She asked and he clumsily began taking her to the bedroom.

"Our financial problems are over," He whispered into her ear as he took her into the bedroom.

They made love to each other as soon as they got into their bed. The man held his wife gently and waited for her to fall asleep. He did not have to wait long until he knew she was resting peacefully. He kissed her soft cheek and whispered his love to her. He left the bed and began putting some of his casual cloth on.

He quietly walked out of his room and went into the hall way. To his right there was the room that his daughter and new born son slept in. He quietly opened the door and stepped into the dark room. He did not open the lights so he wouldn't wake up his children. He was slightly more sober now as he walked towards his son's crib. Tears were forming on his eyes as he watched his son sleep.

"I'm sorry," he whispered to his little baby boy and he then picked him up and held him in his arms for a bit. Tears now were streaming harder from his eyes as he held his child.

He then kissed his son's forehead and set him back into the crib. He then turned around and saw his daughter peacefully sleeping. She was his first child. He could remember when she was first born how happy he was to hold her in his arms. Things were better back then, his job paid him well and they didn't have any debt to worry about. He walked over to his daughter and also watched her rest.

"I'm sorry honey," he whispered to his little princess. He was glade she was asleep because he didn't want her hear him. He didn't know if he could do what he had planned if she was awake. He kneeled next to his daughter and he played with her lovely brown hair. The same color as her mother's hair.

"I want you to be a big girl now…daddy's has to go away…but it will be for the better. When you grow up…I hope you will be able to forgive me…just remember I did it for the family…and when you get old enough…marry a smart man…one who is more confidence…and is more positive then your father…." He continued to speak to his daughter and tell her things as she slept.

When he finished he kissed his daughter's cheek and left the room. The girl's eyes then opened after her father left. She had heard everything he had said and her eyes began to water. She wasn't sure what her father was going to do, but he said it was for the best for their family so she wasn't going to stop him.

"Daddy I'll always forgive you," she whispered and then she tried to go to sleep for the night.

The next couple of days her daddy went missing. The little girl would go to school and play with her only friend during this time.

The two were always together. Her friend with an auburn haired boy who always would get picked on for spending time with a girl but he didn't care. He liked her and she liked him and they wouldn't give up their friendship.

But for those couple of days the girl was sad. She missed her father and the boy didn't know what to do. He now was worried about her and then during their play time at school the girl's mother came.

"Honey," Her mother went up to the girl and hugged her tightly.

"Mommy," the girl said worriedly as she could hear her mother's sobbing. The girl's friend was near as he watched what was going on. He frowned as he saw his friend start crying.

"Honey…your…daddy's gone…," the mother whispered into the girl's ear. She didn't understand what her mother meant but from what she could tell from the sobs, it was a bad thing. Her mother then took her home and the boy watched as his friend left with her mother.

Days later the girl came back and she was depressed. She had learned during the funeral that her dad wouldn't leave the casket. She cried and tried to get her father out of the container before a man in dark clothing buried him, but her mother held her and they both cried.

"Why are they doing this, daddy is back now! Give me back my daddy," The girl cried out as she tried to push herself out of her mother's grasp.

A man stepped up to the little girl. He was an officer and he bent to his knees so he could be at the girl's eye level.

"Hey there…my name is Officer Roy…how old are you," the man asked the little girl and she ignored him as she tried to get to her daddy.

"You remind me of my child Duncan," the man smiled as the girl tried to push to get to her father.

"I want my daddy," The girl yelled at him and her mother held her tighter while crying.

"Your…father is going some where better," The officer tried to explain.

"The ground is not better! Being with us is better," Gwen shouted and the officer sighed as he tried to think of a way to explain to the little girl that her father was gone for good.

"Honey…what the man is trying to say…" her mother couldn't finish as she cried and began to loosen her grip. Her daughter took the opportunity to break free from her mother's grasp and run towards the casket but some of the other men that were there held her back.

The day was hard on the family. The girl's mother dropped her and her brother at their grandparent's tiny apartment and then left to meet some lawyers and the officer who was at the funeral.

That night the little girl cried as hard as she ever had cried before when her mother explained to her what had happened and that they have enough money from her daddy's life insurance to restart their lives.

It was now the girl's last day at the school she was in. Her mother gave her a small camera for her to take pictures and have some memories. She went into school and her friend was there with his head down on his desk. She quietly sat next to him and the school day started.

When it was play time the children scattered around outside on the playground. The boy sat against the brick wall of the school and the girl watched him. She was empty inside and didn't know what to do. She needed the void to be filled that she had father occupied when he was alive.

"Cody," She called his name as she walked up to the boy. She needed her friend now but he was sad and looked depressed. It reminded her of her daddy when he was sad and it pinched her little heart.

When Cody looked up and she could see his swollen left eye. Some of the boys had picked on him when she was gone he then gave her a smile, he was happy to see her, but then it faded away fast as he sighed.

"They beat me again…, I'm so pathetic," he told her. His voice was low and depressed as he explained what had happened. He hated when it happened because he didn't want her to see him as a loser. To him she was everything and to lose her would be devastating when time came to realize he was really pathetic.

Gwen then began thinking about how her father was before he had left her. Tears came from her eyes as Cody told her what happened and his depressed voice was hurting her.

The girl then remembered the last things her daddy told her when he thought she was sleeping. The girl cried as she cling herself onto the boy.

"Cody, stop," She cried out and he did, "Please…I want you to be smart, positive, and confidant." Cody was confused from what she was asking and blurted out, but nodded his head to her.

He then saw tears in her eyes and he hugged her.

"My…daddy is gone," She began telling her story to him and he felt the pain in his chest from every sob she gave. She began telling him what had occurred and how her mom was going to move her family some where else. Cody understood it all. His intellect was already above average when compared to the other children in his grade level. He now knew what she asked of him and he would do it for her.

"Gwen," he spoke her name while they embraced each other. She had moved her head from his body and looked into her friend's eye.

"I'll be positive, and confident, and smart for you," he gave her a cocky grin that he would keep for the rest of his life. Gwen smiled at him as she hugged him once again.

"My daddy…he said before he left when I find a person who was all those things, to marry him," she told her friend who kept his grin as his cheeks grew a little rosy.

"I'll be happy to," he said and she hugged him again. They spent the rest of the day talking to each other and taking pictures with each other.

When school ended Gwen waited outside with Cody for their parents to come pick them up. Gwen's mother was to first to arrive five minutes after they were set free from school. The girl then looked at her friend with teary eyes.

"Don't worry, I'll find you and I'll make you happy, I promise," Cody told her and she smiled as she leapt up and jumped onto him with a tight embrace. Gwen's mother watched as she saw her daughters smiling face. The boy, who she had gotten to know, through preschool to first grade of her daughter's schooling, had made her daughter smile after what had happened.

Her mother kept remembering the hard nights as her daughter would cry or always carried a sad look on her face. It hurt that she couldn't have brought that smile to her daughter's face but that boy did and she loved him for it.

Now things seemed to get financially better. Her husband did a final act to get them enough money to restart their lives. She would go into real-estate and raise her two children. She sighed, she couldn't be mad at her husband about leaving her to raise her two children alone. She had found the papers about the foreclosure on the house and she found a bank statement. She wished there was a better way and if she could just turn the clock backward so she could have stopped her husband. What had happened was not worth the money but at the same time she would not let his sacrifice go in vain because she still loved the man and her children with all her heart

"Mommy," the little girl called as she ran up to her mother. She was waving the camera at her.

"Can you take a picture of me and Cody please," she asked and her mother smiled at her daughter and nodded her head.

She now stood next to Cody and they wrapped one arm around each other as they took a picture.

"At the count of three, okay you two?" Her mom then counted down and when she said three the camera flashed and blinded the two children for a moment.

"Thank you mommy," The girl yelled. The older woman smiled as she went up to her daughter and the young boy.

"Would you like me to send you this picture before we move," She asked Cody who nodded his head happily.

"I'll get it developed as soon as possible and then I'll drop it off to your house," she told him making Cody grin.

"Come on honey, it's time to go honey, we have to drop the camera to get developed and finish getting ready to move." The little girl nodded her head and her mom went to the car and started the engine.

"Remember your promise," She told her friend and he nodded his head. She then began to blush as she hesitated for a moment for what she was about to do. Cody stared at her as he tried to draw a perfect picture of her in his mind before she left.

She soon began to get teary eyed once more and Cody saw this.

"Don't cry, you're stronger then that. Don't worry I'll never stop thinking about you and we'll meet again," Cody told her. He was now becoming more positive and confident, he had to be because it was for her and it made him feel good. She looked at him and wiped away her tears and smiled. He was grinning at her now and she quickly kissed his lips for a second or two. Cody could feel the soft lips press against his and then she stopped to run into her mother's car.

Cody now watched her as she entered the car and waved goodbye to him from her window. He mindlessly waved back his grin on his red blushed face. He would never forget this day for the rest of his life because it was the time period where he fell in love with her before he even knew what love was.

Cody then closed his eyes and began to think about her. Tears streamed from his eyes as he already missed her…Gwen.