Yeah... Fakiru prose. This has been floating around on my computer for a long time, and in my head for even longer.

Anyway... all I own is a crapload of notebooks and pens, and a laptop with a crappy fan and three broken keys (r, d and enter)


Sometimes, he wondered what it was that drew him to her. From the very first moment he saw her, she had intrigued him. At first, he saw her only as a threat, but slowly, she'd worn down his defences. She had the odd ability of being able to do that to anybody – perhaps it was a gift she had been given when she'd fallen into the story, or perhaps it was a talent she'd always possessed – one that made her perfect for the role.

Sometimes, he wondered when it was he'd begun to think of her as… well, if not a friend, then at least no longer a threat. Perhaps it was when she'd cried, screaming out to the boy they'd both sworn to protect, begging him not to cut out his heart, tears rolling down her porcelain cheeks. Perhaps it was when, despite the way he'd treated her, she helped him to limp home when he was hurt, bandaged his wounds, and stayed up all night to watch over him in his fever.

Sometimes, he wondered when it was that he first began to love her. Perhaps he always had, without realising it. Perhaps it was when she cried for him. Maybe, in some strange way, he had known without realising that it was her. Perhaps it was when they first worked together, in the underground cavern where he gave his life to save her so that she, in turn, could save the Prince.

Sometimes, he wondered what it was about her that allowed her to freely make friends with anyone. Was it a natural talent, or a gift?

Sometimes, he wondered how it was that she'd broken down his defences, and integrated so completely into his life that it was like she'd always been there at his side, and made it almost impossible for him to imagine her not being there anymore.

As he thought about it, more and more, about how, together, they'd defied their fate; a smile graced his lips for the first time in months. Perhaps, their fate had not completely been defied… perhaps it was fate - a deeper fate than the one assigned to them by the roles they had been given - that had brought them together.


There you go. From one of the rare and elusive philosophical days I have occasionally.