The Hero

He was the first to search for her when she disappeared from her bedroom. It was a mystery how she managed to escape from the heavy locks and chains of her temporary prison. But the whole building had cameras all over the place so it wasn't very hard to find her.

L stepped out into the rooftop, hands in pockets. He blinked hard when bright sunlight hit his face. After a few seconds, he looked around to see the beautiful twilight sky. Red, orange and yellow mixed in with blue and indigo. A star glittered in the western horizon.

He approached the blonde girl standing with her back to him. Wearing black from head to toe, she looked like a surreal fallen angel. She glanced at him before returning her gaze to the sunset. "You're not Light. He was the one I wanted to come to me..."

"I'm not," he agreed. "But I'm here."

Amane Misa pouted before she sat down on the floor. Her legs fit perfectly in between the railing, swinging in the air. It didn't matter to her that she was looking down on a steep drop. She was not scared of heights.

He sat down beside her. She noticed that he was sucking on a lollipop and stealing glances at her. Her insides squirmed. She loved it when he did that.

She didn't bother hiding her satisfied smile. Her plan worked! She'd lured Ryuzaki out on the open air to watch the sunset with her. Though she lied constantly about her undying devotion to Light, it was Ryuzaki who had her heart.

The blonde girl giggled and reached sideways to cover the back of his hand with hers. With a soft sigh, she made a thoughtful face. "What would you do if Misa-Misa jumped?"

"I'll call 911," he replied absently. But he didn't take away her hand.

With a groan, she turned to him and stuck her tongue out. "So you won't try to save me?"

"I do believe that it will bring out the hero in me," L answered logically. He stared at her with his enigmatic dark eyes. Her heartbeats accelerated. This was it! "I'll try my hardest to assist you. It won't do if you die too early. I might never solve the caseā€¦"

Exasperated, she tightened her hold on his hand and removed the lollipop from his mouth. She felt ecstatic when she saw his eyes widen and his body tense up when their lips connected. They stayed locked in the moment before they relaxed.

She was smiling when she pulled away. L was still in shock. The blonde wagged a playful finger at him. Her knight in shining armor stared. "Sometimes you have to act when you're in the moment. Follow your instincts, all right? Or you'll lose the chance to be a hero for someone special."

"Like this?"

Misa smiled when she raised her lips for another kiss.

"Yes, just like that," she purred, ecstatic.

The night swallowed the twilight. And the star twinkled in the western sky.