I'm redoing this fanfic.

One of my reviewers, Leon McFrenchton, had pointed out that I had missed out on alot of information and the story was no developed enough. I apologize about that; it's just that I was in a hurry. So this is the redo of Chapter 1.

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Hey. My name is Isabella Swan, and I'm a vampire.

I have a really interesting power. It is to switch from human to vampire. That power helps me live happily among humans.

My other power is to switch appearances. I can appear as a blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl one day and a green-eyed brunette the next. I can also conceal my appearance. I am a perfectly content nomadic vampire. You might know me as the singer, Caitlyn LaSoran. Or the ballerina, Alyssa Swift. Or maybe the basketball star, Carina Duffy. Or maybe the famous skateboarder, Leslie Matthews. Or the gorgeous and famous model Sherlyne Wilson. I have decided to take a break from work and settle down somewhere, so I chose Forks and am signed myself up for Forks High School. But you might also know me as the smart, pretty but unpopular girl at Forks High who loves singing, has been ballet dancing since she was four, is a great skateboarder, and is the co-captain of the basketball team. You might know me as me- Bella Swan.

You might ask why I'm unpopular. I don't hang out with the skaters, and they won't have me since I love ballet dancing. I didn't hang out with the athletic group because they were firm enemies with the singers and dancers. I couldn't hang out with the sluttish, bitchy bimbos because they were extremely jealous of my looks and figure and were constantly shooting me death glares and jealous looks. I didn't hang out with the singers because they refused to take in a basketball player. That's why I'm alone.

Anyway, I had been living in Forks for a year or so now. I attend high school. I go to all my concerts, ball games, and everything else with a little concentration. I'm pretty popular in school. And I've just heard that there's going to be a few new students at school today. I saw an unfamiliar silver Volvo and a red BMW M3 pull up. The new students looked all had striking topaz eyes, super pale skin and inhuman beauty. I was extremely shocked. More vampires? I listened to their low, vampire-speed conversations for a while. They seemed to be grumbling about having to go to high school AGAIN. Yep, definitely vampires.

Oh well, it would be nice to have some vampire friends. I skipped over to them. "Hi! I'm Bella Swan. You're the Cullens, right?" I held out my hand. They looked shocked and strained. Oh yeah, I forgot. As a human I smelt supposedly amazing, like freesia. "Oh, sorry!" I apologized, and proceeded to shift into vampire form. I looked exactly the same, except for paler skin and more angular, sharper features. But I didn't switch to my normal form. In my natural vampire form, I had long, lustrous mahogany hair, pale skin, topaz eyes and was absolutely exquisite. I didn't exactly value attention, so I had shifted into a disguise as close to my human form as possible, but since I was a vampire, I had to have perfect features. I ended up with long dark hair, slightly shinier and more lustrous than my human form, chocolate brown eyes which were exactly like my human ones, slightly more angular and sharp features than my human form and deathly pale skin. The vampires' eyes widened in shock. "How did you-" the bronze-haired guy started to say, but was interrupted by the bell. "Talk to you later!" I waved, and skipped away.


A wave of mouthwatering freesia hit me and I stiffened and turned around. A pretty brunette was skipping towards us. Jasper was having a little trouble resisting. "Hi! I'm Bella Swan. You're the Cullens, right?" she asked cheerfully. I tried to read her mind but there was nothing. WTF??!!! She noticed our strained positions but didn't run away. Instead, she apologized. "Oh, sorry," she said to us, and transformed into a paler, prettier version of herself. Her scent now was obviously vampiric. My eyes widened in shock, and started to say, "How did you-" Suddenly, the bell rang. "Talk to you later!" Bella waved and skipped away to class. We were still frozen in front of my Volvo, stunned.

I saw Bella in her human form on the way to Biology. "Explain," I demanded. "It's my power. I can transform from human to vampire, and please don't interrupt." She said when I tried to intervene. "I can project, too," she said. "Project?" I asked. "Yeah," she said. She touched my hand and I felt a kind of sensation, and then I felt warmer, weaker, and more vulnerable. I also couldn't hear anyone's thoughts and everything seemed less defined and sounded hard to hear. I blinked. "What the hell-?" I asked. She touched me again and I became normal again. "See?" she said. "Wow," I whispered. After a while, she said awkwardly, "We better get going," I nodded and followed her to Chemistry. I sat beside her and after a while, asked, "Can you do that again?" She nodded and touched me again. There was that strange sensation, and once again I was human. Bella slumped back in her seat, looking a little tired and drained. Concerned, I asked her, "What's wrong?" She shook her head and smiled weakly. "Nothing. It's just that transformations are really draining and use lots of energy," I immediately felt a wave of guilt. "Sorry," I apologized. She smiled. "It's fine,"


I saw Edward and Bella walking towards me and I quickly approached them. "Bella, how-?" I caught sight of Edward's bright emerald green eyes. "Edward? Are-are you human?" he nodded. "It's her power," he said, turning to Bella. I asked excitedly, "Can you turn me, too?" Bella paled and swallowed. "Oh...kay..." Edward looked a little worried. She touched me and I felt a tingling sensation. I blinked and saw that everything was less sharp, less defined, and that I felt warmer, more vulnerable. "Wow!" I exclaimed. A scream came from behind me and I turned around.

Bella was on the floor, looking more drained and pale than ever.

So, was the revised chapter better? Is it still awful? I'll edit it if it is.