First of all:

Disclaimer: Don't own One Piece! (I know they can still sue me, but...)

Beta: Still searching for oneā€¦

Well...I decided to fool around with a few One Piece characters to pass the time during my writer's blocks. So the updates are random and without an order.

The current triplets (work in progress of finished):

1. Old Friends - Ben, Shanks, Mihawk (finished)

2. Commanders - Marco, Ace, Thatch (finished)

3. Slaves - Doflamingo, Smoker, Hina (w.i.p.)

4. The Clueless - Lucci, Law, Kidd (w.i.p.)

No idea with how many characters I will come up at the end, but if you have a special wish: Message me.

Those One Shots are rated M for Lemon/Limone. Basically for ADULTS ONLY! You have been warned!

[A last little comment(because of several messages): Those stories are FICTIONAL and romantic with a bit of spice up. In reality, no matter what the situation, don't forget to protect yourself (for example: condoms)!]

Enough now, please enjoy the stories written for your pleasure. :)