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Triplet: The Clueless - Lucci, Law, Kidd (Part III) (part I)


You had to admit, this didn't quite turn out as planned. Looking at your watch, you saw that it was already late in the day. Usually you would now stand in the kitchen of your little flat, preparing dinner for yourself and your boyfriend.


Today's dinner was not only for celebration, but also a peace offering. The two of you had been arguing quite often lately.

You had been determined to make this day very, very special. After all today was your boyfriend's birthday.

Because then you got yourself kidnapped. 'A special day indeed.', you growled mentally. You moved the pillow under your head, while continueing to glare at your captor.

The same as the last few hours.

It wasn't that you had anything else to do nor that it had much of an effect. He poured over some maps and ignored you. He was quite good at the last one. That man hadn't so much as looked at or talked to you since he flung your body over his shoulder and made his way back to his ship.

But he did make sure that the door was locked. 'How nice of him.', you thought ironically. As angry as you were, you still didn't dare to cross him. You knew that you would never stand a chance against him. So you continued to simply glare at him from your place on his bed.

But there is just so much glaring one person can do until they get a headache from the effort. That is how things worked. Instead you settled to watching him. As you contemplated his profil, you suddendly became aware that you had switched from 'just watching him' to 'critically analysing him with a woman's eye'.

In a strange way the pirate was easy on th eyes. The way he absent-mindedly tapped his pen against his lips, reminded you of your boyfired. You missed that man terribly, even if you were still upset by some things he had said and done in the last few days. But then again, you hadn't been very nice either. Even if it was rare, sometimes your temper got the better of you and you exploded. With some spectecual collateral damage.

While you still were at odds with your boyfriend, when comparing the two men Kidd occupied the whole 'bad' side. He was dangerous, mercurial, unpredictable and an overall bad person. Okay, so you liked his fiery red hair and those exotic ambers eyes and the image of you protectively sheltered under his arm, but he was still the bad one.

This was going nowhere. So you opted for a brief pause in the benefit of trying to figure out your abduction's reason. Slowly you retraced your steps from getting up to getting on this ship.

It wasn't anything special that happened. Really. You were on the market in the early morning to get fresh fruits and vegetables. You had just paid for the strawberries, which your abductor currently enjoyed.

Yeah, so you had paid them and looked up. Straight into his eyes as he turned around. You had heard the rumours of him being a bit touchy when it came to people looking at him and stuff. Hell, everyone did! Though in your opinion he seriously overdid it. It wasn't like you had gaped at him or anything, so it couldn't be that.

Your eyes had met for a short moment, at the moment dismissing his eyes lightening up upon seeing you, before you went away.

Not anything that happened would justify being kidnapped, wouldn't it? He must be more touchy on the matter than the whole world guessed.

Not that you knew or could figure out a reason why he should be. You had seen stranger people. Though it wasn't like he looked anywhere near ordinary.

While you didn't necessarily agree with his way of matching clothes, or the lack of them, you did like his fuzzy coat. Preferably without the spikes on the shoulders though. It can be quite painful when you are carried around on his shoulder and those damn spikes poke at you. You nearly jolted upwards as you recognized the direction your thoughts were going.

Which brought you back to the question: why the hell were you on his ship, staring holes into him? Though you guessed, you could call yourself lucky to still be alive. There really wasn't much you could do at the moment. But before you could settle back into glaring-mode, the pirate started to move. Which put you immediately on edge.

Leisurely he gathered all the maps together, put them back into their drawers, shrugged out of his coat and left the room. Closing the door behind him. Like he had totally forgotten you!

Damn him, damn Eustass Kidd! He was still ignoring you. Though you stopped yourself mid-tirade. When faced with a man like Kidd the rules of survival were easy.

Rule number 1: Always know where the predator is and what he is doing. If he gets drop on you, you can consider yourself dead. So the current situation was less than desireable. He could be standing just outside the door, waiting for a wrong move from you.

Then something inside your head clicked.

'Wait a minute! He closed the door, but he didn't lock it, did he?'. That gave you an excellent opportunity to get away. Maybe not off the ship yet, but certainly out of his grip. Well unless he was stadning on the other side of the door. But how likely was that? You were somehow confident you could hide for a few days behind some barrel or crate or something.

Careful to avoid making noise, you tiptoed over to the door, listening for any sort of movement. But the hallway stayed silent. So you tried to push your luck a bit. It was a 'now or never'-situation after all. And sure enough the door opened.

Slowly and therefore nearly inaudible, you walk down wooden corridors without knowing where you were. So much concerning your luck. You got lost! How the hell did you manage to get lost on a ship?

And within the next moments it became obvious that the lady luck didn't like you as much as you had thought previously. 'Cause as yet another staircase upwards came into your sight, some pirate turned around the corner before you.


He looked at you. You looked at him. He opened his mouth and you made a run for it. You ran as fast as you could, turning corner after corner, he followed, calling for you to stop.

"You were supposed to stay in that room. Get back or the captain will kill me."

A bit out of breath, throwing a glance over your shoulder, you yelled back " Better you than me!"

Any other comments were cut short as you ran into some sort of brick wall. A wall that lifted you by the hem of your blouse. As you looked up, you met the eyes of one dangerous Captain Kidd. And he didn't look too happy.

'Shit! It's Kidd. Oh, hey, that rhymes. Gah, don't kill.', you thought as you went pale. Given the situation, you were sure this was the look his enemies received before they died. Astonishingly you were set back on the floor as the pirate came to a panting stop next to you.

Catching your breath, you watched the famous pirate captain nearly taking his subordinate apart for, obviously, not guarding the door properly. It wasn't like it was your problem where the pirate, who was supposed to keep you in that room, had been. So using the pirates' momentarily distraction, you made a dash back to where you came from. You didn't even reach the end of the corridor before you were flying through the air back to the pirates by the buckle of your belt.

You had forgotten about his devil fruit powers. This time he actually grabbed you by your throat. He just pressed enough to make breathing a tad bit complicated, but it were more his sharp, pointed, black-painted nails digging into your neck that made you gasp.

"And where do you think you are going?", he snarled at you. Not able to answer, you opted for pointing behind you.

Given, this was not your best idea. But you were running on instinct by now.

Rule number 2: Give attitude to someone who could crush you like a fly and he probably will.

He set you back on your feet. Grabbing your neck and curling his fingers in your hair, escape became futile for you. Especially when he sandwiched you between his arm and upper body.

Seemed like he didn't want to take chance with you pulling another stunt. Though if you wanted, you figured, you could use the moment of surprise and make a grab for that dagger or gun, which were strapped over his chest. While you pondered on possible moves, too headstrong to give up that easily, the pirate captain dragged you back to that room.

You were oblivious the whole time you walked, but the clicking of a door behind you brought you back to reality. Kidd had abandoned you in the middle of the room in favour of lying on his bed, which you had sat on earlier, and skipping through some book.

So you did what you had done the majority of the day. Sitting down and glaring at him. But this time you used your time to carefully plan some sort of escape. Though his chair was rather uncomfortable and kept distracting you. It was wide, so two of you could sit there, though you had to admit that you were rather delicate for your height. You sighed inwardly. What a nice saying for tall and gangly. You twisted this and that way. The stool was made of sturdy wood and shaped like some sort of throne. And very uncomfortable as far as you were concerned. That man and his god damn ego.

And so maybe another hour went by before it knocked on the door. Sending you a glance, which said 'Go, open it, but don't try anything', you moved to the door. A man with some perforated mask or helmet of sorts carried a small white bottle and some apples.

Pressing the apples into your arms he made his short way over to his captain, handing over the bottle and leaving the room again without saying one word. If the whole crew was as strange as the captain and that guy, than congratulations! You were trapped with one hell of ignoring and unpredictable criminals.

Unsure of what to do with the apples, you put them on the desk and sat back down. As you looked back at Kidd, you saw him sitting on his bed propped up against the headboard, drinking, watching you closely for any sort of action or reaction. You glared at him fiercely, but then skipped to look at the wall before you, hearing him chuckle at you.

You eyed the door for a moment warily. Who were you kidding? Your eyes glided back to Kidd lounging on his bed. His head rested against one arm. Had you ever seen such a big biceps before, you wondered? Had you ever, for that matter, seen such a muscled man before? Silently you appreciated his form. As seemed to be the wont with him, silence stretched between the two of you as he watched you. Hesitantly you broke the silence, your voice unsure and awkward in this situation.

"So. You know, just for curiosity's sake: Why did you kidnap me again?" Had he heard the small squeak at the end? You hoped not. Whatever you had anticipated, didn't happen. He watched you with great amusement.

"Tche, you wouldn't believe it anyway."

"Test me." It was a reflex. Actually you didn't want an answer that much.

"Your man paid us quite a sum to get rid of you."

What? Surprise made your mind go silent for a you heard right? Did he really imply...?

"What?" The indignation in your own voice made you wince.

"What girlie? Disappointed?" He laughed. Eustass Kidd laughed right in your face. About you.

Yes, you were sort of disappointed. You also didn't believe him. But you were still disappointed. Not to mention what you would feel if he actually spoke the truth. His voice cut through your thoughts.

"Tche, girlie, you don't believe me, do you? Well take a look at that." He fished a piece of paper out of a pocket and let it dangle mid-air.

You moved forward, next to the bed. Impatient fingers snatched the piece of paper from him. He tipped another cup of liquid back, watching you with evil enjoyment. Amber eyes were ablaze with malicious delight.

Lightly shaking fingers unfolded the paper. This sort of paper you had seen often before. Uncounted times even. It was indeed a pay-check from your boyfriend's work. On it a scribbled number and his signature. This little piece of paper shook you deeply.

You were sad, mad, confused and devastated all at once. On the edges of your consciousness female humiliation screeched at the obviously too low price for you. Balling your hands, you nearly ripped it apart. Furious, you looked at Kidd.

He still lay back, being awfully smug. A crooked grin was plastered on lips, his eyes shining with maleficent amusement. Chuckles turned into full-out laughter. His head bowed back, a hand ran through his spiky hair, as his whole body shook with his cackling. You saw red. Literally.

A careless and destructing rage was taking over your body and mind. Before you knew what you did, you pounced and your fists connected with his body. You were barely able to connect a good blow his head and chest, before he threw you off himself and the bed, followed you, flipped you onto your stomach and captured your wrists behind your back.

You were cursing and cussing for what you were worth. You bucked under him. Filled with fury for both men. Your obviously now ex-boyfriend and the man atop you, which had bought you like cattle. Still frustrated and mad, but exhausted, you relaxed under him.

But instead of letting you up, he settled his weight more comfortably on you thighs. It made your knees protest in agony. While one hand still kept your hands disabled, the other wandered along your backside. His pointy fingernails scratched along your spine until they encountered your belt.


That was all the warning you got before you were jerked upwards as your belt flew from the loops. Now unhindered the palm ghosted across your backside. A well-placed slap to your behind made you yelp.

Kidd cackled. He definitely enjoyed this more than he should. You turned your head onto the side. Loose strands of hair covered your face. Combined with your angry eyes you must have looked positively mad. You assumed as much because the look his eyes shifted ever so slightly. There was still the devious enjoyment in eyes, but also something appreciating and excited lurked beneath it.

"Let go." Your growled command made his lips curl upwards into a crazy smile. You could hear a metallic sound before something cold was wound around your wrists. Questioningly your fingertips moved along it. From the feeling of it, it was a roughly made, but solid, chain, both ends dangling against your knees.

Using his powers he pulled you towards his chair, where he had settled himself, smug smile still in place. Both chain ends attached themselves to the underside of armrests as Kidd pulled you forward. Your knees straddled his lap, while he folded his arms in front of himself, painted fingernail drumming on his biceps.

You stared down at him. All the hatred you had, you put into your glare. You gave him the king of evil eyes. In return you earned a satisfied smirk. Your growl was barely heard, so low you hissed the words.

"Let. Me. Go. This. Instance. I have to kill someone."

"Tche. And how would you kill that someone?" Disinterested his fingers toyed with the buttons of your blouse. Snapping them open once in a while. His skin was hot and his fingernails pressed uncomfortably into your flesh.

"I would break every bone in his body..." His hand wandered over your stomach, décolleté and back. The other arm rested casually on the arm rest.

"...then I would tear his eyes out..." A knife flew into his hand. Using the sharp side, he cut your bra open. Your feed cleavage rose and fell due to your rage induced uncontrolled breathing. The knife was thrown carelessly against the door. Nearly embedded into it to the hilt.

"...and then I would rip him to pieces with my bare hands..." Experienced hands opened your trousers, curving palms over your ass, kneading it, nails leaving scratch marks.

"...then I would burn every tiny bit of him..." Kidd hummed his approval as both hands spanned both sides of your waist, thumb nails moving over your nipples, making them harden involuntary.

"...and finally I would give his ashes to the pigs to eat." A hand gripped your hip, the other's nails tracing your rips and breasts. He smirked right back at you as you stared him down, still pissed.

"That is an interesting way to kill for a woman. Hot-blooded, but still evil." he remarked.

"And you will be the poor soul to be on the receiving end, if you don't stop this shit right now and get me back." you hissed back at him.

"Tche. You know what is really evil?" His mouth moved towards your nipple, biting it hard, while his hands pulled your ass cheeks apart and hips thrust upwards against you.

You wanted to growl, screech and seethe at the same time. Instead you leaned down and bit his neck. Your teeth sinking into his pale skin until you tasted blood. This earned you a slap to your ass and a bite into your waist. A hiss escaped your lips.

"You sick, twisted bastard.", you roared as he grasped some of your hair. Your lips crashed against his, biting his thin ones, teeth clashing, fighting for dominance. He matched you blow for blow. Each of you wanted to dominate the other, to execute one's power.

A hand roughly yanked at your hair, pulling your head so far back, that breathing, least of all speaking, was nearly impossible. Hot lips descended upon your throat. Open-mouthed kiss and a hot slick tongue followed each of his whims, teeth sometimes buried in your skin. Your hands clenched and unclenched behind your back.

His hand let go of your hair,but still held your neck in a vice-like grip. Kidd happily licked, sucked and bit into your breasts. One hand was kneading a breast, while the other stole south. You could feel a hot thumb moving across your centre, followed by the strange feeling of a nail ghosting lightly across it.

It was a strange feeling, not bad, just strange. You twisted your body this way and that, trying to find a way to hurt him or at least play him too. But he had successfully trapped your body above his.

Suddenly it knocked on the door. The guy with the mask from before stood in the door.

"Captain. Dinner." was all he said before leaving the room. Kidd pulled his legs up under you and climbed over an armrest.

You couldn't believe he was leaving you the way you were. Kidd had been nearly out the door when he heard the feminine growl behind him.

"You are so dead."

He look over his shoulder at the dishevelled woman, chained to his chair, so furious she was beautiful. Covered over and over in scratch marks, black lipstick and bite marks.


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