Daddy's Little Angels

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"Anna, wake up!!" Harry said, as he gently shook his sister, trying to wake her up. "What?" She asked sleepily, as she got up, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. "Come on, let's go wake up Mommy and Daddy!" He replied, taking her hand and walking towards his parent's room. The opened the door and sneaked in quietly, once they were in, they jumped on their parent's bed, and shouted "Mommy!! Daddy!! It's time to get up!!" Before long, Mac and Stella were wide awake. Mac grabbed Anna and started to tickle her, "Harry, Mommy, help me." She giggled. Before long, the whole family had ganged up on Mac and were tickling him. "Ok, ok, I'll stop, I surrender." He laughed, causing them to stop tickling him.

Anna and Harry were now under the bed covers, snuggling up with their parents. "Well guys, Daddy and I aren't working until tonight, so we've got the whole day to spend with you. What do you wanna do?" Stella asked. Can we go shopping? Anna asked, "I want a new dolly like Emily has..." "Oh gosh, not another shopping lover." Mac laughed. "You're certainly your mother's daughter." "Of course she is, do you really expect my daughter not to love shopping?!" "That's true, with you as her Mom, she's bound to love shopping, it must be in the genes." "Aww, Daddy, if Anna gets a new dolly, can I get a remote control car like Daniel has? Please?" "You wanna go shopping too Harry!?" Mac asked, he was shocked, seems even his son liked shopping. "Only in toy stores." Harry replied. "Well that's not so bad, how about we go shopping and you guys can get some new toys, then we'll go out for dinner, does that sound good?" "Yeah!!" Anna and Harry replied. "Ok, well you guys go and get dressed, while Mommy and I get ready. "Ok", they replied, running back to their bedrooms.

It seemed like no time had passed, but really the Taylor's had been shopping for 3 hours, Anna had got a new doll, a dress, shoes, a purse and a coat. Harry had got his remote control car, pants, a sweater, shoes and a coat. Mac bought Stella a new dress for the next time they went out, of course she had insisted she needed new shoes to go with it, so he bought her those too, as well as a new skirt, a sweater vest, a blouse and another pair of shoes for work. He had also bought himself a dress shirt and a casual shirt, both of which had been picked out by Stella, a tie and a new jacket. "Ok guys, my credit card is going to be maxed out if we don't get out of here soon." Mac said, laughing light-heartedly to Stella. "How about we go for dinner now?" "Sure, where do you wanna go kids?" "TGI Fridays!!" Came their reply. It was their favourite. "Ok, well, let's take all of Mommy's shopping back to the car, and then we'll go get some food." "Ok." Everyone replied.

Before long they Taylor's had had their dinner and were back home, Stella was getting ready for work, and Mac was reading to Anna and Harry before they went to bed. Then there was a knock at the door. "I'll get it." Stella called to Mac. "Ok honey, I think it's Sera. She's due any time now." Mac was right, it was Sera. "Hey there, how are you Mrs Taylor? How are Mr Taylor, Harry and Anna too?" She asked. "I'm doing good thanks, we all are, and how about you?" Stella replied. "I'm doing well too thanks. Where are your little darlings?" "They're in the family room, Mac's reading them a story, really he should be getting ready for work." Stella replied laughing. "Don't worry Mrs Taylor, I'll take over, then put the kids to bed, so you guys can say goodnight to them before you leave." "Thanks, you're a star," Stella replied. "Mac, come on, Sera's going to put the kids to bed, you need to get ready for work, we need to leave in 15 minutes."

15 minutes later, Mac and Stella were both was ready for work and Anna and Harry were in bed. Mac and Stella went in to wish their kids goodnight before they left. "Thanks so much Sera, sorry you have to stay the night, it's not often that we have to do the late shift, but we were out late last night, so thought this would be better. You know where the guest room is, right? Just make yourself at home, and you have all of the numbers in case you need us." Stella said. "Honey, she knows where everything is; she's been working for us for over a year now, the kids are in capable hands." Mac said laughing as he ushered Stella towards the door. "I know, sorry Sera, I forget how long you've been with us. Goodnight, hope the kids behave for you." "I'm sure they will, they always do. Goodbye Mrs Taylor, Mr Taylor, don't work too hard." Sera replied. "Oh we won't." Mac laughed, "Goodbye, see you in the morning." Mac and Stella replied as they left for work, leaving Sera to look after the kids.

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