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' talking

Jasper and Edward sat at their table opposite Rose and Emmett. Across the room they could hear the entire populous of their school talking about the new student. Edward looked up as she walked in and saw her join one of the tables, he silently rolled his eyes as almost every male brain within five metres of her began fantasizing about her. Jasper frowned slightly and looked up as a wave of lust washed through the room and saw her blush at the attention she was getting. They didn't need to ask about her because they had heard the students talking about her all day, her name was Isabella.

Edward barely made it through his class with her before he fled to Denali. He was going to stay with Alice who had moved there a year ago after deciding that she was in love with Tanya. The next day Jasper saw her looking over at their table all through lunch and he could feel the confusion coming off her from halfway across the room. From what Edward had told him she probably thought he was insane, he knew that he had to find a way to make her forget about it so that she didn't ask to many questions. He asked Emmett who looked up at her and then shrugged. 'It's not like she's going to see him again, she'll get over it.' Jasper gritted his teeth and looked back out the window at the rain.

After lunch I took the long way to my class so that I would be able to bump into Isabella, I wasn't to sure if it was a good idea with my control issues but I knew that I had to do something. I waited until she was halfway to her classroom before I walked at a slow human pace so that I could 'bump' into her and talk to her but I didn't have to because before I got to her she tripped over nothing in particular and scattered her books everywhere. I couldn't help the smirk that flashed across my face as I picked up one of her books and held my breath. I held the book out to her and I felt the wave of frustration come off her as she took it from me. She thanked me and then looked up and froze. It was a natural human reaction to her proximity to me, she blushed and I felt the heat coming off her cheeks as her embarrassment filled the space between us. I gave her a small smile that seemed to make humans feel more comfortable around me and sent a wave of calm in her direction. She stared at me for a moment before I remembered she had no idea who I was so I remembered my manners. 'Hi, I'm Jasper Hale.'

Isabella just stared at me and I could hear her heart rate increase. 'Oh.'

I was pretty sure that most humans would have either fled or attempted curtesies by now so I tried smiling again in my best non threatening way.

Isabella blushed again and her heart rate jumped even higher. 'Oh.'

I waited another moment to see if she would say anything else but she just stared at me. 'You must be Isabella?'

She blinked and I felt a wave of annoyance from her. 'It's Bella, no one calls me Isabella.'

I nodded. 'It is nice to meet you then Bella. I think your in my brothers class.' I nodded in the direction of the classroom.

Bella frowned and the confusion and annoyance that came off her almost made me flinch. 'Oh, Edward isn't it?'

I nodded and remembered that I had to blink. 'He's not here today though, he got sick yesterday. Some bug that's going around.' I could almost laugh at the idea of one of my family getting sick. The annoyance coming from her stopped and I sighed in relief. 'I'll see you around then.' I turned and walked to my class at the most human speed I could manage.

The next day Bella was staring at my table again and I heard her friends talking about my family but it wasn't anything I hadn't heard before so I stopped listening. It wasn't until after school that I noticed Bella again. She was trying to unlock her truck but she kept dropping her keys and the embarrassment that she was giving off made me feel just as bashful as her. She ducked her head and her hair fell over her face hiding her blush. Just then the wind blew in my direction and I almost choked on her scent. Under the smell of her strawberry shampoo was one of the most enticing scents I had ever smelt and it was normally hard for me to even differentiate between the humans. Emmett noticed my body tense immediately and shoved me into the car before I could react. As soon as we got home Emmett and I went hunting and we didn't get back until dawn.

Almost a week later Edward came home and I'd never seen Esme move so fast to hug him. He and I went out hunting all day Sunday so that he would be able to control himself somewhat at school the next day and it never hurt my self control to hunt before being faced with all those humans. Especially since I now knew that Bella smelt so good. Edward was quiet but I could feel the turmoil in him as he fought with his decision to go back to school.

Come Monday lunch time it was snowing and all the excitement and joy from the students flooded me and I couldn't help but spread it around to the rest of my family. We were all laughing and covered in snow. I looked up once when Edward was giving off a lot of confusion and followed his gaze to Bella who had her head on her arms on the table. Edward watched her for a minuet before joining in the conversation again just before the end of lunch.

At the end of the day when we all met at Edwards car he was so proud of himself and yet the thirst was almost so crippling that I stopped breathing and couldn't move for a moment before I reigned in my self control. I watched Edward and suddenly he was distracted and I looked over to see he was watching Bella in her truck feeling quite satisfied that she was out of the rain. She tried to pull out and almost hit a smaller car before slamming her breaks on. I grinned, it was Stevenson's car and his father owned a car dealership out of town. I muttered under my breath so that only Edward could hear me. 'He'd proberly be grateful if she destroyed that rusty heap.' Edward laughed as Bella drove off and we climbed in and sped home to go hunting again.

Early after dawn Edward and I got back to the house and I headed to my room and settled by the window with my guitar to pass some time before school. After the better part of a century with Carlisle I could play quite well and any song that I didn't know I could learn almost instantly. A century of practice will do that though. I've a few compositions that I played for Esme when she requested them but I haven't had inspiration enough lately to write anything new and it had been months since I had even touched the guitar. It was easy enough to slip back into the playing and I almost forgot what I was doing while my mind wandered off. Before I knew it was time for school again and I changed quickly and was down stairs waiting for Edward with the others. It had snowed in the earlier hours and everywhere white blanketed the normally lush surroundings of Forks. We got to school early and we all stayed by the car with nothing else to do until classes started. I knew Bella was coming before Edward looked up at the sound of her truck because I could feel her nervousness. When she arrived I could see it was because of the ice on the road but she was managing it fine. Edward was watching her carefully until she got out of the truck and then he started talking quietly to Rose. I was the first alerted to the oncoming disaster by the incredible panic from the driver of the dark van as he lost control. I swore a little louder than necessary and Edward's head snapped in my direction and he followed my thoughts to stare at Bella who was frozen in the line of collision. The next thing I knew Edward was running. He moved so fast that the humans didn't even see him. He was beside Bella a moment before the impact and I saw his hands shoot out protectively just before the screeching of the crash echoed around the suddenly still parking lot. Panic flooded the whole school populace and I froze as I tried to control my emotions enough to not make it worse by spreading it with my powers. By the time Edward and Bella were dragged safe from the wreckage Rose was beyond pissed off that Edward had risked us for a human and Emmett was shocked for the same reason. I was just glad that she was alright. I cursed that I hadn't been able to shake off the stupid humans panic in order to help Bella at all and found that I was surprised by my desire to protect her.

Edward was back at school by lunch time and told us that Carlisle was taking care of everything, I knew that there would be a family meeting later to discuss what was to happen now that we could be exposed. I could tell that Edward was expecting trouble and I wondered what the others were thinking.

After much yelling and accusing when we got home we decided too keep an eye on Bella but nothing more was to be done. After we all went our separate ways Edward came to my room and sat next to me by the window.

He watched me quietly for a while trying to find my thoughts but while I played my music I didn't think and he always had more trouble hearing me than anyone else, except for Bella. When I finished the song I looked over at him. 'What is it that your looking for Edward?'

He looked away and I felt his mild embarrassment at being caught snooping. 'I expected more opposition from you in there.'

I nodded and played a few cords aimlessly. 'I'm glad she's ok, I feel like an idiot not being any help at all.'

He shrugged and stood up. 'You helped, I might not have seen in time if you hadn't.' And he left.

The rest of the week Bella was a big star and everyone wanted to talk to her. As usual people avoided my family and we went about our routine as normal as possible. I could feel Bella's curiosity growing every day as she sat across the room thinking and wondering. There was no way that she didn't know that we were different now.

Edward flat out avoided her even in class and I could feel her hurt and anger as well. After a few days she was resigned and annoyed but she stayed true to her word and never told anyone about us. Edward was relieved that she was giving up but it was obvious that a part of him didn't want her to, he liked her. We normally didn't make friends with the humans and I wondered why he wanted to now.

After two weeks of being ignored I saw Bella on my way out of class early and she had fallen down some stairs and was sitting every still. I froze for a moment wondering what to do, I didn't like to get to close to humans and even talking to them meant that I had to breathe near them and taste their scent. She was barely moving so my worry over rode my reservations and I hurried at a human pace to her side and knelt in front of her. 'Bella? Bella are you alright?'

She looked up at me and blushed. 'Oh, Jasper. I fell.'

I quickly ran my eyes over her checking for injuries but she looked ok. 'What happened?'

I didn't think she could blush any more but she proved me wrong as she ducked her head to hide behind her hair again. 'This sort of thing happens to me a lot, I'm just clumsy… I think I twisted my ankle.'

I had noticed that she seemed to fall a lot, it was cute the way she had almost no natural equilibrium at all. I grinned at my thoughts and she looked up at me and blushed again. I reached out slowly to check her ankle wasn't broken and she didn't even flinch when my cold hands accidentally brushed her bare skin. It was ok but my self control was slipping just from feeling the warmth of her skin. I forced down the dark desires burning my throat and gathered her books in one arm and stood offering her my hand without thinking. She took it and I gently pulled her to her feet. The cold of my hand didn't seem to faze her but her eyes got a little wider and I fought back a growl.

She was curious and I could feel the pain her ankle was giving her now that she was standing and I focused on it to try to clear my head. I helped her shuffle over to a bench and sat her on it and took a few steps back to get some fresh air. Her eyes were watching my every move and I struggled to repress the predator fighting my every move.

Bella shifted her weight to pull her coat tighter to her. 'Your all the same aren't you?'

I watched her warily and raised my eyebrows. I knew she knew I knew she knew I knew what she was saying so I shrugged. I put on an air of vagueness and looked away. 'I am positive I have no idea what your talking about Miss Swan.' I could feel the happiness bubble from her a moment before she laughed quietly and I looked down at her. I am positive that if my heart was beating it would have stopped. She was smiling and I had never seen a more beautiful thing in my whole existence. I completely forgot about her blood and killing her and for a moment I couldn't bring myself to function. I could hear students getting ready for the bell to ring so I put Bella's books beside her, threw her the grin I couldn't hold in and ran off as fast as I could. I could hear her heart racing as the bell rang and I leant against Edwards car waiting for the others.

Edward was the first to the car and he stared at me in shock. 'What happened?'

I ignored the accusing tone and raised my eyebrows. Her scent on my jacket was obvious. *She fell… again.* He rolled his eyes and got in the car looking at me warily. Emmett and Rose gave me similar looks and immediately checked my eyes. I was more than slightly tempted to mess with their emotions just to annoy them for looking at me like that. Everyone always expected me to be the first to slip. The ride home was silent and tense and I went straight to my room to find my guitar so that I could distract myself from the accusing feelings coming from all over the house.

Come morning I had burnt the jacket that I wore yesterday because the scent of Bella was driving me nuts while I could feel how thirsty the rest of my family was. I grabbed a new jacket and headed down to the car. Edward looked at me warily and I could feel his doubt in me. I glared at him. *I'm fine Edward, stop looking at me like I have three heads.* I could still feel his scepticism but got in the car and ignored him. When we arrived at the school he headed off to class but I took my time so that I could see Bella arrive. She climbed out of the truck and walked towards her first class, she favoured her right foot but otherwise looked fine. I pushed away the mutterings in the back of my head about weak prey and held my breath as a group of giggling girls walked past me. I glanced up at Bella again and she was looking at me. I felt myself smile at her and didn't remember deciding to. She smiled back and my smile widened reflexively and I knew that she knew I was checking to see that she was ok. I glanced towards the classrooms and slipped between a group of boys and someone feeling overly anxious and headed to class.

At lunch I could feel her eyes on our table a few times but never looked in her direction. Edwards inner turmoil was beginning to bug me. He was so curious about Bella but he also wanted to taste her so badly. Edward threw a look in my direction but I knew that he couldn't hear what I was thinking because I was an expert at blocking my mind when I wanted to.

After school I was headed towards the car when I felt Bella's anxious nervousness. If I knew the person it was easier to distinguish them from others so I was sure it was her. She was hovering at the edge of the building near the car park looking around for someone. I saw her eyes linger on Rose by the car and wondered if she was looking for Edward and if he had finally started talking to her again. As I walked past she called out to me quietly and I turned to look at her as I stopped before I realised that maybe a human might not have heard her call. She blushed and ducked her head as she came closer. 'Hi Jasper.'

I smiled as friendly as I could and her eyes went blank. A little 'Oh' sound escaped her and her heart rate increased. It was normal for a human to feel fear in proximity to my kind so I wasn't surprised until I noticed that she didn't have any fear of me. 'Hi Bella.'

She shook her head slightly and blinked before she blurted out. 'Thanks.' She blushed crimson and looked at her feet. 'I mean for yesterday.'

I nodded and smiled again only to see her eyes go blank again. I laughed quietly. 'Not a problem Bella.' I waved vaguely in goodbye and she blinked after me as I walked off to join Rose and Emmett who had watched our little interaction. When I got to the car they were both still watching her from the corners of their eyes. I couldn't help but grin again as I muttered for their ears only. 'She is one very odd human.' They looked at me and Emmett chuckled and watched her getting into her truck.

It was the same for the rest of the week. At some stage in the day I would, sometimes on purpose, run into Bella and we would talk for five minuets before class or at the end of the day. I knew that Edward had noticed that we spoke sometimes and it annoyed him. We usually spoke about generic stuff like how she hated the cold and the rain, plans for the weekend, what classes she could be expecting next year. She asked why Edward ignored her one day and I just shrugged and told her it was just a choice he made. Occasionally she would ask a semi veiled question trying to find out more about my family. After the first few times I couldn't help but grin at her curiosity and I would give her some vague answer giving nothing away. Inevitably she would blush or laugh or both and I found myself trying to get her too more often.

Sitting at home one day thinking about ways to make Bella laugh I realised that I really liked her. I almost broke my guitar in two in shock. I was quickly becoming addicted to her laughter and her smile, her blush and the adorable way she could trip or fall over nothing at all. She wasn't just any girl, she was a human girl. I put my guitar down carefully and was outside and into the forest in a moment. I couldn't even begin to think sensibly about what was happening to me, it was ridiculous to even think about. I ran deep into the forest out of hearing distance from Edward and collapsed under a tree.

Bella, beautiful Bella. I was falling for her, for a human. I quiet possibly might have lost my mind. It was only just more than a year ago that Alice left me. After the most part of a century together we had grown apart so it hadn't taken to long for me to get over it. And now I was falling again, for a human! It just kept coming back to that point. I spent most of the night under the tree thinking about Bella and muttering about humans. I berley made it back to the house in time for school in the morning. Rose was praising the day for being a Friday all the way to school until we got out of the car.

I looked around and saw Bella getting out of her truck and almost fall trying to avoid a puddle. I grinned and looked up following the others towards the class buildings. I was almost afraid and yet eager to talk to her today. Now that I knew I was falling for her I wondered if it would change anything. I seriously doubted that she had any thoughts about me beyond her curiosity about my family. That thought hurt and I tried to pay attention to the class so that I didn't linger on it.

After lunch I lingered around the path towards Bella's next class and wasn't disappointed when she appeared a few minuets latter. She quickly fell into step beside me and I couldn't smother a grin. 'Hey Bella.'

She blushed as she peeked at me out of the corner of her eye. 'Hey Jasper.'

I glanced up at the sky. 'It's going to be good weather next week, you might actually see some sun.' I felt her mood lighten considerably as she looked up at the dark skies sceptically. I looked back at the caff to hear laugher and Bella stumbled loosing her balance. I automatically reached out to steady her and my hand lingered on her arm until I was sure she wasn't going to fall.

Bella blushed scarlet and looked up at me. Her mumbled 'thanks' giving me reason enough to smile again and her eyes lost focus. I could feel her happiness and trepidation and was curious. 'What are you thinking about?'

Bella blinked at me for a moment before she looked away. 'We're starting base ball in gym today.'

Her unease grew and I raised my eyebrows in question. We'd stopped by a bench near her class while others cued further away by the door waiting for the teacher to arrive. Bella sat on the bench and sighed, growing embarrassment making her hesitate. 'I don't do so well when it comes to sports. Just the idea of a swinging bat and then throwing it kinda seems dangerous to me. Then there's the running.'

I couldn't help but grin at the idea of Bella's clumsiness and a bat. I had no doubt that it could be lethal. 'So what are you going to do?'

She sighed and glanced up at me turning even redder. 'My teacher suggested that maybe I wasn't feeling so well for the next few lessons. I think I'm just going to ditch.'

I could feel her appreciation for the idea and it gave me an idea. 'Well I really don't need to be in class then so if you wanted we could hang out?' Bella grinned and an hour latter we were sitting on the bonnet of Edwards car.

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