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When I arrived at Bella's house it was completely dark outside and I could only see one light on in the house. Of course her father wouldn't let her have a guy over when it was almost the middle of the night.

I flitted around the house until I could see Bella's window on the second floor, it was the room with the light on. Outside the window was a big tree that had a branch reaching out towards the house. Perfect.

I scaled the tree easily and looked through the window. Bella was sitting on her bed fingering the phone I'd left with her. I almost choked as I took in the small tank top she was wearing over the duck print pants. I laughed quietly at her pants and pulled out my phone.

I'm outside darlin.

I watched as Bella flipped open the phone and scanned the message. She looked up towards her window and quickly moved to open it. As her eyes adjusted to the dim lighting she spotted me sitting in the tree a few feet away from her. I couldn't help but smile as I felt her happiness reach out towards me.

Bella smiled back and blushed slightly waving at me. I grinned and leant forward so that she could see me in the light coming from her room. Bella glanced towards her door nervously but her father was sound asleep in his room snoring. Bella seemed to be judging the distance between her window and were I was sitting. 'Do you think you can make it in here?'

I smirked, I could proberly make the jump with my eyes closed. Bella took in my smirk and stepped back giving me room. I could hear her heart racing and feel her concern for me. I stood on the branch and flitted across it too fast for my weight to have any effect before I made the short jump to Bella's window sill. Bella blinked and gasped at my sudden appearance sitting on the sill and I raised an eyebrow at her.

Bella blushed again and reached out to grab my hand trying to tug me inside her room. She wasn't strong enough to have any affect but I let her guide me in. I would have let her guide me into a volcano if it meant she would hold my hand like that. Bella stepped back sitting on the edge of her bed looking up at me.

I could feel her worry returning along with self doubt and a mixture of lust and happiness. I didn't even try to hide my grin. 'Hey.'

Bella blushed as her embarrassment hit me. I could tell she was getting used to the idea that I was an empath, she knew I'd felt her lust. I reached out slowly to run my fingers softly across her cheek. I wasn't sure what behaviour was acceptable in a girls bedroom late at night but she didn't pull back. Instead I was hit with more happiness and longing. Bella smiled back at me. 'Hey.'

I stepped back so that she could see all of me. 'Just like I promised, I'm fine.'

Bella's smile faded as her eyes raked over me searching for any sign that I was hurt. I felt longing from her again as she edged closer without moving from the bed. She shot her eyes up to mine for a moment before they returned to scrutinising me. After another second Bella stood and reached out to me tentatively.

Her cheeks were a beautiful red, flushed with happiness and a new taste if nervousness as her small hand reached my chest. When I made no move to stop her she began running her hand softly over every inch of my chest testing for any tender spots. Her tiny warm hands moving over me like that made it almost impossible to think. I could barely manage to restrain a moan as Bella stepped closer. She had her bottom lip caught between her teeth and the rush of blood as she released it made her lips a deeper shade of red.

The blood didn't tempt me but I was sorely tempted to just pull her to me and kiss her until she couldn't take any more. I would let her hands do whatever they wanted if I could just kiss those damn lips. Bella seemed to have finished her inspection as her eyes met mine again and I saw hers widen in surprise at the obvious lust in my eyes.

I tried to reign myself in as she gazed up at me. I didn't want to upset her but in all fairness having her hands running all over me felt too damn good. Bella licked her lips nervously and my only saving grace was that my moan was too quiet for her to hear. I tried again to force some control over myself and Bella stepped back sitting on the edge of her bed again. I could feel her awe and nervousness. 'Are you sure you're ok?' I nodded and smiled for her benefit.

Bella shifted slightly motioning for me to sit beside her. I couldn't help but hesitate. I had already snuck into her room in the middle of the night, how much could I get away with? Bella looked up at me innocently and I knew she thought nothing of the gesture. I ducked my head and sat beside her giving her enough space to either move away or come closer if she wanted to. She reached out taking my hand. 'I know its not really my business.. But if you want to talk.. about what happened..'

I looked over at Bella. She was so sincere, she really wanted to help me. I did want to talk to her about it, to be able to share everything with her but I didn't want to upset her either. I could feel her blaming herself for the fight and sighed. 'It's not your fault you know.'

Bella looked down at her hands. 'Did you fight with your brother because of me?'

I picked up her other hand and intertwined our fingers. I wanted to comfort her, none of this was her fault. 'It wasn't because of you. It was because of me. Edward is convinced that I'm out to hurt you and he keeps telling my family that I'm going to kill you. You cant possibly blame yourself for that.'

Bella's jaw dropped as she stared at me in surprise. After a long moment she frowned. 'Why does he say that? And why did he hit you?'

I smiled softly. 'He feels very possessive of you, he doesn't want me to take what he feels is his. He told everyone that I'd killed you because..'

Bella gasped making me stop talking to see what was wrong. Bella was confused and then a wave of anger hit me. 'He told them you killed me!?' I nodded keeping quiet, a big part of me was ecstatic that she was so mad at him. I had been furious too.

Bella frowned angry and confused. 'Ok, you need to start at the beginning.'

I looked down at our hands and rubbed my thumb across her soft skin. 'This could take a while.' Bella nodded and let go of my hands. I frowned but then she crawled into the bed pulling the blankets around her and I relaxed. I sighed quietly trying to figure out where to start.

'Edward doesn't like me being around you, at all. He feels that you are his. I don't know if its because your blood calls to him or if its because your mind is quiet to him. He's quite obsessed, hence the stalking. He thinks I'm out to lure you away so I can have your blood. He can think of no other reason that I would want to be around you.

That isn't anything against you of course, its just that he thinks so little of my self control.'

Bella reached out to me again taking my hand and using it to pull me closer so that I sat beside her hip facing her. She was giving off anger and trust and I smiled looking down at where our hands were joined.

'Last night when I got home he was furious that I had been with you. I don't even know if he believed it himself but he started yelling that I had killed you. Everyone, the whole family believed him and turned on me.

When my kind feed on humans their eyes turn red, there is no way to hide it and they stay that way for weeks. Obviously my eyes aren't red. It took my family ages to stop yelling long enough to actually notice that.

I know that when they're around its hard for me but having them all think so little of me without any proof at all…'

Bella reached out lifting my chin so that I was looking at her. I know she could see my sadness and how much it had hurt me and her eyes were sad too. She pulled me into her arms cradling me against her chest as she ran her hand through my hair and across my back soothingly. She whispered softly that I deserved better and that I was strong and I shouldn't listen to them. It was so nice to be comforted like that. Bella understood why it hurt me that they had believed Edward; I didn't even have to tell her, she just knew.

After a while I sighed. Bella settled me with my head in her lap facing her stomach and I was calmed by her sweet scent as it surrounded me.

'When they finally listened I'd had enough judgment so I left. Carlisle and Esme followed me and tried to justify themselves but I was too angry to really listen. I spent most of the night in the forest calming down. Thinking about you.'

Bella was running her fingers through my hair constantly and I felt like I never wanted to move again. I looked up at her sending her my gratitude and she blinked confused then smiled as she realised what I was doing. She grinned and continued playing with my hair. 'What did they say?'

I wrapped an arm around her hips from my position. 'They asked me if I attacked you. I told them no. They were worried that people had seen us together. That if something went… wrong, that I'd be linked to you. They doubt me at every turn.'

Bella's hand stilled in my hair at my bitter tone. 'I cant believe they actually asked that.' I let my thumb stroke her back softly through her top for a moment before Bella bit her lip. 'Um, by something going wrong…'

I frowned taking a deep breath of her scent. It didn't even burn a little anymore, it just calmed me. 'They think I'll loose control and kill you. They don't want me to expose us.'

Bella frowned, I didn't blame her. Going over it all again was making me angry. I knew if I didn't get it all off my chest soon I'd end up so furious I'd have to spend another night in the forest alone. I spoke in a rush trying to get it all out barely managing to keep it slow enough for Bella to understand.

'On top of last night when I got home again tonight Edward started another fight. Yelling at me saying I was plotting to kill you. He tried to turn the rest of the family against me and tried to blackmail me. He tried to hit me but wen it comes to fighting… no one can get to me unless I let them. Then Carlisle and Esme got involved and Edward got angrier because they wouldn't side with him.

Esme got all excited when she heard we spent today together. She cant decide what she feels and Carlisle was just going to walk away from Edward attacking me. So when he tried to get at me again I hit him. Square in the face and it felt great.

In the end nothing has changed. Esme and Carlisle still doubt my control, Edward wants to lock me up to keep me away from you and I keep getting lectured about how out of control I am!'

I was really angry now and sitting up again glaring at my hands. Bella was frowning and I could feel her anger, frustration, desire, protectiveness and awe. She was angry and frustrated at my family and her desire was directed to wanting to help me along with her protectiveness. The awe was proberly because I was ranting so fast. It was hard to guess.

I sat quietly beside Bella letting her just think about everything while I tried to push away the memories. I'd had enough, it just felt as though I was constantly reiterating the same point in different ways. After a few minutes Bella tugged my hand softly to get my attention and when I looked up at her she leant in quickly pressing her lips against mine.

For a second I was too surprised to move and then the sweet warmth of her lips on mine registered and I was kissing her back. Her determination and desire swirled around me as she used her hands on my shoulders to balance and press her lips harder to mine. As she swayed closer to me my hands came up around her waist holding her. She was so warm under my hands that I barely restrained myself from pulling her flush against me so that I could feel all of her against me.

Before I could deepen the kiss Bella pulled back giving me a knowing smile as she brushed away a stray curl from my face. 'You are so much stronger than they will ever know. You are amazing and gorgeous and special and I could go on all day. Don't ever let anyone put you down or tell you what you can or cant do. Your too good to let others bring you down.'

Bella sat back watching me as I took in her words. I could feel her conviction and knew she honestly meant it. I'd never had anyone say something like that to me. I leaned forward wrapping my arms around Bella pulling her into my lap and burying my face in her hair. Bella's arms wrapped around me holding me as I crushed her to me unwilling to let go. I loosened my hold slightly so that she could breathe but burrowed my face into the curtain of her hair trying to get closer to her. I was so overwhelmed with love and gratitude. I could hardly believe that my sweet Bella truly thought all that about me.

I calmed myself enough to let Bella pull back and she smiled and looked into my eyes. I leant forward kissing her lips softly tying to show her how much it meant to me that she believed in me. When I pulled back from the kiss Bella's cheeks were flushed and I could hear her heart beating hard in her chest. I couldn't resist brushing my fingers over her heated cheek, she was too beautiful to resist. When she tilted her head closer to my touch my breathing hitched. Any little encouragement from her when I was touching her always made me immediately want more and now was no exception. I cupped her cheek gently and let my thumb run over her lips softly. When she parted them slightly I moaned and Bella's eyes shot up to mine which were focused on her lips. You have no idea how you tempt me Bella.

There must have been some gentleman left in me because I knew it would be wrong to push Bella down on the mattress and keep her there until she had lost her voice from screaming my name. But I had already proved that my inner gentleman could be compromised, poof enough was that I was sitting on my girlfriends bed in the middle of the night after sneaking into her second floor bedroom. And so in the spirit of this newly discovered compromise I had to test my boundaries some.

I leant forward slowly watching Bella for any sign of hesitancy and let my lips press against hers again. Bella pressed forward into the kiss letting a breathy moan escape as our lips met. That sound reverberated through me and the rather obvious effect it caused would not go unnoticed by Bella if I wasn't careful. Bella's fingers wound into my hair tugging gently and it felt like my head was spinning. I couldn't focus on anything except the hot lips moulded against mine and the sweet taste of Bella's mouth as her tongue gently swept across my lip asking for entrance to mine.

I pulled back suddenly breaking the amazing kiss and Bella swayed suddenly off balance as I gasped for air panting as I fought my desire for control. I knew Bella was staring at me but I couldn't look at her or I would loose control completely. My mind was swirling with any number of fantasies that were all entirely inappropriate and doing nothing for my self-control. The main problem was that I knew if I looked up at Bella they would all be put to shame.

I leaned back further away from Bella wondering what had suddenly gotten into me. I had been fine until now with my desires being appropriate for the single date we'd been on, in fact I was happy taking it slow but now…. I could barely keep my hands to myself. Everything was pressing in on me and it was so hard to focus on not just reacting to my instincts. Everything in me was screaming to pull Bella against me and kiss her silly while I stripped her clothes off. I was even sure she wouldn't protest but I knew it was wrong, I couldn't take advantage of her like that.

Suddenly it was like a light globe going off. I swallowed hard trying to calm my breathing so I could talk clearly to Bella. Bel, what color are my eyes?

Now that I was focused more on Bella I could hear that her breathing was fast and slightly ragged as her heart raced. The kiss had barely lasted a minute but it had rocked us both with its intensity and Bella was just as affected as me. I glanced up forcing my eyes to stay unfocused so I couldn't see Bella but she could see my eyes. Her voice was laced with desire and I knew my feelings were seeping out to her. Black.

I looked back down at my lap again trying to block Bella's flushed cheeks and desire filled eyes from my mind. I swallowed hard forcing myself to stop breathing. I couldn't even remember when it was I hunted last and I cursed myself silently, how could I be so careless. The thirst was making me act drunk, making me loose my tightly wound control. But I guess being a horny drunk was better than killing spree drunk. I smirked at that thought before I shook myself. I'm sorry Bel, I need to hunt. I didn't realise how bad it had gotten or I wouldn't have come.

I stood moving away from the bed careful too keep my eyes averted from Bella. I took a breath and her arousal hit me like a wreaking ball to the stomach. I involuntarily took a step back towards her before I caught myself and forced another backwards step. Bella's breathing had stopped when I told her I needed to hunt and now it was shallow. I could feel her longing and the desire swirling around her. Will you come back?

I swallowed careful not to breathe in when I answered. It will take a few hours.

Bella shifted on the bed and I almost looked up at her. My pants were far too tight and the strain was very obvious, I was glad that Bella's attention was focused on my face. I heard her shift again and closed my eyes. Her voice was so quiet it was almost a whisper. I don't want you going back there tonight. You don't need another fight because of me. Please?

I simply nodded, I needed to get out of there before I did something I couldn't take back. I heard Bella settle on the bed and turned jumping out the window. When I hit the ground I forced myself not to look back and flitted into the forest looking for the nearest game.

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