It was a slight tugging at his heart that had him get up and just leave. He didn't really know where he was going or what he was going to do once he got there; all he knew was that he had to go.

There wasn't a cloud in the sky as he made his way out to his car. Every star in the night sky was visible now and that was rare. Usually, the city lights would fade the light of the stars. For some reason, that told him he was doing the right thing. It was like even the heavens were smiling on him tonight. That was a good feeling.

He didn't really think much as he got in his car at first. He just turned it on and started to drive. When he came to a light or a stop he would simply not think and pick a direction. Within five minutes though, he realized where he was being lead and that started his mind going.

What is she didn't understand why he was there? Well, why would she? He didn't even understand why he was going there. He just knew that tonight he had to go see her. He was tired of pretending there was nothing there. There was; at least for him anyway. Tonight was now about finding out what she had really meant when she said she was also tired of pretending.

He got to her apartment and simply shut off the car. Now he was nervous. Sitting there, in his car, he realized that this was probably a stupid idea. Maybe he should have ignored that tugging, like he normally did. But tonight, it was so much stronger. It was almost like there was a force that knew more than he did and that force knew he needed to see her tonight.

Slowly he got out of his car and made his way to her door.

She knew he was coming. There was no reason for her to know that, but she did. For the whole night she had this feeling gripping her heart that he would come see her tonight. It was so strong that she hadn't gone to sleep yet. She couldn't sleep. She had to know what he wanted. She had to be awake when he got there.

Of course, she had a feeling she knew why he was coming. It was because of what they had said earlier. Tired of pretending. They were both tired of it. For a while she had thought they were talking about two different things, but something had been telling her tonight, that they weren't.

She didn't do anything special. She didn't get dressed up or put on any makeup. That wasn't who she was and he would know. She simply picked a good movie on TV and poured herself a glass of wine and waited.

She had been watching a lot of movies lately. Partially because of that class she had taken but mostly because of him. Actually, she had only taken the class because of him, so it was completely his fault she watched a movie anytime she got a chance. She didn't mind though. It gave them something in common. Something she could understand his excitement about.

The second he pulled up she knew. The feeling got so much stronger. It almost scared her. How in tune she was with him. How she could just know what he doing. That kind of connection was something she was completely unfamiliar with. It was something that had kept her alive on many different occasions, but she was beginning to fear that a connection that deep might also distract her. She knew him. Inside and out and he knew her.

He finally made it to the door and paused. What was he doing here? There was no reason. She would be asleep and be very angry when he woke her up.

She wasn't asleep though. He could feel her on the other side of the door. He didn't know how to react to that kind of connection with someone, but he knew it was a good thing. She was the only person who really knew him and he felt like he was beginning to know who she really was. Maybe things would be okay tonight. He knew he was supposed to be here. He had to trust that she would know that too.

He never even had to knock. As he was standing there trying to figure out what was really going on, she opened the door. When he saw her he knew she had expected him that night. She had a glass of wine in one hand and a movie was playing in the background. She hadn't been sleeping. He knew; she had been waiting.

As she stood back and offered him entrance he knew this was not a night of sex or physical pleasure. This was going to be a night of confessions. A night of simply talking and learning what the other was truly thinking. Tonight they would connect even more than they already were.

This is just a random story I wrote while thinking about something completely not related to NCIS or its characters. Sorry if it wasn't so good, but let me know what you think.