A simple tree

What a beautiful thing

It struggled through the ground to live

It struggles to grow

What will happen if someone decides to cut it down

Only because it's in their way

Why doesn't the person just go around it

Why can't they just leave it alone

It's because their lazy

They think they own every thing

They take what ever they want just so they can be happy

They use everything as if there are no consequences

What will they do when its all gone

The tree will be gone

The homes for all the creatures will be gone

All for what the strongest suvive

Well sometimes the week need help to suvive too

So we need to protect the trees or die

Not maybe us but our children and our children's, children

We the selfish need to start thinking about more than just ourselves

Or die

By Viv

hey people this may not be the smothest poem ive writen but it is all true. so please give me a review saying that u liked it or not