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Chapter Seventeen

Domenica's POV

I understood what Vivian was telling me, that I owed it to Emmett to explain my position but I think it would be easier just to walk away without a word. I mean once I was out of Forks I could cope in my own way, he could forget who I was and go back to life as he knew it with Rosalie.

"I will go explain to Emmett then go to the house to finish packing my things." I thought to myself.

I climbed down the stairs towards the foyer, "Emmett?" I called out not sensing him in the house.

I sighed as my foot landed on the floor as I stepped towards the front door, I pulled it open it felt as if it were made of solid iron. I stepped out onto the front porch moving down to the front yard heading towards the river. I saw a figure standing by the tree I had been thrown on a week again, he was resting against it his arms crossed.

I said nothing as I approached taking him in while I had the opportunity, he was really angry with me he would not even look at me.

"Emmett, I'm so…" I began.

"You were going to just up and leave without saying a word?" Emmett asked spinning around, "I think that I deserve just a little bit more than that. When Edward left Bella for 'her own good' at least he gave her a big fat lie about not loving her anymore!"

"He did?" I asked.

"Not the point! I thought I meant more to you than just a shove off." Emmett cut with the words.

"You are not a shove off." I said crossing my arms, "I wanted to make it a clean break you could forget me again. Everything would go back to normal for you once I left."

"Domenica!" he growled hitting the tree, "damn it woman a few hours ago I thought you were DEAD! D-E-A-D DEAD! You left with Amelia and ten minutes later Alice could not longer see you, your beautiful aroma was gone as if you had never existed. If my heart had still been beating it would have shattered in a gazillion pieces! We started a search to find you and Vivian, don't get pissed but all I wanted was you. You were the only thing that I cared to find, they thought I had absolutely no clue as to what was going on but I heard them D. They said you were dead!"

I stood starring at him looking into his dim eyes, they were full of pain. I dropped my arms to my side feeling all control I had build up release, I walked closer to Emmett reaching up taking his face in my hand.

"I thought I was going to die, she tortured me Emmett I woke up tied to a bed I could smell stuff burning. I had no idea where I was it was just like Argentina but this time I knew who I was dealing with. You are what made me hold on so that I could make it back, I wanted to see your face again. She developed a method of heating the ends of knives to make them pliable to vampire skin. Except my skin isn't exactly as tough as yours so I was her experiment. I promised myself that if I survived I would not only kill her but I would do right by you." I explained in a hushed voice.

"By walking away." he whispered pulling my hands from his face, clutching them in his bear claws, "where is my choice?"

I said nothing in return as he pulled my hands, wrapping my arms around his waist before he engulfed me in his arms kissing the top of my head. I rested my cheek against his shoulder closing my eyes as I felt a hand fill with my hair as he had done before. I felt my heart pounding in my chest, my cheeks felt a little warm all I wanted was to stay in this place with him where the world was far away, it was only me and him.

Emmett pulled my face more towards him, our eyes locked on as I gripped the back of his t-shirt, "my D." he whispered.

I smiled back as he pressed his forehead to mine before leaning in, I was not going to stop him. His cold lips pressed against mine lightly as I sighed letting go, I stood on my tip toes as our lips moved in unison. Emmett pulled out of the kiss, I opened my eyes looking to see the regret on his face instead his eyes oozed seduction, they were practically sinful and unruly. His hands moved quickly as I released his shirt, in one swift movement he threw an arm around my waist caught up in the moment. We both brought our lips back together kissing hard I threw my arms around his neck as he lifted me from the ground, slamming me against the tree. The impact did not help the heat as I wrapped my legs around him, it did help to thrust me back into the reality of what was going on. As bad as I aching for him I knew this was wrong.

"No." I mumbled coming up for breath as my toes touched the ground.

"I forgot you have to breathe." he whispered not moving an inch.

I laughed slightly shaking my head, "we have to stop, we cannot do this. What did I just do!" the guilt came over me.

"I believe you allowed me to body slam you against a tree and I know. I'm sorry I just haven't had alone time with you since before everything happened." Emmett explained, clutching my hips forcing himself to backing away.

I watched him, his eyes were still lustful but so were mine, "I could have stopped you if I had been strong enough."

"You not strong? Give me a break." he teased.

I laughed as we stood staring at each other, I continued to rest against the tree, if we stood a chance of not crossing that line I would have to leave Forks. I had not been to Italy in years and my home would need to some serious dusting now it would be a sanctuary that I could run to bring myself peace.

Emmett stepped back in front of me, kissing my lips lightly. "Do what you believe you have to do, I will cope with your decision."

"Then I leave tonight." I whispered.

"You could wait until tomorrow morning." Emmett suggested.

"Tomorrow will be too late." I smiled kissing his cheek, "you owe me nothing Emmett consider all of this as closure nothing more. We just got that out our systems and now we move on, accept the hand that fate threw to us."

"Deal." he whispered with a smirk, "but I get to take you to the airport."

"No airport." I laughed, "Alice will take me she already offered."

"Offered or foresaw it?" Emmett asked.

"Beats the hell out of me all I know is my shoe collection is sitting in Brazil for anyone to come in and take. Just look out for Vivian for me I know she has the pack now but still, promise?" I asked.

"You could stay and take care of her yourself." Emmett smiled.

I rolled my eyes before receiving one more cool kiss, I grinned at the face pressed against mine.

"Stop it damn it." I smiled pushing him away before turning walking towards the house.

"I could come with you." he suggested catching up to me.

"No." I shook my head crossing my arms coming closer to the house.

"There really is nothing more I could do to get you to stay is there?" Emmett asked coming up beside me.

"No but now I have to face Vivian." I said as we reached the house.

Alice was standing on the porch, "I told you I couldn't ruin everything if either of you had known there was no way you would have given in therefore getting it out of your systems. Are you ready?"

"I think so I just need to say goodbye to Vivian." I nodded.

"Okay she is in the living room despite Carlisle's requests." Alice pointed.

"Thanks." I said before walking into the house.

Vivian hobbled over before I could close the door wrapping her good arm around me, "I can't fight you on this but I want you to stay."

"I know that you do but Viv I can't I need to relax." I lied, the truth was I couldn't stay around Emmett anymore.

"How am I suppose to figure this out without you here to offer humor and sarcastic comments?" Vivian asked smiling at me through tears.

"Oh jeez! I'll be back okay I just need to be selfish." I frowned.

"I understand I really do just take care of yourself. Call me when you get there, where are you going first?" Vivian asked.

"To Brazil, I want all of my stuff and then I am off to Italy." I explained.

"Just be careful." Vivian whispered.

"I will." I smiled hugging her.

I heard the front door open behind me, feeling the cold air coming in.

"You are going to miss the flight." Alice reminded as she headed for the garage.

"Take your time." Emmett suggested.

Vivian and I both laughed as I released her, I shook my head glancing to Jacob.

"Take care of her or my foot and your butt are going to have a connection." I pointed.

"I promise!" Jacob said.

"Alright then, bye." I smiled to the room before walking to the garage, Emmett following me. "What are you doing?"

"Getting a cd out of my Jeep." Emmett answered.

I turned around once I had stepped through the doorway.

"No really I am!" he said walking over to his Jeep as I stepped over to the Volvo

"Aw can't we take the Porche ?" I asked

"Really?! You want to!" Alice perked up.

"Hell yes! I exclaimed before stepping towards the vehicle.

I felt Emmett's cold hand wrap around my arm before he yanked me back into his arms hugging me tightly.

"Can't breathe" I laughed.

"You better come back or I am coming to look for you. You are a vampire damn it you are suppose to be in a coven anyway." Emmett said.

"Eh the coven thing is overrated." I grinned before pushing him away, "take care of yourself."

"You too." he sighed.

I grinned before walking over to Alice's car, I stepped inside as the garage opened and Alice took off.

"You could stay you know." Alice said.

"I know but we both know that if I did it would only cause more tension." I said looking out of the window.

"Like making out with Emmett behind the house like a teenager?" she asked.

"I should have never allowed that to happen, if I were Rosalie how would I feel if he did that to me?" I reasoned turning to Alice.

"You realize that Emmett still has not made that decision I was speaking of correct?" she said as the airport came into view.

"What? He just did he wanted to come with me." I said.

"But you told him no and he agreed, he did not make a choice." Alice explained as we pulled up to the doors.

I sat looking at her for a moment attempting to analyze her cryptic message, she only grinned at me.

"You are going to miss your flight!" Alice pointed.

I shook my head with a laugh before climbing out of the car, I reached into the backseat grabbing my bag.

"See you later." I smiled before closing the door.

I threw my bag over my shoulder laughing at Alice, I turned to see if she had sped off yet only to see her starring off into space. I stood looking for a moment before walking through the doors and into the airport unaware of what Alice had seen.


Preview of Redemption (working Title)

Volterra, Italy

"It has come to my attention that Joham is dead along we may call off the search for him." Aro stated.

"Absolutely not we need to show our world that his type of behavior will never be tolerated. And that any who should attempt to follow in his footsteps shall be dealt with." Caius stated, "two of his creatures are still alive, they assisted him in his dealings. We need to prove to all that nobody should be allowed to walk this world free after committing such acts."

"I see." Aro nodded, "then we shall put a bounty out on both of them."