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Uchiha Sasuke was not jealous. He had been known as cold, cruel, and even a complete jackass because of his lack of emotions. Sasuke could only roll his eyes at that. Did it ever occur to people that maybe society as a whole was too hung up on emotions and needed to take them down a peg in importance? That maybe people should start to think a little more with their brains instead of their hearts? Well, to answer his own question, no. They never thought that they were the deranged ones. Whatever, it wasn't like Sasuke cared what they thought.

And he defiantly wasn't jealous. Why should he be? He was the last remaining Uchiha, was considered one of the greatest ninjas to ever step foot into Konoha, and could have 99% of the girls that walked by him. Ironically, he was gay. But not jealous. Especially not because of some stupid wannabe replacement trying to go after something that should never be messed with. And that was Sasuke's property.

And to prove how not jealous he was, Sasuke was walking back to his house without one word to the blond dobe. He hadn't busted into Ichiraku's and yelled like he was positive Naruto would have done. He didn't punch or kick or touch the boy who had been watching Naruto shove his face with ramen. In fact, he hadn't even opened his mouth to speak to either of them. Instead, he simply turned around and walked back to the house.

The fact that nobody would come within five feet of him was their problem. So it was possible that a sneer had stumbled onto his lips. And he wouldn't doubt that there was the warning of death blazing deep within his obsidian gaze. And he was pretty sure if he wanted to put the effort into it right now, he could make Garra cry with one look. But none of that mattered. And why didn't it matter? Because Sasuke was not jealous.

It was probably just anger from the fact that Naruto had been avoiding him for the past few days. He was irked because he would notice Sakura coddling Naruto and giving glares his way. A bit upset that every time he made eye-contact with the dobe, he would turn his back away or start a conversation with somebody else. And what really bothered Sasuke was when they were alone, Naruto hardly spoke. They would spar in silence. Eat in silence. Sleep in silence. Heck, they probably would have gotten intimate in silence if Naruto didn't avoid their bed like acid.

Yes, Sasuke had let Naruto move in with him. And if anyone else had been in Sasuke's shoes, they would have done it sooner. One step into Naruto's house after the wall had been rebuilt had been disgusting enough. So instead of trying to salvage any of the moldy walls or sticky (kami knows what Naruto had spilled) floors that Sasuke had almost lost a shoe to, Sasuke ordered Naruto get his things and permanently move in with him. Naruto complained for a week straight, but eventually shut up when he realized he'd never have to clean again. Sasuke wasn't sure he knew how, so he didn't take the chance and did the chores himself.

And they had been living together for three months. It wasn't perfect, nothing with the idiot ever was. Just last week they had broken a table when Naruto decided to try and spar in the house. Naruto ended up with a bloody nose, and Sasuke's left cheek was bruised for three days. They didn't talk about their relationship, even though the village knew. If anyone had issues with them, they didn't voice it. Probably for their own safety. And their friends? They got an even bigger kick out of Naruto and Sasuke's fights now than before. Because now they would tease the boys about their 'lovers quarrels'.

Were they lovers? Neither of them had gotten all mopey and gotten down on one knee. If the blonde had, Sasuke would have had to beat the crap out of him. They were not exactly…idealistic. In fact, the only romantic part of their relationship was when they took to the time to stop fighting and got sexual. It was really the only difference between what they had been before the scroll mission, and what they were now.

But what was Naruto doing with Sai anyways? As far as Sasuke knew, Sai had been placed into a different team after Sasuke returned to the group because there was an opening that needed one more person to join. Occasionally they would work together, and Sai did come by every so often. Normally it ended up with Sakura holding Naruto back from beating him senseless, or vice versa. Neither of his teammates could control themselves. Sasuke wouldn't participate, it wasn't needed. Sai was a part of Naruto and Sakura's lives, not his.

But now…he had to reconsider. He had thought that Sai was straight, but up until a couple months ago so wasn't Naruto. He noticed during the painter's visits that he would unsuccessfully flirt with Sakura, which did point to being straight. But then again, Naruto crushed on her for years. Was it possible that Sai was actually doing something that overstepped the boundaries of fellow ninjas? Sasuke fisted his hands tightly before walking up to his house, ignoring the rattling of things around the archway from the force used behind his door slam. He was annoyed, irritated, out of place…

But he was not jealous.

If Sasuke remembered right (which he did) the night before all of Naruto's strange antics hadn't been very normal. After a weeklong mission, he could see the blue eyes of his companion blossom with excitement. Wiping his sweaty cheek with the back of his hand, Sasuke sent Naruto an annoyed look when the younger ninja started to bounce in impatience, waiting for Sasuke to unlock the door.

"Calm down." Sasuke barely heard the door click before Naruto had bowled into it, running up the stairs and cheering.

"That was such a great mission! Did you see the way I knocked out those guys with my Rasengan? Ha, see if they ever mess with Naruto Uzumaki again! Ah…" Sasuke rolled his eyes and followed the boy's voice when he heard the dropping of something hard on the bed. Entering the room, his eyes narrowed when he saw Naruto stretching lazily on their bed.

"Get off the bed, dobe." Naruto glanced up at him, sticking his tongue out in rebuttal.

"It's my bed too you know. You can't just decide when I can lay on it. Stupid teme, always telling me what I can and can't do. I would beat you too, but I'd rather not waste the rest of my ene—hey! Hey put me down!" He could feel Naruto struggling on his shoulder as he carried him into the bathroom, but he honestly didn't care. Both of them were filthy, and if Naruto wanted to lay on their bed, he was going to be clean when doing it. So once he shut the door behind him, Sasuke dropped the fox onto his feet before crossing his arms. He ignored the weak glare he received.

"There. Now take a shower."

"Jeeze you didn't have to be such an ass about it. I would have gone in anyways." Sasuke sighed slowly, trying to blow out some of the irritation running through him. He wasn't specifically upset with Naruto, but the mixture of being tired and having to listen to Kakashi's overly dramatic stories for a week straight made him aggravated. He turned to leave the bathroom when something warm surrounded his wrist, stopping him. He glanced back at his teammate, who was barely blushing while staring down at where they touched. A finger curled into the slightly torn material that hung limply around his wrist. The fabric was old, and definitely needed to be washed. But every time he went to take it off to fix it, something distracted him or Naruto pulled him to do something else.

This last mission he had almost lost it when a stray kunai ripped part of it open. Somehow he had tied the loose strings together to keep it in tact while they returned. He had wanted to go see someone in town to have it patched up, but Naruto wouldn't be swayed in his determination to get home. He wasn't even sure the dobe listened to why Sasuke wanted to go into town. The thick-headed brain of his travel companion was too focused on himself to pay attention when dragging Sasuke home.

"Hey uh…teme…" he always adding an insult into something that bothered or embarrassed him. It was his defense system to keep himself from seeming weak. Just like his need to hold onto Sasuke's wristband whenever he wanted to do something with Sasuke. Sasuke stayed silent when he watched Naruto struggle for words that seemed tied around his tongue. "I…I wouldn't mind if you wanted to save water or anything. I mean, it's fine, you know?"

"I know." Sasuke kept himself calm as he watched the blushing mess in front of him try to do the same. He knew what Naruto wanted. It was written all over the boy's flushed face. And to be honest, Sasuke was banking on Naruto's pent up frustration to run out before his. Because Sasuke would rather throw a shurikan into his own stomach then become antsy like his partner.

"So then let's share." Which Sasuke knew was code for 'I really want to do something else but I'll beat you up if you mention it'. And by the pace Naruto was pushing his clothes off; one week had been more than enough time apart. Barely letting a pleased smirk graze his lips, Sasuke slowly shrugged off his shirt. He watched how Naruto's body slowly immerged from dirty clothes, tanned skin almost shining in the dim light of the bathroom. It amazed Sasuke the first time they had been fully exposed together that the tan Naruto sported was not from being outside, but it was a completely natural. Sasuke had always been pale like his family. No amount of sunlight would change that. Maybe that was why he always felt his gaze lingering on Naruto's body.

"You take so long, you slow poke," Naruto sent a taunting grin once Sasuke had snapped out of his train of thought. But when their eyes met, it was evident that Naruto was trying to get him to go faster. His eyes were the connection to every emotion he felt. If Naruto was angry, he didn't bother to hide it. Sad, happy, confused, any emotion that Naruto felt was apparent in two deep pools of blue. And currently, they screamed of need. But Naruto wouldn't admit it until much later on into their shower.

"Get the water warm, idiot," Sasuke replied, undoing his pants. Naruto only shrugged before moving into the shower, giving Sasuke time to finish his undressing. By the time he had thrown all of their clothes into a wicker basket kept in the bathroom, steam was gently drifting through the cold air. His muscled relaxing at the sight, Sasuke made his way into the shower quietly. It wasn't a small shower by any means. In fact, the two could probably share it without having to touch. If they didn't want to that is.

The first thing Sasuke noticed was how tiny Naruto truly was. The bright orange outfit he always wore was just to compensate for a naturally small body. But when they were naked like this, Sasuke could see the couple inches of height difference, and his body frame was much bigger than Naruto's. It wasn't that Naruto was weak, because the boy made up for his lack of brains with muscle. Water poured down against the fox, and droplets eagerly slid themselves into the rivets and curves of every muscle they could find. Naruto was one of the few things that could truly hold Sasuke's interest.

"Hey hey, you bought the good smelling shampoo this week!" Naruto looked back at Sasuke, excitement apparent in his eyes. Sometimes he was ridiculously childish. "The stuff you bought last time smelt gross!"

"You're too picky for your own good," Sasuke mumbled, grabbing the shampoo out of Naruto's hands. Ignoring the cry of protest, the older boy slowly dripped some of the liquid onto his hand. Snapping the bottle shut, he glanced down at the blond hair that covered Naruto's head. "Turn around unless you want soap in your eyes."

Watching the blush slowly grow on Naruto's face, Sasuke had to wait until he clumsily turned around before blushing himself. It wasn't like he wanted to wash the boy's hair or anything. The idiot would probably get soap in his eyes and blind himself. Sasuke thought, convincing himself while he worked his fingers through the boy's hair. Neither said anything to each other while Sasuke tended to Naruto's hair because…well there was nothing to say. The silence between them was rare, but never strange. Because if Naruto had to open his mouth to clear the silence, he would have already. Stroking the golden strands between his pale fingers, Sasuke heard nothing from the younger boy. It was refreshing to know that even through their fighting, they could still trust each other like this. And trust was rare for both boys.

They were so much different than each other. Naruto was loud, obnoxious, untamed, completely oblivious, passionate, caring, and a friend to anyone who needed it. Sasuke was refined, quiet, careful, cold, and enjoyed solitude. Or that's what he told everyone. The truth was, Naruto seemed like the perfect person to have at parties or celebrate as a village hero. Sasuke seemed like the type of person who nobody would want to hang around with, and wouldn't be the center of attention. But life was strange that way. Because of two badly dealt hands, Naruto and Sasuke switched lives. And what made it worse was neither of them could have stopped it. Kyuubi and Itachi had stolen everything from the boys. And through all that pain, they had somehow managed to find each other. Like Ying and Yang attached together by a small thread.

Stepping closer to ease some of the tension off his arms, Sasuke glanced down to see Naruto's eyes were shut tightly, his lips parted slightly. The look was so serene, so not Naruto and yet so like him, it sent a shiver down Sasuke's back. Sasuke pulled his hands back before resting them against Naruto's slim hips. Watching hazy blue eyes emerge from his eyelashes, Sasuke tightened his hold on Naruto's hips in a silent grab for his attention. Once the boy finally looked back at him, Sasuke spoke.

"Wash your hair out." His voice hadn't changed much, and most people wouldn't have notice the difference. But the way Naruto's eyes darkened and the quick way he ran the soap out of his hair, he knew clearly what Sasuke meant. When Sasuke deemed the hair to be washed he backed Naruto into the wall. And not too gently either.

"Damnit teme, that hurt!" Sasuke heard and didn't care about the whine. He knew his partner was way stronger than that.

"Stop the dramatics dobe." Was his answer before claiming the lips pinks before they could reply. He didn't want to listen to Naruto talk anymore. That wasn't what they were there for. Gently parting the lips underneath his, Sasuke's kiss remained controlled even when Naruto's impatient tongue tried to add to the pleasure. He felt two hands slid up his chest to wrap around his neck, pulling him down to deepen the kiss. Finally, Sasuke dragged his lips away from Naruto's mouth to just under his chin, watching the blond slowly tilt his head back while trying to catch his breath.

"Y-you're such an ass sometimes…" Not satisfied that the dobe could still form coherent thoughts, Sasuke slid a tongue along the column of Naruto's throat. His mouth slid to Naruto's pulse, sucking softly just to hear his breath catch. Smirking devilishly, Sasuke trailed his lips back to the most sensitive part of the tempting fox's body. Well, besides the object that was starting to strain against his thigh.

He felt Naruto's body arch in pleasure when Sasuke licked the outer rim of the ear. Nipping softly before sucking the lobe into his mouth, Sasuke chuckled at the noises Naruto desperately tried to hide. The vibration got the blond haired ninja to moan before swearing and tightening his hold on Sasuke's neck. He licked the skin inside of his mouth once more before releasing it, sliding his mouth down to Naruto's collarbone while one of his hands brushed against a hardening nipple. The feeling of Naruto's hips jerking into his stomach brought an odd sense of satisfaction to Sasuke.

He liked this. If Naruto ever asked he wouldn't say a word, but he really enjoyed making his partner rip at the seams. Maybe it was the sadist in him. But he never tried to inflict pain. Seeing Naruto hurt only pissed Sasuke off. But listening to the erotic sounds that came from the younger boy's mouth when he licked his nipple made something clench at Sasuke's stomach. It made him feel really good, like he had just done something impossible. And maybe that was what this was. Impossible. Making someone like Naruto quiver while his hand gently grasped onto the pulsing member in between them. Or watching blue eyes cloud with lust when a gentle swipe of his tongue passed over Naruto's stomach, against the tattoo that branded the uniqueness of Naruto.

Whatever it was, Sasuke wasn't going to stop.

"Sto-stop pl-playing with me," Naruto huffed out when Sasuke had skimmed his thumb against the tip, smearing pre-cum down the side. He knew that Naruto would never admit that he truly enjoyed the way Sasuke's hand pumped his body into a hot sweat. But crouching in front of Naruto while the boy willingly thrust his hips against the hand was enough to prove it. As if reading his thoughts, Naruto sent a heated glare down to him. "Te-Teme…"

"What?" Sasuke asked calmly, squeezing his hand on a particularly hard jerk down. He felt the shaft in his hand pulse erratically with pleasure.

"D-do it a-already." Sasuke almost rolled his eyes at Naruto's impatience. The boy never learned to enjoy the churning in his stomach or the pleasant shivers that coursed through his body. He always wanted instant gratification.

"Fine." Was all Sasuke said. He slid his other hand to the backs of Naruto's knees, barely pressing on them before supporting the weight that fell on top of him. He moved so Naruto was under him on the shower floor. Parting Naruto's legs with his hands, Sasuke gave him one chaste kiss before brushing his finger against a tight ring of muscles, which twitched at the touch. Glancing to the door of the shower as he teased Naruto's body with feather-like touches, Sasuke played with the idea of going to the bedroom. Sure water could be used for a lubricant, but it wasn't the best. But the way Naruto's hips were jerking into the return of Sasuke's other hand to his member was too tempting to walk away from.

Sasuke gently squeezed Naruto's shaft while he easily slid the first two fingers into Naruto's body. Hearing the boy's head hit the floor hard and the shutter that ran through the boy underneath him, Sasuke knew he enjoyed the touch. After all, Sasuke had been sliding his fingers into Naruto for a month after the younger boy had 'slyly' hinted at it. Sasuke didn't know who or how Naruto got the idea from. But seeing Kakashi's proud expression when Naruto wobbled into training the next day, he had an assumption. The first time had been a struggle and extremely awkward, but it instantly paid off when Sasuke discovered the prostate during the second try. And ever since, Naruto couldn't finish without it.

Slowly, he timed his hands to work opposite of each other, one pushing while the other pulled, and vice versa. It was the only time during any of their sexual encounters that Naruto couldn't control himself. He watched him try, but ragged gasps and needy thrusts of his body betrayed him. The arching of his body and heavy panting showed Sasuke just how much the blonde savored the scissor-motion inside of his body. Naruto truly enjoyed being the submissive of their relationship. Even if he denied it.

"Sa-Sasuke! Wa-wait…" Sasuke looked down at Naruto before sliding up his body while slipping a third finger inside of him. The look of pleasure was enough to make Sasuke almost moan. But he kept his composure and arched an eyebrow, waiting for Naruto to continue. He seemed dazed for a few seconds while he fought against the pleasure Sasuke knew was pooling inside of his stomach. And he hadn't even touched the prostate yet. "St-stop…mo-moving."

"Why?" He heard Naruto groan and watched his eyes slam shut. He wasn't sure if it was because of his question, or the fact his thumb had rubbed against the slit underneath Naruto's head.

"I wa-want…you." Sasuke blinked softly at the sudden forwardness of Naruto's words. Most of the time, Sasuke had to tease Naruto to get him to beg. And he knew that Naruto was still semi-conscious of what he was doing because they had been at it much longer than this without Naruto caving in.

"Already begging?" He smirked at when he thought would get the blond to shout in denial and prolong their play for at least another couple of minutes. But when Naruto's eyes opened again to stare up at Sasuke, he froze. Those eyes, those never lying eyes, were staring at him with such adoration that both of his hands stopped. Naturally Naruto's groan of disproval came, but he never looked away. He stared straight at Sasuke before slowly smiling more timidly than ever before.

"Th-that's not what I meant…I…teme…I want…you. I…" He still fumbled with his words, but he didn't back down. Sasuke could only stare, because his throat was constricted by something weird. His body unconsciously shifted from the strange feelings that were starting to bubble inside of him, and Naruto gasped in pleasure. Deciding he didn't want the blond to keep going, Sasuke suddenly started his movements again, no longer playing around. He heard Naruto's loud cry when he brushed the sensitive prostate with the three fingers, but he didn't stop. He didn't want to give Naruto the chance to open his big mouth again. No, no more talking.

That side of Naruto was strange. His eyes had been so blatantly screaming Naruto's feelings that it sent shivers down Sasuke's back. The look of innocent love was not what Sasuke had planned for, and it left him feeling out of control. He couldn't stop the emotions that coursed through his veins, and he tried to force them out of him by stroking the blonde's body faster, listening to the soft whimpers and moans that Naruto couldn't control. Just like Sasuke couldn't control. There was no control.

"Sasuke…Sa-sasu…" Sasuke slammed his eyes shut at his name, at the tug of his heartstrings when he heard it. He felt the boy tense under him, felt his essence spill onto Sasuke's hand, the way his muscles clenched so deliciously tight against his fingers. But he wouldn't open his eyes. He couldn't look at Naruto yet. His stomach was tying itself in a knot and he felt something warm wash over him. It hit him so hard, that when he pulled away from Naruto's body, he was shaking. Sasuke hadn't been this disoriented since finding his family dead in his house. But this…this wasn't painful like then. This didn't make him feel sick or angry. It was a completely different feeling that scared him even more than before. Because when he found his family, at least he knew what he was feeling.

But Sasuke had no idea what had just happened.

"Sasuke?" Naruto's voice called out through the mist, trying to Sasuke back. Slowly he opened his eyes, but didn't answer. The only noise in the room was the water that sprayed both of them, washing away any evidence of their play. No, this wasn't play anymore. This was something serious. Something that Sasuke never thought possible. It was Naruto, the boy who, at one point in their lives, he couldn't stand to be in the same room with. The one who never took anything seriously and Sasuke had to watch out for. The one who Sasuke had to save several times. The one who he had to almost give his life up for. The one who he had to come back for. The one he didn't have to do anything for, but still had to because…

Well he didn't know why. Just like he didn't know why his heartbeat had accelerated when Naruto had gazed at him so openly.

"Sasuke!" Naruto shouted loudly, finally jerking Sasuke back from his own head.

"What dobe?" He snapped so fiercely, that Naruto hesitated with what to say next.

"What the hell's wrong with you? You…you're acting weird." Naruto's voice was filled with concern that he knew that innocently oblivious dobe wasn't aware of. But Sasuke was. Completely aware of everything that seemed so obvious now he was looking. It only tightened the knot in his stomach.

"It's nothing to bother yourself with. I'm fine. Finish your shower; I have to go into town." He didn't wait for a response from Naruto as he stood, pushing out of the shower. His body burned with the unsatisfied ache that was throbbing between his legs, but he ignored it. He wasn't going to touch it himself, and letting Naruto do it would only make the situation worse.

Shrugging on his clothes after he had dried himself off, Sasuke didn't notice the pair of depressed orbs that watched him leave the house without a word.

The first thing he did was bring the wristband to a seamstress. For some reason, this became the most important thing in Sasuke's mind. Said seamstress was extremely busy with a wedding party, but said she would have the fabric repaired within the next week. He wasn't exactly happy with that answer, but he didn't complain. Then, he had spent three hours walking around the town. He was hoping the fresh air would allow him to get a hold of his senses and he could return to the house as the normal Uchiha Sasuke. But his mind wouldn't stop flashing with the fresh memories of Naruto under him. And when he finally did come home, he found Naruto sitting on the couch, asleep. Knowing that Naruto had tried to wait up for him only made the feelings worse.

It wasn't until the next morning that everything changed. Sasuke had finally regained his composure, and Naruto seemed to be his normal annoying self. The two bickered over what to have for breakfast, ramen or anything else in the world.

"What's wrong with Ramen? I eat it all the time and I'm not dead yet!" At the illogical reasoning of his partner, Sasuke rolled his eyes.

"That doesn't make it healthy. Take your brain."

"What?! What does ramen have to do with my brain? You better be prepared at training today because I'm going to make you eat those words!" For some reason, Naruto always resorted to violence when he couldn't get his way. Sasuke, much less primitive and childish than the other, only sighed. Why he put up with the dobe was a mystery even to him.

"If you plan to spar, I do hope you eat ramen. The sodium will cause you to get dehydrated faster and I'll get my win before lunch time." He knew the careless tone he used would only anger Naruto more. But in all honestly, Naruto seemed to work better when he was fired up. The boy was completely backwards from anything he had ever been taught. Shaking his head, he moved toward the exit of the kitchen.

"Hey wait! Where are you going? We're in the middle of an argument here!" Naruto had moved quicker than Sasuke had anticipated, grabbing him. He thought the blond would smirk at catching Sasuke off guard. But just when a cheeky grin was going to rise, Naruto's fingers twitched against Sasuke's wrist. Right then, something strange flashed through his eyes. The once vibrant blue orbs slowly darkened with something weak. Sasuke waited for an insult or a punch, something that revived their earlier bickering. But instead, Naruto let go of his wrist and stepped away from him, as if burned. For the first time ever, their silence became awkward. It was like an oppressing weight that pressed hard on Sasuke's body, making him unable to move or shake it away. He could only watch as Naruto slowly moved back to the table, sitting down and staring at his hand. That was how Sasuke left him.

And ever since, they hadn't spoken. It had been four long days without Naruto. And even when Sasuke tried to tell himself that it was alright, he knew that it wasn't. This was affecting him more than he ever wanted to admit. Knowing that Naruto wasn't talking to him was one thing. But going to Sai? He didn't mind Sakura because well…she was a girl, and she knew that Naruto and Sasuke were together. And maybe he would let Kakashi slide by because he was older, and probably would give Naruto some of that stupid advice like he always did. But Sai, a completely single man who Sasuke wasn't sure preferred women or men? If Sasuke was a jealous person, which he wasn't, then he would be very angry with the stupid blond dobe.

He heard the door downstairs shut. It wasn't as loud as when he had come back, but it was still noticeable. Slowly he closed his eyes, listening to the silence. How funny that Sasuke had never realized how silent it had been until Naruto was in the house. The unnoticed became unbearable in a matter of seconds. And if silence had a body, Sasuke would be stabbing it with as much anger as he could muster. The thought was so appealing, he didn't realize until he felt the shifting of the bed that Naruto had entered the room. Either the dobe had gotten better, or Sasuke was losing his touch…no, it was the other one's fault. Because an Uchiha never lost their touch.

So when Naruto had moved over him, Sasuke knew the boy must have become sneakier while they weren't talking.

"Sasuke…" He hated to admit it, but he…kind of missed that. In the sense that someone didn't shrill his name. Naruto just said it. No malice or obsession, no hidden agenda. But if anyone had said it the way Naruto had, it would probably feel this way. It wasn't because of the person who said it. So the shiver couldn't be connected to Naruto either.

"Have fun tonight?" He didn't mean to sound pissed. In fact, his goal was to be impassive to show just how much he didn't care. Seeing the slight smile on Naruto's face both relaxed and annoyed him.

"You saw me?"

"Hn." He knew that Naruto took it as confirmation.

"With Sai?"


"I must look pretty stupid, huh?" Naruto sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck and looked away. Sasuke could only roll his eyes.


"Would you stop saying that?! I'm trying to…jerk!" Naruto shoved Sasuke hard into the bed before he moved off of him. Slowly Sasuke sat up again, watching Naruto face the wall, his arms crossed over his chest. They stayed like that for a while, Sasuke watching Naruto who wouldn't turn to face him no matter how many times Sasuke glared. This was getting really old.

"Speak dobe." Sasuke didn't cave. He just had better things to do than wait around for the idiot to get his head out of his ass and talk. But the action only seemed to set the younger boy off.

"I'm not your pet, teme! I'm your boyfriend! So you better start treating me like one instead of just hurting me feelings and expecting me to forgive you!" Naruto shouted, glaring back at Sasuke in anger. Sasuke stared at the boy, a feeling of shock stir inside him. Still, he merely arched an eyebrow.

"Boyfriend?" Seeing Naruto blush made him smirk. He couldn't stop it, it was a natural reaction.

"Ye-yea…that's what we are. You're my boyfriend or whatever." As if to emphasis his point, Naruto nodded several times while he spoke. "Sai told me that when two people start kissing and… stuff, its…well…they're together. Like a…a boyfriend and girlfriend….but since you're a-a stupid boy, and I'm a boy…we're boyfriends. And you say I'm the one whose dumb?" Despite the Uzumaki grin, Sasuke could see the nervousness in Naruto. He would squirm when he paused, or look down at his hands. The blush still stained his cheeks. But a valiant attempt to stay composed was still fought.

"You talked to Sai about our relationship?" Sasuke asked slowly. Naruto blinked as if confused before he growled, hitting Sasuke in the head.

"You idiot! Why else would I be with him? I figured since he reads all those relationship books, he'd know how to fix us."

"I didn't know there was a problem."

"W-What?! We haven't spoken in four days!"

"Some people may see that as a good thing."

"Is that why you took off your bracelet?" The question made Sasuke pause. And then blink. And then blink again just for the sake of blinking. Was the dobe losing his mind? Before he could respond, Naruto was opening his big mouth again. "Look, if you want to me leave, I will. I'm not going to jeopardize the team because of how I feel. I'll go back to my damn house if you want me to."

"If I wanted you gone, your stuff would be packed and sitting on the steps." And Sasuke wasn't lying. If he didn't want to share his house with someone, he wouldn't. And the blunt statement seemed to calm Naruto down a bit. There was less nerves and more confusion. Yup, Naruto was going back to his usual clueless self.

"Then why did you take your wristband off? You haven't had it on since that night in the shower when I tried to…well…you know."

"No, I don't know," Sasuke replied, staring at the blond who was talking more gibberish than normal. Just what had been put into the ramen bowl? But the dobe seemed to think he made perfect sense. He sighed heavily as if explaining something simple to a toddler. The action did not go unnoticed by Sasuke, who simply narrowed his eyes in response.

"When we came back from our mission a couple nights ago, you and me took a shower together. Then we…well you got all horny-"

"You're the one who suggested it," Sasuke interrupted. Naruto crossed his arms, giving him a frustrated look.

"Do you want to know what I'm talking about or not?" Sasuke stared at the blonde in silence, hinting at him to continue without actually admitting it. "So when you were doing that, I asked you if we…well I said that I…I wanted you. Like…wanted you. All of you." The way that Naruto forced his sentence out while glancing down Sasuke's body clicked something together in the back of Sasuke's head. Suddenly smirking, he leaned forward close enough that their noses barely brushed against each other. He could feel a shaky breath brush his cheeks, showing how much Naruto had struggled to admit his intentions in the shower.

"You know, for someone who talks a lot, you sure take forever to get your point across," Sasuke breathed against Naruto's lips, causing the younger boy's eyes to widen.

"It's not like I do this with everyone! I'm not a pervert or a-anything you jerk. I-its just…"Naruto stopped himself, glancing so that Sasuke couldn't see his eyes. Dissatisfied with not being able to see those telling eyes, Sasuke quickly grabbed Naruto's chin and forced him to look back. But the action only made Sasuke scowl.

"Hey, open your eyes."

"Why?" Naruto asked sharply, closing his eyes tighter. Smacking his forehead, Sasuke bit back a caustic remark. Why did he have to fight about everything? Oh yea, because Naruto was a dobe.

"Just do it." In refusal, Naruto shook his head. "Why not?" Again he shook his head. This was not what Sasuke wanted, and he showed his disapproval by smacking his hands onto the blonde's cheeks. If the sting didn't do it, the shock sure would.

"Baka! That hurt!" But Sasuke ignored the complaint when two cerulean pools appeared to his gaze. Keeping his hands cupped on the younger boy's cheeks, Sasuke didn't break their gaze.

"Let's get one thing straight. You do not go to Sai to speak about me. You don't talk to Sai about anything involving a relationship."

"Hey! I can talk to whoever I want to! And since Sai knows more about this than me, why wouldn't I talk to him?" Sasuke narrowed his eyes before leaning forward, pressing his lips harshly against Naruto's. He felt the boy stiffen and fight back for a few seconds, but slowly relented when Sasuke pried his mouth open with his tongue. The two stayed this for a while, Sasuke pushing Naruto to lie on the bed while he continued to dominate the kiss. Hell would freeze over before Sasuke would allow another one of those conversations to happen between Naruto and Sai, and he intended to prove it to the shivering boy underneath him.

"Because I said so," he breathed out after pulling away from the bruised lips. When he opened his gaze, he watched the anger and lust swirl in his partner's eyes. The two made a devastating combination.

"What are you, jealous?" He felt his eye twitch at the question.

"I don't get jealous, especially over someone like Sai." Naruto blinked and stared up at him before he laughed. Sasuke felt his blood boil. How dare Naruto laugh at him! But he didn't voice his anger. That would have been an Uzumaki thing to do.

"I can't believe you're jealous! The great Sasuke Uchiha, jealous of me talking to another boy. You really are possessive huh?" Suddenly lashing out didn't seem so unreasonable. If the usuratonkachi didn't keep his mouth shut… "I don't know if it pisses me off or makes me—"

"Fall in love with me more?" Sasuke didn't mean to say that. But the taunting had to stop. And what better way to gain control of the conversation than to use something to shut the boy up again?

That same something from the morning fight came into Naruto's eyes. It wasn't just pain, because Sasuke had seen that several times whenever he would land a good hit during their spars. It certainly wasn't embarrassment because over the past three months, he had seen that every time the two got intimate. It was something that Sasuke had only seen twice in the entire life span of their friendship. One had been that morning. And the other had been during the battle at the Valley of the end, when Sasuke had tried to sever their bond. It was heartbreak. Something the jabbed painfully into Sasuke's stomach knowing he had caused it.

But the stupid boy just laughed and tried to hide the pain behind a smile and closed eyes.

"Why the heck would you think that? You're so stupid sometimes!" Naruto said, continuing to laugh as if thinking the statement was absurd. And if Sasuke didn't know Naruto as well as he did, he may have shrugged off the idea. But Sasuke was not stupid. Especially when it came to the dobe and loneliness.

"Hey." His hair fell between their foreheads when he pressed them together. There was a few seconds that silence ate away at, Naruto trembling and Sasuke staring down at him. He barely slid his finger along one of the whisker markings, Naruto flinching at the touch. "So you love me."

"You don't listen," Naruto muttered weakly. Still, the heating of Naruto's cheeks under his fingers only confirmed Sasuke's assumptions.

So Naruto was in love with him. Hn. Well, the blond did have a heart the size of mars. And they had been through all of the steps. Enemies, teammates, friends, best friends, sexual partners…It was no wonder that eventually he'd come to that conclusion. Naruto had completed their journey. It was just the natural way of life. Well, for him at least.

But what about himself? Sasuke had to think about that. Sure, the dobe was now more than a pain in the ass. Their physical attraction to each other was plainly obvious. And sure sometimes he caught himself watching Naruto do dumb things, like mumble in his sleep or train in the back of the house until Sasuke had to drag him inside. He found that some of the qualities he had once thought annoying gradually became bearable. Like his laugh, or that crooked grin. And the way Naruto stared at him sometimes, like he was really…

Sasuke looked down at the small fox that looked up curiously toward him. How did Naruto manage to do that? To decide how he wanted the world to change and then somehow do it? Before Naruto had threatened his way into Sasuke's life, the plan was very simple. He was to kill his brother, and he did it. Then he was to revive his clan. There was nothing else left after that. No rivals, no best friends. No Naruto. And then the fuzz ball appeared and decided he was going to change what Sasuke wanted. The goal shifted to something else. His clan wasn't what he wanted. Wasn't what he needed. Not anymore at least.

"I want you." Sasuke mumbled it so quietly against Naruto's ear, he wasn't sure that he had even spoken it out loud. At least not until Naruto grasped his arms and let out a soft gasp. Smirking at the response, Sasuke breathed slowly into Naruto's ear before pulling the lobe into his mouth to tease. When he felt a shiver underneath him, he pulled his mouth away from the soft appendage. "All of you."

"Te-Teme…don't be a jerk…I w-was serious when I said that!" Naruto said, huffing from the increase of air needed while Sasuke kissed his neck. A roll of his eyes and one sharp suck over the blonde's pulse was Sasuke's reply. Leave it to the idiot to not understand what Sasuke really meant. There was no insult in his words. Only agreement. But if he couldn't figure it out, Sasuke wasn't going to stop to explain it to him.

The discarding of clothes was quick and quiet. Leaving only their boxers to keep Naruto from rushing, Sasuke pulled away from the mewling boy's hardened nipple to watch him. If Naruto ever saw himself during times like these, he would never let Sasuke touch him again. The whiskered cheeks flushed with red and only darkened the color of pleasure filled eyes. His chest heaved from the lack of breath, and several parts of his body were puckered and marked from Sasuke's lips and tongue. He looked so incredibly weak it should have repulsed Sasuke. In truth, it made the concealed member inside of his boxers pulse in growing need. Seeing Uzumaki Naruto, an untamable spirit that did whatever he pleased, fall apart under his touches was more powerful than the Mangekyou Sharingan.

"S-stop staring." By the glare in his eyes, Sasuke knew Naruto hadn't meant to sound so breathless. He didn't respond verbally, dipping his head down to trace the lines of Naruto's abs with his tongue. The rough nerves coasting along smooth skin caused Naruto's body to arch up in need. Hearing the uncontrolled moan fill their bedroom was enough to convince the Uchiha that the fox boy didn't need much teasing tonight. Their foreplay would be short and sweet.

Sliding down the guarding undergarment, Sasuke gave no warning before enveloping the pulsing member with his mouth. A strangled calling of his name was his partner's response. Hearing his name twisted erotically increased the strain that was begging to be touched underneath his boxers. Instead, he pressed hard into the mattress while he continued to bring Naruto toward the edge. He would worry about himself later. At the moment, his attention was focused on two things. One was the blond underneath him, who had started to teeter toward his orgasm. The other was popping open the lube cap while his other fingers busied themselves with the ring of muscles he would soon be entering.

He pulled his mouth back sharply when he felt Naruto's muscle grow tense. A heated glare greeted Sasuke as Naruto tried to push his throbbing problem back into the warm cavern it had been in before. Instead, Sasuke nipped at Naruto's thigh before sliding one heavily coated finger into an awaiting crevice. Just like four long days ago, Naruto's anger melted into pure bliss. The added lubricant only made the passage easier to explore, expand, prepare. He needed to make sure that the dobe would be completely prepared for him tonight.

As he easily slid him second and third digit in, he watched the pleasure radiate off of Naruto's skin. His moans were addictive, and if the blond sounded this seductive every time he talked then Sasuke wouldn't have an issue with his loud mouth. His body was eagerly clutching the thrusting fingers, trying to pull them in deeper. Fingertips danced teasingly around the one spot he knew would get Naruto to see stars.

"Sa-Sasu…" If the fox tried to form words, they were easily overshadowed by the loud cries of incoherency that filled the air. Knowing that Naruto would soon orgasm, Sasuke put his plan into action.

It wasn't that Sasuke was a pervert. Thinking about fucking the dobe in several positions had been simply for future reference. After all, the last thing he wanted to hear during sex was cries that weren't pleasant. If he was to keep his perfection title, then he needed to have perfect sex. It was simple when one thought about it. Not to mention he knew that if the younger boy was in too much pain, then Sasuke would be too. No, not emotionally. Naruto would make sure that every stab of intense pain was mirrored with a punch or claw mark. And that simply was not acceptable.

So Sasuke poised himself against the stretched hole after pulling his fingers away, using the slickness of the lube to cover his own arousal, which was screaming for release. Pressing the tip inside of Naruto's awaiting ass, Sasuke grabbed onto the weeping cock pressed between their stomachs while he rose to place a heated kiss just under Naruto's ear.

"Yo-you sure?" Two things shocked Sasuke. One was the change in his voice. It was lower, huskier, as if knowing how close he was to his goal made his voice deepen. Not to mention the slight hesitation was undoubtedly not a Sasuke thing. Whatever he chose to do, he almost never faltered. Which was the second part that shocked Sasuke. Sasuke wasn't sure why he was asking. But he didn't feel right not giving Naruto the chance to back out. So the feeling of Naruto's arms clutching around his shoulders sent a wave of relief coursing through his body.

"F-fuck…" Was the only word Sasuke heard before giving three hard jerks against the straining shaft in his hand and blinding himself with pleasure when he slide into his new home. He could hear Naruto's orgasmic cries of pleasure underneath him, but he tried to block them out. It was hard enough keeping himself from shifting when feeling the muscles around his body squeezing and rubbing so tight.

Moving seemed like the right thing to do. It was the natural thing. And maybe if it was someone else, Sasuke might have gone with his body's demands. But opening his obsidian gaze to the sight in front of him was enough to ignore his needs. Naruto's body greedily squeezed his body while the boy panted, desperate to catch reality again. The evidence of his orgasm glistened on tan skin, while sweat and tears slid down Naruto's cheeks. He wasn't sobbing, and blue eyes showed no anger. Instead, they shined with that same love that Sasuke had seen in the shower. It was so clear and so damn truthful that it almost pained Sasuke to realize how much the idiot cared. How much it had hurt when Sasuke had left him on the shower floor with no explanation.

So he wouldn't run. Not that he ran before, he merely had other things to do. Either way, Sasuke only leaned down and pressed his forehead against Naruto's, letting their breath mingle in-between them. Sasuke knew that any pain that had been unable to avoid was almost gone. But he didn't want to move just yet. His body was demanding that it be satisfied, but Sasuke was good at ignoring people. So for a couple incredibly dragging minutes, Sasuke waited for Naruto to give the okay.

"You dead yet?" it took his partner a few seconds to catch his mouth up with his head.

"Shu-shut up." Taking this as a 'go ahead', Sasuke experimented with the slow rolling of his hips into the new territory. The result was a soft groan and a weak gasp underneath him. He placed his hands on either side of the bed in order to keep himself steady. The first thrusts were slow and a bit awkward, but a slight angle change made the task much more pleasurable. Finding a steady pace, Sasuke closed his eyes to the sensations that hit his body faster than he could absorb. The stimulating noises that came from his dobe after every thrust played havoc with Sasuke's body, enticing it move quicker. Looking down at where they were joined almost sent him over. And listening to the familiar cries underneath him signaled Sasuke to the fact that Naruto's prostate was being thoroughly abused. Glancing up to Naruto's face, he was met with two deep pool of desperation.

The next few minutes were a blur. Naruto had taken over his senses, and he no longer could hold back his primitive need to fuck his fox's little body senseless. His hips jerked erratically, demanding that his release would be found. Nails dug into the back of his shoulders, only adding an erotic twist of pleasure and pain. A few loud cries, fewer small grunts, and one murmur of 'I love you' hung in Sasuke's mind before everything turned white. Solid white need. And never in his life had his name sounded so sweet echoing in the air.

Sasuke didn't mind the fact that the sheets were dirty and crumpled on the floor. Or the fact that an extremely sweaty body to pressed into his side. It would annoy him in the morning when he woke up, but that was another story. For now, Sasuke simply watched Naruto's chest rise and fall with calmed breathing. Something only minutes before would seem impossible.

He had almost thought the silent boy had fallen asleep when he spoke.

"You confuse me teme." When had the insult become an endearment? Had it always been? Sasuke doubted that, but he was too tired to think.

"I'm pretty sure we've established it's not hard." Naruto glared up at Sasuke with no backing other than pure laziness. It had looked more like a sluggish eye roll than anything else.

"I'd kick your ass right now if I thought it'd be a fair fight."


"Anyways…I can't understand why you threw away your wristband." Sasuke couldn't stop the impulsive need to blink at the untruthful statement.

"Excuse me?"

"You know. The ones you made us. That morning when we were fighting, you had gotten rid of it and you haven't had it on since. And I know, because I've been watching. Sai's books said that people throw away their boyfriend's stuff to try and forget them. But..well…here we are." So that was what had started this whole thing? The reason that they hadn't been talking for four days? Sasuke sighed at the stupidity of the blonde who glared at him in a wrong accusation.

"That's because I didn't throw it away. It's currently being repaired because a dobe's stray kunai ripped it apart during the mission." Seeing Naruto blush when he realized who he was talking about, he continued. "And I told that dobe I was going to get it fixed, but he was too busy trying to get home to listen. And then that dobe, instead of asking me what I did with my wristband, went to an unreliable source."

"Oh…" Naruto scratched the back of his neck and sheepishly grinned, like after every idiotic move he made. It couldn't be helped. The words 'Naruto' and 'idiot' would forever be connected. Sasuke was pretty sure they were synonyms in the thesaurus. "So then you don't want me to leave?"

"Idiot." He said it again just for good measure before staring up at the ceiling. He didn't move when he felt the soft brushing of hair against his chest when Naruto rested his head against it. It was almost…romantic. He was surprised, but wouldn't show it. There was a slim chance his cheeks had raised a bit in heat. From the extra body on him he was sure. Because Sasuke didn't blush.

"Hey, Sasuke?"


"Say it again."

"Say what…?" It took a second for Sasuke to register what Naruto was saying. Now he was sure that the body head was causing his cheeks to rise. If the dobe didn't have so much hot steam in his head, than Sasuke would never be flushed. "No."



"Teme….you said it just a couple minutes ago." Sasuke pushed Naruto onto his side, making it easier to slide under the covers over their huddled bodies.


"You're such a jerk you know that?" Sasuke heard a loud sigh fill the air after the comment, but he didn't care. Let the blonde pout, it wouldn't affect his sleep any. And besides, Naruto went to bed upset more times than not. It was just a part of their relationship. Just like the interruptions of silence every five minutes. "Sasuke?"


"I love you too."


Sasuke was not jealous. He had no reason to be. He did not steal Sai's paints and throw them into the closest river because he was envious. Nor did he make sure to sit with Naruto at Ichiraku's to make sure no wannabes would come near his dobe because he was protective. The kiss he gave Naruto in front of everyone, especially Sai, was not an act of claiming. No, Sasuke was not jealous.

He was just in love.

Well there you go! Wow that was a lot harder than writing the first one. Stories take on a whole new style depending on what character you're focusing on. And focusing on Sasuke is a lot more challenging than Naruto. But I think it was a little more humorous to get inside his head. =) Well I hope that I kept it real, and that it was as good as the first part. If you liked it, then I would really appreciate some reviews! I'm currently working on a three-shot called 'Bad Luck has a Brightside' so go read it! OH! And I'm going to write another one shot I think. If you're interested in my writing, just let me know so I can start. And sorry if I didn't meet your expectations. But please R and R! Thanks so much!