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The view was astounding.

Miles and miles of untouched desert spread out as far as the eye could see. The craggy landscape was bleached by the noon sun, the rock and soil's pale shade contrasting with the deep blue of the sky. The sky was free of smog or humidity, liberally dotted with small puffy clouds that lazily made their way along. The sun rode high in the sky, bathing the land in a gentle warmth rather than an oppressive heat.

On the edge of a high cliff sat a boy, his legs hanging over the edge, kicking absently. The wind gently played through his hair as let his head hang back so that the sunlight could warm his face. His eyes were closed and peaceful smile graced his lips.

The ground beneath him was emanating warmth. If he just laid back he could fall asleep so easily, the sounds of the desert as his lullaby.

"Hey, Rad!"

And the spell was broken.

Rad sat up and looked over his shoulder. "Hey Alexis," he replied.

Alexis eyed his position strangely. "The Minicon alarm just wet off. Optimus says we can go with them this time."

"Alright," said Rad, climbing to his feet. Alexis gave him another strange look before turning back toward the base.

Rad cast one last longing glance at the view behind him before following her.

AN: It's cold and this was a practice exercise. Let me know what you think.