Little did he know Atobe and Jiroh weren't exactly talking as their mouths were getting to know each other very well in Atobe's bedroom. The trip there had been spent in silence. Jiroh had no idea that once he was upstairs he would be pushed against the doorframe and kissed within an inch of his life. Jiroh started to protest, rather weakly, when Atobe began to leave marks that would be rather noticeable the next day.

"Well, Jiroh, what did you expect? You wanted me to claim you, and that's what I'm doing," Atone said as though this made perfect sense. All the while divesting Jiroh of his interfering regular's jacket and pants.

"Kei~go-Ah!" moaned Jiroh, panting as Atobe reached down to shove a hand into his boxers.

"Keep saying my name like that I'll show you what it's like to fly…" Atobe drew back for a moment, smirking. "Ore-sama always knew you wrote the letter."

Jiroh's eyes snapped open, unaware of when he had closed them. "Nani?! Then why didn't you say something? Why did you hook up with Oshitari?"

Atobe smiled, not a smirk, but an actual smile. It took Jiroh's breath away. "Because. I wanted to see what you would do. If I meant enough to you."

Jiroh understood at once. "You wanted to know…"he said slowly, "If I was willing to fight for you."

"Yes," said Atobe simply.

It amazed Jiroh how much effort Atobe put into ensuring his own protection. He put everyone, even those he loved, especially those he loved, through millions of tests. Jiroh had never wanted anything more than to pass all of Atobe's tests. He wanted to know what on the other side. He knew it'd be worth it.

But that still didn't answer everything. "Keigo, why did you stay with Oshitari. Why did you really stay?" He was afraid of the answer, but he was sure he had to know if he to get through to Atobe, if there was to truly be nothing between them.

"I did end up falling a little bit in love with Oshitari," Atobe admitted, but he didn't look ashamed. "But, I'm not the only one who didn't let his guard down. Oshitari was wary of me the entire time, sure I had some motivation for being with him. He doesn't see me; he can't accept the fact that maybe, just maybe, I might have no alternative motive, no other agenda," Atobe's voice wavered a little on the end.

Jiroh didn't know what he could do except love Atobe Keigo for all he was worth. He just hoped that was enough.

For now, though, Atobe looked so, for want of a better word, kissable… This time it was Jiroh who initiated the kiss. Not to be outdone, Keigo kissed him back with a ferocity that boarded on desperation.

Jiroh was feeling overwhelmed. That it was Ato-no-Keigo touching him, kissing him, marking him, sent his furiously beating heart slamming into his ribcage. He arched his back as he felt Keigo's too hot fingers trail patterns over his arms. That it was Keigo whose eyes were gleaming with something more than lust and akin to a feeling that might just be…Before Jiroh could complete the thought, Keigo invaded his mouth with his tongue and his slightly calloused hand rubbed the top of his cock, the combination of which promptly made Jiroh forget whatever else he might have thought.

He didn't even notice as he was pushed onto the bed, all he could concentrate on was the color of Keigo's eyes. They were a stormy blue and Jiroh had never seen such a beautiful color.

Or such man, Jiroh mused as he watched with baited breath as Keigo began to unfasten his shirt, button by button in a mock attempt at a strip tease. Growing frustrated, Jiroh sat up from the bed, eager to help Keigo undress. His hands fumbled with Keigo's buckle and it took twice as long as it should have because he made the mistake of looking into Keigo's eyes and couldn't stop staring.

Keigo's shirt was off and Jiroh was sure he'd never looked like that in the locker rooms. Okay, to be fair he hadn't looked that closely, though not for lack of trying. Jiroh had just thought Keigo was unusually modest about changing but apparently not so, and why should he be? Keigo was, in a word, breathtaking. Gorgeous. Stunning. The most beautiful work of art Jiroh's eyes had ever laid eyes on. And he was all for Jiroh's perusal.

So maybe he would forgive Oshitari for giving into Keigo. Maybe. But probably not, seeing as if Oshitari hadn't just owned up in the first place, Keigo could've been his a lot sooner. Wait. Did he really just think that? Yes…But Keigo was…

Jiroh stopped what he was doing, stopped responding to Keigo's touches. He frowned. Atobe Keigo was dangerous. Just one taste of him and Jiroh was already addicted. He would have to be careful.

"Jiroh? Is something wrong?"

Jiroh shook his head. The worry and apprehension in the voice that was usually brimming with confidence hurt Jiroh's heart in more ways that he could ever have imagined.

Atobe Keigo was not an object to be used or possessed. He was a human being, granted a beautiful god-like one, but still, he was human. He was only seventeen, only the captain of his tennis team. Only the man he loved. And that was the difference between him and everyone else who wanted Keigo. He loved Atobe Keigo and was going to make sure the other man knew it.

With that goal in mind, he looked up at Keigo through his lashes. "Yeah, there's a problem Keigo. I want you so much it hurts," he murmured softly.

Jiroh gasped as Atobe entered him. It hurt, it burned and Jiroh was sure he was going to die with all the heat.

"Feels good, Jiroh," Atobe groaned.

Jiroh's eyes blinked back tears. He wasn't sure why. He was deliriously happy and Keigo felt so good inside him. They were connected in the most basic and complex way, and Jiroh knew he was ruined. He'd never let Keigo go. No matter how much it might hurt sometimes, physically or emotionally, Keigo would know the meaning of love and loyalty.

"I love you, Kei," he gasped, words tumbling and he panicked and felt so stupid when he felt Keigo freeze above him. His hips were still.

It was too much, Jiroh knew. Too soon. But then Keigo started thrusting again, making Jiroh make embarrassing noises.

At once, Keigo's lips were on his again.

Between kisses, Keigo said in his deep, even voice that resonated through Jiroh and which Jiroh swore was the sole reason people let him talk so much:

"We are not strangers," kiss "You and I," pant "But you know the dangers," moan "Of learning to fly." twist "You know caution well," arch "But I'm willing to chance" groan "Because from the time I fell" smirk "All I wanted was a little romance." whimper "I am not one of your fan girls;" shiver "I'm not trying to score." Undulate "You make my thoughts whirl" soft scream "Please, claim me as yours." Growl followed by prolonged kissing.

Needless to say, the next day Jiroh awoke in Keigo's bed with sore backside, and wrapped up in Keigo's arms.

"Ano, Keigo? I'm not going anywhere, you can loosen your grip on me."
"Ore-sama knows that. I just wanted to hold you," Atobe opened one gorgeous dark blue eye to gaze at Jiroh.

Jiroh smiled. There was indeed a person beneath Atobe's mask. A person with feelings and insecurities. And he for one couldn't wait to see what was underneath.

Atobe wouldn't say he had fallen in love, yet, with the narcoleptic but he also didn't need his Insight to tell him it was only a matter of time. For now, though, Ore-sama was just pleased he'd found someone new to be intimately awed by his prowess.