Stay - during KotOR 2 LSM Exile and Visas, oneshot.

Disclaimer: All characters, etc. from the game Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II belong to Obsidian Ent. and LucasArts.

Mazi sighed as he entered the crew quarters of the Ebon Hawk. It was empty in here now. So quiet and cold.

He wasn't sure how to feel about Kreia's absence. They'd been at odds about everything from the very beginning. She'd expressed displeasure at all of his choices; from his admission of new followers, to pretty much every decision he'd made on their journey.

But she'd been infinitely disciplined. The very portrait of control. And he'd respected and admired her for it.

She's been cruel at times, and very hard to understand. But she was all he knew.

Falleen were very long lived, and he'd been around long enough to value her wisdom. He felt betrayed, yes. And hurt. Kreia cared for him. He knew she did, regardless of the fact that he couldn't actually feel her anymore. But that just made this all the more confusing.

He heard a soft tread behind him, and knew without looking who it was.


It made sense that she'd be the first to come to him after he'd returned from the rebuilt enclave on Dantooine. And not simply because Brianna appeared to have left with her sisters.

As much as all the others on the ship might care for him, Visas was different. Brianna and Mira with their constant bickering... even Atton and Bao. It was unfortunate, the fact that the pheromones his species gave off didn't discriminate between sexes. It was hard to tell how much of their admiration was genuine, and how much could merely be chalked up to attraction.

Visas was always so quiet. Reserved. And breath-takingly beautiful. Some of what he felt for her was protectiveness, compassion for the fate of her people. He wanted to save her.

Now he just took comfort in her presence.

But something was wrong. He could feel her unrest, her pain and fear. And it was all on his behalf.

"Visas, you are troubled. Why?"

Her shoulders slumped under the black fabric of her dress. She was silent for so long that Mazi started to think that perhaps she wouldn't answer him.

Finally, she spoke. "My Master awaits you on Telos." Her voice wrapped around him like a blanket. It soothed him, despite her obvious distress.

"I know. That is also where Atris has taken Kreia. Everything will be decided there."

"But... if you face him, he will wound you as he has wounded me," she said softly.

"I have to face him. There's no other choice."

"I am afraid," she whispered.

He walked to where she stood, just inside the doorway. Reaching out, he lightly grasped her left hand.

"Please," she said, "stay here with me."

"I will. For as long as I can."

Her fingers tightened inside his. "From the moment I first felt you across the galaxy, I have longed for you. I feel it, the echo, it speaks of another who is wounded. Like me." As she spoke, her right hand reached up to his face. "I love you more than my own life. And I want you to be here, with me, for as long as you will let me love you. Stay."

She softly ran her fingertips across his face, feeling the small scales of his skin. She swept them upward, tracing the prominent ridges across his forehead, then down, over the bridge of his nose, and let them come to rest against his lips.

"You are so beautiful," she said breathlessly.

He felt his chest tighten at her words. He wanted that, too. He wanted to be here, with her, for whatever time they had.

He touched her cheek with the back of his clawed hand.

They would face her former Master together. And maybe, when all this was over, there would be more time. Time for them.