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Summary: "They were so sweet together, you know? Like one minute they were friends and the next they were lovers. None of us could tell the difference in their eyes; it just seemed that their gestures had broadened out." Sometimes, love does crazy things to people.

Warning For Future Chapters: Character Death; Lemon; Lime

_ The Beginning _

"There were times when all I had to do was look at them, each in their own world, to know that it was a world they shared," he whispered.

The red head laughed bitterly, his eyes downcast. "A fucked up world where all there was was the other."

The man raised an eyebrow and stared down at him. "And?"

Axel smirked. "And that was it."

"Riku! Let's go to the beach, Riku!" a tiny boy, maybe six years old, called out.

The silver haired seven year old laughed and ran up to him. "Sure, Sora," he responded with a smile.

High pitched laughter climbed over the sound of the rushing waves. The two boys ran in circles, falling in the soft sand, their hands meeting. They brought their hands to their faces which were tinted red with lack of air.

Riku's face softened as Sora gave him a wide grin. "I love you, Riku! Best friends forever?"

The aquamarine eyed boy watched as Sora put out a delicate pale hand. He grasped it firmly and said, "Love you too. Best friends forever."

"They were inseparable," the golden brown haired teen cried. "There was no Riku or Sora; there was Riku and Sora."

Tidus smiled sharply. "Sometimes it seemed as if there was room for no one else."

The young woman smiled sympathetically. "And what else?"

The teen laughed, collapsing down on the sofa, his eyes glittering. "And that was it."

"Sora!" Riku called out to his best friend.

The brown haired teen turned around in mid bounce. A bright smile adorned his face as he caught sight of the silver haired boy.

"Riku!" Sora exclaimed.

He skipped over to his friend, jumping down in front of him and grabbing him into a hug.

Riku smirked widely before lifting the light boy up and spinning him around, their laughing intermingling beautifully.

"Their voices, Riku's deep and slightly husky and Sora's still boyish and innocent, just seemed right together. Like God made them for each other," the orange haired teen explained.

His mother smiled sadly. "And what else?"

Wakka put his hands behind his head, the picture of comfort, and grinned. "And that was it, I suppose."

The college freshman sighed, staring pitifully down at his hands. "Sora..."

"Yeah?" an innocent voice asked from behind.

Riku jumped up and turned sharply, glaring playfully at the high school senior.

"Don't do that, Sora!" the eighteen year old proclaimed trying to hide his embarrassment.

The seventeen year old giggled. "So why were you whispering my name?"

Riku sighed again, his good mood gone. "We hardly ever see each other anymore. I suppose I just miss you."

A soft hand brushed his cheek as deft fingers carefully held his face forcing him to look up. A pair of vibrant blue eyes peered up at him, searching his eyes for something.

Sora smiled suddenly, his eyes closing slightly and his head tilting cutely. The boy leaned in and covered Riku's lips with his own. It was only a moment, but that was all that was needed.

"We'll just have to hang out more is all. Right, Riku?" Sora said sweetly, his hands grasping the silver haired teen's.

Riku glanced down at their hands, a light blush adorning his face before he glanced at Sora's face. He smiled softly and nodded. "Yeah," he whispered.

The black haired girl smiled through her tears. "They were so sweet together, you know? Like one minute they were friends and the next they were lovers. None of us could tell the difference in their eyes; it just seemed that their gestures had broadened out."

Her father nodded hesitantly. "How long did they know each other?" he asked a bit skeptic about the two boys' relationship.

Tifa glanced out the window and at the rainy sky. "All their lives. Their parents were neighbors and childhood friends themselves. I suppose it's no wonder their kids followed suit."

The man sighed and handed his daughter the box of Kleenex sitting on the counter.

"What else?"

"And that was it."

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