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A/N : This story is the sequel to Back from Italy and Back from Rebellion. It's Esme's point of view, when she comes back home.

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Back in Esme's arms


It was heartbreakening, having to see my son standing with the nose in the corner of our new house. I didn't know what had happened while I was hunting, but I was sure I would find out soon enough.

Carlisle came down the stairs as soon as I had closed the door behind me, kissing me on the cheek.

"Did you have a good hunt?" He asked.

"I found a herd of elk pretty near to the village, and got hold of one before they could pass the tree line near McArthur's field. What happened here?"

I let Carlisle lead me to the sittingroom, taking a seat next to him on the couch.

"Carlisle, why is Edward standing in the corner? I thought you two would just talk it out," I looked in his direction, worried for my son.

"Things went a little bit differently than expected. He had to forgive himself before he could accept our forgiveness."

"What did you do?" I was anxious now. Edwas was older than me when it came to vampire-years, but he would always be my baby, my adopted son.

"I spanked him."

"Oh." That was less unexpected than it should have been, I guess, but it was a good way to bring a point home and to ease guilt.

"He is waiting to apologise to you, too. Though you might want to make him stand in the corner for a while longer."

"No, please send him in." I wanted my son to be near me now, and never let him out of my sight, not in the near future anyway.

He nodded. "I will be in my study."

Carlisle stood up, kissed his my cheek and left to get Edward.

"Your mother is waiting for you now," he said, giving Edward an encouraging pat on the shoulder.

"Be good."


I saw Edward hesitating in the doorway for just a part of a second. He looked down, guilt and shame written all over his face and I nearly broke my little promise to myself to let him get through his part alone first.

"I'm sorry," he said, and that was all I could take. I was around the small table and had him in my arms faster than a humming bird flapped it's wings.

He had his head buried in my shoulder, our arms entwined around each other's as if we would never let go again.

"I'm sorry, so sorry, mum," he mumbled in my hair and I was soothing him, whispering utter nonsense in his ear.

I let go first, taking his head in both hands and kissing his forehead.

"Don't do that ever again, Edward," I scolded lightly.

"I promise."

I gave him a little pat on the cheek.

"Go find your dad and go hunting, you were both looking hungry when I left," I shoved him off, needing the second to collect myself.

"Yes mum." He looked me in the eyes, relieved.

"Off with you."

I made a swing for his bum, but he dodged just in time and run upstairs and get Carlisle, laughing all the way.

Now we were back to being a family.



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