Story Title: It's a Wrenched Life!

Summary: E/O CHALLENGE – Word of the Week: Wrench/ed/ing/es. Multiple drabbles involving wrenches.

Disclaimer: Supernatural and its characters are not mine. Just the ideas and the mayhem they bring.

Challenge Date: Jan 18, 2009

Chapter 01: Incoming!

Summary: The wrenches of brotherly love.

Word Count: 100

A/N: Round two and the thoughts keep flying.

"Hey Sammy, hand me the wrench."

Sam rolled his eyes at his brother's distracted 'request'. About an hour ago, Dean had heard what Sam considered an imaginary noise, so they pulled to the side of the road, located between somewhere and the middle of nowhere, to fix his baby. Filling the unknown amount of time by researching, Sam had yet heard a comment not directed to the baby. Mildly surprised that it had taken this long, he retrieved the 'requested' item.

"Hurry it up already!" Dean yelled impatiently.

Sam glared at his brother, and sent the package via airmail. "Incoming!"

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