Title: Visits 2
Character(s): Italy and Japan for this part
Rating: K+
Warnings: I'm really not good at writing Italy although I love him to pieces, wah...
Summary: After WW II, Japan is quietly recovering. This time, it's Italy who comes for a visit.
Disclaimer: Axis Powers Hetalia belongs to Himaruya Hidekaz.

Italy, as opposed to Germany, didn't seem affected by war. He still had that silly smile plastered on his face and still greeted anyone – man or woman – with embarrassing hugs and kisses.

"You will be good as new in no time, you'll see," Feliciano nodded enthusiastically at his own words, "America is a good guy, he promised he'll take care of you despite everything that happened, didn't he? And he's super rich, I bet he's paying a fortune for this hospital room and he hired the best doctors to treat you!"

Curiously, Japan didn't feel offended or even annoyed by Italy's praise of their former enemy. Feliciano looked happy because the war was over and not one bit worried about the fact that he was on the losing side. For some reason Kiku found this endearing. The poor guy was not a warrior, never was, never will. He was always too much in love with life to court death.

And he is right. Death brings you nothing.

Suddenly, Feliciano became serious and blushed, gently kissing his friend's forehead.

"Don't worry, Kiku. Now they say horrible things about us… you should see what they are saying about Germany… but in the end, they will understand that all we did was carrying out our duties. And this is important, isn't it? Ludwig always says that duty comes first… Personally I think he exaggerates but oh, well…"

Japan smiled, but it was so sad that it made him look all the more gloomy.

I wish I were that carefree. Then, my sins wouldn't haunt me. Hatred wouldn't eat my insides. Regret and shame wouldn't weigh like the world on my shoulders.

Italy hugged him goodbye and only then could Kiku see the scar on the other man's neck, barely visible under his shirt collar.

So he was wrong after all. In a war like that, no one is left unscathed.

Author Note: Hope this one's better than the previous. Thanks to my wonderful beta, Gala. Sorry for disappearing!