Total Destruction 2: The Rise of Evil by kingpapaboston

I do not own KIM POSSIBLE that is DISNEY'S thing so don't sue me. And this story is rated T for Teen. I'm doing the second novel I wrote because I think It is better then the first. So I will do a Star Wars thing and do the stories backwards. I hope you enjoy it as much as everyone at my school did.

The streets of a Middleton were painted red. Screams of people crying for their loved ones. It was chaos, the people feared the shadowy figure. The shadowy figure was me.

It started about three month ago, me and my wife Kimberly-Anne Stoppable were coming back from our honeymoon. We went back to GJ Headquarters and Doctor Director greeted us and welcomed us back.

"Welcome back agent Ron and agent Kim,"

"Hey Betty any new missions that have come up," Kim asked, that's my KP she is always ready to get back into a mission as soon as possible.

She told us that there is a problem going down in Chicago. We accepted the mission, but she told us we were not going alone. "When you two were on your honeymoon we built a team for you," Betty Director told us. "Ron you will be happy that your sister Hanna has join the team, and Kim you will be happy that your cousin Joss has join as well and Wade as well,"

"Since we are going to Chicago maybe I can go see the Bears play the Patriots," I said.

Kim hit me off the side of the head.

"Always putting sports before the mission" she said.

"So Betty who is the villain this time don't tell me Drakken had broken out of jail again."

"Actually yes he has and he is trying to try to take over the world again as usual. But this time he is actually smarter and more wise to your acts and he is ready for you. So Kim be careful."

"Don't worry I wont let anything happen to my KP"

"I know you wont"

As we finish debriefing we started to head to our changing rooms to get into our mission clothes. Wade finally made me my own battle-suit. As we geared but and finally met at the jet that was taking us to Chicago.

"Kim do you think we can talk when you get the chance," joss asked

"Sure we can Joss you can talk to me about anything when we get to Chicago and if we have time you can tell me what's on your mind"

"Thanks Kim"

"No big"

We all boarded the jet

I walk up to Kim and I ask with a goofy smile "Is this seat taken miss"

"I don't know I was waiting for my husband but I guess he isn't here"

"Oh is this husband of yours handsome, strong, tall, and great at many things"

"Yes and I think he is an amazing kissers as well"


"Oh yes he is the greatest"

"Well maybe I can change your mind about your husband"

"Oh you think your better" she said with a sexy look on her face.

I lean over to her and begin to kiss her like it was our first kiss.

"Oh Ronnie I love how you tease me with your acting"

"I know you do KP"

Then she began to cuddle up with me and she fell a sleep in my arms on the jet. Then the jet started and we were off to Chicago.