Chapter 3

Kim, Shego, and Eric get to the old HQ to find that the guards were already knocked out. Which in retrospect is good for them, they pulled their weapons and went their separate ways to corner Zorpox. Kim's mind and heart was racing at the thought of what has happened since she was kidnapped. She couldn't believe that Drakken could pull a plan like this and now have her husband is a murderer; she was thinking if she does find Zorpox what will she do to him. While Kim was sidetracked with her thoughts Shego and Eric went to find out if the attitudantor ray gun was there in the building. Eventually looking in each room possible they find it but there were henchmen guarding it.

"You go left and I go right," Shego told Eric

"First one to get the gun buys the other a beer," Eric said

"You're on,"

They take the henchmen down and Shego reached the gun first Eric smiling knowing he had to buy her a beer. They grab the gun and search for Kim, where as Kim hears talking from one of the rooms. She starts to walk towards the door only to find the door was blown up, she walks in and points her gun at the man behind the desk.

"So it's true you're not dead you're my real wife the real Kim Possible," Zorpox said

"What have you done with my Ron," Kim asked

"Oh him he's here just I'm in control and well I don't think you can help him,"

"I don't want to kill you but if I have to kill you just so Ron can be free from you so be it,"

Zorpox walks up to Kim unarmed and Kim keeps her guard as he came towards her. He got so close that he takes his hand and places it on her cheek. Kim started to tremble due to this being her first touch from Ron's body in a long time. Zorpox goes into kiss Kim as their lips touch, Kim finally gave in and kissed back. At that moment Shego and Eric run in the room and see them kissing, Eric screams for Shego to shoot him while he is vulnerable. Zorpox sees Shego with the ray gun and didn't get enough time to pull his gun out because the attitudanator ray hit him. Zorpox starts cursing and Ron's body fell hard to the ground. Kim finally comes too from her ecstasy and caught Ron, Ron wasn't moving his breathing was faint. Kim did the only thing she could do and that was mouth to mouth again. After a couple of breathing exercises he finally opened his eyes, and the first thing he saw was Kim.

"Kim is that you? Am I in heaven? What happened to don't remember anything?"Ron asked

"Ron baby you're alive and yes it's really me I don't know what happened I have been kidnapped since our honeymoon," Kim said

"So you never kissed Eric,"

"No never you're my man and only my man,"


"Let's get you up and find a way to stop the joker now,"

"Ha Ha Ha Ha Ho He He Ho Ha and I thought my jokes were bad," the Joker said

Eric points a gun at the Joker, as the joker ran to him with a knife in his hand. He grabs Eric and asks everyone to put their guns down. Then he looks back at Eric and tells him

"You want to know how I got theses scars. My father was a drinker and a fiend, and one night he goes off crazier than usual. Mommy gets the kitchen knife to defend herself, he doesn't like that not one bit. So me watching he takes the knife to her laughing while he does it, he turns to me and say WHY SO SERIOUS? He comes at me with the knife WHY SO SERIOUS? He sticks the blade in my mouth. LETS PUT A SMILE ON THAT FACE, and Why so Serious?" Joker said as he kills Eric

"You bastard why did you kill him," Kim said

"I told you as soon as Zorpox was out of the way you will deal with me,"

"Yeah well suck on this," Ron said as he shot the Joker in the chest

The Joker sees the blood flowing from his chest and he falls to the ground. Both Shego and Kim look at Ron. Ron grabs Kim and Shego and walks out of the building.

"Well its over it's all over," Shego said

"Yes it is we can live in peace and I can finally spend a romantic time with my lover boy over here," Kim said

"Who me, Oh I love you Kim lets go home," Ron kisses Kim

"Yeah let's go home, you coming Shego," Kim asked

"You want me to live with you too love birds princess,"

"You helped saved the world and you got nowhere to go so I would be honored if you stay with us. I mean if it wasn't for you I still be Zorpox and I wouldn't have Kim back,"

"Ok I will stay with you,"

"I think this is a start of a beautiful friendship," Ron said

As they headed home and helped clean up the damages of the fight, and they all lived happy with no problems or so they thought. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I can't die the Joker will be back," The Joker says in the shadows as he walks away.