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Piracy: The New Generation

The sea was calm, as it always used to be. Nothing too exciting was going on ever since the death of the Second Pirate King, Monkey D. Luffy, who against all odds managed to find the great treasure of One Piece, which had been hidden by Gol D. Roger, the first Pirate King.

However, even with the death of Luffy, the Great Age of Piracy didn't cease, but was rekindled, due to his final words on the scaffold; nearly identical to the speech Roger gave at the time of his death. So, once again, pirates from all over the world set sail for the Grand Line, in search of wealth, fame and power.



The Bone-Hard Captain and the Everyday-Man

"Pirate attack!" The horrified yell from a citizen sent most of the villagers in the town square in an uproar, as people were running away from the coast as quickly as possible. However, five people remained standing exactly where they were; one of them had his shoulder-long brown hair covering his left eye, whilst wearing a tattered, grey hoodie-jacket that only barely hid a scar running from his neck to his thigh, with black jeans and sandals. Also notable was the ivory labrys hanging from his back, and that his right hand was gloved, whereas his left hand wasn't.

"Hey, Nampu," he said, as he looked at one of the guys with him, "did I hear things, or are pirates attacking again?" The guy he was talking to had, in contrast, short, spiky blonde hair, wearing a red t-shirt with cut-off arms, making it resemble an undershirt. He also wore blue shorts and a pair of boots. In addition, a bag was swung over his left shoulder.

"I think it's the latter." Nampu replied lazily, as he weighed the bag in his hand, before looking at the other three. "You guys stay behind as back-up, whilst Zugai and I take out those thugs, okay?" he said to the three others, as they nodded, before running inside a building. "Heh, no wonder they're called The Sniper Trio around here."

Zugai sighed, as he looked towards the harbour, where a pirate ship was now visible. "Let's get going; with any luck, there's enough of material to finish my boat!" Then, both of them ran towards the harbour.

When they got there, they could see how eager the captain of the ship was to board on the island, whereas the crewmembers seemed rather intimidated by the setting; there were dozens of masts scattered across the coastline. "Arr, don't worry, me men! We'll be swimmin' in loads of booty any minute now, arr!" the captain said in a very stereotypical pirate-y speech manner.

As the captain laughed, he suddenly noticed both Zugai and Nampu. "Eh? An' who be ye boys?" he asked, noting the axe which was now in Zugai's hands.

Zugai merely cracked his neck, before nudging Nampu. "Do what you do best, buddy." he said, as he eyed the captain, the grip around his axe tightening. Nodding, Nampu stuck his hand into the bag, and when he pulled it out, he was holding a decent-sized rock, which he then proceeded to throw right at the captain's head, knocking him unconscious with a single hit. "Hey, don't go hogging the fun!" Zugai suddenly exclaimed, making Nampu sigh in retaliation.

"Hey, bud, it's not MY fault that their captain couldn't take a single blow to the skull. You should give him some credit as well!" he responded, without noticing that the pirate crew was rapidly growing angry due to their captain being knocked out.

"I'll give credit where credit's due, Nampu; you threw the rock too hard!" Zugai snapped back, which instantly triggered a stare-down between the two, much to the confusion of the pirate crew they were facing.

"I can't help it; any slower and it wouldn't hit!"

"Then try aiming for something other than his head! Or better yet, use something different as a weapon!"

"Like what, a shard of glass?! You're just as thick as that axe you're carrying around!"

"Hey, don't insult Honehakaisha!"

"I'll insult it as much as I want to, emo-hairdo!"

"Says the guy who rips apart his clothes!"

"Oh, like YOU know anything about fashion, Mister Tattered-Jacket!"

"At least I'm not GAY!"

"Oh, you did NOT just go there!"

"AHEM." The quarrel between Zugai and Nampu had left them completely unaware that the entire crew (minus the captain, of course) had snuck up on them. Once they finally realized that, they turned to face the crew, which turned out to consist of twenty men.

"If we take ten each, do we call a truce?" Zugai asked in a calm tone, as he released his left hand from the axe, holding it only with his gloved hand. Nampu nodded, as he began rummaging through his bag.

"But I'm STILL kinda sore about you calling me gay; even if it is the truth." he replied, as he fished out a small bag attached to a string, with something apparently inside of it.

And just like that, the two charged right into the awaiting horde of pirates, much to the surprise of their adversaries. Zugai began by quickly chopping down two pirates taken by surprise, before effortlessly blocking an incoming blow with his labrys, sending the offending sword into the sea. "You're really not putting your soul into it, pal! Let me show you how it's done!" he said, before promptly giving the pirate a good punch in the face.

Nampu, on the other hand, had an equally easy encounter going on; simply by swinging the bag around over his head was he able to knock three men down without even checking to see how he did. And whilst he was fighting, he even had the guts to gossip about recent events with the pirates he defeated. "And then, I swear, Kia comes into the room, and she's wearing THE ugliest dress you've EVER seen. I have no idea why she would even wear a dress; she's just not that kind of girl, really…"

However, a series of clicks could be heard, and both Zugai and Nampu were surrounded by numerous pirates holding them at gunpoint. "Well, that was both expected and unexpected." Zugai sighed, as he nudged the still-rambling Nampu. "Hey, we're surrounded. You can gossip later."

Nampu sighed, as he looked around. "It's like this EVERY time I try to help you fend off these guys. Should we call for backup?"

Zugai opened his mouth to speak, when suddenly, several gunshots went off, and the pirates fell flat on their back, having been shot to death. When the duo looked up to see where the shots came from, they found that the people who previously ran into the building had taken out the pirates from the rooftop. "Nah, they got the situation under control." Zugai sighed, as he boarded the ship.

Standing over the unconscious captain, Zugai suddenly yanked him up by his hair, and slapped his face a few times. "Gnh… Arr, what happened? And why be ye holdin' me by me hair?" he asked in a slightly frightened tone, to which Zugai only smirked.

"Don't worry, I'll explain, but just as soon as I get to borrow something…"


"Phew, it's finally done!" The sun was now setting in the horizon, and Zugai was standing on a makeshift harbour, where he gazed upon his handiwork; a boat as white as the axe on his back, the sun's rays giving off the illusion that the boat sparkled. The figurehead was in the shape of a wolf's head growling. "Quite fitting, I must say. Well, guess it's time." With that, he was about to set foot into the boat, when…

"ZUGAI!" The all-too familiar call of his friend prompted him to turn around, to see that Nampu was standing right behind him, arms crossed and a deadly gaze to boot. "And just where do YOU think you're going, mister?"

Zugai chuckled, as he put his hand on Nampu's shoulder. "Buddy, I've told you; the only reason I made this ship was in order to sail to the Grand Line. That crew has to be there, I just know it!" Then, he turned in order to get back on the boat, but a hand holding his right arm back prevented him from doing so. "Let go, Nampu; I'm going, and that's that."

"I know that, bud, but you're forgetting something…" Nampu's voice was quite sincere, as he blinked his eyes a few times, clearing his throat. "You didn't ask me if I wanted to come."

Zugai sighed once again, as he looked towards the horizon, which was now coloured orange due to the setting sun. "I didn't. The burden is mine to bear, and mine alone. I need to confront them, and that's-"

"That's a load of bull, Zugai!" The sudden exclamation made Zugai glance over his shoulder, to cross gaze with Nampu's eyes. "Both you and I know that the Grand Line is where the Pirate King hid his treasure, One Piece! If that crew went there, they have to be exceptionally powerful, as will any other crew you meet there! Even though you're a powerhouse, you can't do this alone." That was when he finally let go of Zugai's arm. "We've been best pals ever since they dropped you off here, and that's never gonna change. So, like it or not, the only way you're going to stop me from following you is to take that axe and behead me! And THAT'S that!"

Zugai looked surprised at Nampu, whose eyes were shining with a brilliant determination. "So, I just have to kill you?" he said, as he reached for his axe. No change of expression. Both of them stood like that for a while, before suddenly, both of them burst into laughter. "Alright, I give!" Zugai managed to spurt out between laughing fits. "You'd probably swim after me, anyway, so what the hell, you can come along!"

"I just about knew you'd give in, bonehead!" Both of them continued laughing, before they finally ran out of breath. Heaving for air, Nampu looked at the brilliant ship that stood before them. "Hey, you weren't serious about that whole beheading-thing?" he said, as he jumped onboard the ship.

Zugai tapped his chin a few times, before jumping aboard as well. "Well, to be honest, yeah I was." Both of them laughed again (although Nampu's was a little weak), before Zugai raised the anchor, as the boat finally floated from the shore, which now had yet another mast lying on the coast. "So long, Hobashira Island!" he called, as the boat slowly faded into the horizon, setting the stepping stone for the next adventure…


Crew Members:

Zugai Hibiware – Captain/Shipwright/Blacksmith

Nampu Kiyasui – First Mate

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