Be My Escape

Chapter one: Helpless


"Edward stop!" I yelled again.

"Bella, please, just this once? Just this once, let me make love to you?" Edward said, his eyes mocking from his fake pleading. He knew he was stronger than me, that I was afraid of him.

"Just this once? JUST THIS ONCE?!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. "What do you mean just this once? How can you say that? You 'make love to me' and abuse me about four times a week!!!" I yelled again. "And another thing-" I was cut off by his lips pressing against mine, hungry, fierce, shoving his tongue into my mouth, gagging me. I screamed into his mouth from fear, though, of cource, being Edward, he thought it was something else.

He ripped my camisole off, along with my boyshorts, and pushed me onto the bed. I instantly regretted not wearing panties tonight. Edward returned to the bed, naked, and roughly shoved himself inside of me, not even asking for my permission. I was starting to cry, and he didn't like that, at all. He grabbed me by my shoulders, while sliding out of me, and pulled me up. His fingers were tight around my arms, too tight, as his long fingers overlapped and shook me violently, and said something in a hard voice, though I couldn't understand him, as I was sobbing now.

"Bella, listen to me!" he yelled. "Stop crying and listen to me!" I desperately tried to stop sobbing and do what he said, but i could only slow the tears, not entirely stop them.

"W-what?" I whispered. The tears were slowing now, slowly trickling down my face.

"Ugh, could you stop being such a drama queen? I was only going to ask you if you were all right. Not that I'm going to anymore." he said angerly, his green eyes vicious. I buried my head into a pillow.

"You can't expect to rape me and then think I'm going to be ok with it." I mumbled.

"What did you say?" he said, outraged now. "WHAT DID YOU SAY?!!" he screamed.

"I said-"

"I understand what you said, you stupid whore, but did you just say rape?" he said, his voice at normal level now. This was out of character for him, so i decided to peek out of my fluffy refuge to see his face. It was blank.

"Y-yes, yes I did." I whispered, afraid of his reaction. I was suddenly aware that his bedroom door was open, and little Alice, Edward's half sister, was peeking through the crack, her eyes wide with horror. She caught my eye, and I threw her a pleading glance, though I knew it would do me no good. Edward was the 'boss' of the family, as he was the strongest. Even poor Carlisle could do nothing about his son's behavior. Alice's eyes narrowed for a fraction of a second, and she darted away.

"I said, what are you looking at!?" Edward almost yelled, putting his face in my direct line of sight.

"Oh!" I said, falling backwards at his sudden closeness.

"Do I have to repeat myself again?" he said, annoyed.

"No, I wasn't looking at anything, just staring off into space." I said, lying as best as I could. It worked.

"Ugh, why do I even bother with you?" he said. And with that, he walked out of the room in one swift movement.



do you like it? hate it? I thought it was pretty good myself.

just for the record, I do not hate Edward. He is my favorite character, and I love him. I just thought that it would be fun to have him as the bad guy for once, ya know, mix things up a little.

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