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Chapter 21- Back Home

Bella POV

4 months later….

Everything had been great since we came home from Italy, thankfully everything had been perfect, well accept for the whole Caius being destroyed thing. Edward and I had now been married for two months and it was wonderful. We lived in a little cottage just a couple feet from the rest of our family.

"Bella?" My angel called to me. I finished throwing on my night shirt (I know we don't sleep but I love the feel of my short shorts and tank top) I walked into our room were Edward was lounged across our bed, in black sweats and a black man tank top.

"Hey honey," I said curling up next to him and laying my head on his chest. He kissed my head and pulled out his new favorite book since he left me, Romeo and Juliet. I closed my eyes and before my eyelids flashed across a million memories of these past four months. First, The wedding.

"Bella. Wake. Up. It's. Your. Wedding. Day." Charlie's voice was gruff, like he was having trouble just saying those words.

"Coming," Just those words had snapped me awake (well from my fake slumber, once Charlie heard I was back he had insisted I move in with him again. So Edward had scheduled the wedding as soon as possible so that 'I can spend every waking second with you' as he put it.

"Oh, and uh, someone's here to see you," You could hear the smile in his voice. I looked up with I expect was a question mark on my face because Charlie just laughed and said:

"Nothing, nothing."

I nodded, confused and then hurried to the shower. Edward had left early last night so he could go to his 'Bachelor Party' with his brothers so he wasn't waiting for me in the closet. I closed the door behind me and nearly screamed when I saw Alice waiting there with a hairdryer in one hand and a brush in the other.

Skip Forward Three Hours…..

"I do." I choked up, my voice barely above a whisper as tears spilled out of my eyes.

"Then I now announce you Mister and Mrs. Edward Cullen." The minister (who wasn't Emmett thanks to Alice) said.

Edward kissed me and suddenly we were on Esme's island….. (Remember no nessie because she isn't human…)

Fast Forward to after the honeymoon….

"Bella, Eddie!" Emmett cried running at us and catching us both (and our luggage) in a huge hug.

"I missed you!" Emmett whined and gave us tight squeeze.

"Emmett it's my turn!" Whined Alice pulling Emmett away with a little effort. She took me in a tight hug and whispered "I'm so happy to have you home!"

She took Edward in a similar hug. The rest of the day was saying hi to the rest of the Cullen's and telling them everything about our vacation. Well not everything about our vacation…….

"Bella darling what are you thinking about?" Edward drawled me from my reverie. I 'showed' him with my new found talent what I was thinking about and when he was done he leaned down and kissed my full on my lips.

"I love you." He stated kissing me again.

"I love you too. And I know you love me." I mumbled around kisses.

"You are just beginning to know my love for you." He mumbled and then we moved deeper. That's my husband. My family. My life.