Title: Reflections of Different Path

Author: Riniko22

Notes: The Characters and Places within this story are not mine. I do not own them, nor am I making any money off of them. So sad, very tragic story of a penniless author that fell into the spring of …….

The characters in this story will likely not act the same as in cannon (written or video), so don't flame me about this. Some will have grown up with different influences on them leading them to react in different ways.

Advice is welcome. I will continue the story to its end, and I have several other ideals in the works after this one or during breaks between chapters. I hate seeing stories that are dropped and never finished.

Part 2 – Mercy of the Amazons

"Hurry Peach, we must leave before the Musk return!" Rushing his pregnant wife out of their home before anymore time could be wasted, the guide began a journey he did not look forward to. The day was not turning out to be as he had hoped it would be, but few days really did when visitors came to the training grounds. He did not know what brought them here as the warnings of danger were clearly marked. But, he suspected that something pulled people here for a reason, what that reason may be he did not know and likely was better off not knowing. He was just grateful that whatever it was seemed to protect him and his family, he suspected that they would need this protection to escape with their lives. Looking over towards his wife the guide blessed his good fortune.

Looking down again into the cart to check on the child, the guide noted that the child did not seem to be badly hurt from what he could see. The worst of the bleeding seemed to have stopped from the head wound the child had taken. But, it would be best to get the head wound checked out by a proper healer, as the child had not stirred since being placed in the cart. Noting the child's clothing and size he could not be sure if anything else had happened from these clues. The clothing did not appear to be too loose or too tight, so he was unsure about the child's gender that could wait until they got to the village. If the child was a boy and his father was dead his future would not be too bright with the Amazons, but if she was a girl they may take her in. Either way the child needed to be treated soon so further waiting would not be good, they could find out more when the child became conscious again. Picking up the front of the cart as Peach exited the cabin with the last of the supplies they began their long journey to the Amazon village.

After several hours of travel pulling the cart with Peach riding whenever able he called a short stop to check on the child and give Peach more time to rest. Checking on the child, he was worried as the child had not came to and seemed paler. Pulling out a blanket from the packs he covered the child and picked up the handles again to continue. It would not be too much longer before he knew the Amazons detected them entering their lands. He just hoped that it would be soon and that they would send a healer to meet them before it was too late.

Alter another hour and a half of hard travel a woman's voice called for him to halt and state his reasons for entering their lands. The guide set the carts down and bowed deeply while keeping his hands in sight. He knew that they likely knew as much as he could tell them, but that was not the point, it was so he would know his place. Straightening back up he spoke, "Honored warriors, I come seeking your help for a wounded child. The child was attacked and its father killed by the Musk." He knew that this would only help their cause as the Amazons hated the Musk, as they were ruled by males. "The child needs care soon if it is to survive. I also humbly ask for your protection for Peach and my unworthy self until the Musk leave Jusenkyo."

"We know of the Musk's incursions into the valley, and will allow Peach and the rest of you entry into the village. Follow Sponge to the village after you arrive there the Elders will wish to question you. Leave Peach and the child here for now; we will bring her to the village and allow you to use one of the guest huts to rest."

As Brush watched the Jusenkyo guide follow Sponge towards the village, she called for the others watching to come forward. With a skill unmatched by others, seven other Amazons slipped out of the woods where they had been watching. As she moved forward to the cart, she could hear Elder Comb coming up from behind her.

Elder Comb moved slowly and deliberately to stand beside Brush looking down on the child. She reached out her ancient hand to touch the child's forehead to read the damage. Making a decision quickly she pushed a little of her own life force into the child to stabilize the child's fading life. Soon she could hear the sounds of its breathing become stronger. When she was satisfied that she danger was over, she commanded one of the others to pull the cart toward into the village and bring the child to her home.

After the child had been placed on a cot within she began to care to the child. Elder Comb started by cutting away the child's clothing so as to disturb the child as little as possible. She could tell as she worked that the child had a strong body. She hoped its will to live was as strong, as she feared it would be needed in the coming days. Moving her hand over to a cloth rag and dipping it into warm water she began to cleanse the child's wounds. She would clean one area and then smooth a healing paste over the wounds, moving down along the body. As she removed the last of the clothing, she wondered again about the people from outside the village. What strange clothing they dressed themselves in, the underclothes seemed have an odd blue cat (1) printed on them. Later, she would check with her daughter about getting some new clothing, the child was about the same size as her grandchild.

(1) Doraemon, if you don't know already.

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