I Could Be Better


Chapter One

Author's Notes: Hello Again everyone! And just for the new year, a new story! This is a collaborative effort between me and the one and only Pahoyhoy (no matter how much she will deny it). It all came from a emote that had a laughing lady who looked like she had a banana for a face…and from that, this was born, lol. Yes, we are that strange sometimes, but, Pahoyhoy, you know I love you for it! Anyway, please enjoy this effort from the two of us!

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"I really had a great time tonight." The petite blond grinned up at the taller redhead, his eyes sliding closed ass he leaned up for a goodnight kiss. Before he could meet the smirking lips with his own, a single finger was pressed to the puckered lips, stopping the smaller male in his tracks. Blue eyes flew open in confusion, and he was greeted with an overly mischievous set of peridot eyes.

"You know, it doesn't need to end here, Roxas." The redhead smirked, running a hand through deceptively soft spikes, "It's not late. We could always take things up to the bedroom for a bit."

The lanky man thrust his hips outwards, and due to the close proximity of their bodies, their hips met and Roxas could already feel the erection that was trapped in his boyfriend's pants.

The comment just about froze Roxas in place, but many months of concealing everything allowed him to school his emotions, hiding any distress he felt at the request. Instead, he put on a sensitive smile. "But isn't your brother home? Because I don't want to chance him walking in on us again." Fingering the cascading locks that covered his lover's back, Roxas looked up at him, his face set in the most innocent smile that he could manage with the inner turmoil he was faced with.

The grin on the redhead's face just widened even more as long arms wrapped themselves around Roxas' back, forcing the petit blond flush up against his body, taking in a sharp hiss of air as he felt the friction along his arousal. "Nope. That blond guy he likes called earlier and asked him to go out. So it is just you and I here tonight. And don't give me any bullshit about you having homework."

Roxas' mouth snapped shut quickly, the first excuse he had been considering already shot down. Dammit, it seemed that his lover knew him too well. "But Sora is expecting me home tonight. We're suppose to be going to visit our sister first thing in the morning and we want to leave really early." At least that wasn't too much of a lie. He and Sora were planning on leaving tomorrow yes, but not until each of them had returned from their respective boyfriends. Roxas was hoping to go home tonight, and then when Sora came home in the morning, the blond would claim that he just walked in a few minutes earlier.

"Aerith will understand if you are late because of me." The smirk was back on his face, and Roxas let out a deep sigh. Why did he think his boyfriend would fall for something like that? But Roxas couldn't let any of these feelings be known.

"If you insist," grinned the blond as he leaned up and placed his lips firmly against his lovers. The arms around his back tightened as they leaned into the kiss, lips opening against one another, the scent and flavours of each other flooding their senses, neither of them caring that they were still standing on the threshold of the apartment. Roxas continued to tangle his boyfriend's hair, effectively bringing his hand up and pulling it free of the hair tie, red locks falling down the taller mans back, Roxas using both hands to grab fistfuls of the soft hair. It was one of the things that the blond liked most about his lover: the feel of his hair.

Never being a patient man, the redhead thrust his tongue out to taste the familiar flavour of his lover, his tongue rubbing aggressively against the smaller male's organ, trying to get any reaction at all out of the blond. As soon as he began to retract his tongue, he left just the tip within Roxas' mouth and used it to tease only the end of Roxas' tongue, flicking it rapidly over the very end, the action earning a low groan of pleasure to erupt from deep inside Roxas' body.

"Un, Reno," he panted, pulling away from the now smirking redhead.

"Wanna take it inside?" he whispered, leaning down to brush his lips against Roxas' nose.

The blond blushed at the statement, but not for the reason that Reno thought. The lanky man hurried to turn around and unlock the door to the apartment that he shared with his twin brother, Axel. Throwing the door open, Reno pulled his lover inside, glad to be greeted with silence, hopefully it meant that Axel had actually listened to him for once and gotten lost. He was starting to get sexually frustrated with his lover. The lithe blond always seemed to have something else that demanded his attention after their dates recently. The longhaired redhead had noticed that lately every time they spent the night at Roxas' apartment, his own brunet twin would walk in on them, effectively ruining the mood. Or Roxas would have too much homework, or one of any other of the million excuses that he seemed to have at the ready each time they tried to get intimate. And Reno was really starting to get frustrated with the situation. He had needs, dammit!

After taking their shoes off, Reno pulled Roxas behind him, ignoring everything else in the apartment, dragging the petit blond down the hall. Roxas wasn't scared or anything, it was just…he loved his boyfriend with all his heart…it was just their sex life, well…you know. Roxas managed not to flinch at all as he was pulled along the hallway, past every room in the medium sized apartment until they came to the last door on the left, the wood swinging open with just a small push of Reno's booted foot.

"Reno…" Roxas trailed off as he was shoved inside, stumbling slightly before righting himself; with the tell tale click of the lock, long arms wrapping around his stomach.

"There is no one to disturb us now. You're mine!" the lanky redhead growled into his lover's ear, loving the shivers that were running through the small blond. Reno wasted absolutely no time in pushing the hoodie and over shirt off of Roxas' shoulders, leaving the younger male clad in just a thin little t-shirt that was way too tight, and his dark black jeans, waiting to feel Reno's hands on him. He wasn't left without the touch for long, as large hands began to quickly run up and down his torso, creating warmth in their paths. They began to drift lower and lower, making many movements over the hem of Roxas' shirt.

If there was anything that Roxas enjoyed, it was the feel of warmth from Reno's hands. There was just something about the body heat that served to warm Roxas from deep within.

"Reno…"Roxas moaned out, reaching down and stopping the pleasurable hands. "I…want to…" the petit blond whispered, looking up into his lover's jade green eyes.

"You are such a kink, Roxy." Smirked the redhead, pulling away from his boyfriend. "Go ahead." Returning the smile, Roxas stood up on his tiptoes, pressing a chaste kiss against moist lips, before turning around and exiting the bedroom. Ensuring that the door wasn't going to relock behind him, the blond closed the door and promptly began to hyperventilate. Surely there had to be something here! Roxas rushed into the bathroom that was shared by the redheaded twins, pulling open drawers and rooting through their contents.

But every search he made was coming up empty. Nothing. Fuck, he would have settled for a hair elastic, a piece of ribbon, dental floss, anything! But there was nothing to be found. Nothing disposable, nothing leather or metal or plastic. Just nothing. He was going to be in shit tonight. After all these months, Reno was going to discover his secret. And he had been hiding it so well. Fuck! Running a hand through his blond spikes, Roxas stared into the mirror. Shitmotherfuckingdamnit. Tonight was not going very well at all. Pacing around the cramped bathroom, Roxas tried to calm his breaths.

"Come on, Rox. Think." He grumbled to himself. Looking into the mirror again, his blue eyes meeting their own reflection, but neither set of blue eyes gave him the answer that he wanted, nor did he have much time left to contemplate what to do. Reno was waiting. And if Reno was left waiting too long, it would mean a longer night for the blond. Growling at himself for being so stupid, Roxas kicked the cupboard, not a smart move if one isn't wearing shoes. Hissing in pain, Roxas reached down and grabbed his now throbbing foot.

Sighing in defeat, Roxas took one last glance at the vanity, looking for anything that could get him out of this predicament. And once again, there was nothing there that would be able to help him out at all. This was exactly why he preferred to have sex over at his place. Taking in a few deep breaths to attempt to prepare himself, Roxas turned and walked out of the bathroom, back down the darkened hall.

Grabbing the doorknob, the blond hesitated for only a second. He did truly love his boyfriend. Reno was just a little…and he never would think of leaving his redheaded lover, no nothing like that. He just wanted Reno to well… Pushing the thoughts to the back of his mind, the blond forced the door open, unsurprised to see the lanky man laying on the bed, completely naked, a hand lazily running along his hard cock that jutted out from his body.

"What took you so long, Roxy?" the redhead grinned, motioning for his boyfriend to join him. Giving Reno a smile, Roxas walked over to the large bed, stripping off his few remaining articles of clothing and letting them fall to the floor. Stopping just at the foot of the bed, the petit blond drank in the arousing sight of his lover jerking off. There was just something about the tall man that caused his heart to beat just that little bit faster. Smiling gently, he crawled up onto the bed, over the pale body, hoping that the redhead didn't notice anything.

"Sorry." Roxas whispered an apology, his body running gently along Reno's. A sigh escaping chapped lips at the contact. But he knew that something would change soon.

"But how come you don't have a cock ring on, Roxy? Isn't that what you were going to get?" Leave it to the bumbling redhead to be observant now of all times. And now Roxas was put on the spot. Reno's hand lifted up to the shivering sides of his lover, mistaking the tremors of nervousness for ones of pleasure. But it wasn't something that Roxas was going to correct. But he did need to think of something, and fast.

"There wasn't anything in there. I'll just have to do without tonight." The blond smiled softly, placing his lips upon his lovers, massaging them together in order to entice some form of reaction. And just as the blond was getting the reaction he craved, Reno began to once again run his warm hands along the now naked torso, a soft moan falling from Roxas' lips. He tried to force the direction of the hands upwards, wanting nothing more that for the lanky man to run his nipple through nimble fingers, digits twisting, pulling and tugging at the small silver barbell that pierced the flesh.

"Roxas!" Reno breathed out, hands coming to rest in his smaller boyfriend's shoulders. Trying not to let out a sigh of disappointment, Roxas held it in as he lost the chance to have his nipples played with. At first he had been completely against getting the nipple ring, but after some major cajoling from his lover of how hot it would be, and how much sexier it would make him, the blond finally agreed to have it done. Come to find out that it was the most arousing thing ever to have it played with; Roxas didn't regret getting it done that much anymore. Now if only Reno would…

Slightly sighing at the feel of Reno's hands around his neck, Roxas knew that tonight was going to be exactly like every other time. And that might not be good. Feeling the large palms pressed against his shoulder blades just as much as he could feel the erection against his thigh, the small blond wasn't surprised to be flipped over, pressed under the pale redhead against the bed, his nipples being squished against his lovers. "Reno!" it was Roxas' turn to gasp out uncontrollably as that sweet spot on his chest was finally pushed against the redhead.

"Are you going to be able to last without that cock ring of yours on?" the older man whispered into Roxas' ear. The words were soft, sensual and seductive against the lobe of skin, but the hand that moved down along the blond's body was not. The fingers were determined in their quest, down along the quivering sides, along the creamy flesh of the blond's thighs. When the fingers were pressed against the firm muscles of Roxas' cheeks and the hard bed, Reno just paused, looking down at his boyfriends face, loving the shuddering that rack the petit blond's body. If only knew what it was from…

"Only one way to find out." Smiled the smaller male, lying through his teeth. But he was going to try and keep everything from Reno for as long as possible. As soon as the words left the blond's mouth, the redhead dove in, capturing pale lips with his own. The kiss was forceful, with Reno nipping and pulling at his lover's parted lips. Roxas let out a slight gasp of surprise as he felt cold fingers running along his crack, roughly over the puckered hole.

Trying his hardest not to tense right up, the blond closed his eyes at the feel of two of the digits pushing into his body. The pain was not as bad as it could have been, but it still hurt like a mother fucker. It shot up his spine, all the way along his back, and it only continued to pulse at the feel of the fingers thrusting in and out at an alarmingly fast pace. Taking a deep breath to brace himself against what was about to come, Roxas could only curse the fact that he had neglected to prepare himself before hand when he was in the bathroom. He would definitely be feeling this one in the morning.

As suddenly as it began, the thrusting stopped and Roxas felt the fingers leave his barely stretched passage. There was no way that Reno wasn't going to discover his secret tonight, and that was what scared Roxas more than anything. The blond didn't resist in the least bit as he felt his boyfriend spread his legs, wrapping them around his own waist. Wait, what? Taking in a surprised breath, Roxas was thrown completely off guard. How come Reno was going to fuck him face up? They never did it this way. Reno preferred to be pressed against Roxas' back as they screwed, or at least that's what he always told the blond. The thought was enough to draw Roxas' thoughts away from the act at hand, as is it drew a long groan from the petit man's mouth as he felt the tip of Reno's hard cock pressing into him much too quickly.

"Reno!" Roxas cried out, hands going up to grip on the redhead's shoulders. As the sound left the blond's lips, the lanky man pushed fully into the smaller body, completely misunderstanding the reason for the sound. Loving the feel of the utter tightness around him, Reno began to quickly pull out of his lover's tight entrance, pushing back in at a rapid pace, the whimpers that fell from Roxas' mouth serving to arouse Reno further and further along. The tightness was the most incredible sensation.

Roxas however wasn't enjoying it quite as much. Every time he was driven into, the pain shot up through his body once more, and honestly, he wasn't sure how much longer he could take it. But at the same time, he wanted to be able to bring his lover as much pleasure as possible. He wanted nothing more than for Reno to be happy. So he allowed his body to be used for the sake of the redhead's pleasure, and in some odd way, it was alright with being used in such a way.

"Fuck, Roxy. You're tight!" the redhead groaned out, pressing their foreheads together as the thrusts began to get more and more violent with every passing moment. The sweat rolled off Reno's skin, slicking Roxas' own with the moisture. Just from the heat in the contact, Roxas could tell that his boyfriend was close, and for that the blond was grateful. The body above him jerked and shuddered, before Reno grunted out several curses before collapsing onto the body beneath him, completely spent as his cum filled the tight cavern of Roxas' anus.

At the additional weight, Roxas tensed up; sure that now was when Reno would find out about everything. But once again, the redhead surprised him, not saying anything. A single kiss was placed on Roxas' forehead, and the blond couldn't help but wince as Reno pulled out of the tight cavern with a slickening sound, and for a moment, Roxas thought that something might be torn down there. It sure felt like it. His entire back stung along his spine, a burning settling down in his rectum. It had been a long time since he had felt this bad after sex. But he really did love Reno.

"Roxy? You alright?" Reno whispered, placing a hand against a slightly flushed cheek.

"Just a little sore." He smiled, looking up into the peridot eyes that always seemed to swallow him up. The smaller man let out a gasp of surprise when a warm hand wrapped around his flaccid member.

"See, you don't need to wear a cock ring to have a great orgasm." The familiar smirk was plastered on Reno's face, and Roxas blushed at the attention that he rarely got after sex. He didn't even notice where Reno's hand was going until it was too late. Nimble fingers ran along his pelvic bone, up along the flat stomach, warmth radiating off the large hand.

The blond's eyes went wide with realization, and before he could stop himself, Roxas winced at his lover's touch, trying to push himself into the mattress. As soon as he realized what had happened, Roxas looked up to meet his lover's confused gaze. "Reno…" he trailed off, reaching up to place a hand against his lover's cheek. Maybe he could attribute the wince to something that he had done at practice…

"How come you didn't cum?" Reno's peridot eyes were mulled with confusion and surprise, as well as concern and hurt.

"Listen, Reno…" Roxas sighed, gasping as the hand that had been on his stomach flew up and grabbed his wrist tightly.

"The hell, Roxy? We're you even hard at all?" everything good that had been apparent in the older man's eyes was now gone, replaced by rejection, anger and more hurt.

The blond drew in a sharp breath as the grip on his wrist just got tighter. "Fuck, you're hurting me, Reno. Let go!" growled Roxas, trying to pull his arm free and push the redhead off of him. But as soon as he moved, his whole boy cried out in protest as the movement caused him too much pain to continue on.

Throwing the wrist back at his boyfriend, Reno got off the bed angrily, looking down at the crumpled blond who was curled up into a ball, glaring daggers at the taller man. "Is this why you always wear a fucking cock ring? You can't fucking get it up?" the normally easy going voice was now thick with malice.

"What do you expect?" Roxas replied, just as pissed off. "If you weren't so selfish of a lover, maybe I wouldn't need a fucking cock ring to stay hard!" As much as it pained him to do so, Roxas tried his hardest to move himself off the bed, ignoring the feeling of the cum that dripped out of his ass with every movement.

"Selfish? What the fuck are you talking about?"

"When was the last time you sucked me off, hmmm? Or even hit my prostate? All you care about in bed is getting yourself off! For fucks sake, Reno. You don't even stretch me anymore! You expect me to get off when all I can think about is whether or not you have torn me tonight?" Roxas was hurt. Hurt by Reno, but also hurt by himself. Maybe he had been too good at hiding all this from his lover, or maybe he should never had have tried to hide it in the first place.

Reno just stepped back, eyes wide from this new information, "That's not true," he spat.

Roxas just rolled his eyes, grabbing his jeans off the floor with as much dignity as he could possibly muster. "Whatever, Reno. I've stayed with you because I love you. I just hope that you would have noticed after eight months that something wasn't right. But I guess that was even too much to ask." The hurt in Roxas' voice was muffled only a moment as he violently pulled his shirt over his head.

"How could I have noticed something like that if you never let me know? You think you could have told me something in the last year!" screamed the redhead, throwing his hands up in the air in exasperation.

"I shouldn't have had to tell you, Reno." Roxas frowned, a single tear falling down along his cheek as he grabbed his sweater off of the back of a chair, slipping it on over slumped shoulders. "Until you learn to be less selfish in bed, I'm sorry…" the small blond whispered, looking up at the taller man with sadness.

Reno's whole body stiffened up at the last sentence, as he finally understood exactly what his boyfriend was saying. "Roxy…" he trailed off, reaching out to the petit male. "But I love you."

Roxas side stepped the hand, not sure if he would be able to resist the touch. "I love you too, Reno. I'll call you next week." With one last look back, Roxas left the still naked redhead standing alone in the bedroom, being sure to hide the limp in his step as much as possible, and his heart broke in a thousand little pieces as he left his lover's apartment in the dead of night.


Yes, it is. It is a RenoRoku! And it is going to be a three shot! So there will be more chapters of this. As for what we have in store for the two of them, we will see what is to come. And what of Axel? Where is he? You'll just have to read the next update to see! And Pahoyhoy, I love you and thank you so much for everything on this idea and everything else! Until next time!