I Could Be Better


Chapter Three

Author's Notes: And it's done! Yay! And for anyone who wondered about Axel…well, here you have him! What will happen? Read on to find out!


Cursing the bitter cold, Axel grunted as he pushed the door to his apartment, glad to be out of the icy wind. Tossing his keys onto the kitchen counter as he stepped into the warm room, the redhead didn't bother turning on an overhead light knowing that he just wanted to go to bed. It had been a long night at Demyx's, and frankly, Axel also knew that his brother and Roxas were supposed to be having hot make up sex tonight. And that was something that Axel never wanted to witness ever again. Ever.

Walking through the dark apartment, the lanky man listened intently for sounds of Reno and Roxas still going at it. Nothing. Thank heavens. Axel didn't think he could handle his brother fucking up with Roxas anymore. The kid deserved so much better than Reno. His older twin had always been very self centered and concerned with only his own wellbeing. So it hadn't been a surprise when Reno had told him how he was in the dog house for just that reason. Letting out a deep sigh, Axel made his way through the dark apartment, trying not to make any noise if at all possible.

But as he walked past the couch, the silence was broken by a strange sound. Was that sobbing? The redhead stopped in his tracks, trying to pinpoint the location of the sound. It was definitely coming from nearby. Taking a glance over to the television, Axel checked to make sure that Reno hadn't just left it on again. But surprisingly, the screen was as black as ever. However, when Axel leaned forward to check, the sound got louder and out of instinct, the redhead looked downwards, instantly finding the source of the sobs.

Laying face down with his face buried in a pillow was his brother's boyfriend, his whole body shaking with the sobs that could be heard through the entire apartment. Obviously, things hadn't gone that well tonight. Looking down the hall, Axel made sure that his brother's door was indeed closed before reaching down to press a hand to t he blond's quaking shoulders. "Roxas?" he whispered into the darkness.

At the sound of another's voice, the smaller male jumped upwards, eyes wide with the knowledge of being found in such a pitiful state. Cobalt orbs scanned the room before settling on the redhead behind and above him, a look of concern etched on the normally smirking face. "Fuck, Axel. You sound so much like your brother." Roxas cursed, pushing himself into a sitting position before using his hands to wipe away the tears he didn't bother hiding.

"So I've been told." Axel's eyes rolled automatically at the statement as he walked around the couch, sitting down beside the petit blond. "What's wrong?" Wrapping an arm around Roxas' shoulders, the redhead pulled his friend close, feeling the shiver that ran through the younger youth's body when he came in contact with the chilled material of Axel' leather jacket.

"I…Reno…Ugh." Groaned Roxas, a fresh round of tears welling up in his eyes at the thought of what had happened earlier. Frankly, he felt dirty, used and violated. Burying his face in the redheads shoulder, he allowed the emotions to flow from him, almost relishing in the comforting feeling of the warm hand rubbing his arm, trying to calm him down.

"Shhh. Don't rush it. Wait until you are ready, Roxas." Axel whispered placing his lips onto the top of Roxas flattened blond spikes, inhaling the rich scent deeply. This kid was definitely intoxicating.

Taking a deep breath and being hit with the sharp tang of smoke and cinnamon, Roxas couldn't believe how different the redheaded twins smelled. Where Axel's scent was spicy and almost sweet, Reno's scent was more subdued, smelling of mild citrus. Two scents as different as the brother's themselves. And for some reason, Roxas was finding no problems at all talking to his boyfriend's twin brother about the issues they were having. "Well, tonight, Reno took me out for a really special night, and things were all going perfectly and everything." The blond paused, sniffling as to stop his nose from running. "And then, we were well, you know…and suddenly he started to fuck me. With a banana!" the admission caused Roxas to burst into tears once more, and it was all Axel could do to sit there and hold the blond as he cried, sobbed and leaked into the dark leather of Axel's jacket.

Looking around to distract himself from the weeping boy, Axel's gaze came to rest on the small digital clock on the stereo system, the green numbers telling him that it was currently 1:41am. Had he really been out that late? And how late had Reno and Roxas been out for? Their reservation had been for 6:30 and he knew that their date couldn't have lasted all that long. So just how long had Roxas been out on the couch for balling his eyes out?

"A Banana?! And he didn't talk to you about it before hand?" Axel was completely surprised. But surely Reno couldn't have been that stupid.

"No! I just kinda looked down and it was in me. Where would be get a stupid idea like that? I just don't understand where he could have thought of something like that." Roxas sniffed, wiping his tears away once more.

Axel tensed up at the words, his arm stopping in its motions on Roxas' arm. Not wanting the blond to notice anything, Axel resumed his previous actions in a heartbeat. But the single glitch in Axel's composure was enough to alert the petit blond.

"Axel…Did you?" Roxas glared, pushing himself away from the redhead's chest quickly, suddenly feeling somewhat sickened by the redhead.

Dammit. There was no denying anything now. And lying would only make things worse. "I didn't think that he would just do it without talking to you about it first. And besides, technically I just told him to try spicing things up a little." Axel argued back in his own defence. This was either going to fall into place perfectly, or crumble into a million little pieces.

"Fuck, Axel. Why? You know that Reno takes everything literally! Why would you ever even consider telling him to fuck me with fruit?" the small blond continued to glare, while trying to understand Axel's reasoning.

"You know perfectly well why I did, Roxas." Axel replied almost spitting out the last word. He crossed long arms over his chest, looking away from the blond, unable to make eye contact.

Roxas just sighed, putting a hand to his forehead. "Axel…You know that I won't." the voice was hushed, and once again, tears threatened to fall from sapphire eyes.

"But why? Why won't you give it a chance?" Axel was becoming more exasperated by the second and for once, he wasn't going to let Roxas skirt around the issue.

"Because! You know I can't hurt Reno like that." The blond wiped away the forming tears, hoping that Axel would just leave it at that, but there was absolutely no chance of that.

"Not good enough." Was the instant response, and finally Axel turned back to face the petit blond. "Come on Roxas. I need a real reason why we can't be together." The redhead's voice was gentle as he reached up and placed a warm hand against Roxas' cheek, forcing their eyes to meet.

The blue orbs were conflicted, so many emotions and thoughts swimming around in there. The two of them had felt this way about one another for so long now. In fact, Roxas thought his feelings for Axel just might be stronger than those for Reno. Everything had started at a party almost two years ago…

Roxas and his brother were going to a reunion party for an organization that they, along with their mother had belonged to when they were young. The Single Mothers of Multiple Births Support Group. They hadn't seen some of these twins and others in years. In fact, there were some that Sora and Roxas were thoroughly looking forward to seeing again. At the reunion, Sora had gravitated to a female set of twins, Kairi and Naminé whom they had been really close to in their younger years, while for some reason, Roxas was drawn to the lanky redheaded twins that had made their lives a living hell whenever they were together. And Roxas was drawn to one in particular.

So after the official party had been over, a large group of them decided to make it a little more age appropriate and went out to a club to dance and get drunk. Roxas was being very clingy to the redhead and they were inseparable all night. So after a hot make out session, Roxas had taken a celebratory drink, the drink multiplying quickly into many more. So it was no surprise that the next morning he had no idea where he was. But rolling over and feeling that familiar ache and seeing a bright mop of red spikes, it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what happened. A smile had crossed Roxas' face when he saw Axel asleep next to him after what he assumed, from the feelings in his body, was a night of awesome sex. But his euphoria was shattered when the redhead he was sleeping with rolled over to reveal that it was Reno he had slept with. Not Axel.

Long story short, Axel had gone out for cigarette while Roxas was getting hammered, and when the blond had gone to find the redhead again, he found the wrong one, and with intoxication came the loss of self control. When Axel discovered what had happened the night before, he was understandably pissed. But he was willing to forgive Roxas, but when Roxas had gone to tell Reno about the mix up, Reno had already become attached and outright refused to let Roxas go. And Roxas didn't have the heart to say anything to contradict him.

And Axel had lost it. Despite what he knew what he felt for Roxas and what the blond felt for him, Roxas had stayed with Reno, even developing feelings for the older twin. Over the two years that Reno and Roxas had been together, Axel waited patiently for them to break up, waiting to take Roxas back. Neither his feelings, not Roxas' had faded in the last couple of years. But also, neither of them could hurt Reno like that, so they didn't act on their feelings, to make sure that no one was hurt.

"Roxas?" Axel whispered, running a hand over Roxas' cheek, breaking the blond out of his memories.

"Sorry, Axel. Just thinking." The blond muttered. "I don't know what to do." Leaning into the warmth of Axel's body, Roxas felt so conflicted. On one hand, Axel had never given up on him, even after such a betrayal, and even though he had several lovers over the past couple of years, he still felt that Roxas was the only one he truly loved. On the other hand, Reno professed his love for Roxas regularly, but never really did anything to prove it to Roxas in the entire two years they had been together. But Roxas really did care for both of them.

"You know, Roxas…" Axel said, his face planting itself into Roxas' hair once more.

Wanting to feel the warmth and comfort that only another human could offer, Roxas leaned into the body next to him despite his mind's apprehensions. Honestly, he should break up with Reno before allowing this talk to happen, but there was something holding the blond back from doing it. Because despite lingering feelings that still made a home in his heart, Roxas knew deep down that things should have ended long ago with Reno, and Roxas should have followed his heart in the first place to be with Axel.

"What is it?" Roxas answered, as hands and arms wrapped around him, pulling him all but into the redhead's lap.

"I could be better, so much better than Reno." Lips spoke softly as they were distracted, attaching themselves onto the small patch of skin behind the blond's ear, a sweet spot for him.

Gasping out in pleasure at the warm lips on his skin, Roxas leaned his head forward onto Axel's shoulder, giving him more access to that spot. "You think so?" Roxas panted as Axel's tongue sneaked out of his mouth, leaving saliva in intricate patterns on the smooth skin. The feeling was an incredible one, and it was all that the blond could do not to moan out loudly at the action.

"I know so." Axel smirked, moving his hands down over the petit body, loving the small shivers of pleasure that Roxas was experiencing through his entire body. Warm hands came to rest on Roxas' hips, pulling him directly onto his lap, the friction drawing a gasp from Axel's occupied lips. He had been waiting for this night for a very long time.

Loving the feel of pressure beneath him, Roxas shifted himself to be straddling the redhead. Reno be damned. He had been waiting for near on two years to be with Axel, and he had been putting up with some real shit over those two years and it was high time that he did something for himself and something he wanted to have happen. And Roxas wanted Axel. So much. It's not like his relationship with Reno was going anywhere, in fact, Roxas knew that it had to be over. He had been denying himself what he wanted, no, what he needed for far too long now. it was about time that he did something for himself. And right now, that involved being with the twin that he had initially set out to be with.

"So prove it."

In a slow motion, Roxas' eyes slid shut as he tilted his head back, eager to feel those lips on his once more. "Of course." Axel responded, his lips close enough to send waves of warm breath onto Roxas' own slightly parted once. Letting out a whine that was just a tad bit needy, Roxas heard the light chuckles before the heat was coming closer and closer. After what seemed like an eternity, lips were finally pressed together in a soft kiss. Axel didn't move to deepen it right away, fearing that Roxas was going to pull away at any moment.

Although the two of them had refused to have a relationship or go behind Reno's back, it didn't mean that they hadn't slipped up in the past. But Roxas had always been the one to pull away after only a few seconds, breaking into tears. But much to Axel's delight, Roxas returned the kiss with earnest, showing that he was serious about them being together finally. And that meant a lot to Axel.

Axel was almost surprised to feel Roxas' arms wrap around his neck, pressing their lips closer together, and it also resulted in their bodies being pushed flush against one another. Roxas let out a moan at the sensations of being so close to Axel after all these years. He finally felt truly alive. Curious hands travelled upwards to bury themselves in wild red spikes, squeezing at the different feeling that they held compared to the other twins. Needing to feel something more than just lips, Roxas snaked his tongue out of his mouth, running it cautiously along the thin lips of the man beneath him. He was rewarded almost instantaneously by the parting of those lips, Axel's tongue thrusting out to take control of the kiss.

Roxas let out a gasp as his tongue came into contact with the warm organ, along with a small flash of cold. It always surprised Roxas how cold Axel's tongue ring could be despite being in such a warm mouth. That tongue ring meant a lot to Roxas. When Reno had mentioned how hot he thought that it would be if Roxas had gotten his nipple pierced, he refused to go with the blond to have it down. So after some begging and pleading, Roxas was able to get Axel to go with him. And somehow Axel even agreed to get the tongue piercing so that Roxas wouldn't be the only one sporting some new hard wear. So as their tongues rubbed together, the small metal ball creating friction between them, Roxas started to roll his hips forward tentatively.

Axel gasped loudly at the movement, surprised that Roxas was taking it so far so fast, but then again, if what Reno had said was true, Roxas hadn't had pleasurable sex in a long time. Breaking the kiss, Axel pulled back, making eye contact with Roxas. Green met blue, and instantly both knew that they had been waiting for far too long for this moment. "Fuck, Rox. How far do you want to go?" the redhead whispered, his hands running firmly over the smooth plains of Roxas' back, desperately wanting the thin material of the t-shirt to be gone.

Allowing himself to grin at the redhead beneath him, Roxas didn't spend too much time dwelling on what his answer might be, before breaking into a grin and answering. "I want to do exactly what we should have done the night of the reunion. There is absolutely no reason to deny our selves any longer." Roxas' voice was hushed, but he extenuated each and every word with a sharp thrust of his hips. And it was obvious through the cotton boxers that the blond wore that he was already hard, and desperately wanted the natural release that had been denied of him for so long now. Both men gasped out as their arousals came in contact, despite Axel's being encased in the thick denim of his jeans. Wasting no time after the confirmation of what he had been waiting to hear for years; Axel reached up and pulled the shirt off of Roxas' body in one swift motion. With one gasped breath, Roxas found the lips of a certain redhead attached to his chest, not wasting anytime by going right where Roxas wanted it.

Warm lips encased both the hardened nipple along with the piercing. When the two studs met inside the warm heat of Axel's mouth, Roxas let out a sharp cry of pleasure, his hands gripping tightly at Axel's shoulders. The feeling was one that Roxas had never experienced before and he definitely wanted to feel again. The redhead used his tongue to roll them together, his teeth scraping along the sensitive skin around it. The action caused Roxas to buck his hips into Axel's, a groan erupting from the redhead's throat. Hands on shoulders began to push the heavy jacket off the lanky body, wanting to get as close to him as possible.

Using his arms in tandem with Roxas' hands, Axel was able to remove the heavy leather from his shoulders, all the while keeping his lips on Roxas' chest, pulling on the nub with his teeth, eliciting moans from the blond with almost every movement. Long arms wrapped tightly around Roxas' back, pulling their bodies even closer together. This resulted in the covered erections rubbing forcefully against one another. Axel let the nipple slip from his lips and let out a deep moan of his own. Roxas loved the reaction that he was getting from the redhead, so he began to rock his hips faster until he felt Axel respond and roll his hips up to meet him, the two falling into a steady rhythm.

Looking upwards to meet the eyes of the youth riding him, Axel was thoroughly surprised to see the bright blue of Roxas' eyes fixated on his own. And as their gazes locked, both knew that they were doing the right thing. This was their night. And they were going to spend it how they wanted. The hands that Roxas had resting on Axel's shoulders for support began to ball the dark fabric up in fists as he wanted more than the light shirt off of the redhead beneath him. As if knowing exactly what the blond wanted, Axel removed his arms from around the smaller mans back and pulling the shirt off his torso, helped along by his rider.

"Axel! No more teasing!" gasped the blond as the redhead's lips returned to his chest, this time coming to suckle on the non-pierced nipple. As his mouth abused that particular spot, Axel reached one hand down to wrap around Roxas' back once more, the other trekking down to come to rest on the front of the soft boxers that did little to mask the hardened cock trapped within. Roxas jerked forward into the hand at the contact, letting out a deep moan. Everything was feeling so incredible right now! He had no idea that just being touched could feel so awesome. It had been a really long time since he had been this aroused, and something deep inside him told Roxas that a lot of the arousal came from who exactly was beneath him.

As the redhead slowly ran his hand along the length, he made sure to pay attention to two particular spots. The base which he squeezed with just his index finger and thumb, making sure that he was pinching in all the right places; and the very tip of the head. The wet material was easy to press through, and Axel made sure that he added extra pressure whenever he came upon that spot, running his thumb over the tip. He pressed hard and earned a little more liquid each time he did so.

Pulling away from the nipple once more, Axel looked up at the petit blond with a smirk firmly in place. "Leaking already, Rox? Do you really need to cum that badly?" Each word was punctuated with a finger being pressed against the slit, the reaction from the blond being that he bucked fiercely into the pleasurable hand not wanting for the sensations to end, but at the same time, he desperately wanted to cum and be fucked. He let out another groan, gripping tightly at the now naked shoulders. And that was a place where Roxas could totally tell that there was a difference between the two twins. Where Reno was always a little on the warm side, Axel was absolutely burning! And that heat completely turned Roxas on. The redhead's hands were hot on his body and that sensation alone was almost enough to get the blond to orgasm.

"Axel!" he cried out, hoping that Axel would finally dip inside those bothersome boxers. But the redhead seemed to have other plans. With absolutely no effort on his part, Axel stood up, taking Roxas with him, before turning around and laying the blond down on the couch. Taking a moment to drink in the sight of the flushed and panting youth, the lanky man needed nothing more to tell him that he was definitely doing the right thing. Without another thought, Axel stripped his lover of the remaining article of clothing, allowing the erection to spring up and greet him, the head a deep purple colour, shining in the moonlight with precum. Axel knew that he had never seen anything so erotic.

Without a word of warning, the redhead dropped down onto the carpeted floor and engulfed the stiff member in his mouth, tongue deftly working along the thick vein that pulsed along the underside. Roxas lifted his hand to his mouth, biting down hard on his knuckles in an effort to muffle the loud moans that were beginning to fall from his lips. His other hand instantly flew to bury itself in the soft spikes that covered the bobbing head. The pleasure was so intense; Roxas almost thought it was all a dream. There was no way that any of this could really be happening, was there?

Axel was amazed at the small blond, how hard he really was. It was way too obvious to him at the moment that Roxas' pleasure really had been denied for so long. His teeth scraped gently along the shaft, running up and down at a medium pace, wanting to bring Roxas to the ultimate pleasure state and prove to him that he was so much better than his brother. Increasing his pace just a little, the redhead decided to change it up a little in order to get the reactions that he wanted from the blond faster. As he drew his mouth upwards, he focused just on the swollen head, sucking at it harshly before swallowing the whole erection to the point that it hit the back of his throat before scrapping his teeth upwards once more and repeating the process. And judging by the way that Roxas grasped harder at Axel's hair and the muffled moans that were escaping, the blond was enjoying this.

It only took a few rounds of this before Roxas began to thrust his hips upwards into Axel's hot mouth, pressing in as far as he could, the redhead offering no resistance at all. As the blond was buried in up to the hilt, he let out a strangled cry of warning that almost went unheard by the redhead before his entire body began to spasm, letting his load shoot into Axel's awaiting mouth. Spurt after spurt shot down the lanky man's throat, Axel swallowing each and every drop of the salty substance, relishing in the taste that of Roxas' essence. And the fact that Axel had been the one to bring him to such a state made it that much more enjoyable for the blond. As the tremors began to subside, Axel allowed the quivering cock to slip from between his lips, taking the opportunity to look up at his soon to be lover.

Blue eyes were half lidded, a crimson blush staining pale cheeks. Cherry lips lay parted as he panted to replenish his oxygen supply, yet the formed a content smile that brightened the blond's entire face. "Holy flying fuck, Axel. That was incredible!" Roxas' voice was hoarse and he seemed like he hadn't been this happy or satisfied in a very long time. But then again, Axel thought, he probably hadn't. Offering the lithe man a genuine smile, Axel took his hands and made quick work of the remainder of his own clothing. He hissed as the heavy fabric of his pants grazed against his own cock, and he just hoped that Roxas would be so kind as to repay his pleasure. Looking down the still heaving body, Axel was almost relieved to see that despite having such an intense orgasm only moments earlier, Roxas was still hard as a rock.

"So, you up for another round?' Axel smirked, reaching down and stroking the thick appendage, loving the small gasps that were escaping the parted lips as his hand ran up and down the length once more, wanting to make sure that Roxas was indeed up for this.

The blond vigorously nodded his head in agreement, anything to keep that heat on his cock, but the prospect of having finally having Axel inside him was enough to ensure that the blond would be and would stay ready. Still kneeling on the floor, the redhead gently pushed the slender legs apart, causing one of Roxas' feet to find a home beside him on the carpet. Their eyes met, and Axel felt something stirring deep inside. Everything tonight was just feeling so perfect and so right, and one look into those sapphire pools was all that Axel needed to see to know that his feelings were reciprocated completely. Reaching onto the back of the couch, all the while continuing to stroke the blond's erection, eyes never breaking their gaze, Axel grabbed his heavy leather jacket, pulling it down to rest next to him on the floor. Without looking, his hand reached to the inside pocket, pulling out two single use lube packets. There was no way he was going to ruin his only chance with Roxas on the very first night. Placing those onto the couch next to the writhing youth, Axel's hand travelled once again to that small hidden pocket, this time retrieving an orange foil packet.

"So you're completely sure, Roxas?" his own voice was husky with pleasure, and he just needed to be sure that Roxas was as for this as he was.

"Fucking Jeez, Ax. If you don't hurry up and fuck me, you might find yourself bottoming." Roxas laughed, his hips once again rolling into the touch that was bringing him so much pleasure. Axel let out his own light chuckle as he placed the condom next to the two lube packets. Knowing that Roxas was probably serious with his threat, Axel picked up one of the small plastic squares, using his teeth to break the tab off of the top, not wanting to stop his strokes until the last possible second. Axel squeezed all of the clear liquid onto his palm, using only that one hand to spread it over his fingers. Axel made sure to keep the pace of his non slicked hand at a slow gentle speed, jerking Roxas' erection as his lubricated hand made its way to between spread thighs.

Roxas let out a breathless gasp as he felt the warmed fingers running along his crack, spreading the lube around the puckered skin. He watched as Roxas' head was thrown back in pleasure, taking it as a sign that Roxas wanted him to continue along further. So with little resistance, Axel slipped a single digit into the entrance, continuing to ensure that the lube was thoroughly coating the tight cavern. The blond rumbled out a moan of pleasure at the feeling of being penetrated, rocking his hips down onto the impaled finger, timing his thrusts with the motions of Axel's other hand which continued to pump at his erection.

Axel smirked at the younger youth, loving how eager he was for this. Wriggling the single finger around inside the heated channel, the redhead held his breath for just a second as he entered a second digit into Roxas' anal cavity. If there was any time that Roxas would push him away, it would be right now. But Roxas just let out another moan. Still not wanting to push his luck, Axel made no attempt to move the fingers until Roxas' hips began to tentatively roll downwards once more, telling the redhead that he was ready. Slowly, Axel began to draw his fingers out of Roxas, pushing them back in and swirling them around. He continued to pump them at a fairly gentle speed, adding a little more movement each time they were buried in up to the knuckle. And each time they were thrust in, he began to spread them a little wider apart.

It only took a few thrusts of the fingers to earn a low moan from Roxas, his hips driving down to meet them each time. Axel took this as a sign, and he began to curl his fingers upwards and started to stroke the one certain spot, causing the blond's vision to be over come with white hot pleasure. "There! Holy shit! There, Axel! Again!" Roxas panted, gripping onto the sofa for dear life. He almost forgotten what it was like to have his prostate hit, and the intense sensations that it was causing were threatening to end it all too soon. "Axel. You'd better hurry up and fuck me before I lose it!" Roxas trailed off into a quiet scream as Axel began to assault the spot with nimble fingers, thoroughly enjoying the reactions that he was receiving from Roxas.

"As long as you're sure." Axel answered, removing his fingers as well as the pumping hand from Roxas' body, a whimper falling from the blond's lips at the loss of all contact. Grabbing the orange foil first, the redhead ripped the package open and pulled the latex condom from inside. He rolled it over his own neglected length before picking up the remaining pod of lube. Once again using his teeth to rip open the small packet Axel watched as Roxas pulled himself up further on the couch, trying to give Axel some extra room. "Give me your hand." A little confused by the redhead's request, Roxas none the less held out his hand to the lanky man, slightly surprised when he felt the warmed liquid being poured onto his palm.

"Axel? What are you doing?" Roxas questioned, raising an eyebrow at his redheaded lover.

"Well, you didn't expect me to let you have all the fun, did you?" he smirked. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what Axel wanted. Giving the redhead a smirk of his own, Roxas reached down and wrapped his hand around the hardened member, giving it a tight squeeze. It was Axel's turn to moan at the long denied touch, his breath catching at the tightness. Roxas began to pump his hand at a slow pace, rotating his hand around and around as it stroked the shaft, eyes intently watching Axel's face as the jade eyes disappeared behind eyelids as his head lolled back in pleasure. The sight was one to behold, and it only served to make Roxas want this all that much more.

After Roxas made certain that the redhead was coated completely with the clear gel, he removed his hand. At the loss of the pleasure all too soon, Axel's eyes flew open as he looked down at the petit man. They obviously were both more than ready for this to happen. With one last smirk, Axel crawled up onto the chesterfield with the blond. With warm hands placed on slender hips, Roxas allowed himself to be rolled onto his side. A series of shudders ran through the blond's body as Axel slid up on the sofa to lay behind him. Taking one hand off of his hip, Roxas gasped at the feeling of the redhead running the hand down his leg and to the knee. The lanky man then pulled the leg up in the air, holding it there.

Roxas let out a deep groan at the feeling of Axel's chest being firmly pressed against his back, the warmth that radiated off of the redhead serving to turn Roxas on even more. His hand flew to rest on the taller man's hip, while its partner reached up and grabbed hold of the armrest above his head as a means to brace himself when he was entered. Keeping his foot firmly pressed against the floor, Roxas let out a shuddered breath as he felt the head of Axel's covered cock rub against his stretched hole, using every ounce of restraint he had not to push backwards and impale himself on the shaft.

"Ready?" Axel whispered gruffly, squeezing at the leg in his hold.

"More than ever." Replied the blond, gasping as he felt the pressure at his entrance increase, followed by the feel of the long, warm erection pushing into him easily. He let out a breath that he hadn't realized that he had been holding as Axel slid into him with very little resistance, thanks to the stretching at the lube. It had been a long time since he hadn't needed to worry about tearing or ripping or anything like that, and for once, he was going to thoroughly enjoy having sex again. Axel just kept right on pushing in, burying himself completely inside the blond, moaning at the tight heat that surrounded him, this was utter utopia. He was in heaven! Their bodies just fit together so well! It was like they were made for each other.

Not wanting to force Roxas to go faster than he was comfortable with, Axel didn't move. The whimpers that escaped Roxas' lips served as their soundtrack, and nothing had ever sounded so erotic to the redhead. The blond gripped tighter at the hip in his hold, moaning out at the feeling of being some completely full without the sharp stabs of pain. And there was something that Roxas noticed. Even though Reno and Axel were twins, Axel was definitely better blessed in the size department. Roxas didn't think that he had ever had so much inside him at one time before! And if it didn't start moving soon, Roxas knew that he would go insane. Hesitantly, he rocked his hips backwards, trying to entice the redhead into moving. And that little bit of movement was all Axel needed to start his fire burning.

Pulling his hips backwards, Axel began to pull out of the smaller body before slamming back in up to the hilt quickly. The action pulled a loud cry from Roxas' lips. Not wanting to alert the other occupant of the apartment to what they were doing, Axel placed his mouth against Roxas' ear. "You gotta be a little more quiet, Rox. We don't need to make this a threesome." He grunted, extenuating every other word with a sharp thrust of his hips and a tight squeeze of the thigh in his grip.

Roxas brought the hand that gripped the arm of the couch up to his mouth, pressing a closed fist against his lips as the redhead continued to pound relentlessly into the petit body. Each time Axel drove in, Roxas moaned into his hand, and that in turn caused Axel to let out a moan of his own into Roxas' hair. For Axel, the tightness was incredible, something that he had never been able to dream of. And the friction that it was causing sent shivers of pleasure through both bodies.

The sound of their bodies meeting was accompanied by the slap of skin on skin and Roxas could feel Axel's balls hitting up against his ass every time he thrust in, and it was all he could do not to cry out loudly. And it didn't take many thrusts in before Axel's hard cock began to brush against the small bundle of nerves that had not been given enough attention lately. "Axel!" he cried out breathlessly. "Like that!" with a grunt of acknowledgement from his lover, Axle continued to make sure that he hit that spot over and over again, needing to know that he was bringing the blond as much pleasure as possible.

"Touch yourself, Roxas. For me." Axel groaned into the lithe youth's ear, interrupting the small string of colourful curses that were falling from the blond's lips. Not needing to be told twice, Roxas lifted his hand off of the warm hips behind him, trailing it lightly over the sweat slicked skin of both their bodies, bringing it down to lightly dance trembling fingers over his still hardened cock. This was amazing. He was still hard and the pleasure he was getting from the rigid cock that was pounding mercilessly into his ass was unbelievable! It had been so long…not wanting to deny Axel of his request, Roxas tentatively began to wrap his thin fingers around his thick shaft, giving it a few gentle strokes in time with the assault on his prostate.

"Axel! I'm not…soon!" were the only words that the redhead was able to make out among the groans and whimpers that spilled forth from the small youth's parted lips. And if the feel of Roxas' inner muscles squeezing against his member was any indication, his lover would not be lasting much longer tonight. Squeezing the leg in his hold even tighter, Axel increased the pace if his thrusting, grinding his hips relentlessly into the petit body, becoming lost in the tunnel of hot constriction that he was currently encased in. the heat was causing him to lose all control as he pounded deeper and deeper, faster and harder, the noises that left Roxas driving him to try and bring upon their releases sooner.

Looking over his lover's shoulder at the sight, Axel groaned louder at the sight of the quickening pace of Roxas' hand on his erection, the blond was flushed from head to toe, and the redness glistened with sheen of sweat. The entire package, including the look of utter happiness and pleasure that was on the blond's face was almost enough to send Axel into his own orgasm right at that moment. But the redhead was determined to make sure Roxas came first. Knowing that he himself would not be able to last all that much longer, Axel moved his mouth to attach his lips to his lover's ear. Taking the lobe into his mouth, the lanky man scrapped his teeth along the flesh, his tongue flicking quickly along the edge, making sure that his tongue ring was rolling against the small fold of skin.

Roxas let out a hitched cry mixed with ragged breaths as his hips began to push backwards harshly on to the hard shaft, his own hand tightening its grip around his pulsing erection as he came almost violently, shooting everything across his hand, stomach and thighs. Spasms racked the small body, pushing him deeper onto the rigid cock beneath him, the tremors travelling through his body and through to Axel's.

The tightness around his penis was amazing, and Axel needed to feel it around his entire being. Picking up the pace, he continued to thrust into the shuddering boy, the muscles creating a vice like grip around his cock, the likes of which he had never felt before. He released the ear that was within his mouth, letting out his own moan before forcing Roxas to turn his head more towards him. As soon as the breathless blond complied, the redhead dove in, capturing the quivering lips in his own, thrusting his tongue deep into his lover's mouth, not waiting for Roxas' permission. The petit man returned the kiss with vigour, loving the feeling of being the first one to cum, and still enjoying the feeling of Axel pumping in and out of his tight body.

Wanting to show Axel that he still had a little bit of dominance in him, Roxas used his tongue to push the redhead's organ back a little, biting down with only a little force, the blond making sure that the small barbell was pressed directly against the enamel of his teeth, rolling the ring against his teeth.

That last little bit was enough to send the redhead over the edge as he moaned into the kiss, before breaking it and thrusting his hips forward one last time, releasing into the latex of the condom, dropping the leg he had in his grip. The limb fell limply down, harsh red marks appearing where he had been holding on so tightly. They would definitely be bruised by the morning. The two just laid there for a few minutes, the pounding of their hearts and the deepness of their breaths being the only sounds in the quiet room, Axel not making the effort to pull out quite yet.

"I can't believe that we just did that." Axel chuckled, manoeuvring Roxas so that both of his legs rested on the couch now. Roxas just grinned, reaching onto the floor and grabbing the boxers he had been wearing earlier. He used the black fabric to wipe the evidence of his orgasm off of his body, unable to move far with Axel's softening member still inside him. "So, did I prove it, Roxy?"

Roxas cringed slightly at the hated nickname, but let it slide. After all, he could consider it payment of the marvellous sex that they had just had. "Prove what?" he mumbled, any remaining energy he had now rapidly leaving his body.

"Was I better?" whispered Axel, groaning softly as he pulled out of the tight channel, loving the way the blond's back arched as he did. The redhead sat up, allowing his lover to roll over onto his back, their eyes meeting, both filled with a million different emotions of happiness.

"So much so." Roxas replied sleepily. Grinning at the sated state of the blond, Axel reached down, pulling off the condom and tying it off before wrapping it in the soiled boxers that Roxas had used to clean himself. Not having the energy to move any further than the couch, Axel picked up the blanket from the end where it had gotten pushed to, before crawling up and laying next to the lithe blond, pulling the blanket up to cover the two of them. With the last of his energy, Roxas moved on top of the redhead, their arms wrapping around one another before both drifted into a contented sleep, the world seeming so much better now that they were finally together.





The next morning, Roxas woke up to several different sensations. The first was the fact that he was lying on top of a really warm body, arms wrapped around his back. Second was that there was a familiar pain in his lower back, but the heat from the large hands there helped to chase that away a little. The third was that he was on the couch, not in bed. And the last was the strangest of all. He felt as if there was some one there watching him.

But then again, everything was strange. Reno always stayed away from him while they slept, and the two of them never fell asleep on the couch. But then again, it wasn't Reno who had caused that dull throb. It was Axel. They had fucked on the couch last night and apparently neither of them had had enough energy to move them into Axel's room. Breaking out into a wide smile, Roxas nuzzled his face back into the bare chest beneath him, loving the gentle rhythm of the redhead's snores.

Wait, if Axel was snoring, that meant that he was still asleep. Then what was that feeling that he had that felt as if he was being watched? Letting out a groggy groan, Roxas pried his eyes open, squinting at the harsh morning light that came through the large picture window. Not wanting to move except he had to find out what that nagging feeling that wouldn't subside was, Roxas reluctantly pushed himself off the sleeping redhead.

"Good morning, Roxas." A voice growled from next to him. Eyes flew open instantly at the sound of the voice and Roxas whipped around to come face to face with the one person he didn't want to see at the moment.

"Reno!" the blond gasped, trying to sit up at the same time as he tried to pull the blanket up to cover himself a little more. But alas, the fates of gracefulness were not looking down upon the boy named Roxas on this particular day. As he twisted and turned in just the wrong way, the blond ended up falling off both the redhead and the couch, taking the blanket with him, a lovely crash accompanying him.

At the sound, Axel was thrown directly from the warm embrace of sleep to the cold shell of alertness, first from the loud noise that came from beside him, the other because of the sudden lose of heat from his body. "The hell?" Axel exclaimed, shooting up into a sitting position.

"I could ask you the same thing, Axel." The elder twin snapped, not exactly in the best of moods this morning. After all, he had walked out of his room with the intent to try and talk to his blond lover to see if they could try and work their way through the issues of last night, only to find said blond asleep on the couch, naked, laying on top of his twin brother and covered in the obvious smell of sex. Anyone would be understandably pissed.

"Listen, Reno. We can explain." Roxas pleaded, wrapping the blanket securely around his waist as Axel just reached down and grabbed his jeans off the floor from the previous night, slipping them on in a much calmer manner.

"Explain what? You leave me last night saying that we will talk about our relationship, and I come out to talk to you, only to find you with my twin brother, naked and smelling like sex!" Reno's voice was completely different than his demeanour. He sat calmly except for where his hands were gripped on the arms of the chair, squeezing so hard that it wouldn't surprise either Roxas or Axel if the stuffing popped out at any moment.

Axel just scoffed at his older brother as he finally got his pants up. "You honestly thought that you would be able to keep Roxas after the way that you have been treating him lately?"

The comment earned the younger redhead a glare from his brother. "I would have at least liked to have tried to fix things before you seduced him away from me!" the anger in Reno's voice was now starting to show in his whole body.

"You had eight months! And you didn't even notice that there was something wrong!" Axel growled out, returning the glare with an identical one of his own.

"Was that your plan the entire time? To tell me something stupid like fuck him with a banana so that you could come along and steal him away from me?" Reno jumped out of his chair, hoping to use his height as an advantage. There was only one problem with that.

Not being one to be intimated, Axel jumped to his own feet, his own height being the exact same as his brothers. They stood nose to nose, identical sneers on their faces. "If things had gone my way, I wouldn't have had to wait around for two years waiting for you to fuck up! You knew that I wanted him and was planning on getting with him that first night! You stole him from me!"

"But Roxas came on to me that night!"

"He was drunk, and if you hadn't noticed, we're identical twins, ass wipe!"

"It was still my name that he was crying out!"

"And you know very well that he tried to talk to you the next day to tell you that it had been a mistake on his part!"

"You were just jealous that he chose me over you!"

Still sitting on the floor, wrapped in the blanket, Roxas listened in on the two brothers fighting over him, before it became too much for him to handle. "Enough!" he screamed out, causing the twins to freeze, each with a finger pressed against the others chest. "Both of you shut the fuck up, and sit the fuck down!" the blond glared at the two of them, and when two sets of emerald eyes turned to meet the blazing blue of his own, the twins both became slightly afraid before sitting down on the couch in perfect unison.

"Rox?" Axel whispered, reaching out towards the blond as Roxas stood up, the blanket falling to the ground as he picked up the pair of red boxers that Axel had been wearing the night before, slipping them on to preserve at least a little of his dignity. He sent a silent glare at the younger twin, but it was under laid with a look of compassion.

"Reno, you know that I love you. I really do, but I just can't handle it anymore. I've given you so many chances, and each one I have always said that it would be your last…but I just couldn't do it." Roxas paced the room in front of them, determined to not allow them to see just how much this was affecting him.

"But of all the people, why Axel? Why my own fucking brother?" Reno asked, his voice hushed and by the slight waver it held, Roxas knew that Reno was hurt, and badly.

Roxas let out a sigh as he continued to pace. "Axel is telling the truth. That first night, I thought that you were him. I meant to hook up with Axel at the club. And when I told you that I wanted to be with him and not you, you flipped out, remember? You wanted me to give you a chance. And I did. But I never thought that I would fall in love with you."

"Then why isn't that enough?" Reno interjected.

Running a shaking hand through his limp flaxen spikes, Roxas swallowed hard in an attempt to make his nerves go away. "It was. For a while anyway. But how can you expect me to be able to continue to love you if you aren't aware of my emotions and feelings, and basically rape me every time we have sex?"

It was now Reno's turn to sigh. "But of all the people you could have gone to, why did it have to be my twin brother?"

"Because I love him. I always have." Roxas answered without missing a beat, watching as two identical sets of emerald eyes widened and jaws dropped open in unison. "I have tried to suppress it for so long; I never wanted to hurt you Reno. But I just couldn't hold it in any longer. Last night was the last straw for me. I really am so sorry."

"I promise you though, Reno that nothing has happened between us in the last two years. Roxas has been completely faithful to you." Axel added, knowing that things would take a long time to work themselves out between the three of them.

Roxas stopped his pacing to turn and look at the brothers. No one wanted to say anything, and the silence droned on for what seemed like forever before it was broken.

"Are you happy?" the voice was so quiet that Roxas almost missed it.

"I am." He nodded, not daring to look at the younger twin as the elder spoke.

"The moment that changes, I will fucking kill you." Reno glared at his brother, standing up, his head held low.

"Reno. I really am sorry. I hope that you can forgive me in time. I want to be able to stay friends. I do love you." Roxas whispered, grabbing a hold of the lanky man's arm as he walked by.

Reno just stopped, pausing for several minutes before turning to the petit blond, his eyes showing the extreme hurt that he was feeling at the moment.

"I know, Roxas." Were the only words he spoke, pulling his arm from the loose grip. He continued over to the entryway, pulling open the closet door and grabbing his coat.

"Where are you going?" Roxas knew that he was probably pushing it by continuing to talk to his ex, but he really did want to stay friends with the older twin. It wasn't that he hated Reno, it was just that he wasn't in love with him anymore.

The lanky man just huffed out a single breath of laughter. "My boyfriend just left me for my twin brother. Where do you think I am going?"

"Drive careful. Call me if you drink too much and need a ride." Axel called over his shoulder. Reno was still his brother after all.

"Not likely. I am going to see if Rude is at Seventh Heaven and willing to throw me a pity fuck. And if he isn't, I'm sure that Tifa would be more than happy to have some good old angry sex." Reno answered, before walking out the door, slamming it in his wake.

Axel let out a sigh, holding out one arm. Roxas was instantly at his side, holding on to him, silently asking to be held. Axel caught onto this and wrapped his long arms around the quivering blond. "I thought that he was going to punch me out." Axel confessed with a light laugh.

"So did I." whispered the blond, burying his face in his lover's chest. They sat in silence, wrapped in each others arms, both trying to process exactly what had just happened. A smirk rose onto Axel's face as he thought of one particular moment.

"So, you love me, do you?" the spot on his chest where Roxas' face was buried started to heat up.

"Yeah, I do." Embarrassment laced Roxas' words. Axel wasn't supposed to have found out this way.

The smirk only grew wider before morphing into a smile. "Well, good. Cause I love you too. And believe me when I say this. You won't regret this. I WILL be better. Got it memorized?"

Roxas just groaned. "You know, that is just annoying now, and not even close to being funny anymore."

Axel let out a laugh. "Who cares? Just shut up and kiss me."


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