author's note: okay here is a small taste of the NCIS crossover. This is being witten from the stargate side of things. So in order to get the whole thing from both perspectives you will need to read Dark Angel, which is the compainion story to this one. It's being written by my sister and is from the NCIS side. This is basically a trial run to see what kind of response this story gets. I mean I'll continue with it regardless, but getting a good reponse may just make me write it faster. Maybe. We'll see. Just a warning, the updates for this will be slow, mainly because me and my sister have to have them in sync. The first few chapters though will only feature SG-1 so that the back story and what not can be established. Okay, I think I've pretty much covered everything. Please let me know what you think and I hope you enjoy!

disclaimer: I don't own any part of SG-1 or NCIS.

Dark Foreigner


A tall young man with piercing blue eyes and brown hair stood nervously in front of a large mahogany desk. The older man behind the desk studied him. He really didn't want to do what he was about to, but he had no choice. It was an unstated rule that a commanding officer not get too close to those under their command. But, the young man in front of him, and one of the other operatives, had become like sons to him.

"Dan-," the older man began, and then stopped. He cleared his throat and began again, this time emphasizing the young man's alias, "Ajnabi, as you are probably aware a number of the lower level operatives have been compromised. Because of this, we have been looking into the possibility of a mole. We had assigned Swordfish to that job. Unfortunately, his body was found this morning. So, we are taking steps to protect our assets."

"How?" Was all the young man asked.

"We are sending all of our top operatives into hiding-,"

"What?! No," the young man said, cutting him off. "Sir-," he stopped when he saw the look on the older man's face. "How long?" He asked instead.


"Yes, sir."

He could tell by the tone of the young man's voice that he wasn't happy about this.

"You will be sent to Colorado. We understand that there is a military operation there looking for someone with your talents."

"Yes, sir."

"Good, you may go."

The young man turned to leave, but stopped as he reached the door. "Sir, if I may, what about Dark Angel?"

"He will be taken care of. Now, go, there is a plane waiting for you."

The young man nodded and then left.

"Dear God, please don't let anything happen to him," the older man muttered. Although, knowing Ajnabi, praying was all he could do since trouble seemed to follow him everywhere.