Gundam OO: The Meaning of Zero


The year is 2307 A.D. The world has effectively been split into three power blocs, trapped in a zero-sum game of false peace, none winning or losing. The advent of the Solar Energy System, a combination of photo-voltaic technology and the orbital elevator systems, has laid to rest many of the old conflicts. And started so many more. The three power blocs each control one primary elevator. The Union of Solar Energy and Free nations, composed of the nations of North America, South America, and japan, completed it's elevator first. The Human Resource League, made up of much of Asia and the former Soviet nations, control, the second elevator. The Advanced European Union, an enhancement of the old European Union, is still developing it's own Elevator, although it has completed the Solar Energy system.

In this world occupied by three great powers, battles still rage on Earth, and even in space among the orbital stations. Lesser nations and terrorist organizations strike at each other and at the three main players on this global stage, spreading death and destruction, misery and hatred.

So, thought Zero, this world needs a force to weld these disparate scraps of metal into a strong shield, able to last for centuries. But no mere mortal has the strength to wield the hammer, only the Celestial Being

A/N: This is my first fanfiction, so Im kinda nervous about the whole thing.....but please read and review. Im gonna try to keep it at about three or four updates a week.