Gundam 00: The Meaning of Zero

Chapter 21: Code to the Apocalypse

One Year Ago – Celestial Being Lagrange 3 Facility

Where are they? Setsuna wondered. The Krugis Meister-in-training was currently in a simulation against the other three Meisters. It had been a dare. Really, the only reason Setsuna had accepted was because Lelouch had suggested so.

"Setsuna, move three meters right, fire the GN Rifle at shoulder level, two point seven degrees to your left and then move the shield to cover your right side from angles five to twenty-three." Obeying instantly, Setsuna fired the Rifle at seemingly nothing, and then shielded himself. The beam passed seemingly through thin air, and it was only a moment later when the camouflage failed that Setsuna saw he had shot the Dynames through its sniper camera. In the same instant, the Kyrios' attack pass failed when its beams came against the GN Shield.

"Alright, now extend the Sword, side-step twice to the left and back-slice to the right, wait two seconds, then take out the beam daggers and throw them straight up." Doing so, Setsuna sliced the Kyrios in half when it tried to stab it's beam saber through the Exia, and threw the beam daggers into the floating Virtue's Cannons just before they fired, causing a self-destructive overload. Then, he saw the Dynames coming from behind with both beam pistols drawn. Unable to move fast enough, Setsuna could only watch helplessly.

A flicker in one of the view screens caught his attention, and he looked just in time to see four Aggelos flash past. Looking back at the Dynames, he saw that the Sniper Gundam was impaled through all four limbs in a parody of a crucifix.

"Well, that wasn't so hard." Turning the Exia, Setsuna saw the Angelos floating next to it, GN Longsword at the ready. Simply, and efficiently, Lelouch stabbed the Dynames in the cockpit.

With the objectives complete (annihilation of opposing forces) the simulation deactivated, and Setsuna climbed out of the device. Around him, the other Meisters were doing the same, the opposing three grumbling good-naturedly as Lelouch smiled.

"Well, that would be one hundred dollars from each of you, and a written apology for various insults and slights." The three Meisters hesitantly handed over the money, took out pen and paper, and began to write. Lelouch counted out the money, giving exactly half the total to Setsuna before facing Sumeragi, who had been viewing the exercise. "You too, Miss Noriega." Grudgingly, she slapped the money into Lelouch's outstretched hand before going off, muttering about getting a beer.

Smug, Lelouch moved to the simulation controller and began extracting test data.


Present – Colony Construction Debris Belt, Low Earth Orbit

The cackling echoed in Setsuna's cockpit as he gazed, unbelieving, at the cloud of gold and green GN Particles where the Angelos had been.

"So much for the great Lelouch Lamperouge!" Corner laughed, head shaking in glee. In the Exia, Setsuna's head whipped around as he snarled at the image of the Alvatore on his screen, Lasse swearing creatively in his ear. Unconsciously coming to an agreement, they charged at the mobile armor, Cannons and Blasters firing against the GN Field. Ignoring the Turret fire, Setsuna raised the right-arm blade, slicing through field and metal as claws extruded from the mobile armor in a vain attempt to block the Particle-covered weapon. The attack sliced the Alvatore's left claw off completely, also carving a small canyon in the hull, disabling some of the front left turrets.

Sneering, Corner moved the Alvatore back and launched the remaining Pseudo-Fangs, the golden rods moving forth to fire at the darting Gundam.


"Hey, C.C, what's going on over there?" Lichty asked, somewhat understandably concerned. The AI was silent for some reason, and the Ptolemaios was just aimlessly floating through space.

"You don't think…." Chris trailed off, her expression worried.

"No, the Aggelos are still moving, see?" Sumeragi pointed. And it was true, as the icons indicating the Aggelos on the sensors were moving away from whatever they had been doing, returning to where the Angelos' signal had disappeared.


"Graaahhhh!" Suzaku screamed, GN Katana slicing down towards the Vier. The Red Throne dodged, claw grabbing at the Iscariot's arm. Too experienced for that, Suzaku moved the Iscariot's legs, firing its Leg Boosters to dodge the dangerous appendage. Growling, Kallen reached the claw out towards the Iscariot, almost seeming to hope the limb would stretch. Suzaku was almost about to taunt her when the claw suddenly lurched forward, fist slamming against the Iscariot's face as an ominous red glow appeared in its palm.

"What the HELL!?" Suzaku shouted. Grinning now, Kallen activated the reel, bringing the modified claw in by monomolecular wire.

"Like it? I had it done during the past few days. Celestial Being's mechanics really are quite good." She replied tauntingly. "Here's something else I had done!" Aimed at the False Gundam, the Vier's claw opened up like a flower. From the palm fired an enormous beam, concentrated by the reflective properties of the Annihilation Claw's anti-beam coating. Suzaku barely managed to maneuver the Iscariot out of the beam's path, leaving the compressed stream of Tau Particles to smash into a good-sized meteoroid. Without giving him a moment to gather his wits, Kallen charged the Throne into him, left hand now clutching a beam dagger in a reverse grip. Bringing it up, she inverted it and stabbed it into the Iscariot's left leg.

"Damn you!" The Union Ace hissed as the Iscariot's other hand drawing the Wakizashi and slicing at the Vier's cameras. The Vier's head slid back, allowing the Wakizashi's edge to pass before slamming forward, head-butting the Iscariot. Snarling, Suzaku brought up the right leg to the False Gundam's torso before kicking out at the Vier, propelling the two Tau Drive units away from each other.

Their field of fire cleared, the GN-Xs began to open fire on the Vier, Kallen moving the Throne in a series of evasive maneuvers. Calmer now, Suzaku aimed the Katana tip-first at the Vier, sighting in on its shoulder. The next instant, a beam fired from the GN Gun build into the Katana's blunt edge, composed of highly-compressed Tau Particles, equivalent in amount to average GN beams, yet smaller in diameter. Unfortunately, Suzaku's aim wasn't quite as good as he would have hoped, and the beam scarred the Vier's right shoulder instead of piercing and destroying it. Unperturbed, the Japanese pilot took aim again.


"Damn him!" Michael growled under his breath. The two Zwei Thrones were scouring the area for the Dynames. For the past quarter-hour, the Sniper Gundam had been using hit-and-run tactics with its sniper rifle and GN Blasters, although for some reason it had refrained from using the more powerful cannons.

"Calm down Michael," Ali remonstrated "He'll soon come back out. This type always does."

"What, do you know him or something?"

"I know his kind. I did command a mercenary company you know. Anyway, these snipers are always stealthy, tricky bastards. And when they attack, someone always ends up dead or incapacitated. Although, with these mobile suits, we're actually able to turn the tables…."

At that moment, Lockon was currently sighting in on the mercenary's cockpit, waiting for the opportune moment.

"Ian, you done with those recalibrations yet?"

"Almost….. Just a few more lines of code….there!" Grinning in triumph, the engineer flashed a thumbs up at the comms camera.

Smirking, Lockon uploaded the sniper camera's feed over to the D-Arms, allowing Ian to use his view to target the Cannons. The two Zwei's were in a rather sensible formation, the original with its Buster Sword searching while the AC covered it with the Battle Rifle. Well, let's see how they look reduced to floating, flash-frozen scrap… Lockon thought, finger ready on the trigger. He entirely didn't expect the Zwei AC to whirl about and start shooting at him as the surviving Fangs darted in his general direction.

"Damn it!" the sniper swore, maneuvering the Dynames and D-Arms away from the asteroid it had been hiding behind as the beams began flying. The GN Field activated, throwing up a barrier of GN Particles before the Tau beams. "We almost had them!" He lamented.

"Well, you know that saying……damn, I forgot the saying." Ian chuckled, even as he aimed the Cannons straight at the lead Throne's cockpit. A second later he fired, although the rearrangement of the Cannons magnetic fields caused a more-compressed-than-usual beam, about the size of a sniper beam, pure white at the center and turning pinkish outwards. The Zwei managed to dodge one, but the other took its left arm clean off at the shoulder, the edges of the separated pieces briefly glowing orange-hot before the near absolute zero temperature of space readily absorbed the heat.

"Good work on those Cannons." Lockon complimented, even as he traded beams with the Zwei AC at medium range. While the Battle Rifle wasn't quite as powerful as the Sniper Rifle, at this range it would still pierce the cockpits of both Dynames and the D-Arms. "Oh shit, I think they're trying to close with us. Do you think you could use the Blasters to handle the Fangs? These two are gonna occupy my entire attention span for a few moments."

Moving quickly, Michael boosted the Zwei towards the Dynames, Buster Sword at the ready as he moved to avenge the damage to his Throne. The Dynames barely managed to duck under the sweep of the enormous blade, although its Sniper Rifle was neatly cleaved in half. Swearing under his breath, Lockon backed the Dynames off from the berserker Throne as the D-Arms blasters fired at the circling Fangs. One of the Fangs flew right into a blast, being reduced to mostly half-melted bits of metal. Almost time…. Lockon thought, although his patience was quickly running out.


The beam flashed over the Eins hull, slightly raising the surface temperature, yet little else.

"Well, you're pretty good to avoid a move like that…" Hallelujah commented, a bit perturbed that his rather skilled maneuver had failed. Silent, Johann dodged the next Cannon beam, as well as the swarm of GN SMG beams that followed, before directing his Fangs to attack the Gundam. Quickly, they reversed direction, darting straight for the Kyrios' cockpit. Even quicker, Hallelujah turned the Kyrios into a split-S, coming up parallel to the Eins flight path as he avoided the swarm of remotes. The Fangs swerved around and began to fire off their beams.

At this moment, the HRL unit decided to start volleying beams again, scattering their fire in the hope that at least one beam would hit the Gundam. They certainly came close several times, nicking the Tail Booster a few times and singing the wings. However, this didn't stop the crazed Meister from advancing the Kyrios further on the Eins' tail, firing Cannon and SMG, even while dodging both Fang and GN-X beams.

"I'm sure you know that even with that pack, you can't outrun the Kyrios. Surrender." Hallelujah grimaced. He hadn't meant to say that last word. You're getting stronger Allelujah.... This distraction, while momentary, spelled the fate of the artificially modified human in this battle.

"Bastard!" Pieres roared, her GN-X charging out from behind a meteoroid, beam saber flashing into existence as it sliced downwards. Cursing, Hallelujah swerved the Kyrios, hoping to avoid the attack. Unfortunately, he only succeeded partially, as the saber carved into the Tail Booster, wrecking its internal workings.

"Fuck!" He swore. Without the Tail Booster, the Eins would just turn and run him down….. Naturally, Hallelujah wasn't about to die alone, so he transformed the Kyrios into its mobile suit form and readied the heat blade to stab the GN-X. The HRL super-soldier was happy to oblige, shield ready to intercept his charge as the beam saber snapped up over her GN-X's head in a position ready to slice. Grinning, Hallelujah charged, SMG firing as the shield-claw and heat blade stabbed towards her cockpit. However, he didn't expect her to dodge aside, slicing off the Kyrios' left arm while Hallelujah's charge brought him into view of the Alvatore's right side.


"Tieria, now!" Lockon ordered, Dynames retreating from the barrage of both Zwei Thrones. Responding with impeccable timing, two enormous beams lanced out from behind an asteroid, consuming the Zwei's left leg and most of the Zwei AC's head. The Virtue came around its temporary refuge, Cannons aimed and firing at the madly dodging Thrones.

"Fuck!" Michael snarled, as the Zwei retreated from the barrage of beams, each more than large enough to completely vaporized either Throne. Ali himself was silent, more from crazed enjoyment of the stakes than fear for his life. The Zwei AC was still firing, even with half its sensors blown away. One beam, however, was directly on target. Just as the GN Cannons fired, a single Battle Rifle beam was traveling across the six hundred or so meters towards the Virtue. Directly at its cockpit.

"Damn!' Lockon swore, detaching the Dynames from the D-Arms and speeding into the beams path. It struck just right of the cockpit, lacking the energy to punch through the Dynames and into the Virtue, it still hit the Gundam hard enough to propel it into the Virtue, and the situation wasn't helped when Michael drove the Zwei in a body slam directly into both Gundams. Right into the path of Exia.


Kallen swore as she dodged another barrage of beams from the combined Union and AEU detachment. She swore louder when the Iscariot came up behind her Vier, Wakizashi slicing towards her right arm. Quickly, she brought the claw up in time to grab the blade, deforming it slightly as the extra strength made itself known. She flipped the cover off the switch and hit it, sending an extended particle surge into the blade. While it didn't explode in the manner of a mobile suit, the extra energy overheated it, allowing the Vier to bend it almost in half before ripping it out of the Iscariot's grip.

Serious, Suzaku fired the Vulcans at the Vier, scarring its face and wrecking its communications fin. Then, he manipulated the Vernier and Leg Boosters, turning the Iscariot about in a spin-kick with many times the force of anything the Patriot had done. The blow landed directly on the cockpit area, and propelled it away, out of the meteoroid field and into the space where Golden Armor and White Gundam dueled.


Both combatants stopped briefly as the other Gundams came into view, followed almost immediately by their GN-X and Throne counterparts. In the Alvatore, Corner grinned as he moved the Alvatore and its Mega Beam Cannon to aim at the Virtue, the ominous glow of its charge already appearing.

Setsuna almost swore, the situation was so bad. Instead though, he increased the Arms speed, as Lasse aimed the Blasters to harass the Mobile Armor, hoping to draw its attention. Naturally, the beams did exactly that, causing the Alvatore to cease charging the Cannon and bring up the GN Field. As the beams slammed into the shield, Setsuna detached the Exia from the E-Arms, kicked off, grabbed the Virtue and the Dynames, and used the increased speed from the kick to throw both of the Gundams out of the line of fire. This, however, left Corner with a juicy target.

The Mega Beam Cannon fired, the charge left from its previous attempt still stored, and the beam charged straight at Exia.

At that moment, Setsuna truly believed that he was going to find out if God existed.

However, his belief notwithstanding, this was simply not yet to be, as an incandescent sphere of green-tinged light burst into existence before him, blocking the Mega Beam. The light caught everyone by surprise, temporarily blinding them all.

'Gah! I'm blind!!!" Patrick cried, his voice screeching over the comm net.

"I wish I was deaf." Hit grunted, slowly regaining his own sight.

Setsuna just stared, his sight already back, at the figures floating before him.

"I guess I used too much power and Particles." Lelouch mused, Angelos and A-Arms floating amid a formation of twelve Aggelos, the originals, considering that the twenty-four other ones were mounted in their docks.

"What the fuck!??!" Corner muttered, staring at the supposedly destroyed Angelos. "How did you survive the Mega Beam? Not even once, but twice! How!?"

"It's really quite simple." Lelouch said, sounding somewhat megalomaniacal. "See the formation the Aggelos are in?"

"Metatron's cube. So what?"

"So, this formation allows them to cover 360-degrees around the Angelos, a trait which lends itself well to both offensive and defensive tactics. In this case, the GN Fields my Aggelos are capable of emitting, combined with both the Angelos' and the Arms' fields are quite capable of defending even against that monstrous weapon of yours," Lelouch finished, with a superior tone.

"I have seven Drives worth of Particles! No matter what, there's no way your one, single Drive could produce enough particles to block that!" Corner screeched.

"True. But, I have something called STORAGE." Lelouch replied, smirk evident to all. Even those without a video link. At this proclamation, Corner lost his temper. Red in the face, he opened fire with all operating turrets, as well as the surviving Pseudo-Fangs. Still smirking, Lelouch launched the Arms' twenty-four Aggelos, which had benefited very much with the time the Angelos and Arms had been under camouflage. Specifically, they had supercharged on energy and Particles, giving them a rather improved performance. Moving at high speeds, they sliced through the Fangs on their route to the Alvatore. Furious, the former diplomat began charging the Beam Cannon, determined to overpower the immensely powerful GN Field the Angelos could generate. The turrets could barely target the Aggelos, they were so fast. Still, the numerous beams took their toll, with about seven Aggelos destroyed before they could reach the enormous mobile armor. When they did though, they inflicted murderous damage to it, disabling more of the beam turrets and wrecking a few of the Verniers before dashing off to deal with the assorted False Drive units. Their success in this was much less than could be expected, as while they managed to scar several of the GN-Xs, and managed to do similar damage to most of the Thrones, the Iscariot, the Zwei AC, as well as Sergei, Pieres, Patrick, Arse and Hit managed to escape damage, through the skill and the experience of their pilots. That, and a healthy measure of luck, seeing as most of the Aggelos had been set to automatic targeting, and most of the other GN-Xs and Thrones had actually been attacked by several Aggelos at once.

"Setsuna, now!" Lelouch ordered, the Krugis Meister understanding immediately as he assaulted the Alvatore. With many of the turrets savaged, Setsuna managed to get the Exia quite close before encountering resistance in the form of the Cannon, and the right claw. The beam missed Exia by the width of a hair, doing mediocre and unimportant damage to its leg. The claw swept in from the side, catching the Exia in the side and throwing the Sword Gundam back.

"Bah! Even with the Alvatore damaged like this, with just the two of you fighting, and all of my allies in more or less fighting condition, there is no way for you to win! I will rule this new world from the shadows, with Veda at my command!" Corner spoke over a private channel, mindful of his 'allies' "Aeolia's plan shall become mine, in my image!"

Gritting his teeth, Setsuna replied hotly, a rather unusual event. "So YOU are the source of the world's distortion!" Introductions done, they set at each other again, the Original Aggelos harassing the Alvatore as Exia sought to strike the killing blow.


"Fuck, we're screwed." While the big shots had been fighting, the HRL GN-Xs had been screwing with Hallelujah. In the past minute, the Kyrios had received numerous attacks, barely managing to fight off the persistent soldiers.

"Hallelujah." Came the thought, communicated from one personality to another.

"Don't bother Allelujah. You can do anything with your mental restrictions." Hallelujah frowned. The tone of his 'twin' was rather different than usual.

"I still haven't heard the answer to why we're fighting. I want to live to hear it."

"Heh." Hallelujah chuckled. "A truce eh? Well then..." He pulled of their helmet, swiping their hair back, the sweat causing it to stick in its new position. "Let's show them a real super-soldier!" With this, the Kyrios dashed towards the five remaining HRL mobile suits, dodging the incoming beams by millimeters, small movements that seemed to be nothing from a distance. To the HRL, it seemed as though the Gundam was a ghost.

"Something's different!" Smirnov called out, moving his GN-X to the side, shield to the fore as he fired around it. The Meister(s) moved the Kyrios around the shield, coming up behind the False Drive suit with shield-claw ready, and gripped it around the left shoulder. Another HRL grunt charged, hoping to rescue the famous commander, and possibly receive some kind of reward. In response, (H)Allelujah ripped the claw away, taking Sergei's arm and shield as he smashed the claw into the incoming unit. The next second saw the thermal blade slashing through shield and cockpit, with the Kyrios dashing away afterwards as the Drive overloaded. When Soma attacked him/them, he/they dodged, moving around the bursts of Rifle fire to float for an instant next to her GN-X. When she drew a beam saber to slice the Gundam in half, the Kyrios moved under, grabbed the arm with its remaining limb, and tossed the suit over its shoulder, smacking the GN-X against an asteroid.

"What the Fuck?!"Screamed one other grunt, firing randomly as he retreated. Other than continued slight movements to avoid the beams, Kyrios' Meister(s) took no notice, focused as he/they were one Sergei. Approaching him, with claw ready to slice, he/they expected to quickly dispose of the heavily damaged GN-X, before moving on to finish the others. He/They did not expect the HRL commander to charge him/them, Rifle held out like a jousting lance. Another small movement caused the attack to miss, and as the GN-X passed, the Kyrios turned to finish it. Again though, Smirnov proved to have more guts than the average pilot, wrapping his GN-X's one remaining limb around the Gundam.

"Pieres, now!" the Wild Bear of Russia ordered, straining to keep his suits hold on the Fighter Gundam. Obeying, Soma fired a burst of beams at the Kyrios' right side, severing its remaining arm and destroying the right side of its head.

"AAAGGGHHH!" (H)Allelujah screamed inside the cockpit. The extreme damage from both his fight with the Eins and the current brawl with the GN-Xs had caused some cockpit ruptures, allowing Tau Particles to overload his monitors. The result was exploding glass, penetrating his flesh in several areas. Holding his/their hand to his/their right eye, (H)Allelujah manipulated the camera controls. For some reason, one of the GN-Xs had moved next to the one that had restrained the Kyrios. Despite the excruciating pain, he/they were astonished to see a friend's face, pulling a somewhat recognized one out of the damaged GN-X.


"Ungh," Tieria grunted. These Union and AEU pilots were not letting up. From behind the GN Field, he couldn't fire either Bazooka or Cannons, and if he let it down for an instant, the numerous beams would render the Virtue scrap. Then, he noticed one missing.

"Watch me men!" Patrick cried, as his GN-X speeded downwards, GN Rifle and Bayonet ready to blast through the field. However, he was intercepted by a body-slam from the severely damaged Dynames.

"Lockon!" Tieria called, still behind his field. The sniper didn't answer, nor did the Dynames move anymore. Gritting his teeth, Tieria moved the Virtue behind an asteroid, the beams striking the debris and destroying it seconds after the Virtue's pass. In the next instant, the Field deactivated as Virtue's armor came flying out, most of the pieces blocking beams meant to destroy the Gundam. In the midst of that cloud, Nadleeh floated, wielding the beam rifle and shield that had previously been attached to the Big Gundam. Carefully aiming, Tieria fired one beam, taking Patrick's GN-X in the torso and blasting it away. The next beams were met with a hail of return fire, much of it impacting against the shield, although some beams found their target in Nadleeh's head and legs. Another beam from the feminine Gundam blasted Hit's rifle arm, the next beam scarring its drive on it's way past the torso. Arse's thrusters were hit by another beam, after one of the panicking Union pilots blasted his legs off.

"GRAAHHH" Daryl roared, pushing his GN-X into a charge, shield and left leg lost to the Nadleeh's beam rifle. His own beam rifle spat Tau Particles like he had an unlimited amount, beams flying everywhere. One, single, lucky beam, however, speared the Beam Rifle, causing the weapon to explode in Nadleeh's hand, removing another limb.

Grinnin, Daryl drew his beam saber with his left hand, and made to stab the Gundam.

In the Dynames, Lockon came back to consciousness, drew the beam pistols, and shot the GN-X. The beams turned the cockpit area into swiss cheese, and blasted the saber to atoms. The GN-X floated their for a second, before an error caused the Drive to self-destruct. Smiling, Lockon blacked out again as the explosion sent the Nadleeh's torso floating toward the Ptolemaios.


Left thirty meters, fire twice, beam saber mode, turn forty-six degrees, thrust 60%, gun mode, fire at the head, group boost thrust by 36.7%, turn 168 degrees, volley fire. Lelouch's commands spun through his mind as he typed them out, keeping the Thrones away as Setsuna and Alejandro dueled, the White Sword Gundam and the Golden Mobile Armor. The Meister cursed as the Eins tried to penetrate again, that damnable Turbulenz pack giving it a high-degree of mobility, even with the damage caused by both Kyrios and the Aggelos. The tactician grimaced as he drew the Angelos' new weapon, a sixteen-meter polearm topped with a wickedly curved GN Blade. Altogether, it was the GN Halberd. Lelouch aimed the tip of the pole at the Eins, and fired, a sniper beam blazing from the barrel of the GN Sniper Rifle built into the weapon. The beam flashed dangerously close to the Eins wing, forcing the Throne to veer off. Even as he dealt with Johann, Lelouch fired the GN Missiles at the trio of Nena/Drei, Michael/Zwei and Suzaku/Iscariot. The missiles left green particles in their wake as the homed in on the False Gundams, some destroyed en route by beams. The majority of them detonated in the midst of the group, mostly just scattering them, although the Iscariot had a few dings now.

Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a flash of red on one of his monitors, and briefly zoomed in. A wide, wicked grin spread across his face as he saw the five remaining GN-Xs. Perfect

As the GN-Xs joined the Thrones, Corner began laughing again, a cruel, inhumane cackle.

"I would ask for your surrender right now, but I actually have no desire to." the former diplomat chuckled, the Mega Beam Cannon swinging into position on the surrounded. "So, just die."

At this, Lelouch's grin spread wider, and the manic gleam in his eyes became all the more apparent. "What the fuck are you smiling about?" One of the surviving Union pilots growled.

"Code phrase....Apocalypse." The words slipped out. What happened next, no one would dispute. No one would quite recall without a shudder of fear. From the back of the Angelos' cockpit chair came a mechanical arm ending in a stinger-like device, arching over the head and under Lelouch's to spike into the base of his neck. Clenching his teeth so hard that it looked like he was about to grind them to dust and closing his eyes, Lelouch's spine arched as a torrent of pain raged through his body. Throughout his body, tiny machines, smaller than organelles, activated before spreading themselves more evenly throughout his systems. On his nerves, some attached, the others cannibalizing each other to create strange transmitter-looking devices. Other nanomachines drew on his body's resources, excess fat, undigested food, and other such things were slowly disintegrated as the machines used them to make more of themselves.

And as their population grew, some of the nanomachines traveled up the Meister's spine, working on a device at the base of his skull. Within seconds, it activated, information traveling to and from it and the brain via nanocircuitry.

In the macrocosmic world, Lelouch's eyes snapped open, changed from a royal purple to a mad violet red, with strange sigils implanted in his eyes.

"What....the...." One of the AEU grunts trailed off....immensely surprised by the even. Across his HUD scrolled the words announcing what Lelouch already knew: C.O.D.E activated.

"Bah! Enough of this. Everyone, destroy the Gundams!" Corner snapped, aiming the Mega Beam Cannon for a perfect trajectory. When only the Iscariot and the Zwei AC readied their weaponry, he looked around at the inactive GN-X and Thrones. "What in the name of God are you waiting for! Kill them!"

"Ah, perhaps I should inform you...." Lelouch began, sly in tone. "This system I just activated, C.O.D.E, allows me to do many things. Including use the third level of G.E.A.S.S."

"So what! I don't care how many levels of your program you can use, they shouldn't be cowering in fear!" Corner growled, most of his former finesse lost in the preceding events.

"But, this level allows me to do something very easily....." The genius continued. "It allows me to control other mobile suits." On cue, the GN-Xs snapped up their beam rifles, firing on the Alvatore. The mobile armor retracted its beam cannon, activating the field. He's very good at self-preservation Lelouch noted.

"How!?" Corner screeched, Field resisting the somewhat more powerful Tau beams.

"You remember when the Aggelos attacked the lot of them? They distributed nanomachines in each cut, which then accessed the operating system, covertly changing it to allow me to control them just as absolutely as the Aggelos." The Eins came in, missiles and Blaster firing on the field as the Drei floated next to the GN-Xs, firing the same. Next to the Zwei AC, the original sliced it in half at the waist with a single powerful cut, as the Vier appeared next to the Iscariot, spin-kicking the False Gundam.

"You have a very poor grasp of tactics, Mr. Corner. You have lost track of the most important piece." Lelouch grinned.

"What the hell are you talking about?!!" Corner howled.

"Setsuna." The Exia came right up in front of the Alvatore, slicing off its Mega Beam Cannon. Taken by surprise, Alejandro could only watch as the Sword Gundam coolly and throughly dissected the mobile armor, peeling off sheets of armor and ripping out yards of circuitry. Enraged, he did the last thing he could do. On the back of the Alvatore, what was thought to have been a larger beam turret seemed to fold out, showing the torso of a mobile suit with a visored head, and golden armor.

"Die, you phantoms of Aeolia Schenberg!" Corner roared, the magnetic fields generated by the 'wings' causing sparks and electrical currents around them as he prepared to fire. Before he could though, a small beam dagger sprouted from the mobile suit's back, coring the 'Alvaaron' though the cockpit. In it, as he lay dying, a comms line opened up.

"You were a wonderful fool Alejandro." Livonze commented. "I hope you rest well in hell."

"GRAAHHHAAHHA" the failed tyrant screamed, slamming his fist into the panel. The next instant, the Alvaaron exploded as its GN Drive overloaded.

As the debris floated away, Lelouch sighed. He turned back to the E-Arms, opening a line to Lasse. "If you could Lasse, would you go back to the Ptolemaios? I'm afraid that my appropriation of all of C.C's processing capabilities robbed them of movement...."

"Sure Lelouch." Lasse replied, staring a bit at the changes.

"Kallen, if you would escort him?"

"Sure" The Red Throne and the GN Arms departed, heading back for their ship. Done commanding, Lelouch turned to the Iscariot from all appearances, Kallen had knocked Suzaku out with that kick. Looking the mobile suit over, Lelouch had to admit that it was a good design.

"Lelouch!" Setsuna called. The tactician whirled the Angelos around, looking at where Exia was pointing. A streak of red light screamed into the Gundam, slamming Exia away from the Angelos.

"Damn!' Lelouch swore, preparing to chase them. However, the Iscariot reactivated, slicing off the A-Arms limbs with three hacks of the Katana. With the support craft devastated, Lelouch detached the Angelos, the Aggelos falling back into formation instantly.

"Lelouch......." Suzaku trailed off.


Kilometers away, Setsuna faced the Exia at his opponent. It was the black Patriot, but changed. At its back was a Tau Drive, angry red particles spewing from it, and attached to the forearms were defense rods similar to the Iscariot's. In it's right hand, it wielded a beam saber. Silent, the two combatants faced each other, weapons at the ready. They had long known it would come to this, or something similar. With a flourish, the Patriot attacked first, beam saber leading. The Exia blocked it, Sword slicing at the hand. The Patriot's return slice took the Exia's left arm at its shoulder, damage unimportant to the Krugis Meister at the moment. Exia's counterattack took the Patriot's head, even as the mobile suit punched the Gundam, throwing it back.

Grimacing, Setsuna force the Exia forwards, sacrificing the Gundam's head to take the Patriot's left arm. Afterwards, both fighter backed off, and made one final move. With that, they charged, saber and Sword held like lances. Both stabbed the other through the torso, and a wide flare of light announced it.


"It looks like they're finished." Lelouch commented, seeing the flare of green and red light.

"Maybe." Suzaku allowed. The Angelos and the Iscariot faced each other, red optics flashing.

"Tell me Suzaku, do you know what Zero is?" Lelouch asked, the Angelos holding its Halberd close.

"What?" Suzaku asked questioningly, the Iscariot's Katana at the ready, held down and to the side.

"Zero, is the beginning and the end. It is nothing, from which springs something, for something to return to. It is an absolute state, which never truly exists. And yet, the fear of it causes humanity to rage, to fight, and to unite." Lelouch monologued, Angelos idly twirling the GN Halberd.

"So what was your intention with this insanity? To cause rage? War? Or...." Suzaku trailed off. Then he shook his head. "It doesn't matter. You and your Celestial Being must pay for your crimes."

"Indeed." Was all Lelouch said. Then, the fight started. The Iscariot and the Angelos dashed forward, weapons flashing as they reflected sunlight. Out of respect, Lelouch refrained from using the GN-Xs, and he had already sent the Thrones away. Moving, he flipped the Angelos about, 180-degrees before firing the Halberd. The Iscariot's High-Beam Cannon flipped over it's shoulder, much as the Eins' Mega Launcher did. An enormous red beam emanated from the weapon, slamming into the hasty Metatron Shield formation. Behind the beam followed the Iscariot, and the Katana stabbed through the Angelos' left side, going out its back at an angle.

In the cockpit, Lelouch stared at the white blade before him, at the Tau Particles floating around it, and out the gap at the Iscariot. Then, he grinned, hands resting on his lap as they has since he had activated C.O.D.E. At the Angelos' back, the GN Drive flipped down, parallel to the back. Then, it detached, flying off seemingly on its own.

"What the-" Suzaku muttered before the GN Drive changed direction, heading straight for the Iscariot. From seemingly out of thin space in front of the Drive, two enormous blades of GN Particles appeared, perpendicular to the Drive's course. One of the blades took the Iscariot's left arm, leaving only elbow and up. "What the hell?"

"The Advanced Aggelos." Lelouch supplied, as the space in front of the Drive seemed to shimmer and flake, revealing an Aggelos the length of Angelos' back, the GN Drive in place of the thrusters that normally propelled the Aggelos. It was wider two, the two blades revealed to be switchblade-like wings with GN Beam Blade emitters. The Advanced Aggelos turned in an arc, now facing the Iscariot on the suits right side as it's main body split in half along a horizontal line, revealing a GN Cannon. The weapon fired, blasting the Iscariot's torso.

"Go." muttered Lelouch, before the strain of C.O.D.E took its toll, rendering him unconscious. The Advanced Aggelos seemed to hesitate, before turning and heading for the Ptolemaios.


Four Years Later

"And with this, I announce the birth of the Earth Sphere Federation!" The President said, to a rising howl of cheers and applause. The prisoner in his cell watched the television, an ancient and outdated device, in disgust, sneer plain upon his face. The orange jumpsuit didn't suit him at all, and a long time in space had rendered him somewhat weaker than even before.

"I hope your not too comfortable buddy, I hear they're going to take you Earth-side next year. Who knows? Maybe you'll get released." One of the cell guards joked. His friend next to him laughed, the hilarity of the idea rendering them breathless. The prisoner smiled too, a cruel and cold grin that spoke of horrors he would like to see. The guards settled themselves, wiping tears from their eyes as the inmate's red-purple eyes turned to contemplate the TV.


Gundam 00: The Meaning of Zero

File 05


GN Arms Type-A

Pilot: N/A

Length: 47.4 Meters

Weight: 83.9 Metric Tons

Power Source: GN Capacitor

Propulsion: GN Thrusters

Systems: Gundam Docking, GN Field emission

Equipment: 24 Aggelos, 4 GN Missile Pods

Bio: Originally one of the prototype GN Arms, the Type-A Arms was modified for the Angelos, as Type-D was for the Dynames and Type-E for the Exia. As such, it is equipped more for command and control of the 24 Aggelos it hosts, 6 upon each 'limb'. It also boasts 4 GN Missile Pods for more direct combat. To make up for the lessened speed and maneuverability, the Type-A arms has a GN Field emission system to improve the commander Gundam's survivability.


(Controlled Overall Dynamic Enhancement)

Purpose: Enhancement of Pilot's Control over Gundam and Access to G.E.A.S.S LVL 3

Levels of Operation: 2 (partial and whole)

Copies: 0

Programmer: Lelouch Lamperouge, with C.C's aid.

Bio: The C.O.D.E system is the most hazardous system in existence. Its very purpose, to enhance a pilot's capabilities, are achieved by a revolutionary and extremely dangerous – fatally so – method. Via nanomachines injected throughout his body, subdermal microtransmitters/receivers, and a spinal tap spike incorporated into the Angelos' seat, Lelouch is able to do something never done before: Control the Angelos with his mind. This control also extends to the Aggelos, naturally, allowing the easiest and quickest coordination ever shown by the set of Lelouch, Angelos and Aggelos. This means that, using both C.C and Lelouch's unhindered processing capability – something judged to outperform even Veda (possibly) – Lelouch is able to react instantaneously to any situation, capable of turning the tide with little more than the Aggelos and Angelos. Some of Lelouch's tests have even shown that the system seems to grant a sort of precognition via hyper-processing information at a rate of dozens of terabytes per second, predicting outcomes using the combined force of C.C and Lelouch's minds.

However, that might be merely one of two frightening abilities this system grants. For with the improved processing, Lelouch is able to access the Third Level of G.E.A.S.S. By using the same processing capabilities as a base, Lelouch is able to use the G.E.A.S.S system to hack and control any system, given that the self-constructing nanomachines have penetrated it and accessed the mainframe. Naturally, given Celestial Beings interventions on a global scale, Angelos' nanomachines have infested practically every computer system on Earth. This means that Lelouch has access to practically every database and communications system in existence. Naturally, this extends to mobile suits, and with the Aggelos system combined with a modified form of the suits own operating system, Lelouch could control armies of mobile suits, again, given that the nano-machines have infiltrated them.

Advanced Aggelos

Designation: Improved Remote controlled semi-independent aerial/space/sea weapon

Weaponry: 2 Beam Switchblade wings, 1 GN Cannon, 13 GN Guns.

Systems: Extended Optical Cloaking, AI Storage, GN Field

Bio: Developed sometime after the Aggelos, this thirteenth Aggelos is special, in that instead of using a GN Capacitor for its power and particle needs, it uses the Angelos' GN Drive. Naturally, this means the Advanced Aggelos is a weapon of last resort.

An improvement over the original Aggelos design, the Advanced Aggelos uses Switchblade wings equipped with Beam Blades for atmospheric use, as well as melee attacks. In the arena of ranged combat, it has access to thirteen GN Guns, twelve arranged on the sides, six on the left and right. One more is in the nose. Benefiting from the larger size and limitless energy from the GN Drive, the Advance Aggelos mounts a GN Cannon instead of the Aggelos' normal GN Gun.


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