A/N: Ok, so one of my lovely reviewers suggested that I do a little outtake on Edward's point of view on the events of the evening. So, as a thank you to lionandthelamb24, and to show my gratitude for the reviews that have come in so far for this, I give you….


Outtake from Edward's POV

When I finally arrived home that night, I prayed that this torrential downpour that had just ripped through the clouds was not an indication of things to come. But apparently, my stroke of bad luck had not completely run it's course yet, and when I pressed the button on the remote for the garage door, I was only met with a loud Click!. Should I even bother going inside, or just wait for the inevitable from the car?

I braved the rain however and made it to the front door, stomping off as much excess water as I could before entering. "Just one more fucking thing, just what I needed!" I hissed after tossing my keys and briefcase aside and ran upstairs to change. I'd have to call someone in the morning to come and fix that. How do I go about that again? Yellow pages, garage-door-opener-fixer-guy? "Fuck it, I'll just ask Bella. I can't handle anymore stupid people. And that nimrod took the fucking cake," I grumbled to myself, pulling out of my wet clothes in the bedroom. "I seriously hope that motherfucker fries his balls on stainless steel in the eighth fucking ring of hell! Dragging out my fucking day, making me late for dinner. Shit, I wouldn't blame Bella if she 'Bobbited' my dick in my sleep tonight."

I continued mumbling down the hall as I made my way to see my baby girl. One thing I had been looking forward to all day. In all that time I sat waiting around on everything, I took into serious consideration the things Bella said last night. I honestly couldn't remember the last time I spent more than a distracted short meal with my daughter. I was a lousy father, and I couldn't imagine why Bella would even want to have another child with me. Not to say I didn't love my daughter. I loved that little girl as much as, and maybe more than I loved her mother, and that was definitely saying something. But my wife was right. Nessie didn't know me at all. How could she? And that was definitely something I planned to speak to my father about tomorrow, if I still had a family to preserve come morning.

But her room was dark, her crib was empty and silent. Panic seized me at once, since I also hadn't seen Bella on the way in. Was her car here? I couldn't remember. Shows you how self-absorbed you are, Cullen, I cursed myself. "Bella?!"

"Yes, baby?" I heard the most beautiful voice in the world answer as I hit the bottom of the stairs. But nothing could have prepared me for what I saw when my eyes met her. She was poised in the doorway of the living room, and then pushed off it to walk toward me slowly. And her apparel only added to the effect. She was dressed in a white thigh length satin negligee, with a lacy fabric covering her breasts. The slits on each side showed the matching low cut lace panties she had on underneath. Thank God for loose pants¸ I thought to myself. She was absolutely stunning and her small smile told me she knew it too. White lingerie particularly appealed to me on my wife, and always had. But first things first…

"N-Ness.. Nessie?" I stuttered out. Great articulation, stupid. A woman in lingerie + Edward Cullen = Bumbling idiot. No, that's not entirely true. Bella in white lingerie. I was a goner.

And her smile was so soft and sweet as she walked close to me, and slid her arms around my neck. "She's with your sister and Jasper for the evening. And I've turned off all the phones. And my husband and I are going to have some dinner, and spend some uninterrupted quality time together."

I stared down at her for a moment in complete awe, feeling her fingers playing with my hair. She had always loved doing that, which is why I kept my hair the same as it was in college regardless of how many times my father harassed me to get a haircut. She broke my train of thought when she raised herself up on her toes to press her lips softly against mine. This wasn't the urgent, almost distraught kiss she gave me this morning. It was gentle and loving, as if we were back on our honeymoon rather than desperately grasping onto the last threads of what was left of our marriage.

I slid my arms around her and pulled her against me, letting out a soft but deep groan. It felt like forever since I had held her this way, been able to take the time to enjoy the feeling of her in my arms. To kiss her and show her how much I still loved her. But all too soon she pulled away from me, much to my confusion, and took my hand. The look in her eyes silently urged me to just go along with whatever she had in mind, and I followed her lead into the living room and the sight took my breath away.

If I didn't know better, I would swear we had just stepped back in time to three years ago. To my living room in my old condo, before we were married. The only light in the room was the soft glow of the fire, the blankets and pillows meticulously strewn on the floor in front of it. She was trying to recreate the first night we made love. Only she had done a much better job at setting the romantic atmosphere than I did, but mine was on a spur of the moment. I wanted it to be special for her, for us. So when she asked me to make love to her at the end of one of our dates, there was no way I was going to allow that to happen for the first time in the back seat of my car. I risked leaving her in the car for a few minutes when we got to my place, and I quickly tossed a blanket and pillows on the living room floor, lit a fire and grabbed a bottle of wine from the kitchen and set it on the coffee table with two glasses.

When I walked back outside, she was eyeing my warily, but I walked to her door and opened it, holding out my hand for hers. I lifted her into my arms bridal style as we reached the door, enticing a soft chuckle from her as I carried her across the threshold of my door and into my living room. She had traces of tears in her eyes when she took in what I had been doing the whole time. And while we were laying there in the afterglow of our lovemaking, I told her that I loved her for the first time. And when she kissed me and returned the sentiment, and I saw the sincerity of it in her eyes, I made up my mind then and there that I was going to marry this woman. A week later, we were engaged.

And now, she was trying to rekindle that feeling between us. I stood behind her and slid my arms around her waist, kissing her neck and across her shoulder where my lips stopped. But never relinquished contact with her skin as my hold tightened around her. I did not deserve this beautiful, amazing woman in my arms. I didn't deserve her immense love and understanding, or her forgiveness for everything I had put her and our daughter through. I pinched my eyes shut to hold back the emotion welling in my eyes, until I felt her hand on my cheek.

"Honey, what's wrong?" she asked in a gentle, but nervous tone.

Wrong?! What's wrong?! Her tone tore at my heart. She thought she had crossed some invisible line and upset me. Quite the contrary. "Absolutely nothing, that's the problem," I answered her quietly against her skin and then brought my gaze up to meet hers. The beautiful mixture of innocence and confusion written in her eyes and it made me fall in love with her all over again. She was still my sweet, beautiful Bella, and I leaned down to kiss her lovingly. "This was the last thing I expected. Or deserved for that matter."

She turned in my arms with a concerned look, and placed her soft, delicate hands on either side of my face and kissed me again. And it was then I lost all sense of restraint. I pulled her closer and kissed her passionately, the way I should have kissed her every single day. All this time she had been right there in front of me, and yet I never kissed her like this anymore. And her contented moan at the intimate contact between us drove that home all the more.

I never wanted that kiss to end, to make up to her all the nights she spent without me. But obviously she had other ideas. She pulled away from me slowly and laced our hands together, walking backwards and leading me further into the living room. Oh yes, my little vixen of a wife knew exactly what she was doing tonight. I was absolutely certain of this as she gently bit her lip in a shy expression and spoke in that gentle, innocent tone that made me was to toss her onto the couch and make wild passionate love to her. "Now now, you don't want to spoil your dinner by having dessert first, now do you?"

The strain of my groin shot up exceedingly as she lowered down to kneel on the floor in front of me, giving me a clear glimpse of her luscious cleavage before pulling me down to join her on the floor. I smiled at her as I lowered onto the floor, and she seemed momentarily frozen. But before I could think much on it, she knelt up to the bucket of ice holding the bottle of champagne and proceeded to pour us both a glass. The smile on her face was endearing as she handed me a glass and clinked it with hers, and then leaned forward to me. "Welcome home, baby," she said in the softest of whispers and brushed her soft lips on mine before we both took a sip of what tasted like a very expensive bottle of champagne. She really went all out for this.

And then suddenly, her face fell slightly, as if she was suddenly nervous in my presence.

But just when I was about to say something, I watched her reach up to grab a plate and place what appeared to be a piece of pizza on it. So that was the intoxicating smell filtering through the house, when I wasn't being bowled over by the heavenly scent of my wife and the freesia perfume I bought her for our first Christmas together. We lay down on our sides facing each other, and I watched her tear off a small piece, and tentatively bring it to my lips. I smiled and opened my mouth, taking the morsel and her fingertip between my lips and I had to suppress a groan. Not only was Bella feeding me, which was hot and something she hadn't done at all since our wedding. But I would recognize that unique flavor and texture anywhere. It was my mother's pizza, which I had told her once a while ago that I really missed. Only there was something different about it that I couldn't quite put my finger on, but it made it uniquely Bella. To say I loved my wife's cooking as much if not more than my mother's was an understatement. But she was always so insecure when it came to trying something new, so instead of telling her how wonderful it was, I showed her by allowing my lips to linger around her fingertip. Savoring in the flavor of the food and her skin.

And it continued this way through the entire meal. I never once touched a bite of food, she fed me the entire time. It was so erotic, and so intimate at the same time. And I couldn't take my eyes off of her the entire time. Her normally alabaster skin had a soft bronzed glow from the fire, and she never stopped smiling. This night was shaping up to be the best one we'd shared together in a long time. And as much as I loved our daughter, it was nice to have a night that was just us again. To be able to sit down and talk about our day, and enjoy each other without interruption. I honestly don't know what I would do if I ever lost her, or if any of my mental scenarios from today had actually come to pass.

I watched those beautiful brown orbs stare at me lovingly, and I lightly brushed her cheek with the backs of my fingers. My beautiful, loving, amazing wife. She had been so patient with all the changes in our lives, and with me. Even last night was not the worst I could have experienced with her. And she was still right here with me, trying to make everything perfect again. Trying to mend something that she didn't break in the first place.

She suddenly gave me a worried look and seemed to be searching my eyes for some buried answer to the question in hers. "Edward, are you sure there's nothing wrong? You said that this was the last thing you were expecting. What were you expecting?"

I remained silent for a moment, debating on whether I should even voice what had actually been wracking my subconscious all day. The fear, the dread. Things I never want to feel again. "Honestly?" I asked, making an attempt to smile. But when she raised her hand to mine against the side of her face, I knew she didn't buy into it. And tonight was about mending our marriage, solidifying our bond again. We wouldn't get there without communication. "I thought when I couldn't get a hold of you this morning that you were out filing for divorce. And that scared the shit out of me."

I watched her eyes widen in shock for a moment, and I half expected her to smack me. Stranger things have happened. But instead she took my glass from my hand and gently pushed me to lie flat on my back, straddling my waist. This took me by surprise, since Bella was rarely this forceful. Her hands folded with mine on either side of my head, and a firm, determined look came over her features. "You listen to me, Edward Cullen, and you listen good. I love you, and I am never, ever leaving you. I am here for the long haul, and that's all there is to it. A few words spoken in anger doesn't change that, baby. For better or worse, remember? I meant every vow I made to you. I am yours." I thought I actually might cry when she then lifted on of my hands up to rest over her left breast, but in neither a suggestive or seductive manner. I could feel her heart pounding against my hand. This was something very sacred, and I knew that even before she uttered the next words. "Until it beats for the last time, it belongs to you."

And when she brought my hand to her cheek and kissed my wrist, that's when it hit me. I don't know what took me so long. You'd think it would have sunk in the day she placed that ring on my finger, or the day she brought our beautiful daughter into our lives. Or last night, when all she wanted was this, time with me… to know just how much I loved her. Bella was my forever, and I was hers.

I brought her lips down to mine as I sat up and held her firmly against me. She groaned as my arousal pressed between her legs, and hers was met by one of my own as she ground herself against my aching cock. I had missed this connection between us, this overwhelming passion for each other that we shared. And she made no secret of how much she had missed it as she reached down to lift my shirt off my body, and then pushed me back down to the floor and ran her hands over my body and rolled her hips against me, causing me to throb against her lace covered clit.

And then she began with those full lips of hers, moving down my body. I closed my eyes in concentration, not only to focus on the feelings she was stirring in me, but to keep my body in check. My cock was throbbing to the point of pain after so many months of no release. My breath quickened when I felt her palm against me, the cotton fabric between us causing so much friction that it was driving me to the edge. But before I knew it, the cool soft skin of her hand wrapped around me, and so help me, I was almost whimpering.

"Oh god… Bella…" I breathed out heavily as she placed soft feathery kisses at my tip, but my teeth quickly clenched as I sucked in a deep breath as I felt her warm wet mouth surrounding me. This woman never ceased to amaze me with her effect on me. That one motion nearly shoved me directly to orgasm, and it took all my restraint to fight against the urge to jerk further into her mouth. She felt so damn good. I wove my hands into her hair as she mercilessly worked those heavenly lips and tongue along me. "Baby, I'm… you've gotta stop, please…. I'm gon-… I'm gonna cum."

In trying to deter her, I instigated the exact opposite reaction. Her mouth and hand worked harder until I came hard, the massaging from her lips and fingers making the feeling just that more exquisite. I finally opened my eyes to look down at this exotic creature, watching her tongue glide along her lips and she tauntingly crawled up to me. But I was overcome with longing for her and pulled her up to me more quickly, and crashed my lips to hers passionately and rolled her onto her back to hover over her. The feel of the silky strands of her hair between my fingers and the slight arching of her body against me drove me wild.

Our bodies tangled together in an intimate and frantic embrace, as we strove for the closeness and connection that we had so long denied each other. I felt the heat of her core radiating against my thigh as my hand ran over her body and I heard a gentle moan emit from her chest when I pressed firmly in-between her legs. And she pressed her palms against my shoulders as I peppered kisses tantalizingly along the sensitive skin of her neck.

Arousing Bella only served to make her more beautiful and desirable than she was naturally, particularly when that flush came over her skin and her breath and heartbeat increased audibly. It was an incredible sight to behold, and one that I never tired of. I intended to enjoy this sight as much as I could tonight. From the look on her face right now as I looked down at her and the feel of her body writhing under me as I kissed her, she was anxious for my touch as well. But there was no way I was rushing this. I was going to make her feel every ounce of my desire for her.

The feel of her skin under my fingertips was heavenly. So soft and feminine, and I felt like I was discovering her for the first time again. The smooth line of her neck and collarbone, the soft curves of her breasts where the lace dipped down into a 'V', the flat plains of her abdomen underneath the satin; she was as perfect as the day I met her. Her pelvis tilted slightly toward me when my hand slid up along her thigh and I gently squeezed her hip, and then traced my hand back up her body to her shoulder, enticing a growl-like moan from my sweet Bella.

I fought back the urge to respond with my own animalistic tendencies. Tonight was about cherishing and loving her, not just about sex. As I slowly pulled the thin strap of her negligee from her shoulder, I placed soft gentle kisses over her skin and then moved back just as slowly to repeat my actions with the other one. She loved when I teased her skin with slow deliberate kisses, and at the moment she seemed about ready to jump out of her skin, not-so-silently begging to be gratified.

And who am I to deny a lady what she wants. She emitted the sweetest whimper when I moved away from her, but it quickly dissipated as I pulled her up against me to straddle my lap. I felt my body burning with desire as her breasts pushed firmly against mine, and I felt her heated core, shielded by only a thin scrap of lace, against my already hardening cock. But every sexual thought in my head momentarily halted when I stared into her eyes. So much love and desire emanated from those brown depths, I was completely overwhelmed. A man blessed enough to have half of that love bestowed on him was fortunate. I couldn't imagine what I had done in my life to deserve her. We would literally die for one another, and go through hell and back to be together. I kissed her firmly, conveying my feelings for her and leaving her no room to ever doubt my love again.

I pulled the lace covering down off her breast and circled my thumb around her hardened nipple as I teased her lip with my tongue. I smiled as her head fell back rapturously at the intimate contact and I used that to my advantage to close my mouth around her nipple instead. Her hips ground against me and I groaned against her skin, feeling hers join it and urging me toward her other breast to ravish equal attention to it.

Nothing could have prepared me for her next move, as Bella had never been overly assertive sexually; she was far too insecure for that. But she pushed aside the lace covering her slick wet folds, and pressed herself against my erection. The intimate skin to skin contact caused me to gasp and as she started gliding along me, I swore I could have cum again right there. No, not yet. Not before she does.

So I laid her back down on the floor and her face twisted slightly as soon as we broke contact, but it gradually relaxed as I folded the satiny fabric up, uncovering her abdomen. Her breathing began to pick up as I brushed my lips softly against her skin along the rim of her panties, and bit her lip in anticipation as I slowly lowered them down her legs. I gently spread her legs in front of me, and the beautiful scent of her arousal wafted up causing my cock to twitch in response. And the sight of her so slick and inviting was calling out for me to touch her. She let out a slow shuddering breath as I ran my finger along her, as if this was the most amazing thing in the world for her. And a small smile was teasing at her lips with each movement of mine. All she wanted was for me to touch her again, I reminded myself as I got caught up in the beauty of my wife and the effect I had on her.

"Is this what you want, my love?" I asked her softly as my singular finger teased her clit slowly and sensuously. But it seemed at this point she was so roused up, she was incapable of forming words. Instead she let out a soft whimper and nodded her head. She was enjoying my touch and my attention again. I pushed away the guilt I felt at making her so desperate, and let the smirk come to my face as I watched her eyes close in ecstacy, sliding my finger back down her folds toward her entrance. I knew exactly what her body was craving. "Or this?"

"Ohgodinheavenhavemercy!" she shouted out as I plunged my finger inside of her and sealed my lips over the nub of her clit, sucking lightly as I pumped into her. I groaned as I watched those beautiful tits of hers thrust forward as she arched her back and heard her palms land hard on the floor to grasp the blanket. I couldn't remember the last time I pleasured her with my mouth, but the taste of her made my body soar. I decided to prolong her pleasure as long as I could without being plain cruel. And with this new side of Bella I was seeing tonight, I wanted to try something.

My tongue alternated between running a slow line along her folds and circling around the bundle of nerves, but never enough to give her the release she so desperately wanted. She groaned and writhed, trying to push herself closer to my lips in response to my actions. But I always kept just enough pressure off her to not push her over. "Damn it Edward! I can't.. I need…"

Step one, get Bella to swear and growl at me. Check.

"Need what, baby?" I replied gently, trying unsuccessfully to mask my own desire as I spoke and brushed a kiss against her sensitive skin. "You need to cum?"

She bit her lip and blushed furiously. She had always been so painfully shy when it came to 'bedroom talk', even though it was only ever just me in the room with her. Her actions tonight had been the most forward I had ever seen from her. I wanted no more barriers between us; to freely communicate our thoughts and desires with each other, including those in the bedroom. "Tell me, Bella."

I felt her hands weave into my hair in a desperate attempt to bring me closer to her; to push her over. But I applied no more pressure despite her actions, and I gently added another finger inside her to add more friction in an attempt to coax a response out of her. "Yes, Edward. Please."

I shook my head at her plea, even though I knew she wouldn't notice. She was so close that she wouldn't notice if a car came crashing through the front of the house. "Not until you tell me," I replied softly and watched her wiggle more under my touches. And then, finally…

"Cum... please... I need… to cum… Edward."

That was sexier than I could have ever imagined, and every ounce of me wanted to take her right then and there. The desperate breathy voice she spoke in made it even more erotic. I sealed my lips around her clit again, sucking at her firmly and flicking my tongue over the skin between my lips rapidly, as my fingers curled inside her and thrust relentlessly into her.

A flash of lightning, a crash of thunder and my Bella screaming uninhibitedly from the orgasm I was giving her was the most incredible symphony in the world. Her hips jerked repeatedly against my lips and hand and her entire body trembled as her climax subsided. As she lay there with a peaceful expression on her face, I noticed that it was noticeably darker in the room. The streetlight that usually shone through the front window was out. I looked around briefly and then chuckled as I climbed up her body to kiss her. "I think you knocked the power out with that one, baby."

I watched her brow furrow in confusion and her eyes float around the room, and into the hallway and then back to me, blushing again. "Wow, that was one hell of an orgasm," she replied with a chuckle, and then her smile slowly faded. But she didn't look unhappy. She was giving me that same loving and enraptured gaze from earlier, and I could physically feel the change of the mood in the air. And when her fingers came up to trace along my face, there was no doubt in my mind that the vixen had stepped aside for the moment and my sweetheart had returned. The one who loved me mind, body and soul; the one who wanted me to love her. The tenderness between us was palpable and I poured it all into a heartfelt kiss against her lips. Her arms came around me and my hand ran down the gentle curves of her waist, over her hips and to her thigh. "Make love to me, Edward," she whispered as she continued peppering soft gentle kisses against my lips. "I want you so badly."

I pressed one last kiss on her lips and pulled away from her to sit up, and I almost laughed at her shocked expression. As if I was going to deny her?! I held out my hands for hers and she hesitantly placed them in mine as I stood, pulling her up with me. I pressed soft kisses over her face until I finally rested at her lips and slid the negligee down her body, and reclaimed her hands in mine to bring them to the waistband of my pants. And for once, she didn't get nervous or blush; she simply complied and pushed them down over my hips, and I kicked them aside as they hit the floor.

Don't get me wrong; sex with my wife has never been anything but completely gratifying. But her assertive actions tonight, and her love and desire for me so clear in every action of hers gave me more satisfaction than anything we had ever done. I pulled her against me and leaned down to kiss her passionately. Her warm bare flesh against mine only made me want her closer. Her hands in my hair and the passion in her kiss conveyed everything she was trying to invoke in me last night. Her need for me, her want for me, and the longing she had been feeling for so long.

I lowered us back down onto the floor; now anxious to be inside her again. And as I pulled her down to straddle my legs, I effortlessly slid inside her and her arms slid around my shoulders. I watched her face as we came together so perfectly; her teeth gently biting her lip, tears glistening between her closed lids. And it felt so incredible to have her this close again, to be able to take the time to just enjoy each other fully. She opened her eyes to look at me and we didn't move for several minutes; we didn't need to. It was just as fulfilling to hold her and stare into her eyes, feeling our bodies touch in the most intimate way. My god, I loved this woman.

Once she started to move slightly, I placed my hands on her hips and guided her over me. And as her head fell back, I brushed my lips along her throat feeling her soft little grunts each time I filled her. The more noise she made, the more turned on I became and began increasing the rhythm of her movements with my hands. I held out until I couldn't take anymore and laid her back down on the floor, lowering my body onto hers. Both of us gave very similar, deep, guttural moans as my hips settled against her, causing me to plunge even deeper inside her. If this wasn't heaven, then damn it, I never wanted to go there. Let me stay here for eternity, consumed by this goddess of a woman.

Damn, I was getting so close already, but I wasn't succumbing to ecstasy yet; not until she did again. And her panting and slight trembles told me she was just about as close as I was. So I used my familiarity with her body to grind my hips against her in such a way that would coax out another orgasm.

And then my little vixen was back, and as soon as I found that spot inside her, she raised her head to press her lips to that spot on my neck that drove me crazy. And almost against my will, I began thrusting into her a little more forcefully and my lips crashed onto hers as she whimpered against me. Her body began trembling uncontrollably as she came, clenching around me tightly and I almost followed her right then. As if sensing that I had held back my own release, she smirked slightly and moved over to my left ear, flicking it with her tongue and then sucking at it gently.

This woman is going to be the death of me, I thought to myself as that erotic cold shiver shot down my spine and straight into my cock, and I came hard inside of her. It was the most intense orgasm I think I had ever had, causing me to feel lightheaded and see black spots.

I settled my body gently on top of her and kissed her shoulder when it finally subsided. "You do not play fair at all, sweetheart," I muttered when I heard her chuckling, knowing the effect she just had on me. But she just ran her hands gently over the damp skin of my back, because there was no need to move. We were both so content just to lie here against each other, basking in the aftermath of our passionate lovemaking.

However, within a few minutes I knew that my weight on her tiny frame would become overwhelming, and she would never say a word about it. So I rolled off of her, and quickly pulled her against my side. I reached over to grab the spare blanket she had set on the floor beside us, and she grabbed our champagne glasses and refilled them. Instinctively, I looked at her cautiously since we really didn't drink at all since our daughter was born. But she settled back against me and stared at the fire. "It's just us tonight. No worries."

I leaned down to kiss the top of her head and pull her a little closer to me. She was back in tune with my thoughts and feelings, and that relieved me more than anything. We lay together silently, staring at the fire and drinking our champagne. Eventually thoughts began running through my head again. Something she said to me last night, though she probably thought I wasn't listening to her. I knew she despised my work lately, and always felt like a third wheel in our own bed whenever I had to work late. "So, a brother or sister, huh? Are you ready for that?"

Her stunned silence answered my question. She wasn't shocked by the content of my statement, as we had talked numerous times of having more children. She really did think that I didn't hear or listen to anything she said to me. How long had she felt that way? How could I make sure that she never felt that way again? I looked down at her and kissed her gently. "I'm always listening, Bella. Even when it doesn't seem like I am. What you say is always important to me."

And I would spend my life making sure she never doubted that again.


Call me cheesy and cliché, but the whole time I was writing this, I had "Unchained Melody" by the Righteous Brothers playing. (I know, how very "Ghost" of me) But it really seemed to fit the situation between the two of them. I just hope it inspired me the right way, and everyone enjoys this as much as they seemed to enjoy the original installment.