She was standing by the door, with her suitcase and bag. It wasn't a big suitcase. Laura only had what she really needed. She was staring at the door. Again. How could he let her go again. They had almost gotten it right, but he messed up again.

"All I wanted was the truth Alex," She said breaking into his thoughts. He looked up, Laura's gaze burned into his mind. Alex knew that image would forever haunt him. "was that to much to ask?" She finished, dropping her eyes.

He didn't know what to say. No, it wasn't to much, but, maybe it was just too much for him. "I'm sorry" Alex whispered.

"Sometimes," Laura started, picking up her suitcase, "Sometimes I wish that were enough." With that she opened the door, and left. Left with out a look back. Alex knew he wasn't worth a look back, but it would have been nice. He stood there, just staring at the closed door. Wanting her to walk back in, and say it was all ok. If only he'd told her the truth. Truth. Truth and her last gaze would burn in his mind for all eternity.


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