Master And The Slave

I think this is strange,

This blood that flows through me,

I can't seem to grasp it as it flows away,

My memory fading without a trace,

Just like the skin ripped from my face,

But this is how it all begins,

This cruel game of master and slave.

I think this is my personal hell,

Just by wanting to live I have unleashed this monster of denial,

His world has been long dead even before I was born,

Still leeching even when I am shredded and torn,

All just to live more and more.

I think its all fun and games,

Every parody has its place,

Even among those who find it hard to laugh,

I could always find a way to cut the lace,

The antics of a moron with all the grace,

Yet I am the first to lose face.

Now I think I've got it made,

Never regretting the former pain,

I get to live and he gets to play,

A game between the master and the slave,

Just a fallacy without a faith,

A deeper hole I dig for my grave.

I think my world is falling away,

Crashing in all around me,

Turning to ashes in the blaze,

Nothingness and blame,

Caused by a man corrupted by his bane,

Being killed by the very "family" he thought he had on a chain,

All for a simple name.

I know that I am dead now,

Driven to edge then downward so,

I then hear his scream shaking with every blow,

For he knows that I'm killing myself to make him go,

To end this futile struggle to whom is truly the master and the slave,

I can tell you that there is nothing left to save,

I'll put this monster in his deserving hell,

So don't be brave,

Don't turn tail and rave,

Just go and leave us alone,

And live for another day.