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She has been sober for 45 days… sobriety from him. She claims that she just wanted to be friends, that their "rendezvous" have been a mistake on her behalf. He didn't try to persuade her. And, she knew that a man of this stature, of this magnitude, and appeal would never, by any means, plead for her to reconsider. He belongs in a special class of men, alongside with his silver-haired sensei, his infamous brother, the present Kazekage, and even her genius of a cousin.

All along she's been reminding herself that he should be grateful, that it was a privilege to be able to witness her in such a vulnerable state or "slip-up" as she like to call it. But, as she ponders, analyzes, and dissect her situation really SHE should be grateful. She's beginning to grasp what type of man she has been dealing with based of how others females interact with him. She's seen the way some of her fellow kunoichi react to this one man. Lust, Hunger, and Need is the emotions that trickle in these kunoichi eyes. From the Cherry Blossom's bold yet subtle advances to the Weapon Specialist daydreaming gaze, he is wanted. So does this makes her crazy, insane, or just plain weird for not taking an opportunity to have a "one-up" on her fellow kunoichi?

Then again, who's to say that he would agree to such conditions? I really doubt that he like to be viewed as an object…when did I become so bitter....

She questioned herself, because she has never known herself to think like that, to plot such mischievous things that will deliberately cause tension between herself and her fellow female comrades. Is this way of thinking a side effect of her past indulgences with an Uchiha? If so, then he and the rest of her special categorized men must never EVER be considered as average. In fact, they should come with a warning label if anyone of the opposite sex decides to emulate what she has done.

Of her 45 days of sobriety, either of them has made an attempt to make true contact with each other. Only a simple greeting or a knowing glare as if he knows that she relives each of her past "relapses" when her pale lavender irises connect with his onyx ones.

"Maybe…maybe I am experiencing what one would call a "withdrawal?"

She scans her work area for a dictionary…

Withdrawal: the discontinuance of the use or administration of a drug, in particular a habit forming drug; the often painful physiological and psychological symptoms produced by withdrawal

Could she truly classify her present thoughts and actions as symptoms of withdrawal? She opens up her notebook to re-read the notes she took from a lecture Lady Shizune presented to her class a month ago.

"Withdrawal, also known as withdrawal/abstinence syndrome, refers to the characteristic signs and symptoms that appear when a drug that causes physical dependence is regularly used for a long time and then suddenly discontinued or decreased in dosage. The term can also, less formally, refer to symptoms that appear after discontinuing a drug or other substance (unable to cause true physical dependence) that one has become psychologically dependent upon. This includes but not limited to depression, anxiety, insomnia, irritability, and in severe cases, psychosis (i.e. schizophrenia)."

Now that I think about it...she hasn't been sleeping well for the past couple of weeks and her younger sister have been getting on her everlasting nerves quicker than usually these past weeks. "Come on now, I have to stay reasonable here. It's only been 45 day, 10 hours, and…" She paused as she looked down at her watch"…7 seconds since I have been involved with Uchiha."And if he can be classified as a narcotic, then it is only right to say that they ALL should be classified as narcotics..morphine…opium…"pick-me-ups", men who should DEFINITELY come with a warning label. "Unbelievable." She concluded while she slammed her notebook shut and gathers her things. The constant mental contradiction she's putting herself through has made her weary. Besides, it's not like she was really studying anyway.

She bid the blond flower expert a farewell and a goodnight before disappearing into the night.


Since her departure from Uchiha, she has decided to revisit her feeling for Naruto. Her feelings for him has never disappeared, they were just pushed to the side due to her brief involvement with Uchiha. Of course, she still hasn't told him about her underlying feelings for him. This time around she wants to do things right or at least what deems as right to her. She pondered over the thought to mention to him that she has basically fucked his teammate but....she doesn't think that would be a good idea. And she really doesn't think it would be smart to be thinking about this while eating lunch with him at his favorite ramen shop, the Ichiraku. She's trying to pay attention to him and his mindless conversation about ramen---again!! But her mind keeps drifting--drifting on that man again. That damn Uchiha! She can't get him out of her cranium. Its mind goggling and actually quite funny to her when she thinks about it, she's finally advancing in her friendship with Naruto, but all she can think about is Uchiha.

"So what do you think I should do?" Her lunch companion questioned."

From now on, she mentally pledge to herself, I will let whatever happens, happen and just focus on my life as it is now.

"Oi!! Hinata-chan, did you hear me??" Her impatient companion questioned again.

"Oh! My apologies Naruto-kun, could you repeat the last thing you said?" She said with a blush from embarrassment.

"I said what should I do about Sakura? I mean, I really like her but I'm getting mixed feelings from her, one moment she was annoyed by my constant presence, the next thing I know she's flirting with me." He said throwing his hands in the air.

"I always thought Sakura-san was the flirty type." She responded.

"Yeah...but not to me." He replied.

"Well...when did this change of behavior start, Naruto-kun?" She asked.

From the tone of her voice one would think that she was truly concerned, but to be honest...she

really didn't give a damn. When she finally worked up the nerve to begin a true friendship with

Naruto-kun outside of her missions in hopes that maybe one day it would dawn on him that her

feelings for him is beyond the line of admiration, Haruno-san, that pink-haired, medically

advance, chakra pumping, taijutsu punishing kuniochi is making all of her efforts in vain.

"Hmm…." He thought while crossing his arms "…..I don't remember."

"Either way Naruto-kun I...um...I think that you should go with your heart. But...if you do decide to follow it just be c-careful."

Hmph...spoken like a true friend, she really is too nice, but she can't help it. It's just who

she is. I even ended the statement, with a smile...what a shame; no one will ever take me

seriously if I am always so nice.

She finished her lunch with Naruto and went back to her safe haven, the library. She has a place in the library that has basically been forgotten by her peers and it is where she goes when she truly wants silence even if it is only to put her thoughts together, to take a quick nap in peace, and to well…you know…study. Counting today, it has been a full 2-weeks since she have seen Uchiha. Yes, he's a big boy and she is sure that he is on a mission or something, but she still considers him a friend…she guess…well…she really doesn't know what he is to her and what she is to him but that still doesn't mean she is not concerned about his welfare.

"I sound like someone's mother."

She thought to herself while taking the flight of stairs instead of the elevator. She figured that if she exercises then maybe her endorphins will take her to a "happy place" that she used to get from a night with Uchiha.

………Why did I just think that...?!?!?

Taken back by her sudden perverted thought, she continued onward towards the 10th floor. She flopped down on the window ledge that would give her the best view of the upcoming sunset and took out her notes from her previous lecture class given by Anko-sensei about various venomous snakes. With a serious mindset on actually studying this time around she gave a final thought about her interesting day before consuming herself with 3-days worth of notes.