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+++++++Chapter 12: CO-ED++++++++++

Hinata rested her body on a nearby lounge chair as Kakashi made hotel arrangements for the night. She's worn out and secretly grateful that Kakashi decided to stop at the first hotel they saw. She fought the urge to prop her dirt-caked sneakers on the foot stool in front of her…be lady-like…she reminded herself.

All-and-all she must say that her first day with her teammates can be counted as a success…even if you consider her appointment with the grim reaper earlier in the day. She glanced at Sasuke as he walked past her to meet up with Kakashi who beckoned him at the lobby desk. There is still plenty of time before twilight. I hope that taichou will postpone all activity until daybreak tomorrow. Taichou? Where did that come from? I don't even call Kurenai-sensei taichou. She shrugs it off when she noticed Sasuke walking towards her.

"Let's go." He said while handing her a card key.

Hinata reluctantly removed herself from the lounge chair and followed the two Sharingan users. Initially, she avoided meeting eyes with the female at the lobby desk, but she could feel the woman burning a hole in her neck. Hinata turned her head slightly to give the lady a greeting smile, but it was returned with an icy stare. Oh well…she thought as she walked into the elevator being held by Kakashi. She thought silently as she stood wedge between her two teammates, she mulled over her mission and if she will be able to meet Tsunade-sama's expectations. The trio stood silently in the elevator as it took them to floor five. *DING* chimed the elevator as Sasuke walked out first followed by Hinata, she turned when she noticed Kakashi wasn't following behind them.

"Going for take-out…suggestions?" He asked as he gave her a crinkled –eye smile.

"Cantonese." Sasuke stated without taking a second glance at him.

"And for you Hinata…" said Kakashi while holding the elevator door.

"Oh... ah…Cantonese is fine…I'm not picky." She said with nervousness from an unknown source.

"Don't forget the soy sauce." Sasuke said from down the hall.

"Let me come with you…that way you will an extra pair of hands." Hinata offered, she felt bad for some reason.

"Go relax." He managed to say before the elevator doors blocked him from her sights.

I intend to…she thought as she made her way down the now empty hallway.

She stopped by the ice machine to collect ice on her quest to *she look down at her card key*…room 519, she knew she was going to need it before the night was over with. She walked for a minute or two before she found her room. Inside she placed her travel bag at the closet door and poured the bag of ice in complimentary ice container on the counter next to the microwave. She didn't expect Kakashi to check them into such a luxurious suite. She kicked off her shoes, before opening the vertical blinds of the sliding glass door. The clock on the wall read 2100 but you couldn't tell for the flashing lights of various tourist attractions outside. Hinata briefly thought of her mission as the assortment of lights bounced off her skin. The fatigued heiress turned from the distracting lights, picked up her travel bag, and made her way to her the bedroom stripping off her sheer t-shirt on her way there. She pulled back the flimsy curtain material that served as the door to her temporary resting quarters and was startled to find her teammate gazing at the same distracting lights she was a few minutes ago.

The quick drawback of the curtain snapped Sasuke out of his brief moment of silence as Hinata tried to hide her surprise with a small smile. Hinata pushed the girly thoughts of sharing a hotel room with Sasuke and all other feelings of giddiness and other immaturities to back of her mind. This man has seen me naked many, many, MANY times before…there is no need to be surprised….although that was months ago…no Hinata, stop thinking! She dumped out the bag's contents on the bed and sorted through it, she needed to keep her mind busy. Bandages, ace wraps, travel size deodorant, lotion, comb and a brush, generic soap, shampoo and conditioner, tooth paste, tooth brush….but no clothes or money*sigh*. She already knew there wasn't any clothes in the bag, so it was pointless to even search again. Well…I guess there is no way around it because there is NO WAY I'm sleeping in sweat, dirt, and grim tonight.

"Sasuke… could I borrow some clothes?" Odd…she didn't stutter like she thought she would nor did she beat around the bush. I don't even know why I'm making a big deal out of this, I wouldn't of cared less if it was Kiba or Shino.

*KNOCK-KNOCK-KNOCK!* Her head flicked towards the direction of the knocking. I didn't expect Kakashi to be back so quickly.

"I place some clothes in the bathroom already…. I figured you would ask." He said in his usual nonchalant tone as he walked passed her to answer the door.

"Oh…Thanks." She said to him as she met his gaze briefly before he was completely out of her peripheral view. Well that was easier than I thought….but then again, why would I expect it to be hard…it's just clothes. Once again, she's thinking too much.

She grabbed a few toiletries from her travel bag and made her way to the bathroom. There she turned on the light to inspect the walk-in shower and double sink in front of her. Kakashi really shouldn't have spent so much for a hotel, she mainly is saying this because she didn't chip in to help pay the bill. She would of, of course, but she had to go and leave her wallet at her apartment. Hinata stripped off the rest of her dirty clothes as she grabbed a towel and washcloth from the cubby over the toilet. She turned on the showerhead as she let the water steam-up the opaque glass doors. As she showered, she made sure to wash everything twice…including her hair until the water that pooled beneath her feet was clear and soapy.

Satisfied with her renewed hygiene state, she turned off the shower and dried herself in front of the sink. Hinata inspected her body for missed cuts, bruises, and scrapes now that she had adequate lighting. She was about to heal herself before the smell of stir-fry assaulted her senses. Hinata could hear Kakashi mumbling over the T.V. that played in the living room. Her stomach growled in protest as she hurriedly applied lotion over her body. She rolled the waist of Sasuke's lounge pants until it sat on her hips without falling off. Hinata kneeled to give the pants leg a few rolls so she would not trip over her own feet. She reminded herself to be careful to not kneel in front of her teammates, for she didn't want to expose the fact that she doesn't have on underwear to them…although she pretty much knew that they probably already know…if that makes sense. But she cannot say the same for her chest, she put on Sasuke's t-shirt to grab the ace wrap off her... I mean… 'their' bed. She took his shirt off once again to wrap the ace wrap tight enough around her chest so that she won't have to worry about how much "jiggle" she gives off when she moves in front of her male counterparts. She was towel drying her hair when she noticed the small laundry chute next to the sink it read:


The laundry bags that rested next to the chute had their room number on it….how convenient but corny at the same time, she thought. She stuffed her dirty clothes (panties and bra included) in the mesh bag and dropped it down the chute. Her damp hair hung freely as she gave her hair a quick finger rake. She was going to blow-dry her hair but her stomach growled once again in protest as she reached for the hotel issued dryer. Obeying her stomach's commands stretched to reach for light switch next to the mirrors, but she stopped in mid-reach when she noticed the embroidery on her back. She doesn't know why the white and red fan distracted her from the light switch but it did. The blushing heiress shook off the slew of perverted thoughts, that came from God knows where, and turned off the lights and her mind with a simple *CLICK*. Be a good girl tonight…she thought to herself as the drawback of the curtains announced her presence to her teammates.

*SWOOSH* Rang the curtain as the plastic rings on the curtain rod collided with each other.

Sasuke ignored the heiress as she made her entrance into the living room. He has been spending too much time dwelling on insignificant factors in his personal life, like sex for instance, he thought as he glanced at Hinata bent over frame at the table. He exhaled deeply before taking another bite out of his dinner for the night. He wants to get this mission over with because his mind is taking him to dangerous avenues the more he stay idle around his friend. Although his clothes fit loosely over her body, he can still make out her shapely frame from time to time, by accident of course.

He can't help but to notice the fan that temporarily brands his friend's back. 'Friend'…that feels odd coming from him. He blankly stared at Kakashi who peered at him from his smut-book. Damn…got caught again, he thought with annoyance.

The trio ate in silence (of course Kakashi ate from behind his book) as the local news played in the background. He took in Hinata's bent over frame again as she got up for seconds. Sasuke couldn't help but notice how her shoulder length hair took on a wavy pattern as it air dried, of course he would of never paid attention to it if she hadn't have pulled her hair behind her ears. Sasuke exhaled deeply through his nose as he meet Kakashi's blank glance once again. It seems like Kakashi has been watching him watch her….I will hear about this from him later I'm sure, he thought in annoyance.

"Is something wrong Uchiha-san?" the woman of topic stood up from her bent over positioned with a refilled plate in hand…what a pity he thought….wait, what?...he thought again.

"…Sasuke?" She questioned again with an added look of concern.

"I'm fine." He said sharply, he put down his half-eaten take-out and made an exit to the bedroom. He glanced to see Hinata return her attention to the television while reaching for the remote control on the couch he was sitting on. He made brief eye contact with a crinkled eye Kakashi as he disappeared behind the curtain…damn, caught again he thought sarcastically. Sasuke blocked every invasive thought as he gathered some clothes before he headed for the shower. He would be lying if he too wasn't fatigued from today's events.

He breathed in the hot steam as the water beat over his head, his mind started to whirl against his will as he watched the soap suds float towards the drain. Lately he hasn't been able to rationalize his actions, for example: Why did I go with Neji to her apartment for treatment when I originally intended to go to the hospital? Why did I take her to the hospital when she collapsed after sparring with Sakura, why did I take it upon myself to help her? Why did I return to her apartment the second time? Why….Why…Wh-? He stop his mental banter when he detected another presence amongst him.

"What ….Kakashi." Cause surely it wouldn't be Hinata.

"Such a delayed reaction…if I was an assassin you would be dead by now." His sarcastic sensei taunted.

"You wanna try…I've been itching for a fight all day." Sasuke returned the sarcasm with ease.

"Such hostility…are you sure it's a fight you're wanting?" Kakashi replied.

"I don't know what you are talking about." Sasuke responded feigning ignorance.

"Uh-huh…sure you don't."

"…*sigh*…..what do you want Kakashi." Sasuke said pinching the bridge of his nose.

Kakashi gave a light chuckle before continuing…"We will start around 0800 tomorrow, since this is a recon mission there will be no real timeframe for this mission just be observant, that is all…. I'm going to my room now, its across the hall."


This time, he could hear his sensei's footsteps going towards the door…."Oh and Sasuke…be on your best behavior while we're here."

"I haven't done anything that will require you to question my behavior."

"So you say…..like student like sensei I suppose." Kakashi said before exiting the bathroom before Sasuke could think of a comeback.

Sasuke didn't dwell on his sensei's departing words for he has enough thoughts swirling in the toxic landfill he call his mind. Dressed with clean clothes he entered the bedroom and halfway expected to meet the gaze of his partner, but to his surprise, the bedroom was empty. He could hear music being played in the direction of the living room. Dare he say curiosity got the best of him as he silently pulled back the curtains of the doorway leading to the dark living room. He gave his eyes time to adjust to the darkness, as he stood perched on the doorway. A faint glow of chakra bounced off his partner's exposed skin as she tended to her neglected wounds. He could not help but notice how the lack of lighting combined with the sultry music set an undeniable undertone for the room. His mind is telling him to turn back into the bedroom but he hasn't been thinking with his head all day….so why start now? His footsteps alerted his partner of his arrival as she acknowledged his presence with an apology…

"Sorry…is the music too loud? There was nothing else on tv." His considerate partner questioned reaching for the remote control.

"No…it's fine." He reverted to his nonchalant mask as if on cue. He watches as she moved her hair out of her view while she tends to her body's needs. He sat on the couch parallel to hers and kicked his feet up on his "bed" for the night. Sasuke rested his head on the armrest with a draped an arm over his face. His eye twitched as he paid attention to the lyrics drifting from the television.

oh dear look what you've done…you've made of mess of things and I don't want to clean up…..

..I'm dangerously high….you seem to quench my appetite…

I want to DRINK you sober…..

I want to FEEL you…


He deeply exhaled through his nose deeply for the third time that night. From his feigned sleeping position, he peered at his partner…what's wrong with me. He is not one for small talk and he is beginning to learn that neither is she, so they sat in silence as the music filled the room. She didn't seem to mind the silence between them. He could faintly hear her hum some of the chorus to the song. Her eyebrows furrowed as she healed her next wound on her shoulder…must be painful…he assumed. With a sigh, she looked up at him with a questioning look on her face…problem…he thought.

"I…I need a favor." She asked with hesitation.


" My back…I have wounds on my back and I'm beginning to dip into my chakra reserves to heal myself …but…but its very important that I finish healing myself tonight, for tomorrow our recon starts." She continued.

"I never learned how to use chakra for healing…" He replied. It felt odd to admit a fault of his.

"Right…but…" She started.

"I will go get Kakashi…"He said, rising slowly from his "bed".

"No…no…that's not what I was applying. I know you don't have any medic skills." Hinata said with a little annoyance. It made Sasuke peered at her with amusement…temper temper…he thought to himself.

"Just make sure I am hitting the right spots when I go for my back…be my eyes." Hinata finished masking her irritation with a polite tone. She watched as Sasuke turned to walked towards the vertical blinds that hid the city lights. "Please…." She added as she watched Sasuke open the vertical blinds letting the city lights bathe the living room. He didn't reply he just turned to walk towards her as she made room for him on the couch. As he sat down she lifted his shirt around her neck to expose her ace-wrapped torso. She let his shirt pool in front of her chest as she turned her back towards him. "Sorry…I will try to be quick. Is this enough light for you Sasuke? Can you see?" He noted that she didn't appear to be uncomfortable being exposed to him like this….neither was he. "No…Let's begin." Regardless of the comfort level…he didn't want to test his limits tonight. "Right…Guide me Sasuke." She said as she outstretched her hand behind back. He guided her hand to the abrasions on her left lower back…then to the right. He took her free hand placed it one of her shoulder blades. He waited silently for it took her a couple of minutes to finish her handiwork. As he waited he couldn't help but notice the reddened skin that peeked from up under her make-shift bra. She exhaled a little as she rolled her neck to relieve some tension in it, his hand shot out to remove the wavy locks that blocked his view without thinking. He felt her tense slightly by the unexpected touch. Internally his mind is blaring off warning alarms….but he ignored it. Like student like sensei…he thought with a guilty smirk.

"How much is left?" She questioned. One too many "unexpected touches" and she will be in a predicament.

"Nothing besides what lies beneath your ace wrap." He stated cooly. She turned her head to give him a side glance, even she don't why she looked at him like she did…it was an automatic reflex, she turned her head away from him and calculated her next words.

"Of course…there's no need NOT to be thorough." She matched her calmness to his as she began to unwrap her ace wrap. She used one hand to press his shirt against her endowments, there was a laceration that was in fact hiding underneath her ace wrap, silly of her to think she could hide that from him…but still…I didn't think he would call me out on it, she thought to herself.

"Place your hand at the beginning of the laceration." She ordered to him as she scooted back closer to him. The laceration was long and irregular and lied smack dead in the middle of her back. No doubt made from her fight or flight moment with her grim reaper earlier today."I will channel my chakra through you in order heal myself, as you can see I can't reach it". That's right Hinata keep your voice steady…feign professionalism…fake it to you make it, she chanted to herself. "Place your palm over the top of the laceration so we can begin." She closed her eyes to the warmth of his hand over her exposed back. With her free hand reached over her shoulder to touch his arm. A few seconds past before his arm glowed with her healing energy. "Move your palm down the length of the laceration as you see the wound closes." She noticed his hesitation. "Don't worry, I trust your judgment." He gave her his typical cocky grunt, clearly amused by her choice words of encouragement. Hinata closed her eyes as she concentrated on the task at hand. Normally, it wouldn't take much concentration to heal herself using a medium but this is the first time she has used someone other than Kiba, Shino, or Kurenai so she has to concentrate harder when it comes to blending her chakra with his. She arched her back so he could have better access to her laceration once he passed the middle of her back. Once he finished with the bulk of the laceration she exhaled deeply, wiping a bit of sweat from her eyebrow. She didn't expect his chakra to be so overpowering, so she actually had to work to keep their chakra in balance.

"How does it look?" She asked her assistant.

"Reduced to a fleshy scar…" he described.

"I'm out of chakra…" she said defeated…. "That's all I can do for now."

"I see." He stated.

They kept their close distance, as she began to re-wrap her ace wrap against her chest. Every so often he would hold her wrap in place as she switched one fatigue hand for the other. Once she was finished, he tucked the wrap in place without her having to ask. They stood in unison as she placed her arms through his shirt.

"Get some sleep." He said to her as he broke their close distance to occupy the couch parallel to his roommate.

She watched him plop onto the couch with an almost inaudible sigh. Parts of her wanted to tell him to come with her but she feels she has done enough boundary pushing for the day. Maybe next time Hinata, she told herself as she sauntered away from him. She was oblivious to his watchful eye as her hips swayed across the room, and to the shake of his head as he shooed his private thoughts away.

"You know…this is your bed as well as it is mines." She said without looking back at him. He knows what she meant by that, there was no need to further explain herself.

"See you in the morning." She said as she disappeared behind the thin curtain. Before retiring to bed, she turned the vertical blinds that led to the balcony to shed some light in their pitch black bed room in case by some miracle he did change his mind. Honestly, when it comes to sharing a bed, there is no need for him to be prudent out of respect, especially when it comes to rest. She has shared plenty of queen size beds with Shino and Kiba, despite her outward appearance she is not a prune…he should know that out of all people. Suite yourself, she thought. She was too tired to protest tonight…maybe tomorrow.

End of Chapter 12: Co-Ed

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