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Unohana looked to the soutaicho with an expression mixing surprise and knowing. His mouth and eyes were open wide, his entire body showing how stunned he was by this news. He'd only sent them out for a three week mission. Hell, he knew it would only take about four days, and wanted to let them have something of a holiday, especially the young prodigy. And, this is the kind of trouble they get into?

The group – consisting of Kuchiki Rukia, Kurosaki Ichigo, Hitsugaya Toshiro, Matsumoto Rangiku, Yamada Hanataro, and at Rukia's request, the Arrancar turned shinigami Neliel Tu – was dispatched seven weeks ago now. Immediately upon their return, they had been sent out again for patrol in the living world. Karakura Town was still under constant surveillance, and their group often volunteered, being most familiar with the territory, thanks to Kurosaki. But now here they all stood, looking just as confused as the others in the room.

"Can someone please explain just what has happened?" Yamamoto's voice boomed out. He didn't intend to intimidate, his voice was just loud. He looked to each of the group, noticing for the first time the rings on their fingers. How did he miss that?

Hitsugaya, being a taicho, stepped forward, bowing low in respect for his elder. "Sir, if I may?"

"Please do, Hitsugaya taicho. I would like a proper explanation for this." Yamamoto was actually more amused than anything. When Hitsugaya sent him a message, saying there were some minor, problematic issues this was the last thing he'd expected.

"I will take full responsibility for any damage this causes to the squads. It was upon my insistence that we separated to begin with, and therefore, the resulting punishment should be placed upon me and me alone. Also, it is to the best of my knowledge that there is no law against our… actions."

"Oh, shut up would you? Quit trying to act all noble and shit, Toshiro," Ichigo cut in, looking accusingly to the young taicho. "Look, old man, it wasn't his fault. We shoulda known better than to do something so… irrational our own selves."

"He's right," interjected Rukia, looking timid but stern. "We really should have thought things through more, but, we didn't, and we are prepared to accept full responsibility for what has happened. I have spoken with the Kuchiki household, and Nii-sama has agreed to assist in any way he can. I ask that you allow us to work through those particular issues ourselves, please sir."

There was a long pause in which the group fidgeted around, trying to decide if they should try to make a run for it or not. Maybe if they fled Soul Society, at least they could take up residence in the human world, hopefully with their lives still intact.

Finally, Yamamoto spoke. "There are no charges to be brought against you, as I have no evidence to support any wrongdoing that would put the Gotei 13 at risk. However, you will all be placed in counseling for two months, to insure that you do, indeed, understand the responsibility you will be taking and what this means for your position as leaders," he paused and looked to Hitsugaya and Rangiku, both of whom had the decency to look abashed, "and members of my squads. Furthermore, I demand that you each explain your case, else I may be inclined to look further into this."

The group nodded nervously. No one felt inclined to be the first to break the ice, but, Nel was the first to gain her bearings about her enough to volunteer.

She and Ichigo told their story, leaving out the… undesirable details (to most of the others in the room). As the taichos and fukutaichos watched and listened, eyes grew wide and mouths hung open. The Gotei 13 had never had so much juicy gossip at once. The talk about this would never die.

Nel cleared her throat, gaining everyone's attention. "Well, I guess we got into trouble when…"