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Chapter 20

NCIS Bullpen

McGee hung up his phone, releasing a breath he didn't know he had been holding. He was perfectly aware that the others were watching him, most likely wanting the news he'd just received. But he needed a minute to process everything. He had been trying to hold it all together for everyone around, not even realizing how scared he had been when Tony had been kidnapped; then when they finally found him, he had to go to the hospital and be unconscious for several days. This was Tony, the man who never sat still and picked on him constantly in that big brother kind of way. But McGee knew without a doubt that Tony would always be there for him with the important stuff. So, it was a little unnerving to see him so still. It reminded McGee of the plague days, and he really didn't want to relive that.

"Tim," Ziva sounded irritated after calling his name a number of times before getting a response.

"What," he replied back.

"Was that Gibbs," she asked.

"Oh, uh, yeah it was."

After a moment of silence, Jack spoke up, "So what did he say?"

"Right, the killer is definitely Winchester. He also said Tony is awake and that he would see us tomorrow," McGee explained.

"He's awake," Daniel exclaimed.

"Yes he is," Ducky answered walking into the bullpen.

"And he's okay," Sam asked concern lacing her voice.

"Yes, he is quite alright," the old doctor explained, "I believe Jethro is merely making sure the young man gets a real rest before coming back to work."

"Perhaps, we can go see Tony after work," Ziva suggested, "He is at Gibbs house right?"

"Um Ziva, Gibbs was fairly emphatic about seeing us tomorrow. I don't think he wants us there today," McGee spoke up.

"Quite right you are Timothy. The two of them need sometime for… Well, I'm not really sure," Ducky trailed off.

"Doctor Mallard," Daniel began. "Call me Ducky." "Ok, Ducky, what was wrong with Tony?"

"Well aside from the obvious lung irritation, he mentioned something about a blackout."

"Ah, okay, that explains it then."

The rest of them all looked at Daniel like he wasn't making any sense.

"Care to elaborate my little Spacemonkey," Jack looked at his friend expectantly.

"No not really," Daniel glared at Jack for the nickname, "I think this is something Tony will have to explain, if he chooses to. Especially since I don't really understand his blackouts or why he has them at times."

"Should someone inform Abby of this," Teal'c asked.

McGee looked like a deer caught in the headlights. "Yea, I guess I should. Maybe someone will come with me. She won't like it when I tell her she can't go see him today."

He looked across the room to Ziva, but she quickly shook her head no then went back to whatever it was she was working on. Ducky heaved a slight sigh, "Come on my boy, I'll go with you."

"I think I will too," Daniel got up from Tony's desk to follow. The three of them left, getting on the elevator.

"I'm glad I am not in his socks," Ziva commented after the doors slid closed.

"Think you mean shoes," Jack replied.

"Socks. Shoes. They are both worn on the feet."


"Why," Sam asked. Ziva looked at her questioningly. "Why are you glad you're not in McGee's shoes?"

"Because Abby will not be very happy," Ziva replied like it was obvious.

Abby's Lab

They exited the elevator to the welcoming noise that was Abby's music. McGee thought it was a good sign, until he really listened. She was listening to her depressed music. They walked into the lab to see her staring at a picture of smiling Tony on one of screens while waiting for results. Burt the hippo was held tight in her arms.

"Hey Abs," McGee said, turning her music down to a more bearable level.

"It's been two days," she said not looking at him, "That's not good."

"Abigail, Anthony is fine," Ducky moved to stand beside the young Goth. Daniel merely stood and watched, not sure he could add anything helpful. But it did seem clear to him that Tony had people here that cared about him. He secretly hoped Tony would tell Cambrough that he wasn't going back and not just for the sake of these people, but also for Tony.

"But," Abby began with a slight whimper in her voice.

"Abby, look at me," McGee demanded gently. He waited for her full attention to be on him, "Ducky is right. Tony is fine. He's awake."

"Why didn't you tell me," she yelled while hitting him.

"He just found out," Daniel offered.

"I did," McGee confirmed.

"Where is he? Tony never stays in a hospital willingly. Well, unless Gibbs makes him. Why didn't Gibbs tell me? Where is Gibbs? Did he make Tony stay in the hospital," she spouted all in one breath before being interrupted.

"Abby," McGee raised his voice to be heard over her tirade, "He's with Gibbs, not at the hospital. Gibbs took him home."

"Really," she moved quickly to set Burt back down, before dashing into her office to grab her bags.

"Abs, Gibbs said they'd see us tomorrow," McGee stopped her.

"What," she looked confused.

"Gibbs doesn't want us over there today," McGee explained. Abby looked mutinous.

"I think they need some time to talk," Daniel said. Abby looked at him curiously, "What could they need to talk about. This is Gibbs – he knows everything."

"Trust me; there are things he doesn't know. Tony has many secrets," Daniel smiled.

"But Tony has never been very good at keeping things from Gibbs," Abby replied not so sure anymore.

"You'd be surprised. Tony is the king of keeping secrets," Daniel explained, "You have to remember, I've known him since we were teenagers, and I'm certain there are things I don't know."

"Okay," she meekly answered setting her bag back down.

McGee offered her a hug, which she quickly accepted. "How about I take you for a late lunch and a Caf Pow? Then we can come back here and see what we can dig up about Gordon Winchester," he offered.

"Okay," was the quiet response as she pulled back looking at him, "So Winchester is our guy?"

"Yea, Gibbs said it was him," McGee affirmed.

"But how does Gibbs know for sure. He's been with Tony the past two days?"

"Tony," Daniel answered simply. Three sets of eyes turned his way.

"But how does Tony know it's him," she questioned.

"Because he saw his face when he escaped," Daniel guessed.

Ducky pondered the information before speaking, "I see. Abigail makes a valid point. How does Gibbs know? And if Anthony is the one that gave him information, then how is it he knows our bad guy?"

Once again all three sets of eyes were on Daniel.

"That's another one of those things Tony will have to answer," Daniel said quickly, "I think I hear Jack calling me. Gotta go."

Daniel exited the lab quickly deciding to take the stairs rather than wait for the elevator.

"That was hinky," Abby piped up still looking at the spot where Daniel had stood.

"You're telling me," McGee agreed, "There is definitely something going on and it's about time someone lets us know what it is."

"I couldn't agree with you more Timothy," Ducky added, "Now why don't you two go have your lunch. Perhaps we'll get some answers tomorrow."