Chapter One

yeah I know its really short, but the chapters do get longer as they go!!

everything in the past will be in italics

This world is a shitty place and it would suck not to have a best friend along the way. I've was lucky enough to have five best friends. Key word; was.
My name is Abby Sciuto. You might ask what I meant by I was lucky to have five best friends; but that's classified information.
I live in Washington D.C. Yep I live in the greatest capital of the greatest country. You might say I'm lucky but you're fucking stupid. I used to have the best of friends, the best boyfriend, and the best job but I don't have any of that anymore.

But I'm not really complaining. I loved him, I won't deny that. He was amazing. I loved how he was "insane" and didn't care what people thought of him. I loved the way he built a boat in his basement by hand, and when he was done with aforementioned boat; he would burn it and start all over it again. I loved the way he took it slow because he had been married so many other times. I loved how passionate he was about his job… I loved everything about him but…

I loved a lie