I walked up the stairs to my room,as usally my stepmother came home drunk,again,she always comes home every Friday,Saturday,and Sunday nights,she was screaming at me,with a bottle of vodka,in her was causing at me 'cuz I was suppose to make her a jungle vodka juice,I didnt even know how to do that,hay I was 15 years old, I dont even know what dat ,as usally,I marched up to my room,I opened the door the WWE posters all around my room,clothes thrown,bed,messed up,I sighed and ploped on the messy bed,I wish I knew my father....I think my real mother left me a note in my bag I thought....maybe I could check out that anyways,lets get this straight,my real mother died in a drive by we were walking home from school,o how she used to always walk me from we were walking and we spotted some drug dealers,and there some guys in the car,and started firing ,my mom covered me just as a bullet was about to come to my heart and she.....sacirficed my life for hers,I screamed,the guys in the car left,the drug dealers left,I stayed,there hugging my mom and the cops came they tried to take me away from her i pushed them and held my mom,I loved her so much,the cops in Houston,Texas thought I killed my mother,and they sent me to a Juvenile Camp For Girls.I spent 4 years in there,hay I went there when I was 11,so after that I was sent to a foster mother Gracie Garcia,things were great until I got addicted to WWE thats when she went 1 night I was watching it and she told me to make her a shot,That night I learned to listen to my foster mother,and I learned how to make a achol drink.I didnt listen she slapped me and yelled to make it,I slowly did here I am looking in my bag of old stuff.....10 minutes later "Ahh found it.."Hold up I need to check if Gracie is asleep......I slowly peeked from upstairs she was,so I tiptoed back to my room,closed it..and read the note...

Dear Nero

Baby girl Im writing this letter to let you know from all the way to begginning remember you told me you wanted to know who your dad was well......your dad is-

Cameron,North Carolina HousE Of The Hardys

"Dad,I have been having some thoughts"Gilbert Hardy's younger son said as they sat down on the patio of their backyard.

"What are those feelings son?"Gilbert asked as he was so yet confused.

"Dad do we have a sister?"Jeffrey Nero Hardy asked his father.


"Dad I been having thoughts and feelings...something is hurting me and Matt?"

Houston Texas

he is a wonderful man,o how much we have fun together,he was so much cool,awsome,unique, is very famous father of two most famous people-


"Well Im sure I considered these feelings and thoughts are from ex girlfreinds,?"

"No its not everything is hurting us then sometimes Me and Matt cry at night"

"Jeff I swear to you,me and your mom only had 2 kids thats it"

"Well whatever it is Me and Matt at night we wanna do something...its hurting us"


Well here it goes your brothers are Matt and Jeff Hardy and your father is Gilbert Hardy.

I stood there and dropped the note,I plopped on my bed,tears started streaming down my face,I was cryring for the fist time since my moms death.


Something hit Jeff so much and started crying....


*God mom why didnt you tell me*

*who are you*

I sat up so quickly.....omg...am I talking to myself.

*Nero Hardy you.*

*Matthew Moore Hardy*

*How did you get in mind?*

*You asked first*

*What this is my mind and what are you doin?*

*I came in after you read that note*

*How did you know that*

*Reapeat your last name*


*Do it*


*Mine is Hardy*

*You got a brother named Jeffrey Nero Hardy*


*Youre my brother*

*Youre my sister*


*Ill try to talk to u later*




Matt came running down as fast as he coudl,when he got to the backyard he found his father and his younger baby brother,who was crying.

"Jeff it's true"

"What?"Jeff sniffled.

"Shes crying thats why youre crying"



"Nero Matt thats my middle name I thought my nickname was Jeffro"

"No thats her name Nero Hardy"

"Now Matt I know this nonsense now I know that I only have 2 kids not 3"

"Apparently you had an affair" Jeff said.

That moment Gilbert Hardy stayed quiet for a long time,Jeff was right,he did have an affair or as he would call it an One Night Stand,but it was 3 month affair.

"Dad did you?"Matt asked


"Did you know that she was pregnant?"Jeff asked.

"No she found out that I was dating your mother and well we had a fight and broke up."

"Oh so is this why me and Jeff have been having these feelings.?"

"Yes she is always hurt"

"Oh well can we get her?"

"Sons,you dont even know where she is"

"True dad but I talked to her and all I know is her name is Nero Hardy"

"Whoa she has my middle name!"Jeff said.